Fellowship and Answers of the Above About the Questions of the Korean Church


Among the Koreans, let’s observe, there are a few outstanding brothers and sisters that, having gone through two to three years of cultivation, have emerged as seekers of truth. That which, before they were incapable of abandoning, they can now abandon—before they might have made family life their major priority, but now they’ve let that go. Before, they might not have understood the concept of truth, but now they grasp importance of seeking the truth. They’ve begun to let go of worldly things, to develop their faith, and as they progress, those that love the truth and seek the truth are revealed. Everyone can see, it’s clear as day, those that seek the truth are cultivated by the family of God. There are some that fail to seek the truth—they have their own opinions and illusions—they don’t accept the truth and so the family of God does not cultivate such people. Is this the right way of doing things? So everyone can see quite clearly, we need to cultivate the best and brightest of God’s chosen from every country and make them into shepherds and leaders—it’s just a matter of time. So the family of God is currently involved in selecting seekers of the truth from within the Koreans to cultivate as leaders. After three or five, seven, eight, or ten years, once we’ve cultivated leaders who have the truth and can bear witness, we can appoint them as district leaders and workers in Korea. Isn’t this how God’s family is currently working? Then does this person’s comment that “All the leadership roles in the church are held by Chinese, the Chinese hold all the authority. Why aren’t there any Koreans in leadership roles?” really hold up? Do you understand? This comment does not hold up! Someone remarked, “You say that these people (potential leaders) need to be trained before they can become leaders or workers within the Korean church—you ought to select seekers of truth and outstanding members among the Koreans to be church and district leaders in Korea right away.” Does this seem suitable to you guys? Then if the Korean church is united in demanding that “We select Koreans as district leaders to manage our affairs and Chinese stop participating in the management process (in Korea)”, does this seem right? Should we let Koreans do according to their own tastes and their own culture? Should we allow them to lead the Korean church according to their traditions? Most Korean brothers and sisters believe that we shouldn’t. Why doesn’t it seem right? Without the truth, it just won’t do. If they were really to guide and shepherd the Korean church in the absence of truth and reality, what, you say, would be the consequence? In that sense, they will be incapable of bringing God’s chosen into the reality of God’s word. If they’re incapable of doing this, they will send God’s chosen people in Korea into ruin, isn’t that the truth? So, in order to bring you God’s chosen in Korea in front of God, to nurture you into maturity so that in the future you’ll be able to shepherd the Korean church, the family of God is training, cultivating and shepherding you by assigning Chinese people—who have accepted God’s work for longer and have a greater understanding of the truth—to act as your leaders. Is this suitable?

Question (2): Korean and Chinese culture are quite different, so using Chinese management and administration principles in Korea is ineffective. You should try to understand and respect Korean culture. Your management of the Korean church should reflect a sensitivity to Korean culture, and your work and administration should be conducted in a way that is appealing to Korean people.

Answer: What is being discussed here? Let me dissect this fallacy for all of you. God’s current work is the expression of truth. This expression of truth is not just directed toward Chinese people, it’s directed toward all of humanity, to all countries and all people. God’s work is to allow all of humanity to accept the truth. Does God’s work transcend the cultural background of every country? Does God’s work transcend all the conceptions and illusions of corrupt humanity from every country and land? So does this assertion that “You should try to understand and respect Korean culture. Your management of the Korean church should reflect a sensitivity to Korean culture, and your work and administration should be conducted in a way that is appealing to Korean people,” does this assertion hold up? Will those that accept God’s work still hold onto Korean culture and sensibility? They cannot hold on. In the future there will be no Korean, Chinese, American, British, French or any other country’s culture and customs. They all must accept the guidance of God’s word and live in accordance with God’s word. Only God’s word is truth. The culture, conceptions and tastes of various countries do not constitute the truth, but tools that Satan uses to corrupt humanity, am I right? So what is your view of Korean culture, Korean style, their customs, habits and the traditions of their forefathers? Do these things constitute the truth? No matter how well you follow these things, even if you adhere very closely, it does not mean that you are humane, much less that you have truth and reality. God will not commend you for following these things and there will be no talk of the kingdom of heaven—and destruction will follow, am I right?So in the end, no matter how well Koreans keep to their culture, traditions and customs, if they don’t accept the work of God in the last days, they will be destroyed by God. In the future, the customs and culture and knowledge of every country will be eliminated and destroyed. Do you really see what this means? In the future, will people still distinguish between Chinese and Korean? If he really believes in God, why is he always talking about China and Korea—what’s the point? What do China and Korea have to do with our faith in God and experience of God’s work? Is it good, as men of faith, to always talk about China vs. Korea? Of course not! If you’re always talking about this kind of stuff, will it allow people to attain the truth? Will it allow people to be perfected by God? It has nothing to do with it. The Chinese brothers and sisters have all rebelled against and abandoned both the good and bad aspects of Chinese culture and knowledge, we don’t want it. We’re not Chinese people, we are members of God’s family. We are the people of Christ’s kingdom. So, Koreans should also rebel. The countries of the world, even if they are democratic and free, will fall to ruin. Isn’t this the truth? If China falls to ruin, does it make sense that Korea would survive? Korea will also fall to ruin, because it is a country of this world. You’ve got to see to the heart of this matter, enough with this foolishness! It was never said in God’s word that Korean culture issues from God, that Korean culture must be preserved, or that in the future Korea will exist alongside the kingdom of Christ and not be destroyed. Did God ever say this? God never said anything of the kind, because all of the world’s countries are Satan’s countries and must be destroyed.

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