Fellowship and Answers of the Above About the Questions of the Korean Church


Question (4): In the Age of Grace we were all pastors and elders, all possessed of great experience. We are aware how to work, how to spread the gospel and are all guided by the Holy Spirit. We’re not used to taking orders and not used to this kind of arrangement. We grew up in a free and democratic country and place a lot of importance on democratic freedom. We’re not used to being lectured about principles and being suppressed by principles.

Answer: What kind of statement is this? Is this the kind of thing that someone who accepts the truth would say? “We all place great importance on democratic freedom,” so should the church also stress the importance of democratic freedom? Is democratic freedom truth? Then, what is democratic freedom? It’s just a more progressive social system, it’s not the truth and does not represent God’s will. God’s final work is not to have all countries become free democracies. God saves and purifies man—His intention and the goal of His final work is to destroy all the countries of the earth and set up His own kingdom. So would it be suitable for us to adopt a democratic system within the church? Can democratic freedom produce truth? Can democratic freedom produce God’s work? Does the adoption of democracy represent that man has entered into the reality of the truth? Does respect for democratic freedom equate to obedience to God? I imagine you can see to the bottom of these things! They say they are, “all pastors and elders, all possessed of great experience, and are aware how to work, how to spread the gospel and are all guided by the Holy Spirit.” If that’s really the case, then great. Are there really pastors and elders who have the work of the Holy Spirit? If they really had the work of the Holy Spirit, we would have to promote and use them. Are there really such people? If in the past you had the work of the Holy Spirit and now you accept the work of God in the last days, but you haven’t even experienced God’s judgment and chastisement—don’t even have an understanding, then could you really have the work of the Holy Spirit? If you don’t have the work of the Holy Spirit now, then should we select you to be a pastor or an elder? The Lord Jesus has said: “But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first.” What does this mean? The first to accept God’s work in the last days, and experience and understand the truth shall be first. These people are selected as church leaders. You were a pastor or an elder, but you are among the last to accept God’s work in the last days, so no one has selected you as a leader because you are too late. Is that not how it is? In the Age of Grace, you were the first, you were at the top, you were in the front of the pack and so you were a pastor or an elder—this makes perfect sense. Now in the Age of Kingdom, when God performs His work, are you among the first to accept? Are you among the first to enter into the reality of the truth of God’s word? No, you are not. And yet you still dare say you have the work of the Holy Spirit, you still brag unblushingly. How arrogant could you be? Do you understand what it means to be arrogant and conceited? You think that because you were an elder or pastor during the Age of Grace, that means you will also be an elder or pastor in the Age of Kingdom, in the Millennial Kingdom? Did you make the rules? Does this statement have God’s word to back it up? The main issue here is the last part of his statement, “I’m not used to taking orders and I’m not used to this kind of arrangement.” What’s the problem here? Is he truly obediently following? Is he obediently following the man used by the Holy Spirit? The arrangements of the family of God are made by the man used by the Holy Spirit. If he fails to obediently follow, can he be said to be obediently following God’s work? “I’m not used to it”—your inability to get used to it shows that you’re already in grave rebellion. This is not an average, every day “not used to it,” this is utter resistance and opposition! Below, he said, “we were born and raised in a democratic nation”—you were born and raised in a democratic nation, then why don’t you obey the truth? Why don’t you obey God’s work? What’s the issue here? Did God tell you, “Because you were born and raised in a democratic nation you don’t have to obey God’s work, you are people of the kingdom of heaven”? People from democratic nations don’t have to obey God’s work—they are qualified to or have reason not to obediently follow God’s work? Who made up this rule? You’re not used to taking orders, you’re not used to this kind of arrangement—this shows that you’re rebellious, that you’re opposing God! Do you dare say that the arrangements of the family of God are not in keeping with principles of truth? Do you dare say that the arrangements of God’s family are not in line with God’s word? If you don’t dare, then when you say, “We’re not used to taking orders, we’re not used to this kind of arrangement,” this means that you’re not obedient, you’re way out of line and arrogant. You think yourself unexcelled in all the world! If you’re not used to taking other people’s order, if you’re not used to this kind of arrangement, then what are you used to? Used to being in charge? You’re used to being up on your high horse, giving out orders, suppressing others? Used to others worshiping and obeying you! Are you the truth? There’s another thing he said that even further reveals the substance of his nature. He said, “I’m not used to being lectured on principles, to being suppressed with principles.” What about this statement? This shows he has no interest in truth and principles. He is not willing to accept the truth and principles. “We refuse to obey!” Isn’t this what he’s saying? So, from his statement it’s clear that he has no understanding of God’s work and doesn’t obediently follow in the least. He is not a true believer in God. Is this fair to say? So how is it that others obediently follow? There are many that are obedient. Now, in Korea, more and more brothers and sisters are willing to abandon their families and withdraw from society. Some even quit their jobs to follow God. Do they not do so because they have understood the truth and understood God’s will? They say, “I must abandon all this—if I don’t fulfill my duties I’d be doing a disservice to God. Even if my parents object, I still must follow God, I must be like Peter in loving and obeying God.” As a result, these people gain in life with every coming day. They have deeper and deeper faith in God. Only these people are truly followers of God who obey God’s work.

Now that the family of God is continuously communicating the truth, some of our Korean brothers and sisters have become more and more fervent in their pursuit of the truth. They see that this is the true way and thus obediently follow and experience—their corrupted aspects become more and more pure, and they have more and more of the truth within their hearts. They have more and more love for God and are increasingly obedient to Him. Experiencing God’s work in this way will definitely lead to perfection and the attainment of truth. They have a clear conception of the way in which to experience God’s work. These kind of people are in the majority. Though I haven’t yet met up personally with our Korean brothers and sisters, but from watching videos I’ve seen the wholehearted smiles on their faces as they fulfill their duties. They’ve begun to gain experience and comprehend the truth—their faith has grown greater. What does this mean? Regardless of whether God’s work is in line with people’s conceptions and cultural backgrounds, they experience His work just the same. They hear the truth and say “I’m just following God, and obeying the truth and God’s work”—as a result they grow in life with each coming day. These people don’t have all those conceptions I’ve just mentioned—respect your elders, be filial to your parents, traditional culture, national pride—they don’t think about these things. “I follow God, God is my one and only Lord, my country is no Lord to me. I am not seeking for traditional culture: Such things can’t bring me into the reality of the truth and certainly cannot endow me with eternal life—I abandon them!” These are those who have truly cast off everything, each and all. Those who follow God abandon their cultural backgrounds, national cultural heritage, filial piety and all such traditional notions. They have no need for them. They just accept the truth and Christ. Only this kind of person qualifies as a seeker of the truth and only such people will be saved, perfected and earn God’s commendation.

You see, in these few years in which God has worked, in churches all over the world, people who pursue the truth become better and better, while those that don’t seek the truth become disempowered, cast into darkness and are eventually eliminated. Some people don’t love the truth: The more they hear the family of God commune the truth, the less they absorb—they feel unhappy, consumed by their own notions and imaginations, and before long they falter and withdraw. Those that love the truth become clearer with every truth they hear. The more they hear the truth, the more practical and precious the truth becomes for them. As a result, they have more and more energy and keep progressing until eventually, when they gain the truth, understand the truth and come to know God, their resoluteness is sealed and they stand firm. The Korean church has yet to go through such things, but the Chinese church has had their fair share: antichrists and false leaders holding reign over the church—even committing some immoral acts and suppressing God’s chosen. How many left the church at that time? Not many, very few left at that time. Why was it, that even when these antichrists and false leaders came into power, very few people left? For this, one must have the truth of the vision. Faith is put in God, not man. When an antichrist or a false leader appears within the church, it is as if a dark cloud obfuscates the sun—but all clouds eventually dissipate and there will always come a day when the sun shines again. They seek the truth, and when they seek the truth they find that, “God has allowed some evil persons and evil spirits, into our church, but when God sees fit He will cast them asunder and eliminate them. Also, God has said that He will use the work of evil spirits to perfect God’s people and cause God’s people to be capable of discerning evil spirits and Satan.” You see, when such things happen, people seek the truth and touch God’s intention with respect to that which transpires. In God’s word, they find the path by which to pursue the truth and their faith becomes firm and unbending. So, in the Chinese churches today, many of God’s chosen have been exposing antichrists and false leaders and eliminating and expelling them.

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