Fellowship and Answers of the Above About the Questions of the Korean Church


Question (7): I’m having trouble with the request that we go and look for gospel targets in religion. I worry that if we ask brothers and sisters to look for gospel targets there, people of religion will say we’re stealing sheep. This isn’t a good way of spreading the gospel.

Answer: Having trouble with the request that we go and look for gospel targets in religion—what do we think about this question? Is he being considerate of God’s will? So he means that we shouldn’t look for gospel targets in religion, shouldn’t spread the gospel to religious people, and should let them realize and seek God’s work on their own. When someone finally accepts God is their own business and it is thus not necessary for us to go and spread the gospel to them. Is this the right way of thinking about things? The fact that this person could say such things shows that he hasn’t even the slightest foundation of faith in God, no vision: this question was probably asked by a new convert. As for members of religions, we can say with confidence, if we don’t spread the gospel to them, they won’t be able to accept it, they really won’t accept it. If you make only a minor effort to spread the gospel, they also won’t accept it—you’ve got to make a major effort. Right now many say the process for converting an average Korean takes about a month from when they first receive the gospel to finally accepting God, to formally accepting God. This is all fact, not counting exceptions. In some cases, people only take half a month or even a week? Perhaps there are these kinds of exceptions, but very few. Now, do you think if they study the true way by themselves, this will be enough to get them to accept? That has never happened in the past. So we can say with confidence, if we don’t look for gospel targets in the religions and spread the gospel, they’re as good as dead to us, that’s it. Some people say, “I don’t believe it, the Lord Jesus said those that believe in Him will be saved.” You don’t believe—the great calamities are imminent, even scientists and politicians all acknowledge that the great calamities are coming fast upon us—if you don’t believe then you’re a fool. There are some people within religions who say, “The church of the last days will be caught up before the calamities,” but now that they see that they haven’t been caught up before the calamities, that four blood moons have occurred and the great calamities are imminent, they’ve changed their position, saying they will be caught up during the calamities. They don’t say before the calamities, because they weren’t caught up before the calamities. However, in reality, were people caught up before the calamities? Indeed, we have all been caught up prior to the calamities. Most of us have come from other branches and denominations, we’ve converted to Almighty God before the calamities, and so the prophecy of being caught up prior to the calamities has been fulfilled. The prophecy that some people will be caught up during the calamity has yet to be fulfilled because the calamities have not yet fallen down, right? So, what do you say, were the exegetes accurate or not? They couldn’t even see that God’s word has been fulfilled, fulfilled through the people of the Church of Almighty God. These are those that have truly been caught up and made overcomers before the calamities! They saw that none of the denominations had been caught up, thinking according to their own conceptions and illusions that being caught up was like some magic “poof” that suddenly lifts you into the air. They didn’t believe our being wrested from the denominations and brought before God constituted being caught up—how blind are they! The great calamities are impending—they acknowledge this fact, just as the politicians of every country and all the prophets acknowledge as well. The four blood moons have appeared, the great calamities are fast upon us. As soon as the calamities rain down, most people in religion will die, will be wiped out. How could this be? This is destined to happen. How is it expressed in God’s word? “… that is, except for those now within the stream, the rest will be turned to ashes.” They will all be destroyed: that is to say, they all must die. If you are a follower of religion, no matter how many years you’ve been faithful or how much torment you’ve gone through, you must die. Now when the calamities strike, will any members of religions be caught up? Being caught up does not mean being suddenly lifted into the air. Just acknowledging and accepting Almighty God constitutes being caught up. Being caught up into the air to meet with God—what is meant by “the air”? The Church of Almighty God now performs its missionary work, testifies to God and spreads God’s word online and people accept God online—this is what is meant by “the air.” So if we don’t look for gospel targets and spread the gospel to them, all these people will die. Could you bear to see them all die? The religious world curses and hates us and blasphemes God—do we not despise them? We might despise them in our hearts, but despite that hate, we still must be considerate of God’s will. We can’t act toward them based on our own feelings, like Jonah, who said, “Don’t save the Ninevites. I won’t spread the gospel to them. I’ll spread the gospel to anyone but the Ninevites.” Can we act like this? We must be considerate of God’s will. Spread the gospel to them: If we can save one, then that’s one we’ve saved. After we put aside our own ideas, what happened? As soon as we began looking for gospel targets and preaching the gospel in the religious world, we were able to convert quite a few people and were very effective. What does this prove? It proves that we can do this and be in line with God’s will. We don’t act according to our own will, or with regard to our personal feelings for these people. Hate is hate, but no matter what, we still must spread the gospel to those members of the religions that love the truth. That is, we must act in keeping with God’s request to save as many people as possible. If we save one more, that’s one more we’ve saved. We shouldn’t consider our own feelings in this matter, in this way we are considerate of God’s will. Now, here it says that he still can’t accept going into religions to look for gospel targets. He’s not willing to let members of religions convert to Almighty God—is this not what he means? If this is what he means, then perhaps he believes that the religion is right. “By believing in God in religion one can also attain salvation, so why must we bring them over to our side? What if we bring him to our side and he doesn’t attain salvation? He can attain salvation right where he is!” Is this not his belief? If this is truly his belief, then it shows that this person is not yet certain of God—he has yet to achieve certainty with regard to the last stage of God’s work. So this person has a problem.

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