Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “God Perfects Those After His Heart”


Let’s first read the first half of the passage of God’s word, “God Perfects Those After His Heart.

The group of people God wants to gain now are those who strive to cooperate with God, who can obey His work, and who believe the words God speaks are true, who can put God’s requirements into practice. They are those who have true understanding in their hearts. It is they who can be perfected, and they who will inevitably walk the path of perfection. Those without a clear understanding of God’s work, those who do not eat and drink of God’s word, those who pay no attention to God’s word, and those without any love for God in their hearts—people like this cannot be perfected. Those who doubt the incarnate God, those who remain uncertain about Him, those who are never serious about God’s word, and those who always deceive God, these people resist God and are of Satan—there is no way to perfect such people.

If you wish to be perfected, you must first be favored by God, because God perfects those He favors, who are those after His heart. If you wish to be after God’s heart, your heart must be obedient to God in all His work, you must strive to pursue the truth, and you must accept God’s observation in all things. Has all you do undergone God’s observation? Is your intent correct? If your intent is correct, God will approve of you; if your intent is wrong, this proves that what your heart loves is not God, it is the flesh and Satan. Therefore you must accept God’s observation in all things through prayer. When you pray, although My person is not there, the Holy Spirit is with you, and when you pray to this person, you also pray to the Spirit of God. Why do you believe in this flesh? Because He has the Spirit of God. Would you trust in this person without the Spirit of God? When you believe in this person, you believe in the Spirit of God. When you fear this person, you fear the Spirit of God. Faith in God’s Spirit is faith in this person, faith in this person is also faith in the Spirit of God. When you pray, you feel the Spirit of God with you, God is before you, therefore you pray to God’s Spirit. Today, most people are too afraid to bring their actions before God, and while you may deceive God’s flesh, you cannot deceive God’s Spirit. All that cannot withstand God’s observation is not in accord with truth and should be cast aside, or you sin against God. So, no matter whether it’s when you pray, when you speak and fellowship with your brothers and sisters, or when you perform your duty and do your business, you must lay your heart before God. When you fulfill your function, God is with you, and so long as your intent is correct and is for the work of God’s house, God will accept all you do, so you should earnestly devote yourself to fulfilling your function. When you pray, if you have love for God in your heart, and if you seek God’s care, protection, and observation, if these are your intent, your prayers will be effective. As you pray at meetings, so should you open your heart and pray to God, tell God what is in your heart, and without speaking falsehoods, then your prayers will be effective. If you earnestly love God in your heart, then make an oath to God: “God, who is in the heavens and earth and all things, I swear to You: May Your Spirit examine all I do and protect and care for me at all times. It makes it possible for all I do to stand in Your presence. Should my heart ever cease to love You or betray You, give me Your severest chastisement and curse. Pardon me in neither this world nor the next!” Do you dare make such an oath? If you do not, this proves you are cowardly, and that you still love yourself. Do you have this resolve? If this is truly your resolve, you must make this oath. If you have the resolve to make such an oath, God will satisfy your resolve. When you swear to God, God listens. God determines whether you are sinful or righteous by your prayer and your practice. This now is the process of perfecting you, and if you truly have faith in God’s perfection of you, you will bring all you do before God and accept God’s observation, and if you do something outrageous or betray God, God will “perfect” you according to your oath, and then no matter what happens to you, be it perdition or chastisement, it is your own problem. You made the oath, so you should carry it out. If you make an oath, but don’t carry it out, you will perish. When you make the oath, God will perfect you according to your oath. Some are afraid after they pray, and say, “Oh no, my chance at debauchery is gone, my chance to do wicked things is gone, my chance to indulge my worldly greed is gone!” These people still love the world and sin, and they are certain to perish.

To be a believer in God means that all you do must be brought before God and made subject to God’s observation. If what you do can be brought before God’s Spirit but not before God’s flesh, this proves that you have not subjected yourself to the observation of God’s Spirit. Who is the Spirit of God? Who is the person testified by God? Are They not one in the same? Most see Them as two, believing the Spirit of God is His alone, and the person testified by God is merely a man. But you’re wrong, aren’t you? On whose behalf does this person work? Those who do not know the incarnate God do not have the spiritual understanding. God’s Spirit and His incarnate flesh are one, because God’s Spirit is materialized in the flesh. If this person is unkind to you, will God’s Spirit be kind? What has confused you? Today, none who cannot accept God’s observation can receive God’s approval, and any who do not know the incarnate God cannot be perfected. Look at yourself and ask if all that you do can be brought before God. If you cannot bring all that you do before God, this shows that you are an evildoer. Can evildoers be perfected? All that you do, every action, every intention, and every reaction must be brought before God. That is, your normal spiritual life, your prayers, your closeness with God, eating and drinking of God’s word, fellowship with your brothers and sisters, living your life in the church, and even your service in your partnership are all things which must be brought before God and observed by Him. It is such practice that will help you mature in life. The process of accepting God’s observation is the process of purification. The more you accept God’s observation, the more you are purified, the more you are in accord with God’s will, so that you will not hear the call of debauchery and dissipation, and your heart will live in the presence of God; the more you accept God’s observation, the more you shame Satan and forsake the flesh. So, the acceptance of God’s observation is a path people must practice. No matter what you do, even during fellowship with your brothers and sisters, if you bring your acts before God and seek God’s observation, and if your intent is to obey God Himself, what you practice is much more correct. Only if you are someone who brings all you do before God and accepts God’s observation can you be someone who truly lives in the presence of God.

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