Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “God Perfects Those After His Heart”


How does a person after God’s heart practice, and what conditions does he meet? Without being watched, he accepts God’s observation, because he has a heart that fears God; without being watched, when he makes a mistake or has a transgression, he goes before God on his own to repent, confess his sins, and accept God’s discipline; without being watched, he reflects on himself every day and examines which of his actions are in accord with God’s will and which are not; without being watched, he is also honest, acts according to principle, and reports his doings truthfully and regularly. If you don’t watch him, the fruits of his labor are the same, the way he pursues the truth is the same, and he seeks truth in things, accepts God’s observation, and fellowships with God in prayer just the same. Is this someone after God’s heart? There are many leaders today who, when their superiors don’t ask after their work for three months, think, “My superiors have forgotten me, this is my chance to indulge myself, I don’t have to be so busy now, because I can fudge my work and get by. I’ll just do the minimum this time, because this time I can finally relax; I’m finally free of controls and restraints, so I’ll take a break.” What kind of a person is this? Is this someone who can be perfected if he follows God to the end? Why not? Because he is neither correct nor honest. This is not an honest man, and he cannot be trusted. He is one way when you watch him, but he changes when you don’t, he’s different. He will say one thing to your face and another to your back, and he conducts himself one way when you look and another when you look away. This is a crafty person! He is two-faced in all his dealings, he has two ways of handling things, he is one person in public and another in private, he does not say what he means, he accepts orders but does not follow them, and he says pleasing things while you listen, but does wicked things in secret. When you give work to such a man, unless you force his hand and watch him, he will mishandle the work, ruin things, and make a mess. Is this someone who can be trusted? He cannot be trusted. If he can’t be trusted, can he put God at ease? No, this person doesn’t put God at ease, because God cannot trust him. Such a man might do anything. He is too unpredictable. Is such a person after God’s heart? Can such a person be perfected by God? People like this are not honest. They aren’t people who can genuinely pursue the truth. They speak pleasingly before others and do evil when no one is watching. Some people, you have seen, are promoted in God’s house, and the moment they are promoted, trouble starts, within just a few days they go outrageously wild. They become so arrogant that they won’t submit to anyone, they will reprimand and prune all, and they will have respect for none. Does such a person have any humanity? He is a monster, a devil in disguise! Do such people exist in God’s house? There is no way for such people to be perfected by God. And how should we practice where they are concerned? We have to scold them every three days, yell at them every five days, deal with them every ten, and prune them every twenty for them to be manageable and perform useful service. Some people do nothing significant for God’s house, instead they cause significant problems. Once such a man has any responsibility or accomplishment, he will cause problems and tyrannize and dress down his brothers and sisters so severely that they are afraid to even exhale around him or look at him in the eye. He castigates and admonishes others mercilessly, without even a shred of kindness. Is this not a cruel person? He is too cruel and has no humanity!

The title of the passage of God’s word we just heard is “God Perfects Those After His Heart.” God perfects those after His heart, but what about those not after His heart? What kind of people are not after His heart? Which people are not after His heart? Everyone recognizes that they are those who do not practice truth, those who do not seek, those not obedient to the truth, and those who refuse to accept no matter how their brothers and sisters fellowship with them. Do these kinds of people love the truth? They have no love for the truth at all. When such a man hears fellowship on the truth, he understands the superficial meaning of the words and thinks, “I’m fine, I understand, and you might lecture me, but I understand more than you. You want to fellowship about the truth to me? Well, listen to what I have to say!” He believes he understands everything, and the result is that he does not practice any part of the truth, he never practices the truth. When others fellowship about the truth to him, he refuses to accept, instead he resents them and seeks retribution on them. Does someone like this understand the truth? No. He doesn’t understand, but he thinks he understands more than anyone. Is this not conflict? People like this are harder to deal with than anyone, aren’t they? Yes, they are! Can anyone truly describe their disposition and nature? No, only God can do that, and still they do not accept. No one can explain to them because they are stronger and more arrogant than anyone. They think they are the most intelligent and capable, and that nothing is a challenge for them. They respect no one. Can someone like this be perfected by God? Not only can he not be perfected by God, in the end people will abandon him, and he will be reviled by all. And if a person reaches such a point among men, he is finished! Are there those who reach this point? To be the subject of the accusations and derision of everyone, one must be more evil than the great red dragon. How evil is the great red dragon? Out of the more than a billion people in China, few dare publicly curse the great red dragon, because if you do, it will cut out your tongue, bash out your teeth, and cut off your head. If you curse the great red dragon, it will kill you where you stand, it will take your life, so all Chinese people fear it. Very few have no fear of death, so they hate in their hearts but dare not speak. They merely raise their fist and slam it on the table, furious but afraid to act. The great red dragon inspires that level of hatred. And isn’t this how evildoers are hated in the church? If a man has come to be the subject of mass hatred, there is no longer any meaning in life. It is not simply utter failure, it is a sentence to death and the fires of hell. To be the subject of such hatred will finish a man. The crowd will accuse him: “He is too arrogant, too evil, he does not practice truth!” You see how many people fail to fellowship about the truth clearly, but they are much more sensitive to the presence of a devil. Everyone knows the great red dragon is a devil, but the false leaders and antichrists in the church are also devils, and the antichrists are even more evil. That’s why antichrists are like “rats crossing the street” in God’s house, everyone shouts and tries to get rid of them. There are still a few antichrists everywhere. The antichrists who held power have mostly been expelled, but there are still a few that remain. Many people are also wicked. The essence of their nature is that of an antichrist, but they have not yet grasped power. Anyone who is arrogant and doesn’t accept the truth will become an antichrist as soon as he holds power. You see how some perform their duties, they are given a task and turn arrogant after only a few days, and if you leave them alone for a week or two, the beast within them kicks, and they begin to tyrannize and dress down others, seek leverage over others, and deal viciously with anyone they don’t like, until finally they bully everyone into orderly submission and obedience. Why do they always seek to make others submit? Why do they always reprimand others? I ask such a man: Do you have truth? Do you have reality? Can you bring any benefit to others? Can you help others enter into the reality of truth? Can you help others understand the truth? Can your fellowship illuminate the truth? He makes no contribution to others’ entry into life, yet he reprimands others left and right, is this person not an antichrist? This is absolutely an antichrist. To him I say, if you truly led others into the reality of God’s word, if you truly could communicate the essence of the truth, if you helped people gain the truth, and if all you did brought benefit to people and helped them grow, then none would complain when you prune and deal with them. What would they say? “What he does is to lead me into the reality, what he does is to help me experience God’s work, what he does is to benefit me, what he does will help me change my life disposition, understand the truth, and gain the truth, so no matter how he prunes or deals with me, I can only thank and praise God, because this is part of God’s arrangements.” If you can accomplish this, then you’ve truly become a shepherd, and you are not a false leader. Why don’t people submit to false leaders and antichrists? Because such a man does not provide for people, nothing he does helps people enter into life, all he does is deceive, harm, suppress, control, and bind people, and if given years to do his work, he will make the church disunited, leave God’s chosen people dispirited and lost, ruin the church life, and finally spoil all the work of the church. When an antichrist holds power, is this not the result? When a wicked man holds power, this is the result. He won’t finish until he spoils the work of the church. He has plans and arrangements, the end of all of which is to ruin the work of the church, accuse all the good of false crimes and expel them, and put his supporters, followers, and lackeys in high positions and reward them. These are the doings of an antichrist. When an antichrist holds power, does it not mean that Satan holds power? There are many antichrists among men, people who don’t seek the truth. Are they after God’s heart? This is how you must discern if you wish to truly understand the matter. Who is after God’s heart? How does it manifest? We’ve already discussed that, you all know they are people who can seek truth in all things, obey the truth in all things, accept God’s observation in all things, obey God’s chastisement, judgment, pruning, and dealing, during their trials they can truly commune with God and stand witness for God through their understanding of the truth. These are the people after God’s heart. So at the conclusion of God’s work, those perfected by God are those who are after His heart, and those who are eliminated and not perfected are those who are not after His heart. Those not after God’s heart are those who do not pursue the truth at all, and they also want to hold power, hold sway, oppress God’s chosen people, and make everyone obey them, worship them, and bow down to them. They are the antichrists and wicked men who have been revealed in God’s work of the last days.

Some will say, “As you fellowship about this passage ‘God Perfects Those After His Heart,’ what we need to know is who is after God’s heart, and that’s all we need to know. You don’t need to fellowship about antichrists, who are not after God’s heart, or why they can’t be perfected by God, we already know about these things.” I ask all of you, is there a need to fellowship about this topic? The moment we talk about God perfecting those after His heart, some people feel they are after God’s heart. That is arrogant, irrational, and shameless. Reflect and ask yourself whether you are truly after God’s heart. What roads have you walked? Do God’s chosen people approve? Some people conceitedly count themselves among those after God’s heart when the topic arises, but in the end, not only are they not perfected, they deceive God’s chosen people. Can we afford to not see the truth of this issue? There are those no different from devils and antichrists, and once dealt with, what do they say? “Well, under a low roof, one can’t help but stoop. It wasn’t God who dealt with me. I am after God’s heart, and I say you’re the one who isn’t.” They are still as over-proud and outrageous as ever. When God’s house prunes and restrains them in the slightest, they cry, “This is rebuke and reprimand! I say you are the ones not after God’s heart!” Some will ask, “You expose these people so thoroughly and describe them so clearly, aren’t you afraid of demoralizing them? What if you cause them to be passive? Who will continue to do service like this?” Is that the proper question? Is it better that they are passive or ardent? What will they do when they are ardent? Wicked deeds that disrupt God’s work. If they are demoralized and dispassionate, we have them in a passive state of compliance. That is beneficial to God’s chosen people! They are monsters who consume people whole, they reprimand and tyrannize the dutiful with no end. When they take power, some of the dutiful, especially those who are not adept at speaking or sermonizing, suffer badly at their hand. We should not allow wicked men to be insolent. They must be exposed and made to comply until they are demoralized and stop. This is beneficial to God’s chosen people, but also to the work of God’s house, because if they are too ardent, they cannot be controlled or restrained. They always want to do things, yet when they do, they always disturb and disrupt the work of God’s house. If they were to not act and stop trying to do things, they wouldn’t pose such a threat. That’s the way it is. So if we scold them lightly once every three days, heavily once every five, they will be much more compliant.

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