Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “God Presides Over the Fate of All Mankind”


Just now we read “God Presides Over the Fate of All Mankind.” These words of God have expounded many truths, and these are all truths that we, the created, should understand and should be equipped with. These are all truths that we must be equipped with to know God. “God Presides Over the Fate of All Mankind,” this title itself is the truth, it is also a fact. No one can avoid this fact, and no one can escape from this fact. How should we understand this truth? Some people say: “I fully acknowledge that these God’s words are the truth, because it is a fact that God rules over the fate of all mankind.” Regardless of whether you acknowledge it or not, or whether you see it or not, this is the fact. Many people have begun to like the truth, and they are all attempting different ways to practice their pursuit of the truth. Regarding the truth of “God presides over the fate of all mankind,” how should we fathom this truth? If someone should say that “I acknowledge that these words are the truth, I thoroughly believe that these words of God are the truth, that this is fact,” is this real understanding of the truth? Why is it not? This is something that we must ponder, is this not? You think that just because you acknowledge God’s words are the truth, it means you are also equipped with the truth? This is not the case. None of those who truly believe in God would fail to acknowledge that God’s words are the truth, but have you gained this truth? You have not gained the truth. What is the proof that you have not gained the truth? First, there is no truth in your point of view, it is not based in truth; second, your duties have not been fulfilled in accordance with principles, you have no idea how to apply principles; third, you have not lived out the truth in your everyday life, and others are unable to see you living out any value of the truth. These are sufficient to prove that, while you have acknowledged that God’s words are the truth, it does not mean that you understand, know, or have gained the truth. Is this not the case? Do not think that you have an understanding simply because of your acknowledgement? Acknowledgement of the truth does not equate understanding of the truth, while understanding of the truth also does not equate having gained the truth. You must have a good grasp regarding this matter. Someone says: “I understand, I can even talk about it some.” That which you say are merely words and theories, that which you understood are merely shallow thoughts and concepts. Can you call this understanding? Have you attained an understanding of the essence of things? Understanding and grasp of things within the subconscious are useless. If your thoughts and your understanding are only within the subconscious, it doesn’t mean that you have an actual understanding of things. Therefore, to read God’s words is to seek the truth. Regardless of whether you acknowledge that God’s words are the truth, you must still seek the truth, as well as understand some of these truths through your seeking, then attain true understanding through experiences. And then, through many experiences, years of experience, many years of experience, you shall truly understand the essence of truth, and only then will you have truly gained the truth. After many years of experience, that which you have understood will no longer reside only within the subconscious, but you shall be able to grasp the reality and essence of truth. At this point, the truth will naturally become your life, and naturally you shall be able to see things based in the truth. Your actions, your choices, and the paths that you go down shall also be naturally governed by the truth, affected by the truth, and thereby they shall achieve results. After reading God’s words, those arrogant and conceited people would say: “I understand this is the truth. There is no need to ponder such things, I have understood them long ago.” What kind of people are these? Are arrogant and conceited people able to understand the truth? No. They think that they have a sharp mind, that because they can talk about some doctrines and letters, they know better than anyone else. Things that are understood from the literal level do not represent the understanding from real experiences. Only understandings from experience are real understandings; understandings from the literal level of God’s words are merely within the subconscious, those are not true understandings. Therefore, to truly understand God’s words, we must experience, we must fellowship, we must constantly ponder and think on those words, to eventually be enlightened and illuminated by the Holy Spirit. It is of the utmost importance to be enlightened and illuminated by the Holy Spirit. Once a person has been enlightened and illuminated by the Holy Spirit, he begins to understand the reality of truths, he begins to understand the core and essence of these truths; without the enlightenment and illumination from the Holy Spirit, that which have been understood are merely shallow things on the literal level. Is this not the case? Look at the many people who, it can be said, don’t understand the truths, yet once you fellowship with them the reality of truths, they can feel it, and they would say: “Oh yes, your fellowship is practical and I am willing to listen to it.” Some might talk to them about some letters and doctrines, and they would say: “No, you are talking about the letters and doctrines, these things are useless, I am not listening to such things. I have all these things that you are talking about, I understand them all.” Therefore, everyone has a clear picture in their heart regarding whether or not you truly understand the truths, they all know it in their guts. Isn’t that right?

In pondering this article of God’s words, what should we ponder first? First finish reading these God’s words, and look at what these words of God are talking about. These words all revolve around the fact that “God presides over the fate of all mankind,” and the meaning of every passage of God’s words is directly related to this topic. Which is to say, God said these words to achieve a certain result. What result is this? To let man know that God does indeed rule over the fate of the entire mankind. When mankind has learned that God’s rule over the fate of the entire mankind is fact, when no one is able to deny this fact, when we are utterly convinced of this fact, what result will this engender? The entirety of mankind will naturally acknowledge the existence of this true God, while also acknowledging that this true God does indeed rule over the fate of the entire mankind, and subsequently learn that no one can escape the rule of God. Should anyone fail to acknowledge God, should anyone resist God, regardless of who you are, which people you are, which nation you are, you will eventually be destroyed by God, and this is fact. During the Age of Law, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, and up until now, God has destroyed all individuals who resisted God, including presidents, kings, and leaders. These facts have been clearly recorded in history. Once man looks back, he will realize that these historical facts are all true. So tell me, all the facts that are recorded in these God’s words, now that God has written them out, what result is He achieving? It is to let you see that God is indeed ruling over the fate of the entire mankind. If some do not know, and say “We are not clear about God’s existence. Does God really exist?” Then study the history of man, and look at why all those who have resisted God have been destroyed. If God does not exist, how has this fact come to be? Those who resisted God and have been destroyed, they were destroyed by whom? They resisted God, and naturally God has destroyed them. Can man destroy them? Is man capable? Only the Creator rules over the fate of mankind, and thus, only He can accomplish such things. Once man has made the distinction based on this fact, he will understand that the reality of God’s rule has been proven.

During God’s first incarnation to perform the work of redemption, the Roman government and Judaism resisted and condemned the Lord Jesus, they crucified the Lord Jesus, and they were eventually destroyed by God. The nation of Israel was destroyed. Yet God has given them a promise, that Israel shall be restored during the last days. God has not forgiven Israel’s sin in resisting God, destroying their nation as punishment. They have been punished for close to two thousand years, Israel has been made to suffer the loss of its nation, and thus they have seen that God’s disposition cannot be offended. Let us then look at the end of the other nations that resisted God. The ancient Roman Empire resisted God, brutally persecuted Christians for three hundred years, and in the end God destroyed it. The entire empire was visited by a major plague, the vast majority of people in the Roman Empire died from this plague, with the streets strewn with those who had died. God’s rule over the fate of the entire mankind has once again been proven based on just these facts. Whoever resists God is looking for punishment, whoever resists God shall be destroyed by God. Once we look at these facts, we have enough evidence to prove that God rules over the fate of the entire mankind. Those unbelievers will always say that man is the product of nature, that all things are the product of nature. Nature has no ruler, therefore everything arises from itself. Does this make sense? Is there anything that arises out of itself? There is not one thing that arises naturally. Some say that the mud breeds insects, yet where does the mud come from? It was created by God. Could man create mud himself? Man cannot create mud himself, is that not the case? Later on, scientists made cloned sheep and cloned cows, and in the end the scientists smugly said: “After cloned sheep and cloned cows have been realized, we shall clone man.” What happens now? Are there still cloned sheep and cloned cows? They have failed. All things are created by God, all things are ruled by God, no one can deny this. After we can clearly see this, what is the result that the truth of “God presides over the fate of all mankind” will accomplish for us? What result will we accomplish once we have understood this truth? Man has been through many struggles and attempts, and in the end, man sees that his fate is not in his own hands, but in God’s hands. No matter what goal man desires to accomplish, if it has not been destined by God, man will never achieve it, for it must be destined by God. Therefore, the fate of everyone is destined by God and ruled over by God. If God destined you to work in a certain profession, you can never escape it. Some might say “I am choosing what I like when I go into university.” Someone might choose to study medicine: “Medicine is not bad, I can make a living, and I can also save people by healing them.” Later on, after graduating from medical school, his thoughts changed, “Medicine can save someone’s body, but it cannot save someone’s soul, thus I would have to deal with politics instead.” Look at how it changes. “I must dabble in literature, I have to write papers,” and just like that he began to write. Did he plan this fate for himself? Such things are out of man’s control. You might think that you hold the decision in what you study, but your thoughts have changed after graduation, and your plan did not come as quick as the changes. What does this say? Man does not choose his own destiny. If God has arranged this life for you, arranged this mission for you, you shall have no escape. Some people naturally like to sing, and all they do is sing. Even when they have failed, they continue to sing. And what happened in the end? After singing for so many years, and being disheartened for so many years, yet they were not able to part from singing. They said to themselves: “This is my destiny, there is nothing I can do about it,” and, in the end, they finally made it. Is this not fate? Some like to write. They got tired of writing and wanted to quit, “I can’t, I cannot stop writing. I still have so much that I want to say, I must continue to write!” Therefore, they kept writing. Look! Some people teach, they continue to teach no matter how many years they have taught, they continue to teach even though they are bored with teaching; regardless of all the people that are against it, yet they continue to teach. This is the mission that God has destined man with. Each man has been entrusted with a mission when entering to this world, he has arrived to carry it out, and he shall not leave before he has accomplished his mission. There are also those who have been destined to accomplish great things. Some have arrived to be kings, prime ministers, presidents. When one of these people has arrived, God prepared a group of people for him. When it comes time for him to step down, this group of people begins to die out: one dies in a few years, and then another dies in another few years. Once this group of people have all died, now it is time for him to step down. This group of people have accomplished their missions, therefore he should also step down now. Hence the saying that “The courtiers come and go with the emperor.” All these things have been destined by God. Some people became husband and wife, and no matter how they fight, they cannot leave each other. In the end, they say: “This is fate!” This is fate. It is the same for those who believe in God. Once you believe in God, you feel this bliss in your heart and your spirit. What is this steadfast feeling? When facing failures, facing persecution and suffering, you say: “Why is it so difficult to believe in God? What troubled world is this! What nation is this? Why does it persecute those who believe in God to such a degree? It is so wonderful to believe in God.” How many times you have been weak, how many times you have been discouraged, yet you remained. Every time, with the first thought of quitting, you start having this insufferable churning in your heart, as if blood were going to pour forth from your throat. Finally, you say: “I believe. No matter how much suffering, no matter how many difficulties, I still believe,” and alas, your heart is at peace, and you finally understand: This has always been destined by God, and no one can escape. Even if you should escape, you shall return in the end. Some have returned to the mundane world, “I am going to do business, but I am not saying that I will stop believing,” yet in the end they have lost money, failure has followed them everywhere, and they ultimately returned after they have failed, asking: “What happened?” God rules over the fate of mankind, and no one can escape. Is that not the case? Unbelievers say: “How are these people so foolish?” Is this foolish? This has nothing to do with being foolish or smart, this is something destined by God. What is foolish? You think that while these people are being persecuted, yet they continue to believe, so this is foolish? In the end, when all the persecution has been endured, and all the suffering has come to an end, when they have been perfected and brought into the kingdom by God, is this still foolish? This is supreme cleverness, do you not see? Therefore, you must determine what is foolish and what is smart based on the results and the ending. Do not pass judgment based on the temporary sufferings that the flesh must withstand and the shame that has to be endured. Those do not count, those have no consequence on the result. Is that not the case?

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