Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “God Presides Over the Fate of All Mankind”


We have believed in God up until now, so what feelings have we started to have about God? Some people might preach the gospel to their families, “Believe in God, God is real. After believing in God for many years, I see that God truly does exist!” “How do you know that God really exists?” “God has spoken words, making known everything He has done in the past, as well as all of the things that the entire human race did not understand. These are things that God did.” “Oh, this proves the existence of God.” “There’s more! This is God’s utterance, come look at the words of God.” But the other person might respond: “This is something a person said.” “A person said this? Then you say something to me to test this out, can you speak one word? Go find someone and have them say something to test this out; even if you got the whole human race and tied them all up together, you couldn’t get them to say these words. This is the voice of God. If you take a look then you will know whether or not they are the words of God!” “Wow! Now that you have seen God’s utterances and the facts of His Work, this proves the existence of God. How true! This really is reliable! This is testimony! Could it be that this is all you gain from your faith in God? If this is all you gain, then that is troublesome.” “There’s more, from the words spoken by God I see that the disposition of God is not only merciful and loving but it truly is righteous and majestic! Even more importantly, the disposition of God must not be offended, this is the truth, if you offend it you will meet your death, undoubtedly you must die!” “Wow, so you have an understanding of the disposition and essence of God, your faith is not simple, you have a very deep faith.” To which this person responds: “Through my experiences in these many years past, I feel I have a clear understanding of what kind of attitude God has toward different kinds of people and which kinds of people God will save. I believe firmly that I know what kind of people God will perfect. And I believe I can see clearly what kind of people God will eliminate and destroy.” “So have you seen the face of God?” “No, but understanding these things is much more important than seeing the face of God. If you do not understand these things it will be of no use for you to see the face of God. That will not come close to the amount that I have gained. You see that some people have been raised to heaven by the Lord Jesus, they have finished traveling through heaven and hell, and they have spoken some words with the Lord. But do these people have a true understanding of the Lord? They have no understanding.” “How could they have no understanding after meeting Him?” “Because these people have never experienced the work of God! They have only witnessed the Lord, acknowledged that the Lord is real and said a few words with the Lord, but to understand the disposition of the Lord is easier said than done! To understand the disposition of the Lord, the disposition of God is certainly not an easy matter, for that is obtained through experiencing the judgment and chastisement of God, and through the revelation of many trials and refinements.” If you have this kind of understanding, would you then have a true understanding of God? “You say that you have this understanding of God, but that you have not yet seen the true face of God, so in the end where do you think God actually is?” “This is something that is easy to explain: God is the Spirit, God is everywhere, God permeates every corner of the cosmos. Furthermore, God has appeared in the flesh and walks among men, speaking and doing work in a practical way. All of this is directly issued forth from the Spirit of God.” “Wow, then your connection with God truly is so close, it almost seems that you have come face to face with God.” “That’s right, these are the results attained from experiencing the work of God in the last days. Although I have not seen the true face of God, I have a true understanding of the disposition and essence of God. Through eating and drinking the word of God, practicing the truth and experiencing the word of God, I have already thrown off many corrupt dispositions and satanic philosophies, logic and life codes. The truth has already started to find a place in my heart, it has taken root. Some of the truth has already become a part of my life, and nobody will be able to suppress it.” Are these words the results attained from experiencing the work of God in the last days? If this is the stage you have gotten to through experiencing the work of God, then what kind of understanding do you have of the phrase “God Presides Over the Fate of All Mankind”? You must have a lot you need to say and a lot of testimony that you need to make, right?

Through the word of God we can see the fact that God presides over the fate of all mankind. In addition, we can also see through the word of God that regardless of the individual, regardless of their race or nationality, so long as they resist God and are combative with God, they will certainly be destroyed. There is no other path for them! The great red dragon wholly resists God, disrupts the work of God and abuses God’s chosen people. Now, according to these words of God, and based on the fact that God presides over the fate of all mankind, we can see how God will treat the great red dragon. With the great red dragon resisting God in this way, what will be its end? Can you see it clearly? If you can really see it clearly, then you really have some understanding of the truth. If you can really see it clearly, then will you still lose your faith in this current time with the great red dragon so cruelly suppressing and so frantically persecuting people? You are a person of faith, so when the great red dragon is frantically persecuting people, covering the world in a foul black atmosphere and hiding the light of day, you say, “Great red dragon, you will soon be destroyed, your end will come, you shall be destroyed by God!” So, you pay no attention to it, isn’t that how it goes? There are a lot of people who cannot see clearly that God presides over the fate of all mankind since they do not understand this truth. “Does God really preside over it? If He really does, then how come the great red dragon is so fanatical, how come God doesn’t punish it? God should personally pull out the teeth from the mouth of the great red dragon. God should personally cast away the weapons in its hands. God should personally smash in its skull. Then and only then could you say that God presides over the fate of all mankind.” What do you think about this idea? That sounds like something a child would do, would God be able to do such a mindless thing? God says: “My wisdom is exercised based on Satan’s schemes.” The great red dragon is doing these things, but God long ago saw this coming. Through all ages past He knew this day would come, so beforehand God issued forth a prophecy, foretelling what would later come. It was at least 2,000 years ago when John the apostle saw this vision on the island of Patmos. God had him issue it forth, to tell of these facts before they took place, and then when they would become true as predicted, man would see that all the words of God would one day become fulfilled. So what is the first truth that you would admit? That “God Presides Over the Fate of All Mankind,” that the fate of the entire human race is arranged and presided over by God. You are able to confirm this, are you not?

If someone sees that many of God’s prophecies become true but they still do not know God, then what kind of person are they? Are they not muddle-headed? Wouldn’t you be muddle-headed, a son of disobedience, if you see that all of God’s prophesies have become true yet you still do not praise and admire God, and still do not admit that God presides over the fate of all mankind? Some people acknowledge these facts. They acknowledge the work of God and the words of God that are recorded in the Bible. But the great red dragon has come and is cruelly persecuting God’s chosen people, and they don’t see this clearly. They acknowledge all of the things in the Bible, but they are not aware of the things that are not written down in the Bible, the things that are currently taking place right now. What is wrong with this? Is this a person that understands the truth? They only understand letters and doctrines in the Bible, but they do not perceive reality clearly. These kinds of people do not understand the Bible, they do not understand the truth. It is useless to only understand letters and doctrines. When some people look at the fact that Sodom was destroyed they might say: “The country of the great red dragon—China—deserves to be destroyed in this way.” How do you feel about this? Does this kind of person have understanding? They understand a little bit, isn’t their understanding far better than that of the religious Pharisees? So what kind of situation would you all say the world is in today? The end of the last days, where the great disasters are soon at hand, right? How many years will the great disasters take? How many years will it take for the human race to come to its complete end and for the Millennial Kingdom to emerge? If you could see these things, then you certainly would have a strong vision. Are you all able to understand this? Even though we cannot see these things clearly, we still have faith and understanding in the words of God. This is a different thing, this is something that people can attain. How long would you say it would take from the start of the great disasters to the complete ruin of the human race? We cannot understand this thoroughly, because God has not spoken of it. We cannot measure it with certainty, only God knows. So what people ought to pursue is their knowledge and faith in the word of God. If you truly pursue this then your understanding will grow, if you truly pursue this then you will obtain more, for there is such little difference between men, isn’t that so? It is said that the great disasters will take seven years, then how long would the minor disasters take before these final seven years? We do not know. The great disasters will soon arrive, but how many years will go by before those final seven years? We do not know. In short, the disasters have started, we do not know how many years they will last. At least how many years will they take? It ought to be at least more than ten. Because the end of the great disasters is seven years, so what about before those seven years? Is that not also the time of disasters? Right? Now that shows that for the seven-year great disasters, those days will not just be seven years, but I do not dare say how many years it will be, at least more than ten. So we can say that in the future the disasters will get worse and worse, there will be no good days in those final ten or so years. Some people might say: “Simply let the seven years of great disasters completely destroy this corrupt world!” Is this the right thing to say? God does things in a principled way, but why is that? God is wise and almighty. We say that God is wise, so in between the arrival of all different kinds of disasters God will also save some people, refine some people and perfect some people, so that those of the human race that remain can attain a knowledge of God and have true faith in God. This is the reason that God brings down disasters on man, it is not just to bring down disasters to finish directly destroying unbelievers and evil-doers. In this way, the disasters are not a simple matter. The disasters carry a double-sided mission meant to attain many different types of results, and because of this it has to persist for an extended period of time. If we look at the word of God, can we see the context in which God’s people are perfected? They are perfected during the disasters! Before the disasters a group of overcomers are made complete, but during the disasters God’s people will be made perfect. Could it be possible that God’s people can be made perfect just through a few disasters? They will have to go through many years of disasters, they will have to come close to death many times. Come close to death many times! What do we mean by coming close to death many times? In simple terms, we can say it means you have almost died many times but have found a way to continue living, how lucky! If you come close to death many times but in the end are able to continue on living, then what would you be like? Knowing God, being able to worship God, being able to submit to God’s sovereignty and arrangements and completely discard your corruption of the flesh, these are the results you attain from coming close to death many times. During the disasters, those who do not have faith in God will be taught a lesson, during the disasters some people from religious circles will return to the presence of God. God’s people will be perfected during the disasters, but before the disasters a group of overcomers will be made complete. Isn’t this all stuff we can see from the word of God? This has all been said in the word of God, this is how it is. So, the truth included in the phrase “God Presides Over the Fate of All Mankind” includes how God will save man, refine man, and perfect man during the disasters. In the end, all unbelievers that do not have faith in God, that resist God or that do evil will be completely wiped out through the disasters! How will God preside over the fate of all mankind? This is a fact that we can see very clearly!

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