Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “God Presides Over the Fate of All Mankind”


There are many people who do not recognize God’s sovereignty or God’s arrangements. They cannot see the fact that God has dominion over humankind. So they find it difficult to put the truth into practice. With little confidence, they often plunge into temptations, even to the extent of being trapped inside them. Such is the reason many people never put the truth into practice. In the fellowship of God’s house, what is a person who pursues the truth? What must he possess in order to pursue the truth? Seek the truth in everything. Only if you put it into practice and possess this reality can you be considered a person in pursuit of truth. In regard to pursuing the truth in all things, some people say: “I can’t seek the truth in everything. Once I am about to perform my duty, I have difficulties, what am I to do? I am at a loss to understand. There are principles for singing songs, dancing, and spreading the gospel.... Just spread it! What do you mean, principles? What’s more, we have to spread the gospel to people who recognize God’s existence and have good humanity. Those things aren’t stamped on people’s foreheads! How could I tell? Once I see someone, I spread the gospel. It’s that simple!” Would such person go in search of truth? Such low caliber! What is the foundation that seeking the truth is based on? It must be based on facts, existing problems, and difficulties. Only then look for truth in God’s word. If you have no real difficulties and directly read God’s words, contemplating just the words, would you be able to understand truth? That’s just armchair pontification. Without combining words with reality you cannot possibly understand the truth.

Some people say: “Why is the gospel spread to people who recognize God’s existence? Why spread the gospel to people of good humanity? Can’t God change people, save people? God can make something out of nothing, God is almighty!” Is that right? How to seek the truth in this? Most important is that you need to know God’s will when spreading the gospel, whom God will save. God does not save the wicked; God saves only good people, those with good reputations, a conscience, reason, those who can accept the truth. God will save these people. So you can spread it to these people, they will be easily gained by God. This kind of person is more obedient, and follows the rules. It will be easy for them to accept the truth and enter onto the right track of believing in God. They won’t come into the church and kick up a bunch of trouble. If you follow this kind of principle in your evangelism, then the people you spread the gospel to for the most part can be saved by God, and none of them are demons and Satan, who only bring trouble to God’s work and will be eliminated in the end. You see, some people are saying, “Right, this principle of God’s house is completely in line with God’s word, because those whom God saves are people who in their hearts acknowledge God’s existence and can accept the truth. Spreading the gospel to such people is completely after God’s heart. Some people say: “Will you go so far as to guarantee that the people God saves are good people? Are there really any truly good people? People who don’t believe in God are those who are truly wicked. They only become better after they believe.” Some people are just absurd. They don’t understand. Everything is relative. You say that corrupted humans are base. That’s not wrong. But is there a difference between good and bad people? Is there a difference between recognizing and refusing God? Is there a difference between a love of truth and its opposite? Is there a difference between accepting truth and rejecting truth? Since there are these differences, then we have to evangelize according to God’s requirements, to those who can love truth, accept it, and achieve God’s salvation. These people meet God’s standard. If you act to fulfill God’s will, then this is principled work. If you work according to principles, and bring the people before God who satisfy God’s will and who shall be saved by Him, then this is doing your duty up to the standard, which is doing good. And it will receive God’s commendation and blessings! For example, if you have evangelized to a lot of people who love the truth, accept the truth, and acknowledge God, eight of the ten can be saved. In the end, two or three years after they enter into the faith, they all become seekers after the truth, and finally they will say, “Thank you for spreading the gospel to me. If you hadn’t spread it, would I have been able to come in? Would I be able to obtain such great salvation?” Your heart warms, “Thanks be to God! God gave me grace so I could see clearly. The Holy Spirit led me to such a person as this. Good fish, good sheep were placed in my path. He let me bring them in, thank God, this is God’s work.” Will you not receive God’s blessing? Once some people start to evangelize they bring in a despicable person, a demon, an evil spirit, who disrupts the work of the church. As a result, God’s chosen people suffer, and they hate them. They say: “He brought all this misery on us! He is the one who’s given us so much trouble!” So, you did this work—you worked so hard at spreading the gospel, and in the end did you do well? God didn’t bless it! You disobeyed the principles, and did not obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit. You blindly spread the gospel, and finally it became a sin, an evil! Sin!

In the quest for truth, when spreading the gospel what sort of person after all fits God’s purpose? Is there truth to be sought in this matter? Yes. In God’s word we can see which people God saves: We preach to them. Some people say: “Oh. I understand when you say that. If you didn’t say it then how would I not know?” You haven’t pondered this matter. If your heart doesn’t have these things in it, then how would you know? If you always had these things in your heart, prayed, contemplated, and sought the truth in these things before God, then the Holy Spirit would have enlightened you, and you would have already understood the truth in these things, right? Is what we say about seeking truth in all things genuine? Truth exists in all things. If you seek more, you will obtain more. If you seek less, you will have less. In all difficulties, in all things, there is truth to be sought. Truth is real. If you do not look for it, it will not look for you. If you search for it, it will show itself to you. The truth is not biased.

Look at those people who never seek the truth. Where is the root of their disease? They do not believe truth exists. They say: “Is there truth in this? It is just what it appears to be.” They do not believe that the truth exists, so they do not search for it. When being told to seek the truth in some matter, they will reply: “I’ve sought it. Books say so, folks say so, intellectuals say so, and famous quotations say so. These are the truth; these are facts.” Is that right? What kind of person would it take to spout this garbage? Can you see through it? Only unbelievers can say this sort of thing. Would you dare to say that there is no truth to seek from these things? It is a fact that God dominates the fate of mankind. Moreover, what manner of people are blessed, and what manner of people are cursed, is spoken clearly in the word of God. Some people say: “What about the matters that follow the trends in the world? Tell us the truth. What are we to do? If the trend in the world is not correct, then how could it become the trend? How would so many follow it? What is this all about? Explain it to me!” Where is the truth? Can you search for it? Some people say: “How can the great red dragon resist God? How is it that it has so much power? Where is the truth? Tell me!” Is this easy to fellowship? People who understand truth can easily respond. So, there is truth to seek in everything, it is a fact that the truth does exist. It depends on whether you seek it; if you really seek it, and work hard, it will show you, let you see, make you understand. The truth is not biased. Is this not real?

Regarding “whether the great red dragon’s political power truly comes from God,” some people say: “It is part of God’s plan.” “Should we obey it?” After searching for several years, they did not find the answer. You don’t obey it, but then it really persecutes you. Obey it, and then you are farther away from God, and one’s soul grows darker. In the end what can you do? Is there an answer? Seek the truth now to solve this problem. Some people say: “My parents are very traditional, are unambitious people, have brains and knowledge. They do not let me believe in God. What can I do? I must honor my parents even if I believe in God.” Is there truth to seek in this? If so, how to seek it? For believers, the most important thing is to obey God. Honoring your parents is fine, but God did not say to have us submit to our parents. Is this truth? Then what is an appropriate way to treat our parents? Fulfill your responsibilities toward them and that is all. Because they are not the truth, they are corrupted by Satan. If they don’t believe in God, then they belong to Satan. You may not be obedient to those who belong to Satan, whether it’s Satan or your parents, or the ancestors of your parents—even less, worship them. Is this not the truth? Because the words of God say, “Of the human beings within the universe, all those belonging to the devil will be exterminated; all who worship Satan will be laid low by My burning fire—that is, except for those now within the stream, the rest will be turned to ashes.” The words of God will bear witness. When you fellowship it in this manner, they say: “Oh! You don’t say, there is really truth to seek from it. Following what you say, in all things there is truth to seek.” That’s right! There is truth to seek in all things. Some people say: “I met a bookseller on the street. He asked the passersby, ‘Do you believe in Almighty God? I have books of Almighty God here.’” Is there truth to seek in this? Yes, Satan was trying to get in, he was fishing, trying to see who believes in Almighty God. There is truth to be sought in all things. So in all things, if you seek the truth, you can have the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit, which lets you see the existence of truth, so that you have the right choice in front of you. You will be able to walk in the right path, with God to show you the way. When looking for a life partner is there truth to seek out? When educating children? Things such as whether fate exists or the difference between truth and superstition all contain truth that we can seek, isn’t that so? We don’t need to say too much about it, and we already admit this fact.

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