Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “God Presides Over the Fate of All Mankind”


Nowadays, for those of us that believe in God in the last days, when we practice the truth we will first feel like we need to make a deal. “What advantage will I have if I act in this way?” Isn’t this like a person that seeks nothing but profit? People who always ask how something will benefit them or that always ask what good fortune they will be able to obtain, people who say, “If there’s no advantage, and if I won’t obtain any good fortune, then I won’t act in this way because it is not easy to act in this way and I have to suffer hardships,” are there a lot of people like this? You see that nowadays some people have temp jobs, and they might say: “I am not able to perform my duty, I have to do this temp job, and then in my spare time you want me to look for gospel targets, I will not listen to this! Since I have found this job, I will do it until it is done, I will not bother myself with anything else. I will not perform my duty. I will work and make enough money to begin thinking about looking for a partner, or perhaps I will marry a foreigner, and it is even better to give birth to foreign babies!” How do you feel about this way of thinking? Do they have a bottom line for conducting themselves as a person? Do they conduct themselves as a person in a principled way? People must submit to God’s sovereignty and arrangement. Today He may have you do a temp job, tomorrow He may have you go perform your duty, and the following day He may again have you go do some dangerous thing. Whatever role befalls you, the church will dispatch you to go do it. So are you willing to do it? “Oh, I’m not going to do it, I have to think about it for a while.” Okay, then don’t do it, we don’t need you. We’ll send someone else to do it. It’s a done deal. You see that on the outside this is a very simple matter, but what is actually taking place? This guy is not being obedient, it feels like they are resisting and trying to make a deal with God. This is not someone who submits to God, they are being a son of disobedience, they are revolting and being immoral! This kind of person will be abandoned by God. God will eliminate them. Now you are abroad. Since God’s family doesn’t need many people to perform duties, you have to do temp jobs, and in your spare time they want you to look for gospel targets, but you are not able to obey this. This reveals what your character is like. These things make known the kind of person you are! If someone does not seek the truth, if they do not grasp the intention of God, but instead take rash actions and follow their own path, then doesn’t this show that they are betraying God? If someone truly reveres God, then they ought to seek the truth in all things. As soon as they seek the truth they will say, “I understand the desire of God, if I act in this way it will be in line with the truth. Okay, so I will practice the truth in this way. I will not betray the desire of God. I will submit to God.” That’s how simple this matter is. From this can we see what kind of person this is? This is a person that is able to submit to God. Some things are this way, today you have to do a temp job, tomorrow you will be told to perform your duty, and the following day you will again have to do a temp job. Let’s see how you will respond. “Ten thousand deaths will not prevent me from submitting to God’s orchestrations and arrangements. No matter the arrangement, no matter the changes, I will carry no complaints, I will obey!” Yes! It is through this work and deployment that doesn’t conform to the concepts of man, this is what makes known whether or not a person is sincere in their obedience to God! Some things are like this. Such a simple thing can reveal who a person is, right?

Sometimes I deal with people in a very severe matter, telling them “You are a demon!” When I do, some of these people’s eyes will begin to water and they will feel pain in their hearts, as if a knife has been twisted into their heart. All through the day and into the night they think about it: “It was my brother that said this? Yeah, it was. So was this on behalf of God? Was this coming from God? If this came from God that would be very bad, then I’m a demon! Can I still be rescued? If only these words were coming from the heart of my brother, if this is how he looks at me, and not on behalf of God, that would be better, then there would be hope.” Is this searching for the truth? This person is constantly wanting to figure out the real situation. “If this really is coming from God, and God sees me as a demon, then I’m finished. Right now I am worried about my fate and my outcome!” This person’s reason for doing things is incorrect. He wants to know in his heart what his outcome will be, and to try to find out if this is ultimately coming from God or coming from a person. So, this is not searching for the truth. If he really wanted to find the truth, then how should he go about searching for it? He would say: “I don’t care if these words from the brother above came from his own heart or if they came from the Holy Spirit. Regardless of whatever context it was in which he called me a demon, I ought to look into whatever it was that I did that made him speak of me in this way, and to see whether or not this thing I did actually makes me a demon. If whatever it is I did looks like a normal thing on the outside, but in actuality it seriously resisted God, then it is correct for the brother to speak in this way. That would conform to the facts. In that case, I ought to quickly accept and submit to this! I shall curse myself and betray my flesh. I ought to submit myself to the judgment of God!” If this person were to search in this way, then would they be seeking out the truth? This kind of search is seeking out the truth, can you distinguish it now? Then is it okay to say “The truth can be sought out in all things”? Some people say: “God’s family deemed someone to be an antichrist and expelled them even though on the outside they looked like a capable person able to perform their actions, and they haven’t been seen to kill anyone, create any disturbances or do any other bad things. Is there any truth in this? Does this conform to the truth?” Should the truth be sought out in this matter? The truth ought to be sought out. “There is someone who carelessly spoke some misconceptions, and as a result he was deemed to be an evil spirit and was expelled, doesn’t it seem like this is something that shouldn’t have happened? Whenever someone gets drunk their words are usually nonsense, and sometimes when people are waking up it’s as if they’re talking in their sleep. It’s hard to tell the difference, but how could that person who carelessly said confusing things be deemed as an evil spirit? How could he be expelled? If by chance he has been expelled in error then what should be done?” Should the truth be sought out in this matter? The truth can be sought out in all things. Some people say: “Should I search for a partner? Should I get married and raise children?” Is there any truth that can be sought out in this? How do you seek it? “When men and women come of age, they must marry. When people grow up they should raise a family. This is a matter of course!” But some people decide to never get married in their entire lives, instead they seek the truth and serve God. Does this conform to the truth? “Does God require this? I must search for the truth.” Should the truth be sought out in this matter? Some people are not suitable for marriage, their flesh is too strong, and when they get married they do not want God. They go around happily without a partner, and they have strong faith in God. But as soon as they get a partner they might stop believing in God and just go along through the days of their life. For others, their faith grows stronger the more hardships they endure, and when they have good days that are easy and comfortable then they stop loving the truth. People are different from one another. There are all kinds of people! Different people necessarily make different decisions, isn’t that so? Isn’t that how things go about? You see that for some people when they don’t have a partner they have a really hard time. Their family pushes them and other people laugh at them, so in the end they search for a partner. Then all things turn well, people pay no attention to them, the husband and wife just perform their duties together. So think about this kind of situation and ask yourself, do you dare say that finding a partner is detrimental to your faith in God? Do you dare say that without finding a partner you can grow up and be perfected? Who dares to stipulate such things? Are you daring to stipulate this? Since everyone’s situation and background is different, how could there be a set of rules to cover them all? If you don’t understand the truth and just use a set of rules to deal with it, then you will never obtain the truth, so do not make the rules. Someone got divorced and later they had a lover. These two loved each other very much, they both have good humanity, and they both believe in God. But they never dared to get married, for if they did they feared their brothers and sisters would judge them, so they decided to just hold on to their secretive relationship. Do you all think it would be okay for these people to get married publicly? Should the church suppress them or restrict them? We must properly understand and deal with this situation, we shouldn’t always use sets of rules to control people. Their love is not improper nor do they sneak around with lots of other partners, but rather they are in a normal relationship, they should not be prohibited from marrying if that suits them. They should not be convicted of a crime. The truth can be sought out in all things, but you cannot rely on your own conceptions to blindly judge people and make sets of rules. Someone that always uses sets of rules to deal with things and who relies on their own conceptions to make judgments, do they possess the truth? This kind of person doesn’t understand the truth! So what should this kind of person do? They ought to learn how to seek the truth, that way they can break away from the restrictions of their own conceptions and rules, and eventually they will be liberated by attaining the truth. This is the result you attain by seeking the truth. If someone is able to be liberated by the truth, then they are living in the presence of God, and they shall receive the praise of God.

Through practicing the truth, our relationship with God will get more and more intimate. People who never seek the truth or practice the truth will always live in uncertainty when it comes to their faith in God. Even if they accept that God has become flesh and carried out His work among us, they still will not have an ordinary relationship with God. Why is that? Because they don’t have true faith in God, and they still live in uncertainty. You see that for each and every person who does not seek the truth they believe that their understanding of doctrines and letters is an understanding of the truth. They believe that their conceptions and imagination all conform to the truth, that all of them are the truth. They believe that so long as something does not conform to their conceptions and imagination, then it is not the truth. Do these kinds of people have God in their hearts? Do they have an understanding of God? These people are Pharisees posing as good people. They are hypocritical! All that these people have in their hearts are doctrines and letters, they do not possess the slightest bit of the reality of the truth. People that really possess the truth do not control others when they perform actions, they give others freedom of choice. People that always control others and that always tell others to act in this way or that way, or do something in this way or that way, they always fiddle with people until they become utterly confused. These people do not possess the truth, they are all Pharisees. If you really possess the truth, why would you not communicate it? How come you can’t lead people out of rules and their conceptions? You cannot attain this result from performing your duties, and you cannot do this kind of work. That is further proof that you do not possess the truth. Now we have determined that the truth certainly exists, so where does it come from? The truth comes from the word of God. So the word of God really exists, it’s all the truth, so doesn’t this show that God exists? We have been shown the fact that God presides over the fate of all mankind. This allows people to realize that everything they see has the truth in it, it all proves the existence of the truth, the reality of the truth. Ultimately, this allows people to see that the truth is the life of God, it is everything that God has and is. The truth is the revelation of the disposition of God, it is the testimony to the work of God! The words issued forth by God guide the chosen people of God on the earth, everything that God has and is and every truth issued forth by God truly exists on the earth. They are here for people to experience, know and enjoy. These are all results attained through the work of God. When people completely enter the reality of the truth of the word of God, they will come face to face with God. Nowadays some experienced people say: “How is it that the more we believe in God the closer we get to Him? How is it that the more we believe in God the more it feels like He is real! How did we not have this kind of feeling before? How is it that previously no matter how we tried to believe in God we always felt uncertain, that we couldn’t touch anything? Now I have touched something, I have touched the truth and reality. I see a fact that is contained within the truth: The truth really is the life of God, it is the reality of the life of God! Every truth comes from what God has and is, every truth is an expression of the disposition of God, and every truth is an expression of the life of God!” Now that we understand the reality and existence of these truths, isn’t this the same as seeing God? Isn’t this the same as coming face to face with God? Isn’t this the result that we have attained? That’s how it is.

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