Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “What Do You Know of Faith?”


I know there are some people who do not fulfill their duties, and they have their own notions about my words “fulfilling one’s duties is the best way to witness.” They cannot fully accept. However, whether or not you accept, I still have to say these things. I still have to communicate and witness in this way. If you can accept this, then it is your good fortune. That means that you are smart. If you cannot accept this, it does not mean that what I am trying to communicate is not correct. I can guarantee that what I am communicating is in accordance with the words of God. I am witnessing God’s intentions, God’s requirements for man. Some people, they do not fulfill their duties but it does not mean that their character is corrupt. It also doesn’t mean that they are not seeking. We acknowledge that man has weakness. When man is in a harsh environment, there is weakness. However, no matter what is said, you are still afraid of the environment and you have a bit of cowardice. No matter what is said, your faith is too small, you cannot cast away everything. This is reality, nobody can deny this. God’s requirements for man is in accordance with man’s stature. God does not force man. If your stature is small, God will not ask too much of you. However, we must continue to seek the truth. We cannot believe in God for many years and still have a small stature. If you have believed in God for over a decade and still use your small stature as an excuse for not fulfilling your duties, can this be justified? This is unjustifiable. We will not debate these things. You must pray to God, seek and feel out God’s intentions on your own. Seek the truth, and you will be fine.

You cannot rely on your imagination to fulfill your duties, thinking, “I must go overseas to fulfill my duty. If I do not go overseas then I have not fulfilled my duties.” For example, we spread the gospel to our friends and family in a harsh environment. Are we able to do this? If you are afraid of spreading the gospel even to your friends and family, to the point where you hide the books of God’s word and do not read them, if your belief in God has been reduced to nothing more than praying to God when you encounter issues, does this kind of person have a faithful heart that is real? Isn’t this person’s faith just too pitiful? Some people say, “I am waiting for the collapse of the great red dragon. When there are no more persecutions and tribulations, I will faithfully believe. When my strength has grown, I will not lose it to anyone.” What use are these words? If the great red dragon collapses and right at that time a great disaster arrives, God will have already left the earth. What use will your strength be? It would be useless, the chance to bear witness would have already passed. At the time the great red dragon collapses, others will stand up amid the myriad throngs to bear witness to God’s victory. You, on the other hand, when the great red dragon is ruling savagely, are hiding in a cave. You are like an ostrich with its head stuck in the sand. What kind of witnessing would you do then? When the great red dragon collapses, would you have the guts to stand out? You would have been humiliated and embarrassed. You cannot stand out. You cannot witness. Isn’t this the case? That is why witnessing has certain background requirements! Let me share a few proverbs with you: “Real gold fears no fire,” and “Adversity reveals a true heart.” This is real. When you interact with others, there is a saying that comes to mind: “Just as distance determines the stamina of a horse, so does time reveal a person’s true heart.” Under what conditions does someone’s true faith reveal itself? It reveals itself in harsh environments, when the great red dragon is frantically persecuting and suppressing God’s chosen people, that is when those with true faith reveal themselves. Look at the situation of the religious world right now. The great red dragon is persecuting house churches and snatching Christians, where are they? They are hiding. The great red dragon is persecuting Christians and cruelly suppressing the Church of Almighty God and they are on the side watching the commotion. They obey the party that is in power, their hearts do not obey the Lord. They believe that you are persecuted by the ruling Party and that is because you are not obeying God. If you dare oppose the political power, then you are sentencing yourself to chastisement. Can these kinds of believers obtain the Lord’s praises? They cannot. What about the Christians in the Church of Almighty God? In the midst of the great red dragon savagely resisting and condemning God, they take a stand in this harsh environment. They cast aside their family, they cast aside the world to follow God and fulfill their duties. In the course of fulfilling their duties, they have encountered countless dangers yet they, under God’s protection, still stand firm. They will persevere to the end, all the way until God’s work has concluded and the great disaster has fallen. They will then have a truly resounding kind of witnessing. Right now, there are still some people who are waiting for the collapse of the great red dragon before they start witnessing and fulfilling their duties. What kind of people are they? They are more or less unbelievers. They are more or less religious people, right?

The article of God’s words that we just read mentioned the concept of “faith.” Just what is real faith? During the Age of Law, how was the faith of the people like? During the Age of Grace, how did people believe in the Lord Jesus? What did they call the Lord Jesus? God has allowed all these facts to be exposed into the open. Do you understand God’s intentions? They let us know how people believed in God and what their understanding of God was like during the Age of Law. During the Age of Grace, many people believed in the Lord. They understood and treated the Lord Jesus in this way. Many people called the Lord Jesus merciful Lord Jesus. Many people also called the Lord Jesus “teacher,” or “sir” and there were people who even called Him the “great prophet” or the “great physician.” This is how they witnessed the Lord Jesus during the Age of Grace. This is how they understood and addressed the Lord Jesus after believing for so many years. Do you think that this made the Lord very disappointed? If you have believed in God for many years and you do not have a real understanding of God and then you say such ignorant things, can you say that your witnessing is real? Not only were they lacking in genuine witnessing, but what were these muddled words that they were saying? They brought dishonor to God! That is why if believers in God are not able to achieve a real understanding of God and fulfill their duties, then not only would they not be able to bear witness, they also dishonor God. They bring shame to God and make themselves a laughingstock to Satan. Now, would God bless this kind of person? They would not receive any blessings. They are not qualified to receive God’s inheritance! So, if past generations of believers believed to the very end and still did not have any real understanding of God and all they could do was call God the Lord of redemption, the great doctor, teacher, the Lord Jesus of love and mercy, could this kind of person gain God’s approval? Why can’t they be approved by God? Because they do not have the slightest understanding of God. Can the people who do not have the slightest understanding of God bear a true witness? They can’t. That is why no matter how many years people in the Age of Grace believe in the Lord, if they do not understand the Lord, then they cannot gain the Lord’s approval. They will be eliminated. What does the Lord say to those that get eliminated? “I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity” (Matthew 7:22-23). In other words, the Lord does not acknowledge that such a person believes in Him, He does not acknowledge that they are His people. Some people say, “He does not have any understanding of God, he does not fulfill his duties and as a result, God eliminates him. If someone similarly does not have an understanding of the Lord but passionately puts in effort to work for Him, can he gain the Lord’s approval?” He cannot. This is because if he does not understand the Lord, all that he does is not for the Lord, but rather it is done for himself. Paul’s situation is similar. Paul toiled only for the crown of righteousness, he did not do work out of a love for the Lord or to satisfy the Lord. Moreover he did not carry out the Lord’s will. As a result, no matter how much he toiled, what price he paid, none of what he did could bear witness for the Lord. It only bore witness for himself. It was only for gaining blessing for himself and as such, all that he did was futile. So, now that we’ve touched upon this, what exactly is witnessing? “Witnessing is toiling, it is paying a good price, a real price, even a price of blood, this is witnessing.” Are these words correct? Why are these words incorrect? Can you clarify? There are some people who are afraid of me asking, “For what reason?” They are afraid of being asked, “For what reason?” Yet, I still ask, “For what reason?” So, what do I mean by this? It is to help you seek the truth. If I do not ask, then you would be unable to seek the truth. If I do not ask you this, and you can understand the truth, then I would not ask. Would you say that it’s okay if I do not ask? To ask is to seek reality. To ask is to get to the bottom of things. To ask is to seek the truth. That is why when I ask this, those that love the truth will start to ponder and they say, “Oh, right, for what reason? Let me think clearly about this. I need to read over some of God’s words. I need to put some effort into pondering over this carefully. This situation, the root of this, ‘for what reason,’ I must answer this carefully.” By making a bit of effort in this way, you might be able to obtain some results. If you can obtain some results, then my questioning has played a role. Your thoughts on this matter have not been in vain either, am I right?

If someone does not have a real understanding of God, then does what they do have any value? It won’t have much value at all, and what they do cannot be called authentic witnessing. If someone does everything they can to seek the truth as they are fulfilling their duties, gradually, they will achieve an understanding of God’s disposition and God’s salvation. What kind of results will they reap? Their intentions for fulfilling their duties will become more and more pure and in line with God’s will. The day that they can suffer faithfully to fulfill their duties, then the fulfillment of their duties will become a bright witness. You can see that when someone starts to fulfill their duties, they rely on their enthusiasm. They have cast away and abandoned everything else and they start to make an effort for God. Before, they would earn money to feed their families eight hours a day. Now, each day, for 8 to 10 hours, they fulfill their duties as one of God’s creations in order to obey and satisfy God. This is how they fulfill their duties. In the beginning, they would encounter all sorts of trials and temptations. They start getting negative and weak. They encounter failures and they fall down. However, they use God’s words as support and fuel to get back up. Their negativity is transformed into perseverance. Their perfunctoriness turns into faithfulness. At this point, the state, quality and substance of their fulfillment of their duty has improved, has it not? They say, “The first year I started fulfilling my duties, I relied on my enthusiasm. The second year, I experienced some dealing and pruning. Afterward, I started to understand the truth. I could see that before, I had fallen short of God’s grace. I had no conscience. Now I can finally see God’s loveliness! For the lovely God, for the sake of His love for me, I must fulfill my duties. If I do not fulfill my duties, I will be too ashamed to live, I would be inhuman.” Oh, why does it seem like this person has changed in the second year of fulfilling duties? Why is it different when compared with the first year? What is this situation? You have God’s blessing if you fulfill your duties in this way. It prepares you to encounter dealing and pruning and refinement and trials. Afterward, the Holy Spirit will enlighten you to understand God’s words, understand the truth. Your heart will change each day. The more it changes, the more of an understanding you will have of God. The more it changes, the more you will care for God. The more it changes, the more you will love God and obey God. Along with the continuous transformation in your life disposition, you will start to develop devotion and obedience to God as you fulfill your duties. You will learn to be considerate of God’s intentions. You will be able to seek the truth when you encounter issues. When you understand the truth, you will also be able to put it into practice. In this way, the results of fulfilling your duties will get better and better. The way you fulfill your duties will become more principled. Fulfilling your duties reveals your devotion and obedience to God. It lets others see that you are truly considerate of God’s intentions. It also lets others see that you are someone who truly loves God. You do not have to say, “God, I must love you. If I do not love you, I am not a human being.” As you fulfill your duties, will other people be able to see these words emanating from inside your heart? Even if your mouth does not say it, will they be able to see it? Of course. You can see what is inside some people’s hearts. They go through real labor and action to attain these things. People can see this. “The way he fulfills his duty is different from us. When we do things, we do things half-heartedly. Look, he does not do things half-heartedly. He maintains his principles and is not controlled by others. Oh, what is going on in this person’s heart? Ah, let me investigate. This person, his heart loves God. I can see it. This person is devoted to God. No matter what duties this person fulfills, he seeks the truth. This person’s heart is one with God’s. No matter what, he stands by God’s side.” If this person obeys God by fulfilling his duties in this manner, loves God, satisfies God, people can see this. Is this not authentic witnessing? This is witnessing!

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