Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “What Do You Know of Faith?”


Would you say that it is possible for people to live out the image of someone who loves God? Is it possible to express one’s obedience and devotion to God through fulfilling one’s duties? Yes, this is real. This is not empty reasoning! We see how some people respect their parents. How do they respect them? They do not say things that are pleasant to hear such as, “Mama, I love you. Papa, I love you.” Instead they show their love through concrete action. They do the things that matter. They understand what their parents want in their hearts, what their needs and desires are. When their mother or father is in need, they will be there to make sure their needs are satisfied. If they know what to do for their parents, would you say they would know what to do for God? As long as you have a heart that loves God, you will be able to do it, wouldn’t you say this is the case? Someone said, “If I show my devotion and obedience to God in the course of fulfilling my duties, or if I let others see that I have a heart that loves God, I am afraid that there will be some people who will ridicule, dishonor, attack or criticize me.” What kind of issue is this? Their love for God is not real, it is not strong enough. Would a heart that truly loves God be constrained by these things? If a person criticizes, speaks sarcastically about, attacks or rejects a believer with a heart that truly loves God, what kind of person is this? They are indeed satanic demons! “If I do things based on my love for God and desire to satisfy God, yet I still encounter Satan’s ridicule and mockery, then it is even more urgent that I humiliate Satan.” This is what it means to have a heart that truly loves God! We cannot be constrained by satanic demons, right? When real brothers and sisters, God’s chosen people, see this, they say, “Oh, this person loves God more than we do, this person is more obedient to God than we are. Look at how much stronger this person’s devotion to God is compared to ours. We simply go through the motions. I feel ashamed! We must quickly catch up, we cannot be inferior. If he loves God, then I will also love God. If he is obedient and devoted, then I will also be obedient and devoted.” This is what true brothers and sisters should say, this is what a person with a conscience should say! We can see clearly now. Those who criticize and attack believers who are devoted to God, suffer and pay the price while fulfilling their duties are satanic demons. How should we deal with these people? Abandon them, point them out: “Satanic demons have come out. Their true nature has been revealed.” You can see that satanic demons are jealous of those who put into practice their love for God and obey God. These demons say critical things about these believers, they attack them, exclude them and become their enemies. We must get rid of these satanic demons, let them return to the world. The world is where they live, it is their nest. It is better that they return to the world. They should not stay in the church. Their lives are not worthy for the church. God’s family wields the power of the truth. How can we let satanic demons constrain and hinder people from believing in God, loving God, and obeying God? Are you clear on these things? If you see these things clearly, then just focus on seeking the truth. Do not be afraid of our enemies. Do not be afraid of the demons’ ridicule and mockery. Whoever attacks those that truly obey and love God, the church leaders and workers must stand up to them, expose Satan’s schemes, and crush the satanic demons under their feet. Is it right to do this? Look at the satanic demons frantically tyrannizing the world. It is impossible for them to stand up in God’s family. They wouldn’t stand a chance. If one pops up, expel him. If one pops up, take care of him according to principles. The church leaders and workers should support, encourage and protect those that put the truth into practice and love and obey God. If evil people show up and judge and convict those that put the truth into practice, how should we address them? Expose them. After they are exposed, thoroughly discredit them so that everyone else can discern who they are. Let them turn into a rat that crosses the street, chased by everyone. Afterward, get rid of them. This is the proper way to deal with them, make sure you understand!

When God’s chosen people bear witness for Him, that is the most honorable situation! Before, people also felt, “I can believe in the practical God, this is a great honor.” What do you think of these words? Is it perfect? This person’s stature was too small. Now, what should be said? To be able to witness the practical God is man’s greatest honor. What about these words? Someone said, “It’s a pity that even though I have believed in God for many years, I still cannot bear witness for Him. My life has been in vain!” Some people have started to lament in this way. “I have believed for 20, 30 years. I do not know what it means to bear witness for God. All I know is that I believe in order to be blessed and enter the kingdom of heaven.” What do you think of this kind of faith? Does this faith make you feel sick? What do God’s words tell us of this kind of faith? “Their views of belief in God, if spoken out, are practically intolerable to ears.” What is the meaning of “intolerable to ears”? This means they are unable to stand before God. They bring shame to God. God does not accept this! It dishonors God, it is unbearable to listen to. It is not the words of a human being. It is extremely selfish and despicable! God wants to bestow blessings on you. Yet, you are not considerate of God’s desires in the slightest. You are unable to bear witness for God. Even if God bestows you with blessings, His heart will be discomforted and feel imbalanced. Are you not a burden on God? Are you not? God would not do this anyways, so these requests are truly unbearable to listen to. They disgust God! This point of view about faith in God is incorrect. You cannot bear witness for God! If you have these contemptible thoughts and can say these contemptible words, then your faith must truly be pitiful. Your faith is not congruent with God’s requests.

Now that we have finished talking about all this, just what is the objective of your faith? Can you say something that is pleasant to hear? Once God hears this, He would think, “These words are correct, these are the words of a true believer.” These results would be fine. Tell me. Do you have anything to say? This is not a simple matter. These words should not be purely theoretical. They should be based on your experience and understanding. If you do not have experience, then you would not be able to say something that is pleasant to hear, unless you copy someone else’s words. Today, everyone here acknowledges that we have received so much from Almighty God’s work in the last days. Now, what can we do when we have received so much? Some people are happy and jump for joy because they have received so much. They have joyful dreams and wake up in the middle of the night, “This is great, my faith is correct. Look at my aunts, they still believe in Lord Jesus. How silly. I am so much smarter than they are.” What do you think of these words? Well, you cannot say that these words are incorrect. However, when you are happy, are you able to be attentive to God’s desires? Will you say, “I still have not been able to adequately bear witness for God. I have fallen short of God”? Or will you only be happy and celebrate for yourself? Isn’t this selfish and contemptible? That is why when you see the pitiful situation of those in the religious world that believe in Lord Jesus, you should think to yourself, “God loves me so much. God loves me this much, now what have I done for God? Have I adequately fulfilled my duties? I have not fulfilled my duties well. I am not worthy to receive God’s great salvation! I have fallen short of God.” Once you have reached this point, you feel that you are indebted to God. As a result, you develop a resolve to improve, “I must fulfill more of my duties. I must fulfill all the duties that I am able to fulfill. I must give my best effort to fulfill my duties so that I can repay God’s love!” If you have this kind of resolve, then your faith has met the standard. It is very important to fulfill your duties! Why is fulfilling your duties important? Fulfilling your duties, in essence, is bearing witness for God! When non-believers see you, they will exclaim, “Why are these people different in the way they believe in God? They are different from those that believe in the Lord. They toil for God every day without expecting any kind of reward. Yet, their strength is so great. What is this? How can this be explained? Why can I not understand this? This is a mystery. Since the creation of the world, I have not seen people like this.” Once they understand, they say, “Oh, they have faith because they understand these truths. They have an understanding of God. That is why they place fulfilling duties as one of God’s creations above all else. They believe that fulfilling their duties is repaying God’s love. As a result, they are bearing witness for God. Moreover, they believe that you absolutely must fulfill your duties as one of God’s creations in order to satisfy God. Otherwise, you are not worthy to be called a human being. This is their life perspective and value system.” Now, is this way of fulfilling duties witnessing? It has become a form of witnessing. Afterward, they investigate a little more and then they say, “The Chinese Communist Party has persecuted, repressed and harmed them. Yet they still have this kind of faith. They still show devotion to God through the fulfillment of their duties. Oh, these people are not ordinary people. The Chinese Communist Party cruelly and savagely suppress them, yet they have not fallen down. They still stand firm with resolve. These people’s fulfillment of their duties is truly witnessing. They are truly bearing witness for God!” Many brothers and sisters have experienced such severe dealing and pruning. Some have even caused other brothers and sisters to hate, loathe and abandon them. Yet, they have not fallen. Instead, relentlessly, they reflect upon themselves. They acknowledge that all they do is improper and they pray to God and try to feel out His desires. They are truly repentant. They do not become negative nor fall down. Moreover, they do not write themselves off. Despite all this, they are still able to stand up and diligently fulfill their duties. Have these people experienced a change in their life dispositions? They have truly gone through a change. That is why fulfilling one’s duty is experiencing God’s work. Fulfilling one’s duty is receiving God’s cleansing, salvation and perfection! Who has not felt negative after encountering judgment and chastisement, refinement and trials, or dealing and pruning? Who has not experienced weakness? We have all complained at one point or another, but God takes pity on us. He supports and guides us in secret. He does not abandon us. Can you see from this how much God loves us? Can you see how much He blesses us? Can you see how real His blessing is? Many people can see this. They say, “If I rely on myself, I cannot stay standing! I do not have any conscience or reason. I am also inattentive to God’s heart. The only reason why I have been able to follow God until now is because of God’s grace and mercy! I have nothing left to say.”

What can you see from these experiences? Who can tell me what the key point is? What have you seen in these past couple of years that you have been part of God’s family fulfilling your duties? What is your most solid and true understanding of God? Can you tell me? God has said the following, “If you truly expend yourself for Me, I will surely greatly bless you.” If you can cast away your family and the world, fulfill your duties and follow God, then you are truly expending yourself for Him. Are you able to see that God has greatly blessed those that truly expend themselves for Him? God has greatly blessed them. What does God mean when He says “greatly bless”? It means that He will specifically bestow His blessings upon an individual. Do you understand God’s desires? You can see that the people who are fulfilling their duties are toiling very hard, but each of their faces is glowing with color. Is this not God’s blessing? Each day, they smile more and more. They are no longer distressed or anxious. Moreover, they do not cry anymore. Is this not God’s blessing? Additionally, in the depth of their heart, they have an increasingly normal relationship with God. It is like they are getting closer and closer with God. It is almost like they are face to face with God. Although they cannot see God’s countenance, it is clear that they can feel God protecting them. They can feel that, no matter what happens, He is with them and blesses them. He helps them on their way. He uses all kinds of methods to guide His chosen people forward. From here, they can see God’s hand, His arm, and His deeds. They can see God’s Spirit personally influences things around them.

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