Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “What Do You Know of Faith?”


What proof is there for genuine faith? What kinds of words can provide the most suitable expression? We just read God’s words. God reviewed one after the other the knowledge that people who believed in the Lord in the Age of Grace had of the Lord, their ideas and views of the Lord Jesus. What they said left God chilled and dismayed. This was sufficient to prove that their faith in the Lord was below standard. So, for today is our faith in Almighty God really up to standard? How do you see Almighty God? Someone said, “Almighty God is the Christ of the last days, and is God incarnate.” Is going with just these two sayings enough? No. How would you say it? Someone asks, “What kind of God is this Almighty God you believe in?”  How you answer them involves the witness you bear. What kind of witness are you bearing, really? If your witness is true knowledge of God, then these words of yours are a true witness. If your words lack knowledge of God, then you are not bearing witness. If what you say is not testimony, then is the duty you perform that of witnessing? This is not witnessing. Some say, “We have left our families and professions to follow God, to fulfill our duty to God. If that isn’t bearing witness, then what is?” That is making many years of effort, and doing many years of service. Why would I say this? Because you do not know God, just this one phrase. Because you lack knowledge of God, your intention in fulfilling your duty is wrong. It is for receiving blessings, for obtaining a reward, so your performing this duty is not up to standard. You are not witnessing God, but rather have an intention and objective to make a transaction. Some people cannot see through this matter. “I put no small amount of effort into performing my duty. I sweated as much as you did. I paid as high a price as you did. How is it that yours is performance of duty, but mine is just doing service? Is this fair?” When the time comes, not a few people will think this way. Not to mention that there will be many thereafter. Are there any now? Then I will now have you say for yourselves, if you think, “I am adequately performing my duty,” if you have such confidence, raise your hand. Would you? If you say that all of the effort you are making is simply doing service, if you really think that, raise your hand. So tell me, why do you say that when you perform your duty it is doing service? Some say, “There are many times where I do not understand the truth, and don’t follow God’s will and the principle to do my duty, so it just counts as doing service.” It’s merely because you don’t understand the truth and the principles of performing your duty, and then you say it’s doing service. Can you use this talk to persuade yourself? What you say needs to be able to be built on thorough conviction. Is there any other explanation? One that can make your heart follow it? Has anyone said this: “I am not sincerely spending effort for God. I am just trying to obtain blessings. Actually, in my pursuit, I have not arrived at genuine knowledge of God’s love and salvation. I don’t have a heart for truly loving God, so what I have spent and paid is simply for obtaining blessings. Based on this fact, I can conclude that my fulfilling duties is just doing service.” If this is how someone puts it, then this says everything about how his doing his duty is in essence doing service.

So, how would you say this problem should be solved? You say, “I don’t want to be a service-doer. I just want to be someone truly obedient to God, to do the duty as part of creation, as a qualified creature, to be a true person.” To transform your service into true performance of your duty, how can this be brought about? Do you know the way? Some people say, “Then just pursue the truth. Gradually arrive at knowledge of God. Isn’t my performance of duty naturally qualified?” Many people agree with what I am saying. To solve this problem, you must recognize that with the intent to receive blessings, your spending for God is just doing service. Loyally performing one’s duty is done willingly, and willingly performing one’s own duty as a member of creation to satisfy the Creator is heaven’s law and earth’s principle. He has this kind of knowledge, and his performance of duty is not a transaction. It is not performing his duty in order to obtain blessings. Rather, it is to do the duty of a member of creation, and to satisfy the Creator. “I would not willingly perform my duty otherwise. If I did my duty otherwise, I would be inhuman, unworthy of life, thus I am happy and in high spirits to do my duty this way!” Only people with this kind of knowledge are truly human, truly part of creation!

Would you say that people who love God have something to do with people of normal humanity? People of normal humanity have reason and conscience. Once they understand the truth, they can arrive at knowledge of God. These kinds of people naturally develops a heart that loves God, submits to God, and reveres God. Thus his performance of duty is definitely up to standard. You see people are all loyally doing their duty, happy to do their duty. One day when the trials arrive, and death arrives, threatening your life, what would you be able to say? What is in your heart? If you do not feel regret at that time, you may say, “I won’t have regrets even after I die. In the end, I have done a bit of the duty of a member of creation. All things considered, I can count as having been what a person should be, having been a real person. However God treats me is righteous. I only blame myself for being so disobedient and resistant to God in the past.” How would it be to say this kind of thing? Can achieving satisfactory performance of duty be done with just talk? It’s not what you say; it’s what you do. You merely loyally perform your duty and it’s insufficient, so in the end it must be proved through a test. What test did Abraham undergo? God was not very demanding of him. “I gave you one son. Present him as a sacrifice to Me, and I will approve you.” He did make such an offering, so God blessed him. For Job, he always feared God and shunned evil, but then God took everything of his away. For this, he stood witness. God appeared to him, spoke to him, and blessed him. Peter’s love for God was genuine. When it came time to a trial, he was seized, and in the end he was nailed upside down to the cross, bearing witness. These people were all confirmed through tests. They were people who knew God, feared God and shunned evil, and genuinely believed in God. Thus, God’s blessing and His promise are not given casually. We must be tested! Has your testimony and performance of duty been tested? If not, that is unacceptable. One day the time will come, and we will see!

In this article of God’s words, there’s this passage: “Now I am only doing the work that is My duty to do; I will bind all the wheat in bundles, together along with those tares. This is My work now. These tares shall all be winnowed out in the time of My winnowing, then the grains of wheat shall be gathered into the storehouse, and those tares that have been winnowed out shall be placed in the fire to be burned to dust. My work now is merely to bind all men into bundles, that is, to completely conquer them. Then shall I begin winnowing to reveal the end of all men. So you ought to know how you should satisfy Me now and how you ought to set upon the right track in your faith in Me. What I seek is your loyalty and obedience now, your love and testimony now. Even if you do not know at this moment what testimony is or what love is, you should bring to Me your all, and turn over to Me the only treasures you have: your loyalty and obedience. You should know, the testament to My defeat of Satan lies within the loyalty and obedience of man, as does the testament to My complete conquest of man. The duty of your faith in Me is to bear witness for Me, to be loyal to Me and none other, and to be obedient to the end. Before I begin the next step of My work, how will you bear witness for Me? How will you be loyal and obedient to Me? Do you devote all your loyalty to your function or will you simply give up? Would you rather submit to My every arrangement (be it death or destruction) or flee midway to avoid My chastisement? I chastise you so that you will bear Me witness, and be loyal and obedient to Me. Also, the chastisement at present is to unfold the next step of My work and to allow the work to come to progress unimpeded. Hence I exhort you to be wise and treat not your life or the significance of your existence as worthless sand. Can you know exactly what My work to come will be? Do you know how I will work in days to come and how My work will unfold? You should know the significance of your experience of My work, and furthermore, the significance of your faith in Me. I have done so much; how could I give up halfway as you imagine? I have done such extensive work; how could I destroy it? Indeed, I have come to bring this age to an end. This is true, but moreover you must know that I am to begin a new age, to begin new work, and, most of all, to spread the gospel of the kingdom. So you should know that the work now is only to begin an age, and to lay the foundation for spreading the gospel and bringing the age to an end in time to come. My work is not so simple as you think, nor is it as worthless or meaningless as you may believe. Therefore, I tell you as before: You ought to give your life to My work, and moreover, you ought to devote yourself to My glory. Further, your bearing Me witness is that which I have long awaited, and even more so have I yearned for you to spread My gospel. You ought to understand what is in My heart.”

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