Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “What Do You Know of Faith?”


This passage expresses very earnestly and clearly what God demands of mankind, and what God’s purpose is. How should we care for God’s heart? Isn’t this what people should ponder? People nowadays have some understanding of the work of God, but can we see God’s next step and how He then goes on? The work of God is proceeding step by step, and it is extensive; no one can fully see through it. Since we cannot see through it, what should we do? To honestly obey God’s arrangement, and do your duty well according to the requirements of God. You just need to see God’s guidance in the performance of your duty, how God cleanses you, and ultimately perfects you, until you grasp the truth, obtain life, until you can do your duty well for God. In short, God makes us complete in order to lay a foundation for the next step of His work. Formerly many of those preaching the gospel saw what God had entrusted, knowing how we should accept what God has entrusted to us, and complete our own mission, so then what will God do next? Formerly we spoke of the great disasters to come, destroying the old age, and God will surely do this in the next step—is this all? Some say, “I don’t think of those things. I wish God would destroy the great red dragon, and get revenge for me.” What about this? Does it have any significance? Well, it’s all right for a small child to say this, but an adult should not say it. Some say, “I look forward to family reunion. If the great red dragon isn’t destroyed, how can my reunion with my parents realize?” You just think this way. Have you ever thought of God’s will? Can you do anything for God? Now we all see clearly a fact that if we do not have the truth when we perform our duties, then it is truly difficult to achieve results, and it seems that if people don’t strive for truth, it really won’t be easy to do their duty up to the standard. Doing one’s duty up to the standard is really not a simple thing. Is this clear? After perceiving this, what do we do? Some people say, “How come I can’t do anything right? I’m really hopeless. How come I didn’t feel that I was hopeless until now? Oh, seeking the truth is so crucial! For a person without truth, good caliber and brain, no matter how superior, are of no use, they’re just like an empty shell”—can’t you see this point clearly? So conscientiously seeking the truth is of the utmost priority, and it’s extremely important to strive to achieve being perfected by God and attaining the truth in doing our duty.

Now is the key moment to expand the gospel of the kingdom. If people continue without arming themselves well with the truth, there will be no value in their doing duty. By the time the great red dragon collapses, if you do not genuinely bear witness, then you’ll just have exerted yourself, it will be no more than exertion, just having done service. At this time, if people seek the truth hard, the expansion of the gospel will be increasingly effective, it will attract more and more people, the performance of duty will be increasingly good, increasingly effective, and some will say: “The number of hits on my video have shot up rapidly, more and more people are watching it, and these people are looking into the true way because they have seen this video.” Some people sing, and the songs are sung better and better, they move people, moving them to tears. As soon as they hear the song they understand God’s word, and as soon as they hear the word of God sung, they get to know God, just as if they are coming face to face with God. Isn’t this testimony? Some people, when they see God’s chosen people dance, their hearts are happy, and they want to get up and dance too, to praise God, so this dance reaches the standard of doing one’s duty and it moves people so much! The scripts some people write move the audience, and as soon as the audience sees the film, “Oh, this is the true way, this is true testimony!” Look, when your duty is done with such effect, you can bear witness to God, glorify God, and take people before God, isn’t this doing one’s duty up to the standard? By fulfilling one’s duty up to the standard, you are able to achieve the results of bearing witness to God and glorifying God, able to bring people into God’s presence, get them to look into the true way, and accept God’s work through films and all sorts of videos. If these duties that we fulfill actually are able to achieve these results, achieve glorifying God, then aren’t the duties we’ve fulfilled beautifully resonant testimony? If the duties we’ve fulfilled are beautifully resonant testimony, then our belief measures up fully, and we deserve to win God’s approval, and receive God’s inheritance. So then, is seeking truth now important? It is all too important! Some people run into difficulties carrying out their duties: “The demands for carrying out duty are too high, and I don’t understand them at all. How can I fulfill these?” He says, “This is too hard, I have never studied that at all, but you still want me to do my duty well. Isn’t this pushing me beyond my ability?” How about that? It’s true, some people have this feeling, but we should not forget the word of God, that all things impossible for humankind can be done by God. God is the almighty God, and the name of the God in whom we believe is Almighty God.

When Noah made the ark, had he been apprenticed? Noah had never studied at a shipbuilding academy, he had never read a manual, he just relied on God. He prayed to God, and God made him understand. “The ark is to be built in this way. God seems to give instruction, specifying the measurements.” At the time these words were carved into his mind, and he remembered them. And inside it seemed that the more he considered it, the clearer it was, increasingly clear, and eventually the outline of the ark appeared. As it appeared, he had the plan in his mind, “I have the ark in my mind, I know how to do it. All right, I’ll start doing it.” So he started doing it. Wasn’t this the guidance of God? At that time God had just finished telling Noah, “You must build an ark, and when you have finished building the ark I will send down a disaster, a great flood, and destroy the earth.” And Noah considered, “Building an ark is something I have not studied. I don’t know how to build an ark; I don’t even know what shape an ark should be.” At that time wasn’t Noah in this situation? Do we hear that Noah was dissatisfied with God? Did he say, “You have made it so hard for me, something completely impossible in fact? I, Noah, am virtually a farmer, how could I build an ark, I haven’t read a manual!” Noah didn’t say this, but what did he think? “This is a revelation from God! A revelation from God makes me build an ark, and certainly God will guide me, God will enlighten and illuminate me, God will make my mind produce the plans for an ark, and the way to do it; I will pray to God, rely on God. It is true, God is almighty.” Noah certainly would have prayed like this. He prayed: “Oh God, I have never built an ark, nor do I have that kind of knowledge. I am powerless, but You are the almighty God, and since You have told me to build the ark, You must guide me and You must instruct me.” And in this prayer, his heart immediately felt, “So it is, God is omnipotent, God will certainly guide me, say no more. Isn’t it pointless to pray for help again? Why is my faith so weak?” He blamed himself in his heart, and afterward said, “It’s all right, it’s settled. God has directed this and God will confirm His guidance, as long as I cooperate it will be fine.” He considered how big this ark should be, how it should be made, and thought it over, thinking it all over for some time: The more he thought about it, the more sense everything made, and the more he thought about it, the clearer it all became. Wasn’t this God’s guidance? All of it is God’s guidance, and now haven’t you seen it with your own eyes? There is no one of in the world who has studied and acquired all of the knowledge, and who then has come to the church and done everything. No one. It has depended on the brothers and sisters to pray to God, and the Holy Spirit then enlightened us, so that when we began there were some flaws here and there, but these were continually corrected, continually corrected, continually changed, and the more things changed the better they got. People grope for changes, they have practical experiences, they do things increasingly well, until finally they enter the right track, and isn’t this from experience? God guides in this way, not at all supernatural, still especially true to life, and the results come out of this. Unbelievers all say that this is a miracle! Now can’t God’s almightiness be seen in experience? This is done by moving forward step by step. Don’t we all have some knowledge of God through this experience? No one says, “We haven’t learned any of this. We can’t do it. We won’t do it. Let’s go home!” No one says that, for in our hearts we believe: “All this is the guidance of God, God truly is almighty. It does seem that reliance on God will absolutely not be wrong, anything can be successful!” People have this confidence. Hasn’t this confidence come out of experience? According to the gradual deepening of our experience, we see what God has done. We see that God has accomplished all things, and we not only know about God, but our faith in God also continues to grow, and finally we achieve genuine knowledge of God, and at that time fulfilling our duty will become a bright and resounding testimony. You see doing one’s duty gradually transformed from its beginnings in rebellion and perfunctory performance, into obedience and complete loyalty. Isn’t this the process? Some people carry out their duties missing home, “I want to go home.” Then they pray several times before deciding, “I can’t go home. If I were to go home and by some chance when someone else were perfected by God, but I was pulled down, that would be a big loss, and I can’t miss the opportunity to be perfected by God!” So he or she doesn’t go. So when a man forsakes everything for God, in doing his duty he certainly gains more and more, and this is worth a hundred or a thousand times more than the value of what he forsakes. We gain greatly! So now some see it, “I have done my duty for these several years and made quite a lot of progress, understood a lot of the truth, and my stature has grown by a large margin compared to when I was at home! Now to think back to when I was at home, I didn’t understand anything then, I hadn’t seen life, but now I understand many things, and have seen the world, widened my knowledge, and most important, increased my knowledge of God considerably, and come to understand some principles of the truth. These benefits I have received and the life of truth I have gained—how much money could they be bought for? How many things could be exchanged for them? This is priceless treasure!”

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