Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “The Truly Obedient Shall Surely Be Gained by God”


A while ago, we had a brother who said something. What did he say? After he heard a hymn titled “Obey God’s Judgment and Chastisement,” he said, “Just this hymn is enough. If I learn it well, I can obey God’s judgment and chastisement, then I will be perfected by Him.” What do you think about his statement? Someone said, “The greatest blessing is to love God. Those who love God can be perfected. Great! It’s enough to try my best just to love God.” Another person said, “In order to enter into life what’s crucial is to know oneself. So what’s important to me is to know myself. Once I know myself, my life disposition will change.” Someone else said, “The key to believing in God is to be an honest person. As long as I am honest and do not tell lies, I will be gained by God.” Are these statements right? Obeying the work of God is not for you to just experience and practice one word of God. One word does not represent God. One word does not represent the work of God. The key to wholeheartedly obeying God is to obey the work of God. It is not just obeying one word of God. Truly obeying God is obeying the work of God. Do you understand? What is most important is His work, judgment and chastisement, dealing and pruning, trials and refinement. Only through this process can you achieve purification and perfection in the end. God’s work is awesome.

I have already experienced the work of God for many years. So, which areas did I focus my efforts on? Firstly, I focused on knowing what God has and is and then reflecting on my corrupt nature and substance. Secondly, I focused on fulfilling my duties to satisfy God’s wishes. The third thing I focused on is to become an honest person and live a normal human life. Do not desire luxury or have improper cravings. Fourth, is to strive to understand the truth in its entirety. By experiencing and coming to know more truths, I can live out some reality. Experiencing the truth in this manner, eventually I’ve achieved some results and some changes occur to my life disposition. And I’m able to speak some reality of the truth in every aspect. As you experience God’s work, the more you focus your efforts on God’s words and the truth, the more you will gain. If you are not determined to use your heart to ponder the truth, you will not be able to gain anything. It is useless if you only focus on outward practices and religious doctrines. No matter how many years you obey, it will be for nothing. Focus on understanding the truth, transforming your disposition and your perspectives, and knowing God. In the end you will live out the reality of the truth. That is why the phrase “The Truly Obedient Shall Surely Be Gained by God” is the truth. This is one of the ways to gain God. If you have no mind to obey and instead focus on obtaining blessings, satisfying your own desires, competing with others and seeking status, then it is all over. God will eliminate you! Someone asks, “What does it mean to be eliminated by God?” That means that you are likely to lose the work of the Holy Spirit and be set aside by God. God will set you to one side and ignore you. This is what it means to be eliminated by God. If the Holy Spirit is not working within you, no matter how strong your own belief is, it is of no use. People may believe in the Lord in the religious world, but the Holy Spirit is not working there. They can be in the church for hundreds, even thousands of years, and it would be for nothing. They can’t gain anything. Once they die, they will go to hell. This is what the situation is. That is why to truly obey God requires you to focus on obeying God’s judgment and chastisement. You must accept all the judgment and chastisement from God’s word.

Some people say, “I can accept a portion of God’s words about judgment and chastisement, but occasionally there are some that I can’t accept.” If you can’t accept His words, keep an attitude of obedience. Do not resist or judge! In other words, if God’s words are too profound and you do not understand, let go of it and wait for God. God will reveal it in time. If you cannot accept it, do not judge: “God’s words are incorrect, they are not congruent with reality. God is making a big fuss over a minor issue. Perhaps it is not God saying these words.” If you truly have this kind of perspective or way of thinking and you say these sorts of things, what kind of issue is this? Is this someone who truly obeys God? This is not a person who obeys God. This can be compared to a time when I dealt with someone, and I said, “You do not have any humanity or conscience. How can you do this?” How did he feel after hearing what I had to say? His mouth did not move and he did not oppose me. What was going on inside of him? Inside he was thinking, “I obey God, I do not obey man.” Is this someone who truly obeys God? This is not someone who wholeheartedly obeys God. For one, he had notions about God’s words. He was opposed to and denied God’s words. He thought that God’s words were incorrect. This is not someone who truly obeys God. Additionally, when it comes to how he treated the man used by the Holy Spirit, he didn’t accept his dealing and pruning. He thought that it was the man who dealt with him, not God. “If God deals with me in this way, then I will obey, but if man deals with me, I will not obey. I obey God, I do not obey man.” What kind of issue is this? This is a very real issue. As a matter of fact, there are many instances where God uses man to deal with other men. When God worked through Moses, Moses was not Christ. He was a man that God was using. Moses dealt with other men, accused other men. If they did not obey, isn’t this the same as resisting God? This is resisting God. Suppose Moses was dealing with or reproaching someone, and they said “I obey God, I do not obey man”; what would this mean? Whoever speaks like this is directly disobeying God. He is very cunning in his resistance to God! He uses correct words to resist God. He uses accurate, reasonable words as a sensible excuse to resist God. Isn’t this a very cunning way of resisting God? This is very grave in nature. Also, in our real lives sometimes God will use non-believers, brothers and sisters to deal with us, obstruct us, reproach us and discipline us. He will also use our environment, people, events, and objects to discipline, prune and obstruct us. Does this sort of thing happen? These kinds of things happen a lot!

According to man’s theories, no matter what kind of dealing and pruning that you experience, if you say things like “I obey God, I do not obey man,” is this still obeying the work of God? Some people say no. Why? Is that difficult to understand? We speak the reality. When you encounter the actual instances of God’s work, you can’t differentiate them and are at a loss what to practice. You do not know the way. You do not know all the details of obeying God and you do not know how to accurately put it into practice. You still talk about obeying God? These are empty words. Someone said, “I wholeheartedly obey God.” If you think like this or have this kind of understanding, then on what basis can you confirm that you are obeying God? Are you actually obeying God? Where is the reality of your obedience to Him? Can you tell us your experience? Another person said, “God has not dealt with me, how do I obey Him? If God deals with me, then I promise I can obey!” What do you think about these statements? They are quite empty. According to God’s word, God prunes people every day, God deals with people every day. If you say, “God still has not dealt with me. When Christ comes to deal with me, that is when God is dealing with me. If it is not Christ dealing with me, not the incarnate God dealing with me, or not the Holy Spirit revealing Himself directly to deal with me, then it does not originate from God but from man. I do not obey what originates from man.” Is this the correct way to receive? Where is the error in this thinking? He does not understand. He is not able to differentiate exactly what originates from God. Experiencing the work of God involves many details. For example, what does it mean to go through trials? A person said, “Trials are when you encounter a great adversity, disease, suffering or persecution. These are all trials. When the great red dragon captures you, that is also a trial. To have cancer is a trial. When someone in your family dies, that is a trial. To suffer disasters is also a trial.” Is this correct? So what exactly is a test? What does temptation mean? How do you explain this? You can’t explain. When it comes to the details of the truth, you do not understand them. How does God reveal man? Someone said, “When my corruption is exposed, this is God revealing me.” Now, have you been revealed when you do not expose corruption? “No, my corruption has been hidden. Whenever it is exposed, that is when God is revealing me.” After God has revealed man, what then? “Elimination! Whoever expresses corruption will be revealed. Whoever is revealed will be eliminated.” Is this correct? This is groundless. God reveals everyone. Especially those that seek the truth and in the end can be perfected. He constantly reveals, cleanses and refines them. To be revealed does not mean elimination. It is normal to be revealed in life experience. For example, when you have exposed your own corruption in a matter, you read God’s words, and once the Holy Spirit enlightens you, you understand the truth. Once you understand the truth, then you see through the substance of the corruption that you exposed. Isn’t this revealing? So, what is this revealing supposed to do? It is used to cleanse, give you understanding and help you to repent. Once you repent, then you will be cleansed. If you do not have a solid understanding of this, you won’t be able to repent and thus, you won’t be cleansed. So what does it mean when someone is revealed and then eliminated? They are antichrists or demons. God lets everybody see the things they have done, “Oh, this is demonic! Now I see. They were doing these things in secret. Who knew of these things before? When you hear them talk, they sound quite good. Once the things they have been doing behind our backs have been exposed, then we finally know!” This is what it means to be revealed for elimination. All the evil people, those who do not seek the truth in the slightest, once their ugliness, their corruption, satanic countenance are thoroughly exposed, that means they are revealed and will be eliminated. Do you understand? Those who truly obey God, they will also often expose their corruption. However, they will continue to seek the truth and perform self-reflection. With the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit, they will achieve a true understanding. This kind of revealing is used to perfect their repentance as well as their cleansing. It is for the sake of their life growth. So, for those who pursue the truth and truly obey God, when they get revealed, they do not get eliminated. Instead they get saved and perfected, understand?

When those who truly obey God have their corruption exposed and those who hate the truth, like the antichrists and demons, are revealed, is there a difference in substance? Of course there are differences. Revealing corruption and the satanic nature and substance are not the same. When a demon deliberately kills someone, their intent is revealed and it is a capital crime. This is what it means to be eliminated. There are people who have good intentions, who follow the doctrine or who do not understand the truth and do some ignorant things. Perhaps they are weak, their flesh is undisciplined and it leads them to rebel against God and go against the truth. The nature of their action is different from the nature of the antichrist doing evil. There is a difference. I will give you a related example. Say there is a person who commits evil. He disturbs the work of God’s family. His disturbance is to paralyze the work of God’s house. It is to destroy and bring chaos to the work of God’s house. When he does these things, the nature that is revealed is different. Some people try to do good work, but they do not have experience or do not know the way and they end up failing. Some people have good intentions when they do things, but their work is no good and they fail. Are their natures different from that of the antichrist and evil people who destroy the work? Their natures are not the same. I will give another example. When it comes to safeguarding money, some people steal it, spend it and then look for an excuse as to why they no longer have it. Some people are not careful and they have that money stolen by a thief. Are their natures different? They are different. So the way to deal with them varies, and they are dealt with according to a different principle. God’s house has to deal with them according to the nature of the things they do. One man creates a false impression because he wants to embezzle God’s offerings. In reality, he is a demon and he must be expelled. Another person, who normally upholds the work of God’s house and has made many offerings to God’s house, in an isolated instance of ignorance, is deceived and has the money stolen from him. This is a transgression and we should not expel him. However, if a similar situation occurs again, our response would be severe. Some people simply commit transgressions. Some reveal satanic nature. So they must be dealt with according to different principles.

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