Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “The Truly Obedient Shall Surely Be Gained by God”


No matter how they are dealt with, people who truly obey God will not be eliminated by God. Those who do not obey God, who do not even seek the truth in the slightest, though they have not encountered any significant dealing or pruning, when it permits, they will be eliminated. If they are deemed as wicked, they will be eliminated. There is a difference here. This is known as conducting affairs according to principle. That is why when it comes to people who obey God’s work, sometimes they will perform their duty and the results are unsatisfactory. Afterward, upon observation it is found that they are not suited for the duties at hand. They may do better in another duty, so their duties are adjusted. As some of them perform their duties, they will experience multiple instances of dealing and pruning. They will change for the better. Every few days, they will be dealt with and pruned and go through judgment and chastisement. In this way, they consistently experience the work of God, God’s dealing and pruning, and God’s judgment and chastisement. When they encounter trials, they do their utmost to seek the truth and stand firm in their testimony. They diligently cooperate with God in this way. What is this? This is what it means to obey God’s work and follow in the footsteps of God. They obey and follow in this way. How many years have they been following? Some have faithfully followed for five or six years and have not faltered at all. Others have followed for ten years, undergone countless instances of dealing and pruning and still have not retraced a single step or had a single complaint. In this way, when these people walk till the end of the road, they will all have gained the reality of the truth. All of them can talk about their own experiences and bear witness. All of them will have a real understanding of God. These are the kinds of people who have been truly cleansed, who have been saved and perfected in the end.

Now, suppose you ask people to bear witness and talk about their states. You say to them, “You have followed God for two to three years. How has the process been like?” Most people would say, “These two to three years have been great. I have made a lot of progress! When I reflect back to when I first started believing in God, I was quite ignorant and did not know anything. Now, after two to three years, I have gained so much!” When they first started doing their duties, some people were very weak. They missed their family so much that they cried. Afterward, they no longer miss their family. They enjoy doing duties with brothers and sisters. After they experienced some dealing and pruning and reaped some benefits, they feel their stature has improved, they have grown and start to understand. What do they say then? “Now, I feel I have definitely grown a lot. I have a basic grasp of what it means to obey. When I am dealt with and pruned, I can obey. When I experience intense words of judgment and chastisement, I can obey. Even undergoing trials in harsh environments, I am able to obey. Even in difficult and bitter environments, I can obey. I will not give up. No matter how heavy the burden or how great the difficulty, I will not complain, I will not blame God. I am confident that I can carry the weight. I will shoulder the responsibility and march forward courageously.” What do you think of these people? Do these people wholeheartedly obey God? People who truly obey God can follow God to the end like this. This is very valuable! In the beginning, people’s stature is small. If brothers and sisters look down upon them, they can’t take it. If brothers and sisters don’t love them, they can’t take it. If brothers and sisters don’t obey them, don’t listen to them, they can’t take it. When they are pruned and dealt with, they become passive and weak. Isn’t this pitiful? When it comes to real experiences of bearing witness, they have none. They can’t even communicate one passage of God’s word. If they say some empty words and doctrines, they are afraid of other people laughing at them. They are unable to utter even one word regarding the reality of the truth. They are so poor and pitiful! After a few years of experience, they are somewhat obedient. Regardless of the arrangements of God’s house, they can still follow God’s plans. They do not make their own decisions independently. No matter how difficult it is, they perform their duties and they do not say that they are too tired. They feel this is God making an exception and lifting them higher. They have a little more stature, and are able to shoulder some more responsibilities. They no longer say things are too hard or unjust. They are able to use all of their strength and ability to satisfy God. Their heart rejoices and they enjoy this feeling. Has such a person’s desire to obey God become stronger? When it comes to obeying God, their stature has grown and they are able to take on greater tasks. When they first started doing their duty, they said, “Oh, I’m not making any money, it is good enough to do a little. I can only dedicate one hour a day!” Later, they said they could do two hours a day and then half a day. In the end, they do their duty days at a time and they still feel okay. Some people ask, “For what reason do you spend yourself for God every day?” Other people say, “Well, for what reason am I doing this? How could I have not thought of this? I am doing this to enter the kingdom of heaven!” Other people say, “I’m doing this to obtain the truth and to obtain life!” Still others say, “I’m doing this to obtain the truth, achieve an understanding of God and get cleansed. I want to live a life with meaning!” Are these the kinds of people who truly obey God? If you do not wholeheartedly obey God, would you have a willing heart to fulfill your duty and spend for God every day? You would not. What are those that do not truly obey God mulling over? “It’s going to be like this from now on? So, I need to spend myself like this for God? I do not even make a single cent. The church will just take care of my accommodations and food? Afterward, I will not get married? I still have a mother and father. Who will pay respect to them? I have kids. Who will raise them?” When it comes to someone who does not truly obey God, can these difficulties be resolved? Would they be able to completely let go of all that they have? They can’t let it go. They will let it go for two days, and then bring it back up and reflect and ponder: “When will this end?” They will be passive for two days. Will it do to perform one’s duty and follow God without any visions? They will still be weak. They will still want to look back. No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God. They are not clear about the vision! Once they have experienced God’s work for a period of time, some people say, “Oh, I can feel how valuable the truth is. If I can obtain the truth to be my life, then it is absolutely worth it to cast away everything to obtain life. Definitely worth it! For the rest of my life, I would no longer chase after fame, fortune or even survival. I will toil until I die to obtain the truth and life. This is absolutely worth it!” The reason they believe in God is to obtain something valuable. This is similar to a parable that Jesus gave. There was a person who discovered an extremely valuable pearl. This person sold everything he owned in order to buy this pearl. Once he had it in his hands, he felt he finally obtained something real that he could enjoy. He felt it was the most valuable thing.

Are you clear now what exactly we spend ourselves for? “The Truly Obedient Shall Surely Be Gained by God.” What is this alluding to? Some people say that they believe in God in order to obtain the truth. Now, what does obtaining the truth and “being gained by God” have in common? Other people say that they believe in God in order to obtain God. Now, what does obtaining God and “being gained by God” have in common? What does “being gained by God” mean? To be gained by God means you are made complete by God and God has obtained you, He says that you are one of His people. Is it the same as saying someone has obtained God? It is the same. However, other people think that it is inaccurate to say that one has obtained God. To say that God has obtained people instead is more accurate, it is more real. Is this correct? Why do we say it like this? It is because God is doing His work. God is saving people. God is the One who is active, it is man that is passive. Some people say, “Well, when we seek God’s footsteps, seek God’s appearance, investigate God’s work, isn’t it man who is being active?” In reality, is it man who is being active? No. It is God incarnate doing this. It is God expressing His truth. It is the Spirit of God doing the work wherever we are. God makes sure His chosen people are accommodated in appropriate environments and come before Him at appropriate times. That is why when God does the work of judging man, chastising man and cleansing man, His objective is to obtain man. He wants to obtain those that are of one heart and one mind with Him. This is the fruit of God’s work in the last days.

Why is it that we often become passive and weak? We lose strength and we can’t go on. How do we stand our ground in the end? How do we catch up? How do we manage to rise up? What exactly is this? This is God not abandoning us. This is God showing us mercy. This is God supporting us in secret. Leading us, stabilizing us. If this is so, then is it man who is actively obtaining God or God working to obtain man? Which wording is correct? To put it accurately, it is God working to obtain us. This is why the phrase “The Truly Obedient Shall Surely Be Gained by God” is the truth. Additionally, this phrase is also God’s promise to mankind. If you experience God’s work for 20 years, 30 years or 50 years and finally, one day, you are obtained by God, would you say that the way you lived your life was worth it? More than being the president? More than becoming a wealthy person? 1,000 times more, 10,000 times more. Now, someone has said, “For 30-50 years of my life, I’ve believed until I am obtained by God. I do not have a family, no assets, not even a small home. I do not have a villa or a car!” Now, just how is this worth it? When you have been obtained by God, you will never die. You have obtained everlasting life. When you say that you have nothing, God would say that you instead, have everything. The whole world is yours. How do you explain this? Can you explain this statement? During the Age of Grace, the Lord Jesus said this, “There is no man that has left house, or parents, or brothers, or wife, or children, for the kingdom of God’s sake, Who shall not receive manifold more in this present time, and in the world to come life everlasting” (Luke 18:29-30). In one instance, in the present world, your rewards will be one hundred fold and in the other instance, in the world to come, you shall obtain everlasting life. Now, that means those who have been obtained by God will not die! You will have obtained everlasting life. We wouldn’t trade this for the entire world! Isn’t this the case? Those who become president, high officials or wealthy people, after they have become these kinds of people, their lives will be shortened by quite a few years, and in the end, they will still die. Look at the high officials in any country. They toil for ten years, eight years, and they suffer too much fatigue. They cling to the one life they have but in the end they still die. What do they have to show for this? Those who enter politics are on a road of no return. That is why, at present, do not look at us like we have nothing. All we have is that we follow God and in the end, what will we obtain? Something that is so valuable that we would not trade the entire world for it: everlasting life! If you have obtained everlasting life, you will never die, have you lost anything? You haven’t lost one bit. Now, do you have any weakness or negativity? Some people, after they have fallen asleep, will then wake up in the middle of the night and say, “What am I busy with during the day? What is this all for? When will this end? Am I crazy?” After they get up, they find it hard to bear. They do not have the heart to fulfill their duties. Do you still have these kinds of thoughts? What kinds of people have these kinds of thoughts? Short-sighted fools, right? For what are you doing your duty and seeking the truth as a believer? You do not understand this, yet you still fulfill your duty. You are so confused! You do not understand any part of the truth, yet you still go and perform your duty. Do you not feel weak? It is imperative that you have a clear understanding of this. Some people say, “Others are spiritual and their caliber is good. They seek the truth as if they were born to do so. We are, however, stupidly fumbling around. No matter how the truth is communicated to us we do not understand. If we are this diligent and expend our efforts in this way, can we obtain everlasting life? I cannot say.” How does this sound? Some others say, “This is how we are. I think the more we try, even if we try for an entire lifetime, we will not obtain anything. We are just idiots. Why don’t we just go home and find a job, work a bit and earn some money? That way at least our lives will improve somewhat.” How does this sound? How poor is your caliber? Do you mean to tell me that you can’t even understand God’s words and the sermons? As long as you can understand, even though you may not express it well, that is fine. If you can understand, then you can spend for God with true intentions. It does not matter if you are stupid. As long as your heart is pure and in the right place and you use all your strength and do no evil, then it is fine. God does not treat people unfairly. Do you understand? God examines the bottom of your hearts. If your heart is right, if it is pure, if you wholeheartedly make an effort for God and if you accomplish all that you can as one of God’s creations, regardless of your ability, God will be satisfied. God’s expectations of you are not too high. God empathizes with the weakness of man. God knows man’s caliber. You must understand God’s heart. As long as you can see through this, it is adequate.

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