Those Who Do Not Accept Almighty God Cannot Be Saved and Enter the Kingdom of Heaven


As soon as I start fellowshiping about the truth with you it makes me so happy, why does it make me happy? Do you know? As creatures we all can hear the voice of God, can accept God’s word, this is the greatest blessing in life! Now in the last days, God has appeared and has begun to work, that is, the incarnate Almighty God has started His work of judgment for the last days; therefore those who can accept the work of Almighty God are the most blessed. Some religious people hear this and disapprove, they don’t acknowledge this sentence, they say: “Our Lord Jesus is the real God, the Lord Jesus is Christ. We don’t need to believe in Almighty God to enter the kingdom of heaven.” Do all religious people think in this way? Does this conform to God’s intentions? The Lord Jesus never said that if you believe in Him you can enter the kingdom of heaven, He didn’t say that. He didn’t say that if you accept the redemptive work He will forgive your sins and allow you entry into the kingdom of heaven. Nor did He say that if you stick to the name of the Lord Jesus, these three words, you can enter the kingdom of heaven. He didn’t say that. He said that in the last days, all those who hear the coming of the bridegroom and receive him and feast with him are the blessed. These people will be raptured and have the opportunity to enter the kingdom of heaven. The wise virgins can accept the return of the Lord; the foolish virgins will not welcome the return of the Lord. What is the outcome of the foolish virgins? They will be abandoned, eliminated! So, of those who believe in the Lord, only the wise virgins can accept the work of God in the last days, can recognize the voice of God from the truth expressed by Almighty God, and can see the certainty of the return of God. These types of people, the Lord is with them. They will sup with the Lord, eventually being purified, being saved and brought into the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, are all those people daydreaming who believe that “you just need to believe in Jesus Christ to enter into the kingdom of heaven”? You can say that, if you keep “the Lord Jesus” these three words and can’t accept the Lord’s work of the last days, then you are nothing but a foolish virgin, completely eliminated.

What is the key to believing in God? To believe in God we must accept God’s name and accept His present work. We should experience and obey God’s present work, only then can we be saved by God and receive the praise of God. When the Lord Jesus came, He gave a name, called “Jesus,” and those who believed in the Lord Jesus were saved. This “saved” is what form of saved? It doesn’t mean to be able to enter into the kingdom of heaven, but rather is to be removed from the condemnation and the curse of the law. If you believe in Jesus and break the law you will not be condemned, and the Lord Jesus can forgive your sins, this is separating yourself from the power of the curse of the law. Your sins will be forgiven. But, Jesus forgives your sins; can you still enter the kingdom of heaven? The Lord Jesus didn’t say that. What did the Lord Jesus say? The Lord foretold what type of work He would accomplish when He returns in the last days. When the last days come, if you accept His return, if you can hear His voice and accept His work of the last days, you will be put on the road to the kingdom of heaven. So Almighty God came in the last days and does His work of judgment. What does the work of judgment in the last days bring? It is the perpetual way of life. Why say that Christ of the last days brings us the perpetual way of life? Hasn’t the Lord Jesus also spoken many words when He came to do His work? Why can’t you say that the word of the Lord Jesus is the perpetual way of life? All of those who have believed in the Lord for many years and have experienced the work of the Lord Jesus all know that believing in the Lord Jesus can only bring the forgiveness of sins. After being forgiven from our sins, why do we keep sinning? Sinning then confessing one’s sin and then sinning again? Why can’t we remove ourselves from our fleshly bindings and our sinful nature? Why can’t we detach ourselves from sin, why can’t we live by God’s words, live out the image of the truth? This difficult problem is something that all those who believed in the Lord in the Age of Grace admitted to, isn’t that so? In the last days when the Lord Jesus returns, what work will be done? Does the Lord have any prophecies? The Lord said: “I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. However, when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come” (John 16:12-13). This prophecy has now been fulfilled, being fulfilled by the work of Almighty God in the last days. Almighty God has expressed all the truths that believers in God should understand and enter. Then the truth that Almighty God expressed, is it the expression of the Spirit of truth? Almighty God has made known all the truths that God saves man with; these truths are essential to man and they are the perpetual way of life, that is, the way of eternal life. We all know, all across the world countless people are searching for a way of having eternal life. Scientists are also searching, and the world has come to a conclusion: We should keep researching medical science and health care. If the food we eat is healthy then we will keep healthy and living to be a hundred years old won’t be a problem. Is living to be a hundred years old eternal life? That’s not the way of eternal life. Does God have a way of eternal life? Yes. Why is that? How can you be so sure God has the way of eternal life? The answer is very simple. Firstly, God Himself is eternal life. Just look, how old is God? Does He have an age? God is the God of eternal life, God has no age, and therefore God Himself is eternal life. Secondly, God is omnipotent, He spoke, and it was done, He commanded, and it stood fast. God is able to do anything with one word, He made the heavens and earth and all things just by saying so. God said “Let there be light,” and there was light. Does the universe that God created have a lifespan? How long has heaven existed? How long have the various planets existed? How long has the sun, the moon, the stars existed? There is no age limit. Therefore, God Himself is eternal life, He has the way of eternal life, what He says happens: God can predetermine how long something can live, He just needs to say the word; God can return life to the dead with just saying; God can make us live forever with one word, then we will never die, He has this authority. So does God have the perpetual way of life? Is God Himself immortality? God is the omnipotent, He spoke, and it was done, He commanded, and it stood fast. Look at all the animals, all the organisms, all types of life have an age limit, and it’s all predetermined by God. God allows those who believe in Him to live forever, is this predestined by God? If people eat and drink the words of God and obtain the truth, totally understand all that God has expressed, accept it to the bottom of their hearts, make it their life, then these people will gain the approval of God. What type of approval is it? It is the obtaining of eternal life, immortality. What would the nonbelievers say? “This is not scientifically correct.” Is this correct? Science is not the truth, science can’t understand the deeds of God, and so only those nonbelievers of God will use scientific theories to confuse people. Isn’t that right? Do you believe in science or believe in the words of God? Those who believe in the words of God are the most blessed of people. Why do unbelievers only believe in science and don’t believe in the words of God? Unbelievers don’t understand a thing about God, isn’t that right? No matter how deeply we understand God, we know some things. We know He is almighty, we know that all things are predetermined by God, and that He is the Creator of all things and God has the authority and can give people eternal life. We can be sure of this, recognize this, this makes us more blessed than the unbelievers. We are more blessed than the unbelievers because we have knowledge of the Creator, the one true God. We all understand a little about His authority, His power, how He saves and purifies the human race and how He will bless us all in the end and what He promises us. All this that we know we can completely accept, without a trace of hesitation, therefore we can be saved and able to obtain the praise of God. Because unbelievers don’t believe in God their sin has been set, their outcome has been sealed. What is the difference between us and the unbelievers? It’s simply we believe in God and they don’t, so our outcome will be different from theirs. Do you think to “believe” is a simple matter? It’s not a simple thing! In some families, one of the couple believes in God and the other doesn’t, this could lead to a divorce, with them going their separate ways; some fathers and sons, one of them believes and the other doesn’t, this could lead to massive arguments and hostility, parting ways and leading separate lives. Because one believes and the other doesn’t, they are not on the same path as each other, they can’t relate to each other, and they can’t possibly live together. The work of God’s appearance puts people into their own category.

In the Age of Kingdom what is the name of God? Almighty God. Why do we need to believe in Almighty God? Because Almighty God is the only true God, who created the heavens and earth and all things. He is the manifestation of Christ in the last days. You can say that He is the Creator in human form that came to the world of man to express the truth and do His work of saving men. Also, from the truth that Almighty God has expressed in the last days, we’ve known how He will end this age and how He will exterminate by disasters all those who don’t believe in Him. We can see from this, after He has finished a step of work of salvation, after He has saved those who should be saved, and removed them from the influence of Satan and obtained them for Himself, then He will destroy mankind by disasters. On one side, He is doing the last days’ work and saving humankind thoroughly; on the other hand He is terminating this age. Then what is the next age? It is the coming of the Millennial Kingdom, thus fulfilling the prophecy. The Book of Revelation is the prophecy about God’s management plan for the end. Where does the Book of Revelation start from? It starts from when the Lord Jesus gave letters to seven churches. The Lord said how He would return. All the various religious factions would be divided according to the seven churches, and after they are divided, the church of Philadelphia would be raptured, and then how those churches would be handled with and what their outcome would be. Is that how the Book of Revelation started? From the beginning of the work of the last days to the end of the work of the last days. What is the final prophecy? The kingdom of Christ will appear on the earth, the kingdom of heaven will appear on earth. God’s tabernacle appears in the world of man. The throne flows with water of the river of life; the spectacle of the kingdom of the new millennium emerges. So, the Book of Revelation is a book of the prophecy about God’s management plan for the last days. From Christ of the last days appearing to work and utter His voice, until the actualization of the Millennial Kingdom. So we can be sure that Almighty God is the only name we must trust in to be saved in the last days. It is the name of God appearing in the last days, and is the only name by which we can enter the kingdom. It is our guide into the kingdom of heaven, and is the gate of the kingdom. So in the words of God, in His administrative decrees to the whole universe, God said, “All who worship Satan will be laid low by My burning fire—that is, except for those now within the stream, the rest will be turned to ashes.” Some people hear this and say, “Impossible, God is all merciful and loving, children are all innocent, they haven’t sinned, how could God bear to exterminate them?” How about this? Is this in accordance with God’s intention? Some people say: “The God we believe in is merciful and loving.” They just don’t believe this. Then from Jesus—the merciful God appearing to work, in these two thousand years how many wars have broken out? How many disasters? How many people have been killed, both children and adults? How do you explain this? Can you say that they aren’t the Lord Jesus’ disasters, but Satan’s? Is this reasonable? Can you explain it? You can’t.

Also, let me make another example. In the time of Noah, the world was filled with violence, and God didn’t bear to look. God said mankind had come to its end, they should be exterminated. God looked at the people of the earth; the only righteous man was Noah. He appeared and commanded Noah to build an ark, God then said: This age is too evil, the world is full of violence; I want to exterminate this human race. I want you to build me an ark, you and your family shall enter the ark; of every clean beast you shall take to you by sevens, the male and his female: and of beasts that are not clean by two, the male and his female. This was roughly how it went. That happened after Noah was 500 years old. When Noah finished building the ark he was 600 years old, Noah and his family of eight and a variety of creatures all got on board the ark, and then God sent the flood. The flood lasted for forty days and forty nights, drowning all the people and all the creatures of earth, killing all living things. The only ones that were saved were the ones aboard the ark. Is that not a fact? Then again some people who believe in Jesus will say: “That’s not right, that’s impossible, because God is merciful and loving, the children haven’t sinned, and they shouldn’t die.” Are there people who say such things? What mistake have these people made? People can’t know God according to their notions and imaginations. People can’t fully fathom God because God’s wisdom is infinite, God’s omnipotence is unfathomable, God’s righteous disposition, mercy, kindness is something that can’t be fully understood. Many things on the outside can’t confine to people’s perception, dare you judge the righteousness of God? Dare you judge God has no mercy and love? Can it be that you are more almighty than God? Also, what do your two eyes see? You only see material things on the outside, a building has collapsed, a flood is coming, earthquake, a war has started, somebody has been beaten to death, been smashed to death, drowned, gone. You see this, and in the spiritual world, what type of spirits are these? How does God separate and handle all these spirits, do you know? You believe that when the body dies it’s cruel; in fact the death of one’s body is determined by God. It’s because mankind’s sins that they meet their deserved end; no matter how they die, how cruelly they die, it is punishment of their flesh which they deserve. Isn’t that right? Then can people judge God’s righteousness by the way people’s bodies die, or say that He isn’t merciful and loving? Is this saying reasonable? You don’t know how God deals with all spirits in the background, how He plans, and the death of people’s bodies is what people say, but God is just taking them back for another plan. What does God do after He takes back people’s spirits? You could say that it’s still God’s righteousness, and His mercy and love, can you recognize it? You can’t recognize it. Therefore, don’t rely on your two eyes to view only the surface of the world and then make judgments that “God is not righteous; God is not merciful.” That is wrong. Don’t rely on the concepts of people to criticize things done by God. That’s against the principles, against the facts, because people are unable to see things of the spiritual world. Matters of the spiritual world, angels know, evil spirits know, Satan knows, God dominates, of course God knows best. Therefore there are many things that people don’t understand, we need to search for the truth, don’t make blind judgments.

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