Those Who Do Not Accept Almighty God Cannot Be Saved and Enter the Kingdom of Heaven


So how can we understand God’s disposition? We can’t just base this on one aspect; we need to take a look at many aspects. Right now just how wicked is this world? Is it as evil as Sodom? This world is too evil, there are so many countries in the world and not one welcomes God. There is not a single religious place that welcomes God. There is not a single religious place of earth where the pastor takes the believers and seeks the work of Almighty God and says: “Almighty God, You are our Lord Jesus Christ that we have been longing for. We all welcome You now, from pastors to common believers; we all accept Your work and welcome You to our church.” Does this kind of religion exist? Does this type of country exist? Does this kind of race exist? Does this world and this human race welcome the coming of God? It doesn’t. Do you understand this now?! There are many religious people that read the words of Almighty God, admit that it’s the truth but don’t accept it. There was a brother in the west, when he finished listening to my preaching he said, “What you say, some of it I object and some I don’t, but I am still willing to listen.” As soon as I heard this I was delighted. In the west it is a system of free democracy. People pursue all kinds of different things, everybody has their own concepts and everybody expresses their own ideas, and whatever ideas they do have they just say it. The parts I said that he agreed with he could accept it, what type of person is this? He can accept the truth, that’s not an easy feat! The parts that he didn’t accept he just said it. If what you say is in line with his concepts, and he thinks that it’s in line with the truth, he will accept. If what you say he thinks is not in line with the truth, he will just say, “I don’t accept that,” aren’t these sorts of people simple and pure? You can say that these sorts of people in the world are rather decent. So what types of people are indecent? Those who say, “What you say is in line with the truth, but there is one thing isn’t, so I don’t want to listen anymore; if you say something that is wrong and doesn’t sit well with my own concepts then I won’t admit to a single word of what you say. I am not listening, I refuse this.” These sorts of people are finished and they won’t obtain the truth. When the Jews listened to the Lord Jesus, did they completely condemn what He said? They didn’t completely condemn, they agreed with much of what He said, otherwise they wouldn’t have said “The words of Jesus have authority and power!” When they said His words have power and authority, does this mean they agreed? This is agreement. Then why did they still convict the Lord Jesus? Because Jesus said He was sent by God, God was speaking from inside of Him and doing the work of God. To this they responded, “So reading between the lines You are God, You were sent by God, do You think Yourself to be more superior than us chief priests? That won’t do, this is blasphemy and You are wildly arrogant. You say You’re God, this is terrible!” The Lord Jesus spoke of so many truths, and in their eyes all that He said had authority and power. But just because He said this sentence they convicted Him. “You can express the truth; however You can’t say that You are sent by God. If You say this then we convict and nail You to death!” Is this human race malevolent?

Some people after reading the words of Almighty God keep silent and don’t express their thoughts. As soon as they see the part where it says, “I come into the world of men,” “I have become flesh,” they say, “huh? What? You? Who are You? You dare say that You are God? That’s preposterous!” And so they convicted Him, “Heresy!” When they see “I” in the word of God, they oppose it. If God didn’t say “I” then it would be fine. They would treat His word as the revelation from God. As soon as God says “I,” they say, “You are sent by God? That’s horrific, totally impossible!” And so they start to strongly convict Almighty God. Tell me how are they different to those Jewish chief priests, scribes and Pharisees? They are of the same mold; they share the same rotten taste! Can you understand what I say? New fellow believers remember when I say something and it doesn’t really fit well with you, it’s very normal. If you listen to my words and believe there are some truths in them, and believe my words are beneficial, then you can listen to me as much as you like. If you listen more, then you will benefit and understand the truth. If you listen more, many things will become clear, and the way you see things will become more correct, and you will then approve more of what I say. If you don’t listen enough, then that won’t do. In Taiwan there was a brother. When he first started believing in God he listened to my preaching and some of what I said he didn’t accept because it didn’t fall in line with his notions and imaginations. But how is this man decent? He said, “I really trust in the words of Almighty God, the words of Almighty God are the truth, the man said something that didn’t comply with the truth and something that didn’t comply with people’s notions and imaginations.” He didn’t break or fall, but rather he continued to follow. After he followed for a few years he said: “Listening to the preaching often does have profit. When I first started, some of what you said I couldn’t accept, I just felt it was not right. No matter how I thought about it, I couldn’t agree. However after a few years I realized it all makes sense and it’s absolutely correct. Now when I think back to the things you said, I can accept them all, and say amen to them!” What’s all this about? He’s had practical experiences and has entered into life. So, if we are unsure that some words are correct or not, don’t judge blindly, we should first listen. Many things only become clear little by little through experience, you can’t possibly understand straight away. For example, if someone who is 60 and someone who is 20 have a chat, would their views and opinions often collide? Their ideas and concepts would differ greatly. If a 60-year-old talked to someone of the same age, their views wouldn’t be vastly different and most of their opinions would be similar, why is this? Because their experience is equal, therefore their knowledge and concepts are very similar, right?

What is the meaning of pursuing the truth? First of all we need to be sure, what exactly is the truth? It is the expression of the life of God, what God has and is, God’s righteous disposition, and it is the revelation of the essence of the life of God. The truth is the life of God and what God has and is. It is the representation of God’s disposition and the essence of God’s life. So the truth is a priceless treasure. The effect the truth has on us is that it can cleanse our corruption. It can cleanse the poison of Satan from inside of us. It takes Satan’s poison from inside of us and its fallacies, exposes and cleanses them. After cleansing we can live the life of truth. When people gain the truth as their life, the way they look at things will change. The way that they view things will be consistent with God. Because people’s views are consistent with God, everyone who accepts the truth as life can be compatible with God, submit to God, worship God, love God from deep within their hearts and love God forever. We often say that God is the loveliest, God is worthy of people’s love, worthy of the praise of man. What does this refer to? It refers to the essence of God’s life; it refers to God’s life disposition. God’s life disposition is holy, therefore it is righteous. God’s life disposition is worthy of the praise of humanity, therefore the truth is the loveliest treasure. It can be the most precious thing to become our life. When people obtain the truth as life, they genuinely belong to God and never again do they belong to Satan the devil. When people obtain the truth as life, they utterly separate themselves from the influence of Satan. Because we have the truth as life within us, we are of a different breed from Satan, our views and opinions are not congruent with Satan and its world, we are completely against it. Is this the case? Does my opinion fit well with worldly people? Does it comply with religious people? Most of it doesn’t comply with theirs. So how did these views and opinions of mine come into being? Only after I ate and drank the words of Almighty God and experienced His work, and experienced countless times of pruning and dealing, judgment and chastisement did I change. This is what it means that the work of God can change people. After you have experienced a few years of the judgment and chastisement of God, you will speak as I do and our views and opinions will be similar.

So what exactly is the truth? The truths are realities of all positive things, only the truths are positive things. Things that don’t conform to the truth or belong to the truth are not positive things. In addition, what is the purpose of God expressing the truth? To give it to God’s chosen; also it is to give it to the people of the kingdom to be their life. If the people obtain these truths and make these truths their life, they would obtain eternal life, they would be immortal. Some people say that this “immortal” is not scientifically correct. Is that correct? No. Because science is not the truth, when science explains something it is explained very unclearly. Tell me, what can science explain? What can science understand? What can science solve? Science can make steel, can make iron, can make aluminum, can build a bicycle, build a plane, but can it solve the problem of the longevity of human? Can it cure every single illness? Can science see somebody’s soul? Can science see the work of God? Can science change life and life’s essence? Can science create a mosquito? What science can understand and explain is minuscule; it can merely create a few things in front of our eyes like chemicals and iron. God created the human race. After Adam and Eve sinned, how long can we corrupt people live for? Adam lived for 930 years, his offspring Methuselah lived for 969 years. These corrupt people could even live over 900 years, nearly a thousand years, so why did they live for so many years? That was commanded by God. God instructed Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. If they eat the fruit from this tree they must die. After Adam ate the fruit he was doomed to die, doomed to die but he still lived for 930 years. So if he didn’t eat the fruit would he have ever died? Some people say, “This is not scientific!” They always weigh something based on science, is science the truth? Can science represent God? Is science almighty? Science is nothing. In front of God the science is nothing, if God doesn’t want us to develop these things He just needs to say the word and they will disappear. If God wants us to develop fast we will develop fast. If God blesses humanity, then it will develop quickly. Is this correct? Therefore, science is not the truth; science will never be able to explain the work of God. If God didn’t want Adam and Eve to die then their bodies would live forever, immortal, because God is so omnipotent. Isn’t this the case? God created all things; God’s deeds are so wonderful, inscrutable to human. So as He speaks, it is, and as He commands, it stands. We just need to believe the words of God, don’t believe in science. Of course, scientists have managed to research some rather small achievements and elementary knowledge, but it is all very minor, it’s not even worth mentioning in front of God, it is very insignificant. Therefore, don’t worship science, it is absolutely nothing. No matter how advanced science is, when the world gets destroyed it will be completely futile, when the act of God happens we won’t be able to withstand it, and we won’t be able to last even a second. Therefore in the spiritual world, what does our petty science count for? Nothing. In ancient times, the armies of Assyria fought against Israel. When the armies of Israel saw the mighty enemy army of one hundred and eighty-five thousand they prayed to Jehovah God. God then dispatched an angel, and in just one night the Assyrian Army was all slaughtered. Tell me, how did the angel attack them? Did the angel have a gun? The angel didn’t need a gun. How did the angel do such a feat? Nobody knows. Therefore the spirit and the spiritual body can easily take care of humanity’s mere flesh, blood and weapons; it’s an incredibly easy task! Do you understand? All of the material weapons and guns in the world are totally useless against spirits. So with regards to these facts, don’t listen to scientific theories of the unbelievers saying such things as, “This is not scientific, it’s not scientifically correct,” don’t listen to such fallacies. If you believe in such foolish theories, then you are stupid, understand? Believe in the truth and believe in God, that is the most important. What does believing in God refer to? To believe in God is to believe in God’s words, believe God is the Almighty, believe in God’s wisdom, believe that God’s words can accomplish anything, believe the words of God are the truth, believe that the words of God can be people’s life, purify people and save people. Most importantly, remember: The truth can set us free; the truth can purify and perfect us. The truth can change our destiny; the truth can give us a perfect destination. These words are of great importance, can you remember them?

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