Those Who Do Not Accept Almighty God Cannot Be Saved and Enter the Kingdom of Heaven


Here, as soon as I mention faith in God, no matter what aspect of it, as long as it relates to the truth, to experience, to testimony; as long as it relates to the whole idea of doing one’s duty and having faith in God—there are so many things that need to be said; take any one or two words of God’s and they can be readily fellowshiped. After you have more experience in life, after at least ten years of experience, if you have received the illumination of the Holy Spirit and are used by the Holy Spirit, you can do it. Do you believe this is true? I had believed in religion for eight years, during which time the Holy Spirit directly guided me, and enlightened me and led me to preach. If you believe in the name of Almighty God for ten years or eight years, you will be much further ahead than I was after eight years in religion. So if the Holy Spirit uses you to do the work of witnessing for God, you will receive more than I did. God does not show favouritism, but considers whether you seek the truth or not. I am no stronger than you; in education and in caliber I am just ordinary, and in cultural knowledge I am behind you. But the Holy Spirit’s work leads me, makes me crave the truth, love the truth, and so emphasize the truth and strive for the truth. Then there is God’s dealing and pruning, judgment and chastisement, trial and refinement. If you have gone through much of these, you will know a little more and have more experience, and you will be able to communicate this more extensively. If you read God’s word but do not experience it, what you understand is just lifeless phrases. If you want to speak more, without experience, without knowledge, all you can do is learn to repeat the word of God, and after you have finished learning, all you can talk about is book knowledge. But after you have experience, when you combine the word of God with facts, with human experience, with human life, and then speak, then the words become living water and you will speak and speak. So how is the result of being able to bear witness to God achieved? It is not just a matter of hearing God’s word; you must figure out this truth, put it into action, experience it, make it your own life, make it the basis of your own way of looking at things, make it your basis for doing things, make it your own insight, your own point of view, your own intellectual knowledge. In this way, if you fellowship about these words again, the nature of your fellowship is different. This is the language of real life. The sphere is much wider. It’s not just a matter of words.

So for all the people who belong to the first group to have accepted the work of Almighty God in the last days, in all walks of life in all countries, you need to pursue the truth; God has given you a great commission. Those who have first accepted, and who first obtain the truth, certainly will be used by God, to water, to shepherd their own people, the chosen of God in their country. You first accept the work of Almighty God in the last days and if you in fact are pursuers of the truth, God will entrust you with a task, He will train you, and you will face trials; God will test your faith, to see how truly you believe, to see if you can be certain about God’s word, be certain about the appearance of God. For example, with some people, as soon as they believe, someone in their family falls ill; with others, when they believe, unbelievers rise up to persecute them and oppress them; with yet others, as soon as they believe, their family suffers a serious problem. “What is this? The true God comes, but as soon as I believe something bad happens, bad luck, a disaster? Is this really the true God?” Some people doubt, and don’t pray. Think about it, you believe in the true God, won’t the devils and Satan hate this? Will they just let it go? They will want to snatch you! They will create this or that sort of situation to create difficulties for you, to make you back off and leave Almighty God. Aren’t there people who face these kinds of trial? I dare say there are everywhere, whether in America or in Taiwan, or the Philippines, or Malaysia, there are people who face these trials. Because demons and Satan prowl everywhere seeking victims to devour, if you believe in Jesus they don’t respond to you, but if you believe in Almighty God this is critical in the spiritual world. This is an ideological war between the truth and falsehood! So when you face a trial do not doubt God; stand by your testimony. Everything is in the hands of God; all you have to do is stand by your faith. If testing does come to you, for example your child is sick, or your husband or wife is sick, if you really can submit to God unto death, you say, “Satan, take my child, my spouse, but I still believe in God! Even if they die right now, I believe in God!” Vow to God to stand by Him, to bear witness and shame Satan. In this prayer, in this statement, Satan is thus shamed, and will not dare to touch you. “Let them die, I still believe!”—how great are these words! Some people ask whether believers in Almighty God become ill. They do become ill and they also suffer disasters! Any kind of misfortune. In Mainland China many believers in Almighty God have been caught by the Chinese Communist government and threatened, “If you agree to give up your faith we will let you go; if you keep your faith, we will sentence you to labour reform, with a term of ten or twenty years; if you still persist in your faith, we will not only sentence you, we will take away your family’s jobs; your children will not be able to go to university, and we will cut off their source of income. If you believe in Almighty God, there is no place for you to survive in Mainland China!” Do you think that the satanic regime is ruthless? This is what the Communist Party in Mainland China does to believers in Almighty God. They don’t give you the right to live; if you believe in Almighty God, your children can’t apply to go to university, you ask for a job and they don’t give it to you, if you have public office they expel you from it, and they put you in jail. What can people do? Nothing. They can only stand by dependence on God, isn’t that so? It’s so.

The truth can give life to humanity.  You obtain the truth and then obtain life. If you cannot obtain the truth, even if you believe in Almighty God and believe in the name of God in the Age of Kingdom, you can’t enter the kingdom. God says that you are just making up the numbers. He does not accept that you are a true believer, because you do not have the truth. So among those who believe in Almighty God, some have still died, and some new believers are still cured of cancer. There are those who are cured of cancer, and there are those who die of cancer; there are those who die after car accidents, and in disasters, there are those who are saved in fire and in floods; and there are miracles of God. There are many with this kind of testimony. What do these things say? If you truly believe in Almighty God, He will save you in a disaster. If you do not truly believe in Almighty God, and you only believe to receive blessings and enter the kingdom, when you get sick you may die all the same, and God will ignore you and not save you. From this, we can see God’s disposition. God is righteous to everyone, isn’t He? Yet those who believe in Jesus believe that God is compassionate and loving, and that He has only mercy and love, without righteousness, without majesty, without fury; that is wrong. The disposition that Jesus revealed was one aspect of God’s disposition in one age. After experiencing the work of God in the last days, people see that the disposition revealed in each age, including all of them together, combined together, is the complete disposition of God, a disposition dominated by righteousness. This is true knowledge of God. Thus when people experience one stage of God’s work, their knowledge of God is limited; they must experience the three stages of God’s work, especially the work of God in the last days, before the dominating theme of God’s righteous disposition can be truly and correctly known.

What can be done to achieve these results? There is only one way: carefully reading the word of Almighty God. Because you first believe, you may have notions about some words of God and can’t accept them, but you can’t reject all other words of truth; this is unfortunate and unfair. The word of God cannot be considered on the basis of human imagination. Someone says, “I accept as truth the word of God that accords with my notions and imaginations, but I don’t accept as truth what doesn’t accord with my ideas, even if it is correct; I have other notions about some things, and about other things I want to play the odds with God.” Is this the right attitude to have on the word of God? The word of God is the truth, and humanity cannot gamble with God. Twenty years ago I used to say, the work of God does not accord with people’s notions in some ways. Don’t gamble with God; if you gamble you will be put to shame. If you see that the word of God does not accord with your notions, what can you do? Pray to God and say, “Oh God, although what You say does not fit with what I think, I believe Your word is truth; my notions are not truth, and so I am willing to lay them aside, to turn against them, and submit to Your word.” It is just right to pray like this. Whatever notions you have about parts of the word of God, do not resist God, do not judge the word of God. God has said words like “rubbish,” “brood of Satan,” “beasts,” and some people say, “Aren’t these terms of abuse?” Now do you think these are terms of abuse? What are they? These are words that reveal the true face of reality. “When people are seriously corrupt, they have become the offspring of Satan, and they are like living ghosts.” Tell me, is this abuse? Among the whole of humanity only a few live out the true model of mankind, only a few have normal humanity, surely these words accord with fact? Some say: “I love God so much, and I can submit to God; I truly spend what I can for God. Can God say I am a beast? If God says that humanity are beasts, that refers to deeply corrupted people, not to me.” Is this reaction right? No, it’s wrong. They say that they love God above all and I believe these people are good, they have love of God. There are people in religion that love God. What should we say about people like this? How does God see this? Accepting that these people have a good humanity, that they truly love God, yet they have not undergone the judgment and chastisement of God, and in their love, in their submission there are human impurities. And because of the human impurities, their love of God cannot be approved by God. You have to see the word of God in this way, to interpret it in this way. So when a new believer reads the word of God, there can be parts of it that he or she has notions about and does not accept, that he or she feels are not correct. How should this be treated? Don’t make blind conclusions, put this to one side, and first read those parts of the truth that you can accept and affirm, and after you have read and understood those truths, and experienced them for a year or two, when you read those parts again it will be different. What you can’t accept in the first year you will be able to accept in two or three years when you read them again; something that you can’t accept in the first year, you will completely understand and accept ten years later. You will then regret your behavior in the beginning, saying, “I spoke in terms of judging God, because I couldn’t understand this statement.” Do you regret that now? So never gamble with God, we are His creation, we are corrupt mankind; the work of God is to save mankind, to purify us, and God truly loves mankind. He speaks the truth. He expresses the truth in order to save us.

The fact that there are parts of God’s word that do not accord with our notions is normal, because we are not the truth, we don’t own the truth, we cannot go straight to the spiritual world, and we cannot see the spiritual body of God. So how can you know that the word of God does not accord with reality? After you have experienced this for several years it will be different. So as for a truly devout person, even if he or she can see that something in the word of God does not accord with man’s notions and imaginations, he or she can submit to God, and reject his or her own self, and pray to God, “Oh God, no matter how Your word does not accord with my notions, I dare say Your word is truth, and although right now I do not understand, sooner or later one day I will understand that Your word is all truth.” You see, this is a devout person, and this is what a person with a heart that is in awe of God should say, and how he or she should pray. If people have this way of treating God’s word, this kind of person certainly can obtain the work of the Holy Spirit, be enlightened, and certainly can gain God, obtain the love of God, the favor of God, because this kind of person is pious, his or her heart truly loves God. A person who loves God will never judge God, a person who loves God will never misunderstand God, a person who loves God, whether or not he or she knows or understands God’s word, will still be able to submit to God, and believe that the word of God is the truth, and will be able to deny his or her own notions and imaginations. So a person who truly loves God will always seek truth in the word of God, and look for the right answers; everyone who truly loves God will be able to care for God’s will, and not do things against God, or do things to arbitrarily judge the work of the house of God. So a person who loves God is naturally a person who loves the truth. If a person says that he or she loves God, but does not love the truth, and does not read the word of God, and is full of notions about God, and cannot submit to the work of God, is this kind of love sincere? It’s not sincere. So all those who believe that they love God, these people’s humanity is certainly good. Since your humanity is good, and you have accepted the work of God, so what should you do? Read more of the word of God, and have a submissive heart to God, don’t form your own notions. With our notions we seek the truth, but don’t say because of some notions on some point, “I don’t believe, I don’t acknowledge it’s the true way, I don’t accept the work of Almighty God.” If you do this who will suffer? Won’t your own beautiful future be ruined? You will ruin your chance to enter the kingdom, isn’t that stupid? Won’t you suffer a great loss for this? Sometimes I may say something wrong. But I am a person, I don’t represent God. Treat my words as words of an ordinary person, they do not represent God. Just because I may have said something that doesn’t accord with your own notions and imaginations, this doesn’t mean that you should stop believing in Almighty God. This is what I don’t want to see. Don’t not believe in Almighty God just because I said one thing wrong. I don’t represent Almighty God, Almighty God represents Himself, and the words of Christ in the last days represent Almighty God. I do not represent Almighty God, do you understand? So new brothers and sisters in the faith, if what I am saying is right, if it is in accord with your notions and imaginations, just accept it; if it doesn’t accord with your notions and imaginations, or if you believe it doesn’t accord with the truth, then don’t accept it. But don’t let that influence your acceptance of Almighty God, and even more don’t let it stop you from entering the Church of Almighty God to do your duty, to experience the work of God; don’t lose a great deal for a small thing. I am not in charge of others. I don’t have any personal scores either way with anyone, I do the work of God’s house based on the word of God, and my fellowship is based on the needs and requirements of brothers and sisters. I do not condemn others, and I certainly do not try to define the fate of others in the future.

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