Those Who Do Not Accept Almighty God Cannot Be Saved and Enter the Kingdom of Heaven


New believers are now living as members of the church, aren’t you? I would like to talk a little about the principles of living a life in the church. First, you work to feed your family and make ends meet. Don’t give up your job. God has never said that when you accept Almighty God you should give up work. Why then do some people give up their job and carry out their church duties full-time? That applies to people who pursue the truth, and whose family circumstances permit it. Where family circumstances do not permit, where the wife or husband does not earn money—if they don’t go to work what will they live on? If your circumstances don’t permit, but you insist on giving up work, is this the right thing to do? Whatever you do you need to consider whether your family circumstances permit, and then pray and look for a basis in the word of God. Don’t get carried away and act out of impulse. First of all, don’t give up your job just blindly: To give up your job you must have the right conditions, you must have enough to live on. You don’t seek to make a fortune, you don’t need to buy a luxury home; it’s a matter of having enough. You have someone who has resigned, and someone who goes to work, and that is fine. If your living conditions are such that even getting enough to eat is a problem, and you’re living from hand to mouth, that’s no good—how can you even think of giving up work? But there are some single people who say, “Would it be OK if I gave up work to do my duties, to seek the truth? Would the church look after food?” The church would do this; any full-time duty staff can be provided with food and accommodation by the church, and some who can live at home can either eat at the church or be provided with a minimum church living allowance. For this, people have to have a special gift; they can do their duty—the church needs them to do their duty—and then they can give up work and come to the church to do their duty. Where there are people of caliber with a good nature, the church elects them as leaders, and if they think they can be leaders as well as doing their work, and they have enough energy, that is OK. With some people the more work they do, the more there is work for them to do, the more the Holy Spirit enlightens them, and the more they feel they should perform their ministry and share fellowship in the truth. The church has more and more work like this. They think, “I can’t do any more my job, there is not enough time. I’ll have to give up my job.” Isn’t this a natural thing? When work develops to this stage, their stature also increases to this point: should they give up their job? In this kind of situation people could give up their job. You see there are some with special gifts, special talents, and the church needs just this kind of person. They can do full-time duty, and the church can be responsible for their living expenses. Furthermore, new believers should not go off and evangelize until they are properly equipped with the truth. If you are not well equipped, others will attack you, and you won’t know how to handle them, you won’t know what to say back to them. How can this work? For human beings, who are corrupt, accepting the true way is a most difficult thing and involves a spiritual war; it’s not a simple matter. New believers need to be well equipped with the truth before they spread the gospel, and they need to have training for this. Please understand this. Further, when the family faces trials or a certain environment, you should urgently seek the truth and pray to God. In praying to God, you may feel, “Prayer is over, but I haven’t heard the voice of God, and God hasn’t left any impression on my mind, what should I do?” Don’t be concerned, you have prayed, you have explained your difficulty; maybe after two or three days, three or five days, a week, you will be bright inside, there will be a way out of the problem. You will see it clearly. “I know what to do!” What do you think this is? Isn’t this the working of God? There has been an outcome. At the time you didn’t hear a voice, and you did not gain any revelation either, but after a few days there was this result, and you understand without words, without a voice. You have been enlightened; you know what to do. Isn’t this a hint from God? After you’ve had a lot of experience like this, you know how marvelous the work of God is. Praying to God doesn’t delay things; God does not delay things, because God is all powerful. The more you have this experience, the more you will have faith in God and the more you will feel that God is true. When an unbeliever asks you, “Have you seen God? What is God like? Where is God? Have you seen Him?” Then you can say, “I have seen Him, God is in my heart, very clearly, doing things to make me understand, to make me know; God is guiding me, I know; God is infinitely worthy of love!” You cannot have this testimony without experience! Still without seeing, the heart is set so truly on God, and the knowledge is so true: this is believing in God, this is truly believing, isn’t this right?

Some say, “Now in this degenerate world, what future do people have? The fate of mankind is tragic, slowly all must die. How can the fate of mankind be changed? How can the finality of death be changed?” I tell you this: If you gain the way of eternal life that Christ grants in the last days, your fate will change, your ending will change from inevitable death to not dying, to gaining eternal life. After the great disaster comes, you will see what God does, you are guaranteed not to die, and finally you will be a survivor in the Age of Millennial Kingdom. To avoid dying in the great disaster, there is one imperative: accept the truth. Someone may ask, “What is the basis for saying this?” When we began our meeting, we read this passage: “I decide the destination of each man not on the basis of age, seniority, amount of suffering, or least of all, the degree of misery, but on whether they possess truth. There is no other choice but this.” God defines the destiny of a person in accord with whether he or she possesses the truth, on nothing else. Not on how much you have suffered in religion, the price you have paid, or what qualifications you have, or your reputation. Even if you have extensive qualifications, or high renown, these are of no use; if you do not have the truth that God has expressed during this stage of His work, you will perish. This is the righteousness of God, the justice of God toward everyone. The king of devils and the evil demons go straight to hell when they die. They are nothing, but what capability do people have? The human soul with all its capability is pitiable, isn’t this so? So first of all, you must absolutely not be arrogant before God and God’s work; secondly, before the truth, do not be arrogant and act wildly, because this would be stupid and ignorant, and you will be the one to lose. Do not be presumptuous, but submit to the truth. I often say, the most basic change in someone’s life disposition is when you can submit to the truth: No matter who has said something, as long as it accords with the truth you can submit, you can accept, you can lower yourself, you can obey honestly, this is a change in life disposition, this is being a sensible creature. If someone is always defiant and unrestrained before the truth, and—no matter how true what others say may be—he’ll say, “I don’t give in, you said a hundred right things, but if one of them is not right I will oppose you, and I will not give in!” What kind of person is this? This is a demon. Demons first of all lie, and secondly they do not accept the truth; they are finished, there is no help for them. Those who lie are devils; they will lie to your face, knowing the case full well but not accepting it. These are demons; if they don’t accept the truth, they are finished, and nothing can be done for them.

Why are some people who believe in Almighty God expelled? They don’t accept the truth, they cause disruption and disturbance, always fighting for position—can this work out well? Isn’t accepting the truth most important? Isn’t submitting to the truth most important? The truth reigns in the house of God, and it is completely different from the world. The law holds power in the world, but in God’s house the truth holds power. The fact that the truth holds power means that whoever a person is, he or she has to obey the truth, under the authority of the word of God. These are the ones who are saved; no matter who, with whatever reputation, however high, do not obey the truth and cannot obey under the authority of God’s word, they are all a category who will be destroyed, they must all be destroyed. So people in the past for the sake of the Lord paid the price through hardship, and as they loved God, they suffered and paid the price. Does God accept this? God has come but you don’t accept this, this is a total breach of faith, you have betrayed God. You are a betrayer of God! Almighty God has already carried out the work of the last days; if you don’t accept this and you still believe in the Lord Jesus, you are a betrayer! You are the greatest traitor to the Lord Jesus! When the Lord Jesus comes again and you can’t recognize Him, you have believed in vain for so many years, isn’t that so? When the Lord Jesus came, those who believed in Jehovah God, including the chief priest, the scribes, the Pharisees did not believe in the Lord Jesus, and Jehovah God cursed the Israelites, making them homeless for two thousand years, making them devastated, slain, slaughtered, then Hitler came and several million were killed by him. Why were they killed? Because God came and you did not recognize Him, you did not know God, you kept God’s previous name, so how would God classify you? You are a betrayer, you betrayed God, God came and you did not recognize Him.

The Lord Jesus comes as Almighty God, but those who believe in the Lord Jesus don’t accept Him, so could He accept them? Actually He would not accept them. God would say: “Because I come and you don’t know Me, I deny you. You betray Me, you are traitors! You say you love Me, you say you obey Me, you say you suffered because of Me and paid the price, but I don’t accept that.” So, the Lord Jesus said, “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name? and in your name have cast out devils? and in your name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess to them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity” (Matthew 7:22-23). So in this light, how many days do believers in religion have left? The period from Almighty God started working to the time of the great disaster is their final time, if they still don’t accept the work of Almighty God in the final time, then disaster will fall on them and destroy them. This is the final period, understand that! How long will it be before the gate of salvation shuts? In the past in religious circles exegetical scholars said in relation to the final rapture, “The church will be taken up before the disaster,” and now the four blood moons have come, the great disaster is about to fall, they say, “It can’t be taken up before the disaster, but may be taken up during the disaster,” and some say, “The church may be taken up after the disaster.” Exegetical scholars in their wisdom see that rapture before the disaster has not been verified, and then they change their view to say that the rapture would take place in the midst of the disaster. In fact, some are taken up before the disaster and some are taken up during the disaster, both are true. Now are we people taken up before the disaster, or in the midst of the disaster? We have been taken up before the disaster. We accepted the gospel before the great disaster. Some of these people have been made complete: They are the overcomers, that is, the overcomers made before the disaster, and now they bear testimony of that. What of some religious people who will be taken up in the middle of the disaster? They haven’t heard of the work of Almighty God, or they fail to investigate even when they know about it; they are muddle-headed. They will have accepted the gospel in the middle of the disaster. God says, “When I chastise the many peoples, those in the religious world will, in differing degrees, return to My kingdom.” “In differing degrees” means a number, a small proportion, will be taken up in the middle of the disaster. Those taken up in the middle of the disaster are a small number. Those that are not taken up? Their careers of believing in the Lord will have concluded, they will be eliminated, they are foolish virgins. They hear God’s voice but do not recognize it, not accept it, and they will be eliminated. It is like this. At present in the religious world there are many who have not accepted Almighty God, but can we be sure they won’t accept in the future? We can’t define them, because the great disaster has not happened yet! Do you know how many years it will be before the great disaster? Maybe at most three to five years, or it could happen in one to two years. When the disaster happens, people will immediately come in. How can this be explained? It is still rapture before the disaster, isn’t that right? We can’t fully understand this, but if we don’t spread the gospel, if we don’t bear witness to the gospel, can they be part of the rapture? Believing in the way comes from hearing of the way. If the gospel has not been spread, no-one bears witness to them who do have no faculty to contact the spiritual world, how can they know? They won’t know. So we people of the Church of Almighty God have to do our utmost to bear the testimony to God, to read the word of God to them, to communicate God’s word, to let them know and accept it. We carry this message, we witness this much; these people may acquire it, accept it, and they are blessed. If we don’t carry the message to them, and they can only depend on themselves to go online and find out, does it work? No-one bears witness to them. If we are Jonah then that is a problem. “We won’t bear witness to you, you deserve to die. God should have destroyed you, you are not Israelites, why should I preach to you? You are Gentiles.” And are there people spreading the gospel who still have their own notions? “I see you do not seem to be a good person, I won’t pass it on to you, I only tell people I like.” Isn’t this someone like Jonah? It’s not good to make your own choice. So look at who likes the truth, who can accept the word of God. If, as soon as we speak they are inspired, as soon as we speak they understand, this is just the person that God will save. If we communicate God’s word to them, bearing witness to Almighty God, and they never answer, and no matter how we speak they are not enlightened, but continue to condemn, continue to oppose, continue to reject, continue to repulse, make us tired. We are at the end of our forbearance and give up, “I won’t pass it on to you, it doesn’t work, you don’t have this good fortune, I won’t take the trouble for you,” then he or she is finished. Is it like this? If you see a person who loves God, understands spirit, loves the truth, has humanity, you can preach the gospel to him or her.

Now, people can see the situation: The great disaster is apparently not far off. Are there many days left? Not many now. Is it empty and vain to seek reputation and worldly standing? Is seeking after sensual gratification empty? Because there are not many days left, do not make long-term plans. God’s word directly speaks of not making long-term plans in the world. Now this world has come to this point. And how many of the prophecies made in the Old Testament and the Book of Revelation have been fulfilled? We see for certain, there is not long to go. Yet to pursue the truth is not something achievable in three to five months, one or two years, two or three years. It is a slow process. So if it is ten or eight years, it is not really enough to pursue the truth, though it is certainly more than enough to be saved. This is because after one or two years’ experience the vision takes root within you; after three to five years you can practice the truth, after five to six years or seven to eight years a change can be seen in your disposition, and in ten years or eight years a result can be seen. It takes this much effort, do you understand? The result is not something that can be gained in the short time of one to two years. So you should give yourself a little time as a margin of safety. Some people say, “When will God’s work finish? If the great disaster will be one or two years away, that’s OK, I will spend a lot of time for God in these two years. If the great disaster is still ten years away, that’s no good. With those ten years, I will be able to enjoy the world, enjoy the pleasures of the family. If there are those ten years, I can make much money, buy a nice home, drive a good car.” You see at the mention of ten years or more then they think of that. Leave one or two years to enter into life or be saved, and leave seven or eight years for pleasurable enjoyment—is this kind of person to be considered clever? How many years should you leave to enter into life or obtain the truth? This is something that most people will not find easy to understand. Some people say: “When will God’s work be finished? Please tell me a year before, so that I can give up work.” We just estimate, but who can be certain of this? Is this the case? But to see the prophecy in the Bible it is all fulfilled. When the four blood moons come out, the great disaster is near; as Israel’s exegetical scholars explain with comparative certainty, the great disaster is really coming. To judge by the situation for the fulfillment of prophecy from the Bible, the great disaster is near, and the day of God will soon arrive. So what should we emphasize in the last days? Since you have heard the voice of God, you should pursue the truth, and seek to know God in the word of God. Finally you can attain true obedience to God, and worship of God. And then you will have life. As soon as you have life, when the great disaster comes you will not die. If you do not have life, you must die. So when you believe in God: first, believe in the name of God; second, experience and obey the work of God; third, achieve knowledge of the disposition of God; these are the three steps to be saved and perfected. Finally, I will tell you one thing: The truth can change a person’s fate, the truth can bring you a good destination, a good ending. But to reject the truth, or not to accept the truth, will mean that your belief in God is just in vain.

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