Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Are You a True Believer of God?”


Now let’s fellowship about the revelations of the word of God. The second paragraph in this piece of God’s word reads, “You should all now understand the true meaning of believing in God. The meaning of faith in God that I previously spoke about is related to your positive entry. This is not so today. Today I would like to analyze the essence of your faith in God. Of course, this is guiding you from the negative; if I do not do so, then you will never know your true countenance and will forever boast of your devoutness and faithfulness. …” God reveals the fact as He says, “if I do not do so, then you will never know your true countenance and will forever boast of your devoutness and faithfulness.” Is this not the truth? If you don’t believe it, ask a religious person, “Are you a true believer of God or not?” He’ll say, “I am, why must you ask me? I have no doubts at all. Do you have any idea how much I’ve sacrificed, how much I’ve suffered?” “Are you a devout follower?” “Of course.” “Then are you loyal to God?” “Why must you ask this? My loyalty to God is unmatched!” Religious people are just that sure of themselves. In the past, we were also once like this. So just because someone has this kind of mindset, it doesn’t mean you ought to say to them, “So backward. You’re really disobedient to God. Your ‘true faith’ is a sham!” We also had this revolting behavior, we were just like them, and we were no better than others. As for now, how have we improved since then? We accepted God’s work of the last days, we experienced the judgment and chastisement of God’s word, and began to examine ourselves and know our true selves. As a result, we enjoy the fruits of this process today. When reading the word of God or listening to the fellowship about God’s words, we have no opposition whatsoever. We have learned how to quiet ourselves before God and listen to His word and the fellowship about it. How does this kind of submission come into being? We underwent the judgment and chastisement before the seat of Christ. Although the duration of this process varies between each person, we all have complete faith in Christ’s judgment. “Ah, this is the voice of God, this is God’s judgment of us. God uses His words to purify us, save us, and perfect us.” We know this. “Oh, how we enjoy Christ’s love, the realest love of all. God uses His word to judge us in order to purify us, so that we may attain perfection and enter the kingdom of heaven. And so, believing in Almighty God is the only true way to reach the kingdom of heaven!” We have seen this clearly. And so we all submit to God, no matter how God judges and chastises us, no matter how much we suffer and are rebuked in our hearts, we don’t complain to God. “This is God’s love! Those He teaches are His children, while those He does not teach are not His children. We are truly God’s chosen people for the Age of Kingdom.” We submit ourselves to God so that we can enjoy God’s word at gatherings and accept God’s judgment and chastisement. This is what makes God most satisfied. When someone reads the word of God, they learn that God has granted us more good blessings today than past generations of followers. These great blessings are a special grace of God, a predestined blessing. When a person sees this blessing, he’ll be so overjoyed, he’ll jump up and down in happiness. But as soon as he hears God’s judgment and chastisement, he’ll run away like a sniveling coward. He’ll be happy to enjoy good blessings but will not accept God’s judgment and chastisement. When God bestows these graces upon him, lets him enjoy these pleasures, he is delighted; if God lets him endure pain from His words, he thinks it’s absolutely unacceptable. So does this person have true faith in God? No, he does not. True faith is submitting oneself to God and listening to Him obediently, regardless of what God says and does. When God reveals our true natures to us so that we may see our true selves, we must submit ourselves to Him, and pray from our hearts: “Oh God, so this is what I really am. Oh God, what You’ve revealed is all true, I submit to You, I accept Your word into my heart completely, this is a fact, I will not resist You, I will not complain to You, I will obey and accept it until I become pure.” Is praying in this way good? This kind of submission, wherein one accepts the truth that God speaks and accepts God’s judgment, is this not true faith? This is precisely the kind of faith that God finds most deserving of His favor and approval, and this person can certainly obtain purification and perfection through God. But if a person constantly brags about himself, he will reply to whatever God says with, “Wrong! I’m not like that, He’s talking about someone else. I’m not like that at all. I’m much better than that person. I’m the most devout follower of all, the most loyal, and the most faithful in the whole religious circle.” Is this a person who submits to the truth? Is this a person who submits to God? When someone this boastful reads the word of God, they’ll constantly think that what God says is wrong. This is truly troublesome, for these people are extremely disobedient, self-righteous and arrogant.

Some people say, “I admit some of the corruptions that God reveals to us, but some of them I can’t recognize.” If you can recognize them, you will obey what God says about them. But how do you deal with things that you don’t understand? If the word strongly defines the nature of corruption, is too profound and you don’t understand it, what’s a suitable way to deal with this? You should be submissive. How do you pray to God to demonstrate your submission to Him? How do you speak to God about this? You must speak truthfully, as an honest and simple person, open yourself to God and say, “God, I still don’t understand this sentence here. It’s too deep and profound. My stature is too small for me to grasp this. But regardless of what You said here, I recognize Your word as truth, which is absolutely right, so I submit to Your word, and I will wait for the Holy Spirit to illuminate this and enlighten me, and then I’ll talk with You again.” This kind of prayer is good. But how will an arrogant person react when they encounter this kind of thing? Do you know? An arrogant person will say, “God can see all the way down into the bottom of man’s heart. But He’s got it wrong here. This can’t tell us anything about my heart. What He said here is wrong; it does not accord with the facts. There are other places where what He says accords with the facts. But this part I think is wrong and can’t convince me, so I won’t accept it.” He doesn’t understand that there’s something wrong with him. He denies the word of God. This is extremely arrogant and self-righteous. If you don’t understand His word, it is because your stature is small. If you don’t understand it now, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to do so in ten years, or perhaps three to five years. Before, we were arrogant like this too. But after experiencing 3-5 years, we read the word of God again, “How could we not have understood this before! When I read it now, it sounds completely right.” How truly regretful! “Originally, we had notions about God. We disobeyed Him and argued that God’s word was inaccurate, that He was exaggerating things. I was so arrogant back then!” We experienced God’s judgment and chastisement like this at the very beginning. When arrogant and conceited people undergo this process, they will reject it and refuse to submit to it wherever they see something that does not conform to their own notions. When we read God’s word of judgment before, most of us found it to be extremely strict and felt it broke our hearts. What kind of attitude did we take about this? Some said, “When you reach a point like this you can just skip to the next page, find a passage that makes you feel comfortable, one that accords with your notions. When you constantly read about God’s word of judgment, aren’t you just stirring up more troubles for yourself? It’s better if you read more words of God’s blessings, words that God speaks heart to heart with us. These words are great. Then you’ll feel more comfortable when you read them.” This is precisely what most of us did when we first started out. But now when we look back on these times, we are filled with regret and smack ourselves on the mouth. Later on, some people would read God’s most strict judgments of mankind, His most severe revelations, and immediately say, “Quick, quick! Mark them out! This is what we need to enter into. This is where we must seek out the truth. This is where we can understand God’s will. This is true submission to God. Quick, mark them out!” But to the words of blessings and comforting that accord with our notions, we responded, “Forget about it, that’s not the most important thing. The most crucial part of God’s word is where He judges and chastises mankind. This is our point of entry into life. It is here that we can learn how to transform our disposition. If we submit to these words and accept them, this will accord with God’s will. This is most capable of comforting God.” Now when it comes to reading God’s word, those who have just begun to believe in God are just the same as us when we first started to believe. This is because all people share the same corruption. I share with you how we experienced ourselves. These things are a source of shame for us. Our corruption has been exposed. We hope that if you see and understand it, you’ll learn a lesson from our mistakes.

Let’s continue our fellowship about the words of God. “In other words, if I do not unearth the ugliness deep within your hearts, then each of you will place a crown upon your head and give all glory to yourself.” Do God’s words accord with reality? They are extremely accurate and absolutely reflect reality. Corrupt humans are all like this! And so, if God doesn’t unearth our ugliness or reveal the truth to us, we will all still brag about ourselves! Which kind of person doesn’t brag about themselves? I also boasted about myself, “I believe in God in order to seek the truth. I am a true believer in God. I am a devout person.” I’ve said this before. Sometimes I might have kept it from other people, but said it to myself. No one heard me, but I admit that this is how I really felt inside. When God’s word says, “then each of you will place a crown upon your head,” this is what things are truly like. At that time, this was the kind of person that I was. This is how I underwent. If God didn’t say so, I would be most likely to brag about myself, always counting myself a true believer, “When someone turns away from God, I will not turn away, for I am most obedient to God. I would rather die than leave God’s side. If God wants me to give everything up, then I will give everything up. Whatever job it is, I will cast it aside, whatever family I have, I will cast aside. I am the most faithful follower of God!” How boastful I was! What an enormous crown I placed upon my own head!

Let’s go on reading the words of God. “Your haughty and arrogant nature drives you to betray your own conscience, to rebel against and resist Christ, and to reveal your ugliness, thereby exposing to the light your intentions, notions, excessive desires, and eyes full of greed.” Why do we expose our corruption? Why do we betray our own conscience and rebel against and resist Christ? Why do we reveal our ugliness and expose to the light our intentions, notions, excessive desires, and eyes full of greed? What is the reason for this? What compels us to do this? God says, “Your haughty and arrogant nature drives you to … to … to ….” What is this haughty and arrogant nature, exactly? This is the satanic nature, satanic disposition. We constantly sin, constantly express our corruptions, for what? What is the reason for this? A lot of people do not care to seek the root cause of this. When their corruptions are exposed, they’ll just try to restrain. When they lie, they’ll say, “I’ve lied this time, but next time I won’t.” When their disobedience and opposition is exposed, they’ll say, “This time I was disobedient and resistant to God, but next time I won’t.” When they hold to their own notions, they’ll say, “This time I had my own conceptions, next time I will not do so.” Can you fix problems this way? Where is the root of corruption? It is the haughty and arrogant nature. Is this arrogant nature easy to fix? No, it is not easy to fix. Therefore, in the Age of Grace, regardless of how long people believed in God, even if they believed in Him their whole lives and dedicated their whole lives to Him, they kept expressing corruption. For this reason, it caused people to sink into a never-ending loop of committing sins and confessing sins. They repeated this endless loop until the day they died. What sins would they confess? “Oh Lord, today I lied again. Oh Lord, today I engaged in debauchery again; I clung to the pleasures of the flesh. Oh Lord, today I brought dishonor to Your name.” It is always like this, praying to confess sins they committed, without understanding the root cause of sin itself. God did have forgiven us for our sins, but why, after being forgiven, must a person persist in sinning again? How is he unable to resolve his sinful behavior? In the Age of Grace, people scratched their heads saying, “I am truly suffering!” In the Age of Kingdom, when Almighty God comes, He takes the root cause of sin and reveals it for all to see. This root is the haughty and arrogant nature of mankind. This is the satanic nature. This satanic nature lies within all people. We cannot free ourselves of it. It is this nature that dominates and controls our actions, compelling us to disobey God, urging us to cling to the pleasures of the flesh and to seek fame, profit and status, to lie in order to uphold our reputations, to protect ourselves, to constantly struggle for fortune. This ultimately leads us to form our own notions about God, to disobey God and resist Him in numberless ways, fail to practice the truth. In the end, there is no true compatibility with Christ at all. This is where the satanic nature leads. The root of all our trouble is here. When the Age of Kingdom comes, and God does the work of judgment in the last days, He reveals this satanic nature. What is the purpose of God’s revelations? To make people understand. He will make them realize that this is the root of all their problems. What can realizing the root of the problems resolve? It will lead you to understand many truths, to accept the truth as your life. When this happens, the satanic nature inside you will crumble apart, defeated.

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