Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Are You a True Believer of God?”


How does man eliminate the satanic nature within himself and become pure? Some say: “I believe in God, so why must I undergo His judgment and chastisement? I might be corrupt by nature, but don’t all people have both a good side and a bad side? We all wear a mask with two faces. Why must we always talk about the bad one? We all have a bad side and a good side. That’s just how people are. Has there ever been a person with only one side to them? Has there ever been a completely good person without a bad side? It can’t be so.” This person believes every person has a good side and an evil side, no matter who they are, for this is what it means to be human. Is he correct? No, he’s wrong. What kind of person would say this kind of thing? This is the argument Satan would make. Is there any actual distinction between a good person and a bad one? Yes, there is. God purifies us and saves us, but how? What kind of person does He change us into, what does a saved person look like? Does God merely alter your bad side, leaving your good side as it is? No, that’s not how this goes. You can’t separate a person into two sides, into good and evil. A person does not even have a good side to begin with. On the contrary, they are wholly evil. Some people will say, “Wrong! Aren’t we believers of God good in some ways?” No, because all humans have been corrupted by Satan. Therefore, they all have a satanic nature. Because of this, we all are considered part of corrupt humankind, the corrupt brood. We are dominated and controlled by our satanic nature. Are we all living under the domain of Satan? In all facets of life, we suffer domination by our satanic nature, so we live our life under the domain of Satan. How does God save this corrupt humankind? God speaks the truth so that He may judge you and cleanse your satanic nature and satanic disposition. Among all humans corrupted by Satan, there is one group of people who can accept the truth, love the truth, and accept God’s work. Once these people accept God’s work, they submit to His judgment and chastisement, and accept His truth. In doing so, they will gain a true understanding of God. Once they attain a true understanding of God, what fruits may they reap? These people will see God’s almightiness and wisdom. They will see God’s loveliness and righteousness, His purity and holiness. They will see that He is the Master of all things. As a result, these people will grow to revere God and shun evil. They will submit themselves to God and worship Him. When their hearts grow to revere God, they will have a new life given by God; when people revere God, they will have gained the life. This life grows as a person eats and drinks the word of God, experiences His work and gradually gains more knowledge of the truth. As they grow, they will become more obedient to God, their love becomes more true, and they become more willing to worship God. When a person reaches this level, what happens to their satanic nature? What destroys this satanic nature within a person? What causes it to thoroughly fall apart and crumble away? The primary reason is that this person understands the truth and knows God, and he sees through all that is satanic within him, “These satanic notions, philosophies, theories, misconceptions: they’re all wicked falsehoods. I renounce them all! I choose to betray them! I only have Christ as my life. I only have God’s word as my life. Only the truth is my life!” This person sees completely through to the satanic nature within him, as well as its substance, influences and evil. When a person begins to hate, betray, renounce, and abandon his nature, can this satanic nature still control him? No, it cannot control him any longer.

In the Age of Grace, people worked very hard to pursue God, but why couldn’t they break free from the control of their satanic nature? They had great faith in the Lord, made sacrifices for Him, suffered hardships in His name, and spread the Lord’s name by bearing witness for Him. Even those in prison did not fear death. After all of this, how is it that they have not yet cast aside their satanic nature and freed themselves from the domain of Satan? Why do they still continue to tell lies and sin? How can this be the case? How can a person who believes in Almighty God reach this outcome? Who can see this matter clearly? At the crux of this matter is God’s work of judgment and chastisement by the word during the last days. God completes this judgment and chastisement through expressing the truth. In the Age of Grace, God did not do this work of judgment and chastisement, and the Lord Jesus did not speak these words of the last days. And so, only Almighty God’s work of judgment and chastisement during the last days will thoroughly purify and save humankind. During the Age of Grace, the Lord Jesus only did the work of redeeming mankind. Do you understand now? Some people say: “Why must we accept God’s judgment and chastisement in the last days? If we don’t want to be judged and chastised, can’t we just enter the kingdom of heaven directly on the basis of our faith, love, and our will to submit and suffer hardships?” How to explain this? In the Age of Grace, God’s redemptive work was merely to forgive people of their sins. At that time, He did not work to thoroughly resolve mankind’s satanic nature and their satanic disposition. And so, the sin offering during the Age of Grace was merely to forgive a man of his sins; it did not fix or cleanse a man’s corruption.

Some people ask, “We might be corrupted by Satan, we might have some corrupt disposition and tell some lies, but we still have great faith in God. Our hearts are full of love for God. We submit to Him. So how can you say that we belong to Satan, that we oppose God, that we can’t enter God’s kingdom? Is this corruption such a big problem? Although we have been corrupted by Satan, does this necessarily mean we oppose God?” Is this an easy question to answer? Let’s consider this: When the Lord Jesus appeared on earth to do His work and issued the words of the Age of Grace, were the Jews able to accept these words? No, they were not able to do so. A person might believe in God, but when God actually appears on earth to live and speak the words amongst men, man immediately clashes with Him and fights with God. Mankind will immediately regard God as an enemy. Is this not the truth? I’ll give another example. When Almighty God appears to do His work on earth, who knows what would befall Him if He went straight to a religious church. If Christ went to a religious church, He would absolutely be unwelcome there. They would banish Him. It might go like this:

“What are You doing here?”

“I’m here to profess My faith in the Lord.”

“Ah. In that case, come attend our congregation.”

“Yes. I believe in the Lord so I must attend the gathering. I will come on Sunday to worship the Lord with you.”

“Welcome, welcome!”

Christ says, “Would it be alright if I speak a few words?”

“Speak a few words?”

“I want to bear witness for the Lord. To share the Lord’s grace, we must bear witness.”

“Okay. Sure, we will all welcome You with applause.”

Christ says, “I will express a piece of truth, is it okay?”

“What truth will You express?”

“‘Are You a True Believer of God?’ That’s it.” What do you think the religious people would do? “What did You just say? You’ve made a total mess of us! You decried our faith as false! You’ve judged us! Truly, You’re condemning saints! How dare You decried our faith as false! You accuse us!” How troublesome. Indeed, Christ would be banished from these churches. Many religious people say, “Lord, we welcome You to appear to us. We welcome You to appear among us and to speak to us.” Are these true words? No, they are empty. What they really mean is this: “Come, Lord Jesus, come to us, take us up to heaven in an instant so that we may meet You and obtain good fortune. But we won’t welcome You if You come and speak the truth and judge us. In that case You can leave immediately!” This is their true face, is it not? Now do you understand? Some people ask, “Humans might be corrupted by Satan, but can a person truly become God’s arch-enemy? Do these people really oppose God? Is it this situation all that dire?” Do you think it’s a dire situation? Of course it is! God has become flesh twice to walk among men on earth, and both times He did not go to religious churches. Rather, He decided to speak and work among lower-class people who love the truth. When the Lord Jesus did His work, He did not go to the religious churches, and neither does Almighty God. When those who have accepted Almighty God’s work during the last days deliver what Christ says to the religious churches, the religious communities condemn them and do their best to judge them. If God should bring the Jews and Christians up to heaven in an instant, wouldn’t these people just fight with God and oppose Him? They would indeed. When these people arrived in heaven, they would fight with God. They would argue with the Lord Jesus and dispute Him in the kingdom of heaven. Do you believe it? This reality has already manifested itself in this age. When we preach the gospel and bear witness for God among religious communities, they oppose us. They besiege us. They blockade and seal off their churches as if they were impenetrable fortresses. Some brothers and sisters go to these churches and attend meetings secretly. They look at who there pursues the truth and they will preach the gospel to them. They do not dare to reveal their own true identities. Some are discovered after not too long, and then they are banished. These religious communities will even put their pictures on the wall for others to see, saying that these persons bear witness for Almighty God, and if you see them you must report them to the police and force them to leave. Today, religious communities are extremely opposed to us. They and us are as incompatible as fire and water. As a result, these communities are incompatible with Christ. They hate Christ in particular and stand in extreme opposition to Him. Is this not the result of Satan’s corruption? Is this not the consequence of the satanic nature within people, dominating their lives? Some people say, “Is this situation really so dire? How does one’s satanic disposition express itself?” A while ago, I composed a list to enumerate the 12 primary expressions of satanic disposition. These are merely the most fundamental, primary expressions; I still don’t know how many secondary expressions there must be.

The 12 Primary Expressions of Man’s Satanic Disposition:

1. Constant desire to be God, control everything, and sit equal with God.

2. They hate the truth, worship evil, and make an enemy of God.

3. They are arrogant, self-conceited, and lawless, and obey no one.

4. They consider themselves to be the most honorable, and make others worship and obey them.

5. They try to put themselves above others, restrain others, control others, and toy with others.

6. They are self-righteous, overbearing, arbitrary, and capricious.

7. They say one thing and do another, are crooked and crafty, lie to the utmost, and deceive their superiors while defrauding their subordinates.

8. They despise the truth, worship status and power, and indulge in the blessings of status.

9. They follow evil forces, work in collusion with them, and abet them.

10. They crave physical comfort, indulgence of the flesh and lust, and the joy of sin.

11. They have no truth or life, yet still wish to rule and control others and put themselves above others.

12. To hold power and gain control over humanity, they eradicate competing opinions, murder, and take all other measures necessary without compunction. All people have these 12 aspects of satanic disposition. The satanic disposition expresses itself in 12 ways, at the very least. But what is at the core of satanic nature? This is arrogance, this is constant desire to be God, the constant desire to control everything. Isn’t it? Some people say, “What you say is all well and good, but is this such a dire situation? These expressions don’t seem very relevant to me. This problem can’t be that severe!” Is it that severe of a problem? Am I just exaggerating? No. Others say, “On the outside, man’s corrupt disposition doesn’t seem to be that severe of a problem. We can’t say that we don’t have this satanic nature, and we can’t say that this list is irrelevant to us, but we’ve never done any of these things.” But it doesn’t really matter whether you’ve done these things or not, does it? Not doing these things is not the same as being free of satanic nature or your nature not containing such things. Am I wrong? I’ll give you an example. If you look at any country during election season, the presidential candidates will make endless promises during their campaigns. They’ll say, “I promise you this, I promise you that, I’ll do this for you, I will fix that for you.” Everyone listens and says, “Alright, if you fix this problem for us, we will vote for you.” But when this person becomes president, what happens? Who will care about you then, who will fix things for you then? You’ve been deceived; this person just said whatever he had to say to get your vote. Corrupt humans like to deceive people, don’t they? They’ll strive to achieve their goals unscrupulously, by any means possible. If you have a satanic disposition, you can’t do much of anything when you don’t have power. But as soon as you obtain power, you’ll act like a king, and these 12 expressions of the satanic disposition will all come true. I am not exaggerating at all.

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