Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Are You a True Believer of God?”


You think that two ordinary brothers would never kill each other? If they’re just trying to survive on this world, doing business to make ends meet, very few brothers would find good reason to kill the other. But as soon as you add the title of emperor into the mix, these two brothers would do their utmost to kill the other. The relationship between father and son is the deepest relationship of all, but as soon as father and son strive for the title of emperor, they will try to murder each other. Is this not the case? As soon as power is involved, people’s true natures will be revealed and laid bare. This is the fact of the matter. When there is no present struggle for power, you’ll say, “Meh. It’s not that big of a problem. Don’t we all just have a little bit of satanic nature inside us? Don’t we all just say a few lies? Aren’t we all just a little selfish and mean? It’s just we’re striving for a title or power. Perhaps for a little profit. How could this be such a serious issue?” You can’t speak like this. Trivial matters cannot reveal a man’s true nature. Only when a man faces a great trial will the truth about him be revealed. I used to say all the time, “These rotten politicians! How much money do they need to satisfy their greed?” In saying this, I also said, “I have no corruption; I’m good, I’m not that kind of person.” But after undergoing God’s judgment and chastisement, I began to think deeply on this matter: Perhaps the reason why I was not corrupt before was that I was not in charge of money. But if I were, would I do these things? Do I dare to guarantee that I would not do these things? Who would? No one. If you had power, would you dare to say that you would not do these things? When those of us who don’t have power see these 12 expressions of the satanic disposition, they seem to have little relevance for us, and it’s hard to take the matter seriously. But if you actually did obtain power one day, wouldn’t the expressions of your satanic disposition have more severe consequences? It’s hard to say. Why is it so hard to say? Many sins require a context in which they can be committed. Without this context, you can’t commit these sins. Some people say, “I’ve always loved and respected others as I love myself.” But if one day you obtain power over others and some people offend you by speaking too frankly, how will you deal with them? Will you be fair and impartial to these people? Will your compassion be enough? It’s hard to tell. You must understand that sometimes you cannot know yourself, and that certain things about you will only be revealed through the particular contexts of certain environments and trials. Is this not the case? If you have no status or power, if you don’t have a context in which to commit such sins, of course you’ll say, “I don’t commit sins, I’m pure and holy, I’ve never committed such sins.” Do you dare to say something like this? Some people say, “I can absolutely guarantee that I would never steal or covet offerings for God.” But what kind of context are you in? You aren’t responsible for safeguarding the offerings. But imagine a context where you were in charge of the offerings. In this context, only you know about this money, and no one else does. Will you still be able to keep yourself from coveting, stealing, or eating these offerings? This is the kind of trial that will reveal a person’s true nature! In this context, if you don’t covet, steal, or eat the offerings, this will prove that you have “a heart that reveres God.” But what if there are several people in charge of inspecting the offerings? If you want to steal some but cannot do so because of them, but you still say, “I will absolutely not steal the offerings to God,” does your promise hold water? It does not. Therefore, in order to bear witness for God, you need to have specific contexts in which your testimony can be powerful. Only then will Satan be shamed and humiliated. Only then can God be satisfied. Without these contexts, you’re merely boasting and bragging blindly, speaking empty words. It’s not good.

Everyone has these twelve primary expressions of the satanic disposition inside of them. It’s only that some people’s expressions do not result in serious consequences; it’s merely a difference in the level of severity. But as soon as you attain status, as soon as you truly wield power over others, it is possible that the severity of these consequences will not be as you imagined, or, in fact, will be much more serious than that. Before people become leaders, they seem like great people, people with compassion. But as soon as they become leaders, this isn’t the case any longer. They change. They commit much evil. How do we make sense of this? At the time they were elected, they seemed fine. But after they became leaders, how could they change this much in just a year or two? After a person becomes a leader, how can they be so different from how they were before? This is because after achieving status, they are not the same as before. A person with status is not the same as someone without status. A person performing a duty is not the same as someone who does not perform any duty. A person facing a trial is not the same as someone who is not being tried. A person who has undergone judgment and chastisement is not the same as someone who has not. This is where the difference lies. It also follows that a person with an innate nature to love the truth is different from someone without this love. When a person who loves the truth faces failure or suffers a fall, he can repent and reflect on his soul. But someone who does not love the truth doesn’t care how many times he fails or suffers a fall, he will never reflect on his soul, he will be stubborn and obstinate. He will insist on his own desires, walk his own path. He will not have any regrets, nor will he undergo any transformations. Therefore, God ultimately decides your end on the sole basis of whether or not you have the truth, not on the basis of other matters, such as how much hardship you have suffered, how long you have believed in God, your age or your qualifications (not even if a stack of your qualifications and prestige reached all the way to heaven itself). If a person has the truth and lives his life according to the truth, the satanic nature within them will be eradicated, it will be pulled out by the roots. Inside this person a great transformation will occur, and Christ will take Satan’s place and make His home there, and Christ will be their master. Now, you will say: The word of Christ wields its power within me. The word of Christ is the foundation of my existence, the guidebook to my actions, and my truth and life.

Do you know what constitutes the nature of Satan? How has it come to be that people with Satan’s nature can resist God, that they can do evil? Wanting to become God, wanting to be worshiped, to be obeyed? Look at all the singers and movie stars standing in front of their audience, singing and talking to the audience, the audience beneath them cheering, leaping, praising them. These singers and movie stars derive so much enjoyment from such feelings, they become so moved by these feelings. They say: “How is this so enjoyable? It is so great to be a singer, it is great to be worshiped by the masses. I wish that times like this can last longer, I wish that I can freeze this moment!” What disposition is this? This is Satan’s disposition. Now, once you have experienced the judgment before the seat of Christ, as you stand before the masses, you feel yourselves naked, embarrassed, ashamed. You are exposing your weaknesses, you are abashed. You feel that you are not fit to stand before others. Having no truths, unable to bear witness for God, don’t stand there. It is so shameful to show off oneself. Isn’t it? When it comes time to pick a leader, someone says: “Pick me, I want to be the leader.” Now that they have been picked as leader, once there is a gathering, they are troubled, “What am I going to talk to people about? I am the leader, I must speak, but what do I say? I don’t have the reality of the truth, how am I going to be this leader? Why do I not have any?” So they feel that they would embarrass themselves by speaking. Once they become the leader, they feel that they are poor, miserable, and naked, “How am I going to bear witness for God? What truths am I going to fellowship about? I have nothing,” and they feel ashamed. After experiencing the judgment before the seat of Christ, man has obtained some understanding regarding the truth of his own corruption, and man becomes humbler, not as arrogant. Is this a result of experiencing the judgment before the seat of Christ? After experiencing a few times the judgment before the seat of Christ, having a thorough understanding of the truth of his corruption, man begins to dislike himself, detest himself. Therefore man’s vanity also has disappeared, his desire for position is gone. He becomes willing to follow God, to be the humblest of followers, feeling that he has been exalted by God. Does this man now have reason? Does he now have a likeness of man? Now he is not as insolent, not as arrogant, not as self-right, not as self-important, not as insufferable, not as cynical. Without such things, is he not cleansed? Therefore, the more we experience the judgment before the seat of Christ, the more we come to understand the truths regarding our corruption, the clearer we see our lack of a normal humanity, and the better we are able to strive for the truth. “Hurry up and let’s equip ourselves with the truths, we have no life. Hurry up and let’s equip ourselves with the truths, we lack that which is a normal humanity. Hurry up and let’s equip ourselves with the truths, our understanding of God is too shallow. Hurry up and let’s equip ourselves with the truths, what we have gained is not rich enough.” In this way, we endeavor to strive for the truth. By striving thus, one day we shall obtain a true understanding of God; we shall witness God with words that will never run out; we shall witness God’s work with no breaks; we shall witness what God has and what God is, feeling as if we can never finish speaking about them. And now, man will feel enriched in his heart, man will feel enjoyment in his heart. Man will feel that he has gained so very much, that it is such a precious thing to experience God’s work. He will say, “I have gained so many transformations. So much of my corrupt disposition, so many Satan’s notions, philosophies, theories, they have been repudiated through the pursuit of truth, they have been eliminated, they have been abandoned. When now I look upon those famous quotes and sayings of the world that I used to worship before, I realize that they are all fallacies, they are all lies. I have completely given them all up. Now, all that I memorize and remember are the classics of God’s words spoken by Christ. These God’s words have replaced those logics, those notions, those theories of Satan. The words of Christ have become life within me.” This is the result that has been achieved by experiencing the judgment before the seat of Christ. Some people might say: “Now that you have understood these truths, what is the result you have achieved?” Apparent results: No more notions regarding God, able to see through all things encountered, able to understand God’s will, God’s goodwill, and thereby no longer misunderstanding God; no longer have any conflicts regarding any truths that Christ has expressed, able to obey and practice them all; knowing clearly in our heart how to bear witness for God, how to fulfill that which was commissioned by God, what duties to perform, how to fulfill our duties to achieve the result of bearing witness for God; seeing the world clearly, that this world is an evil and licentious age, it is a world under the domain of Satan, hence as prophesied in Revelation, the beast of this world, all the beasts, whores—religions, they all are in enmity with God. We cannot be taken captive by them. Once we are taken captive, we shall be imprinted by the mark of the beast, and we shall be the target of perdition and destruction. We shall see through the entire corrupt mankind, seeing clearly what type of man God shall save, what men shall remain, what type of man shall perish. Therefore, when the catastrophe should arrive, seeing the many who die this way, the many who die that way, seeing God’s righteousness, we shall leap in joy, praising Him endlessly, and not complain that God is unjust.

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