Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Are You a True Believer of God?”


All those that have been captured by Satan shall be imprinted with the mark of the beast. What are these marks? They are not always external marks; they are not like the mark of a prisoner in the old days. No, it is when you have written the letter of repentance, when you have surrendered to Satan, when you have said words that blaspheme God and deny God, and others have recorded you thus, then you shall be done. These are all marks of the beast. In short, these are all evidence that you have been captured and swallowed up by Satan, and the evidence is the mark. Do you understand now? What does it mean to be imprinted with the mark of the beast? It means that everyone who follows Almighty God will encounter several great battles and major trials, and if any were to be captured by Satan, they shall be imprinted with the mark of the beast, and they shall be done. Therefore, take heed, believe in Almighty God, hold on to the name of “Almighty God,” stand your ground, and you shall be blessed, you shall become an overcomer and you shall be brought into the kingdom of heaven. Should you leave Almighty God, there will be no other paths into the kingdom of heaven; all those who leave Almighty God will not enter the kingdom of heaven. All those who do not believe in Almighty God will most certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven, this is a certainty. This is all that you must remember. Do not be captured by the beast, do not let the beast imprint you with the mark, and there shall be hope that you may remain. In the future, the wars of the entire world will revolve around this. Satan shall besiege the holy city in the house of God, and all the Catholic religion, Christian religion, Jewish religion will battle the Church of Almighty God. All these people shall belong to those who have been imprinted with the mark of the beast, captured by the beast, and they shall be denied by God. So long as you are tied together with religion, so long as you are tied together with Satan’s regime of the world, following the world, following religion, then you shall belong to those who have been imprinted with the mark of the beast. Do you now understand? Look at those from religion who say: “We shall live and die with our religion!” and this shall be their end. “We resolve to fight by the side of the great red dragon!” and this shall be their end, for they have been imprinted with the mark of the beast. “We resolve to follow Christianity, the Catholic Church!” and this shall be their end, for the mark of the beast has been imprinted onto them. Religion is the “whore,” and Satan’s regime is the “beast.” Do you understand now? This is an outline, and it is sufficient so long as you remember the outline. Do not talk about specifics, we do not study such things. There is no use in studying such things. I do not interpret the Bible, but you will not err by understanding in this way. This will surely be beneficial to your entry, to the path that you must travel in the future. This is more important than interpreting the Bible. You might not reap any benefits if I had interpreted the Bible, but this way that I fellowship about the truth shall benefit you.

Therefore, what is the pressing issue at this moment? We must know God’s work. After we have known God’s work, we shall be able to lay the foundation in the true way. Once we have laid the foundation, we can ensure that we will not be captured, that we will not be imprinted with the mark of the beast, this much is certain. If you do not have a foundation, then things shall be very troublesome, and you might be captured at any moment. Look at those who have left after hearing one thing I have said that does not fit with their notions. What is the end of such people? They have departed from the gate of the kingdom, and they are done. Some resist and will not accept after hearing something I have said that does not fit with their notions. Are such people in danger? One day, they will not be allowed entrance to the kingdom because of this, they will not remain, and who are they going to blame when that day should come? Can they blame me? I am fellowshiping the words of God, and they are not rejecting something that I have said, but Christ’s work of the last days, but the Church of Almighty God. Remember, the Church of Almighty God, this Church that has been condemned by the religious community, condemned by the ruling parties of the world, this is the true kingdom of Christ! If you should keep this, then you will not be captured by the beast; if you should fail to keep the name of “Almighty God,” then you are done, then your belief shall be in vain. Some say: “I am believing in the Lord because I am looking for peace and quiet, because I want to stay away from the conflicts of this world. It is enough for me to enjoy the grace of God. I do not want to be involved with who is right and who is wrong. I do not participate in politics.” What do you think of such opinions? What are such opinions? They are nonsense. You do not want to be involved with who is right and who is wrong, but Satan is looking for you, it insists on condemning you, it insists on persecuting you. Can you not be involved? It is not that we want to be involved with who is right and who is wrong. Who wants to be involved in such things? Everyone wants to eat and drink God’s words in quiet and peace, to appear before the judgment seat of Christ to be judged and cleansed. Who desires to be involved in such things? But now it is looking for you, and it is buckling a helmet filled with dung onto your head, it is insisting on condemning you, on arresting you. Could you not stand up and bear witness? This is the devil specifically coming after you. The devil says: “If you continue to follow Almighty God, then I am divorcing you, the entire family shall abandon you.” Whose problem is this? It is not you who say: “I am following Almighty God, and I must divorce you, I must stop living my life.” It is the devil that is controlling you, it is your unbelieving family, your unbelieving children that are controlling you thus. They are tools of the devil, and the devil is using them to capture you. Is this not the case? Look at how the Public Security Bureau interrogated some of the sisters who had been imprisoned: “Write a repentance letter.” “I will not write such things.” “Simply you say that ‘I don’t believe,’ and we will let you go.” “I will not say that. I shall persevere in my belief.” The devils said that there was nothing else they could do, they now had to dig into her weak spot. Someone said: “This woman loves her husband very much. If her husband urges her to not believe, I am sure she will stop believing.” Her husband came over to urge her, and when she was urged, she stood her ground, “What did we agree on? Didn’t you say that you would let me be? Why then are you sticking your nose in my business now? If you must stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, we will get a divorce.” The husband saw that he wasn’t able to sway her, therefore he told the police: “She listens to her son. If her son asks her, she will succumb.” Finally, her son said: “Mother, allow me to have your love. If you are in prison, then I would have lost my mother, and I would have lost my mother’s love.” Once her son had said this, she cried: “Ok then, for the love of my son, I will sign this letter of repentance.” Once she signed, she was released from prison. After being released from prison, her heart grew dark, and immediately God was no longer with her, “I have never felt this in my heart before, why does this feel even worse than being in prison?” She buried her head in her arms and cried when she returned home, saying: “I made a mistake signing this letter of repentance, I have been tricked. If I only knew, then I wouldn’t have signed it. Why do I feel so upset after I have signed this letter? This is the first time that I have felt this way.” She kept on crying, repenting and confessing to God: “God, please give me another chance, put me in jail once again. I would rather die in prison than sign this letter ever again!” There is no use, the case has already closed. Can such a thing be redone? Is it not dangerous to live in emotions? Just this one emotion could spell the end of you in the hands of Satan. Is this not the case? Someone says, “I shall keep on believing even if no one else believes. I shall keep on following even if no one else follows. I shall go to jail, I shall rot in prison, to follow God to the end.” His resolve is good, but he is too emotional. He has too much feeling for his wife, he has too much feeling for his children, and he is unable to get past his own emotions. Are these not empty words then? Therefore, to be captured by Satan is not something that we can imagine: If you stop believing, if you don’t want to believe any more, if you can’t go on any more, then you will be captured—that is not how it happens. When the time comes, it would not be up to you. Some unexpected event might happen, and you might lose your witnessing in spite of yourself, compromising with Satan. For some, this happens when fulfilling this duty; for others, this happens when fulfilling that duty. There is no saying what might happen which results in you being captured by Satan. Others bear witness as an overcomer, yet this person, he stumbled when tried. Look at Job when he was being tried. He looked on as all of God’s grace and all of God’s blessing for so many years were being robbed and taken away by Satan within a single day, and so he reflected, silently praying in his heart, and finally came to a conclusion that: I have not been robbed by Satan; this is God’s deprivation working in the background. One must obey God’s deprivation, and one must not blame God. He calmly reflected, and made a final decision, henceforth he said: “the LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD” (Job 1:21). Look at his witnessing. Job was especially calm when being tried. He was never flustered. People around him must be saying: “Let us give chase. Let us gather a throng of people to get back what’s yours!” Yet Job did no such thing. He reflected, he looked at what actually happened, whether it came from God. If it should come from God, what would it matter what man did? Just as God gives to man, God can take away in the same breath. If God should give to you once again, man can only wait, for all of this is up to God. Even if you have obtained it, should God wish to take away, it shall be taken away from you regardless; should God wish to take away, there is no use in giving chase. Job saw this clearly. Therefore, one must lay down a solid foundation in the true way before one can stand one’s ground and bear witness when tried. This is key. Some were pruned and dealt with, judged and chastised, after they had just accepted God’s work of the last days. Would you not say that this is a good thing? This is the arrival of God’s love, the arrival of God’s grace, the arrival of God’s blessing. You say, “Whether this appears to be pruning and dealing, or trials and refinements, God has made me understand one truth, God has benefited me in this matter, God has given

me an understanding of God from this.” Has this not become a blessing? It has turned into a blessing, you have benefited, therefore you should thank God, and you should praise God!

So what have you learned from our fellowship today? Have you seen that there are many elements of unbelief in our faith? You always form conceptions about God’s words. This is an indicator of unbelief. You always form conceptions about Christ. This is an indicator of unbelief. You always form conceptions about God’s work. This is an indicator of unbelief. You always have your own conceptions of the work of God’s household and how the chosen experience God’s work. This is an indicator of unbelief. Not obeying God or not pursuing the truth; this will not suffice. If we Christians want to obtain salvation, we must pursue the truth. The best way to pursue the truth is to seek the truth first in all things. That is, you should say, “I am forming my own conception about this. I will try to find the truth in this. I am not submitting to God in this. Well, I will seek the truth in this.” You can seek the truth in many things, or you can find some truth in many things. Therefore, your belief is real, because you can submit to God. To obey God is to truly believe in God. If you cannot submit to God’s words or the truth God expresses, you do not really believe in God; there is impurity in your belief. All religions admit that there’s a God, but they don’t accept the truth expressed by Christ in the last days. How does God judge their sins? God considers these people to be nonbelievers. Therefore, those who believe in God but do not believe in all of His truth and do not submit to the authority of Christ are considered nonbelievers in the eyes of God. They are all traitors to God and will be convicted of sin. They’ll never enter the kingdom of heaven. Now, some people say, “After the great disaster, will any nonbelievers survive?” Yes. Some of those whose deeds don’t involve God will survive. They will be under the jurisdiction of God’s people. Even if you are a famous scholar of religion or a preacher, if you have your own conceptions about God’s work in the last days, if you do not submit to Him, if you do not accept but deny the truth of Christ of the last days, then you are the ultimate antichrist! Now that the ultimate antichrists have been revealed, they are the same as Jewish chief priests, scribes and Pharisees. These people must all be subjected to perdition and destruction as part of God’s eternal punishment. In the spiritual world there is a place dedicated to punishing these antichrists. Paul’s spirit is there now being punished. His punishment is coming directly from God. In the last days, most of the religious leaders will meet the same fate as Paul. They will all be sent to that place. Peter’s spirit is in the kingdom of heaven, so are Abraham’s and David’s. This is recognized by all. Therefore, we who have received the judgment and chastisement of Christ in the last days are the most blessed. But you must pursue the truth. You must stand witness and cannot be captured by Satan. If people here don’t accept the truth or pursue the truth, they will meet their trials one day and be exposed. Or one day, these people may fall ill and die and be revealed thus. At that time, they will meet their end; they will be abandoned as well. Do not think that all who have accepted Almighty God will survive. This is not so. Some people will not survive, namely nonbelievers who do not accept the truth. Even if they do believe, it is of no use. Do you understand what this means? Some people may believe in Almighty God for one or two years. They may understand some truth and may have undergone some changes. They survive and are left standing after the great disaster. Some people believe in Almighty God for twenty years but do not pursue the truth at all and do not do their duty well. When the great disaster arrives, they die. Does it matter how long people believe in God? No, it does not. Time is not the most important factor. The key is whether you’re pursuing the truth. This is the most important thing. Can we see God’s righteousness in this? God is righteous. Remember that! Some people say, “God’s work is coming to an end soon. I have just started to believe. Am I too late? If only I had believed earlier! If I can enter the reality of the truth in these next two years, can I survive? There must be a difference between new believers like me and those who have kept the faith for many years, right?” Not necessarily. Some new believers are pretty good. They are spiritual, pure and obedient to the truth. I say these people have promise. God is righteous. He is just and fair to all people. God does not show favoritism. The truth does not play favorites either.

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