Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Are You a True Believer of God?”


Some people encounter many things but do not understand the difference between the truth and rules. “How can those who believe in God recognize the truth? Is satanic speech of unbelievers the truth? Are sayings in the books of sages the truth? Mottos of unbelievers sound very nice. Are they the truth? Are the well-known words of some religious figures the truth?” Many people can’t distinguish real truth. Satan has a famous saying “Every man for himself, and the devil takes the hindmost.” Is this the truth? This is obviously easy to recognize. “All people have good and evil sides.” Is this the truth? “Good people will live peaceful lives.” Is this the truth? “The worth of other pursuits is small, the study of books excels them all.” Is this the truth? Is knowledge the truth? Is philosophy the truth? Is science the truth? Is law the truth? None of these are the truth. These questions are easy to answer, but when it comes down to specifics, will you be able to tell the difference? Many people cannot distinguish specific things. Is it education that helps your children grow up? No. Well then, what is it? It is as God ordains. What you reap is what you sow. This is not the result of education. Then what role does education play? Education can improve our behavior and bring a measure of order to our lives. Your world view does not come from education. Human nature is not taught, but men can be corrupted by Satan. This is far more dangerous than well-intentioned human education. If you’re brought to the great red dragon and educated there for a few years, you’ll be finished. You’ll be full of the great red dragon’s poison. It’s really something else. Satan can corrupt men. Men cannot look to good education to solve problems. Their nature is what it is. After they grow up, those that should be devils will still be devils, and those that should be Satan will still be Satan. It’s the same as wolves. They’re wolves from the minute they’re born. Even if you feed them like they’re dogs and give them dogs’ milk to drink, they’ll still be wolves. Their nature will not change. Right? There’s a popular saying of unbelievers. Even though it’s not the truth, it’s in line with the facts. “Birth time decides one’s life; your entire life is predestined.” Is this correct? Yes, it’s correct and in line with the facts, but it’s not the truth. “Birth time decides one’s life,” that is, God determines what family you are born into and when you are born, up to the very minute and second. It is a mystical thing. Our entire lives, our fate have to do with our birth data. This time is mystical. Do you understand? Therefore, when a certain person finally starts believing in God, when he accepts the commission God has given him, when he encounters certain things and what his end is, all of these things are predetermined by God. Even though these things are predetermined, if he pursues the truth, he can change his fate. God allows people to use the pursuit of truth to change their fates. For example, some people do service for years, pursuing the truth, and they obtain life and become people of God. God gives people a choice, because God gives them free will. People have the opportunity to choose. Therefore, if you pursue the truth, you can change your fate. Relying on Feng Shui or your own clout will not change your fate. You can rely on force and other means to obtain material goods and curry favor, but in the end, your fate won’t change. You’ll still die, and you’ll still be destroyed. Is it not so? If you pursue the truth, your fate will be changed. The truth will bring you good luck. If you practice the truth, God will not unleash His wrath on you. God will say, “I must give this person My blessing.” If a person pursues the truth and practices the truth, all of God’s wrath will be quelled. If he pursues the truth, he will start to love God, and his fate will be changed. Even his children will receive God’s protection and blessing. If you love God, you will be blessed for generations. Your children will receive His blessing as well. If you hate God, your iniquity will haunt your descendants to the third and fourth generations. See how significant this is? Therefore, pursuing the truth can change your destiny. Men spend thousands or even millions studying knowledge, and what do they get? Death, destruction, desolation. If men don’t spend money and pursue the truth instead, they’ll obtain the truth and eventually obtain God’s blessing. Then they will enter the kingdom of heaven and have eternal life, and their children will obtain God’s blessings. Therefore, pursuing the truth is of the utmost importance. The truth can be your life and cleanse you of your satanic disposition. It can absolve you of your satanic nature and give you true life. The truth can give you eternal life and change your fate. Believing in God is the truth. Obeying God is the truth. Worshiping God is the truth. Being loyal to God is the truth. Loving God is the truth. Being an honest person as God requires is the truth. If you are an honest person, you will receive God’s blessing. If you are a deceitful person, you will perish. Just try it for yourself and find out whether these words are true. Some people say, “Can we really obtain God’s blessing by being an honest person?” Yes. Be an honest person, and you’ll see how God protects you and blesses you, because this is the truth. As long as you practice the word of God and practice the truth as He requires you to do, you are guaranteed to receive God’s blessing, grace and protection. This is an absolute certainty. Everything God says is the truth. Unbelievers do not accept it. They say, “We will not follow that path.” If you do not follow that path, you will be destroyed. We believe in God, so we listen to God’s words and accept His words. In the end, we will receive His blessing. This is what distinguishes us from unbelievers.

That is as much of God’s words that we’ll communicate for now. Now I’ll answer a few questions.

Question & Answer

Question 1: How do I experience God’s work? What does it mean to experience God’s work?

Answer: I’ll discuss this issue briefly, as it is very important. The most important thing about experiencing God’s work is experiencing judgment and chastisement by God’s word, so that humanity is cleansed of their corruption, understands the truth, and knows God. This entire process is what it means to experience God’s work. In addition, this process is best suited to an environment that contains the truth. What does it mean by “an environment that contains the truth?” It refers to experiencing God’s work in the church. This means fulfilling your duty in the church, living and serving together with your brothers and sisters, then experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement by the word. This is ideal and the most effective way to experience it. Some people say, “I’m not in an environment like that. My life at home is difficult. There’s only one way out—working. I don’t have an opportunity to participate in church life or perform my duty.” People like this can experience God’s work at home by listening to sermons and interacting and communicating with several brothers and sisters. This will also suffice. However, when it comes to relative effectiveness, is it different than fulfilling your duty and experiencing God’s work in the church, an environment that contains the truth? Yes, there is a difference. There’s no way around it. Therefore, to experience God’s work is to experience judgment and chastisement by God’s word. In the church, an environment that contains the truth, everyone communicates God’s words. This leads them to gradually understand the truth so that they are finally cleansed of their corruption. They know God more and more, and they grow more and more compatible with Him. Such compatibility brings them the joy of obeying and worshiping God, and their life becomes increasingly happy, as if they were living in heaven. This is what you experience when you live in the church, an environment that contains the truth. Fulfilling your duty and experiencing God’s work in the church is ideal. If this is not an option for you, if you’re working to provide for your family, well, you can read God’s word, listen to sermons and fellowship about the truth with others in your spare time. This will also suffice, but it’s still not as good as living in the church. You will get less in return, and your growth will be slower. That is the main difference. However, both of these options are ways to experience God’s work. Do you understand?

As for experiencing God’s work, some people follow God and experience some persecution. Some people receive pruning and dealing. Some people fail, fall and are rejected by others. Some people are expelled, while some eventually repent and do good deeds, and come back again. That is to say, we have been through a lot while believing in God all these years, but we all obtained some truth; we have all obtained substantial benefit. Our life disposition is all changed in some way. Experiencing judgment and chastisement, trials and refinement, pruning and dealing, frustration, failure, cooperation and friction with our brothers and sisters in the church has led us to understand many truths. These experiences have definitely changed us. We have gained so much truth and life. This process is what it means to experience God’s work. Through experiencing all of these things, we have obtained a lot and grown substantially. Well, then hasn’t church life trained us and made us who we are? As we have grown like this through church life, we slowly remove our corruption and will become compatible with God. When the great disaster comes, we will survive. After we survive, the kingdom of Christ will be realized, and we will belong to that kingdom.

Question 2: In God’s fellowship, “The Minimum Requirements for Attaining Reverence for God Are Conscience and Humanity,” God left a question for us: “Can a person without a conscience or humanity, that is to say, a person with exceptionally low character, completely devoid of integrity, have reverence for God?” This is a question we also discussed when we gathered together, but it has yet to be fully illuminated. I’d like to ask brother to talk about it.

Answer: This question is how God reveals humanity. God exposes a certain kind of man’s corruption. However, the key is, now that God has exposed you, how will you respond? God said, “Can a person without a conscience or humanity, that is to say, a person with exceptionally low character, completely devoid of integrity, have reverence for God?” If people want to know God’s words, then they must understand what is required to have reverence for God. If a person really doesn’t have a conscience, humanity, or any semblance of character, this is a special case. This person is like a savage. Can a person like this accept the truth or accept pruning and dealing? They cannot even accept pruning and dealing. No matter how accurately you criticize them according to the facts, they will rebel against you with shouts and abuses. Can people like this learn to fear God? Well, now we have the answer to the question. Nonetheless, for the majority of us, as soon as we see our past arrogance and self-righteousness, the foolish things we did, our selfishness, our lies, our self-interest, our efforts to save face, we realize we are now shameless, lacking conscience, humanity, or character, we feel like slapping ourselves in the face. Afterward, we still accept God’s word and the truth, accept pruning and dealing, and obey Him no matter how He judges and chastises us. Well, do you think we can become God-fearing people? Some will say we can. Why will this situation be able to instill the fear of God into someone? He recognizes that “I had no conscience before, no humanity and no character.” After understanding this, when he is pruned and dealt with, he can know himself and obey. He accepts whatever judgment and chastisement God doles out. What is the difference between this person and the one we previously discussed? The first person is absolutely devoid of any conscience, humanity, or character. The second person can accept the truth, submit to God’s judgment and chastisement and subject himself to pruning and dealing. In reality, on the surface, he may say “My God! I don’t have a conscience. I don’t have humanity. How am I even fit to call myself a human? I do not have any truth at all, and am committed to telling lies!” However, the fact that he is able to accept the truth, to accept pruning and dealing, shows that he is not completely devoid of conscience, humanity, or character. He acknowledges his own corruption. He is different from the person who has no awareness of his corruptions. Do you understand? You can think of it this way: An unbeliever, the savage, is irrational. Do they admit that they are irrational? They won’t admit it. They’ll say they’re perfect. If you call them a savage, then they’ll get mad and challenge you to a fight. On the other hand, a person who believes in God will behave a bit more appropriately. After being judged and chastised, they will admit they’re an inhuman savage, unfit to be called a human. Now then, which of these people really lacks humanity? Which of them is really unfit to be called a human? Can you tell the difference? The one with self-awareness still has a bit of humanity. They can still accept the truth. The one who does not acknowledge this, who refuses to accept it, who thinks they are perfect, this person cannot be saved. They are finished. They really are devoid of humanity. Isn’t that quite a big difference?

Question 3: How do we observe the work of the Holy Spirit?

Answer: First you must understand the work that the Holy Spirit does. You must grasp the principles behind His work. The principles behind the Holy Spirit’s work, well, the main objective is to enlighten humanity so that they understand God’s word and the truth, so that they know God’s work. Additionally, all those who have already received God’s grace and mercy or new believers, if you pray to God in times of hardship or temptation, you will see the Holy Spirit’s work and observation. In times of temptations and tribulations, you must quickly pray to God; don’t speak out of hand, but pray instead and instantly ponder God’s word. If you do this, it will be easy to obtain the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment. These are the crucial times when the Holy Spirit works. On the one hand, when you read God’s word and seek the truth, you must be mindful of the Holy Spirit’s work. On the other hand, when you pray to God in times of temptations and tribulations, this is when the Holy Spirit enlightens you. Additionally, when you are following the wrong path, coveting the comforts of the flesh, sometimes your heart feels hollow. You feel you’re about to be disciplined by God. It feels like a great scourge is about to fall down on you. This is when you must be mindful of the Holy Spirit’s work. At these key points and these critical moments, you must pray and seek God in order to receive the work of the Holy Spirit and ensure you do not miss it.

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