Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Beholding the Appearance of God in His Judgment and Chastisement”


Why was Abraham blessed by God? He said: “Oh God, I am nothing but dust!” It means: “I am nothing. I am a man, but in front of God, I am nothing but dust.” He humbled himself. He knew what the position of man was before God, he knew what man was, therefore he said such things before God, which showed that Abraham was a man who revered God. In the eyes of Abraham, God was supreme, God was noble, while we men were mere dust before God. We cannot even compare with ants. We are not entitled to put forth any conditions to God, to have any extravagant demands, or have any excessive desire for God. Therefore, God appeared to Abraham, God had demands of him, and God worked on him. Indeed, Abraham lived up to God’s expectations and God’s will. No matter what God’s demands were of him, he obeyed, thereby in the end he received the blessings from the Creator. What are we before God? How do we compare with Abraham? Do we dare compare ourselves with Abraham? Why don’t we dare? The entirety of mankind has been corrupted by Satan. Abraham should have also been one of them, yet we are unable to see much corruption in Abraham’s prayers and the ways that he dealt with things. Look at the things that he said, the things that he did. He had too much reason, too much humanity. We cannot compare with him! Abraham, if I were to compare with him, I would be too far behind, I can’t even compare with him. I cannot compare. We can’t even compare with Job. I am a man of the last days, most deeply corrupted by Satan—there is no doubt about this. Therefore, before God, we men must be equipped with the necessary reason. In regards to God’s appearance and God’s work, we must only obey, we must only seek; we must not have any extravagant desire or any unreasonable expectations.

Let us look at the Israelites once again. They are all people who believed in God. When Jehovah God was performing work in Israel, He led the Israelites to live on the earth, who promised that in the end the Savior would appear, performing the sin offering for mankind. The Israelites then hoped for the arrival of the Messiah. They wished that the Messiah would soon arrive in their midst. Subsequently, the Lord Jesus arrived, and the Lord Jesus was the Messiah. What is the meaning of the Messiah? The Savior. And so, when the Savior arrived, could His name be “the Savior”? The same with the arrival of God, can His name be “God”? The name of “God” is not easy for man to understand, for there are too many who are called “God” among men. Look at the unbelievers who keep calling some women “goddesses.” They would call anyone a goddess. How disgusting is that? Anyone that man worships, anyone that is his idol, he calls God. All those heroes and historical figures that he blindly worships he calls God. Because the corrupt mankind does not know God, because he has too many Gods in his heart, therefore God must have His own name when He should come. During the Age of Law, God was called Jehovah, and the Israelites used to call Him “Jehovah God,” “God of Israel.” What is the meaning of the name “Jehovah”? The everlasting God. During the Age of Grace, the Messiah arrived, called “Jesus.” Simply because God was called by the name “Jesus,” the Israelites did not accept, saying, “You are not called Messiah, therefore You are not the Messiah. I do not recognize You, and I do not accept You. You are speaking in the capacity of God. You said that You are sent by God, and we condemn You. You are blasphemous. You came here to be our God, to be our Savior, but we do not accept that. We shall crucify You.” Eventually, they crucified the Lord Jesus. Tell me, the Israelites believed in God, yet in the end they crucified the incarnate Lord Jesus. What is the issue here? That is, they believed in God yet did not acknowledge God; they believed in God yet resisted God. Is this not fact? Thereby the Lord Jesus cursed and punished these Pharisees who condemned Him and crucified Him. Is this not the righteousness of God? Accordingly, these two thousand years have not treated the Israelites kindly. They suffered the loss of their nation, they were reduced to slaves and servants among different nations, different tribes, and different parts of the world. There are many Israelites in China, there are also many in the west. They are in all countries. They are unable to return to their own home. Many Muslim countries made them enemies of the state, engaging in wars against them throughout generations, never ending. Even at this very moment, they are preparing for major battles. What problems has this illustrated? To believe in God, yet to not know God, and to resist God—will you receive the promise of God? You shall only be destroyed by God. Then some might say: “What you are saying is not correct. The Israelites were reverent and devout toward Jehovah God. Did the Lord Jesus not see their reverence and devotion to Jehovah God? Wouldn’t He forgive them and have mercy on them?” Is this correct? Most people would not think that this is correct. The Lord Jesus cursed the Israelites, He cursed those Pharisees and the leaders of Judaism, as well as all those who condemned the Lord Jesus. Tell me, was the Lord Jesus representing Jehovah God with His condemnation of the Pharisees and Judaism? If He did represent Jehovah God, then the Israelites who some said were reverent and devout toward Jehovah God, these “good deeds” of theirs, should they be commemorated by God? Those deeds did not count any more, they had been written off. When the Lord Jesus was performing work, Judas was chosen as one of the apostles. However, because he was always secretly spending money from the money bag of the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit handed him over to Satan. For what reason was he handed over to Satan? To allow him to fulfill the fact of the Lord Jesus’ crucifixion, and accordingly, he betrayed the Lord Jesus. After he betrayed the Lord Jesus, the Lord Jesus was crucified. Tell me, shouldn’t Judas be condemned? Some then might say: “He sold out the Lord Jesus, yet he didn’t do it on purpose. He did it for money, yet he probably performed a lot of good deeds for the Lord Jesus. He had done some good things. Wouldn’t those things be commemorated by the Lord?” These things couldn’t be commemorated by the Lord, for they had been written off. Because of this treachery, because of this betrayal, his true nature and substance had been utterly exposed. Therefore, all that he had done before were all a sham, they were adulterated, they were not true love and obedience of God.

Now there are some new believers who are unable to see through these things. They do not know how God views these things, what God’s viewpoint and God’s will are. What is missing that they were unable to see through these things? You must know God’s will when thinking about these things. These things that I say, whose words do I base them on? They are based on God’s words. When the Lord Jesus arrived, why did He curse Judaism, why did He curse those Pharisees? Because they resisted and condemned the Lord Jesus. If they hadn’t said things that resisted and condemned the Lord Jesus, could the Lord Jesus have cursed them? Could He have hated them? It was those from Judaism who first antagonized the Lord Jesus, who first condemned and resisted the Lord Jesus, which then resulted in the Lord Jesus’ curse against them. Is this not the case? Let us now look at the time when the Lord Jesus was preaching. Why did He not go to the synagogue of Judaism? Because the synagogue of Judaism was controlled by the chief priests, scribes and the Pharisees, and all these leaders were at enmity with the Lord Jesus. If the Lord Jesus should have gone to the synagogue, then He would have certainly been captured long ago, instead of preaching for three years before He was crucified in their hands. Is that not the case? We have seen from the four Gospels of the Bible that the Lord Jesus was almost captured several times, yet He escaped into the crowd. Hence, during the days when the Lord Jesus was preaching, who hated the Lord Jesus the most, and who most wanted to capture the Lord Jesus? Was it the contemporary Roman government, or was it the contemporary Judaism? It was Judaism. It was Judaism that captured the Lord Jesus and handed Him over to the Roman government. The Roman government had not found any crime that the Lord Jesus had committed, yet Judaism strenuously demanded that “If you do not crucify this person, then you are not loyal to Caesar.” Judaism wanted to charge Him. What they meant was that “If you do not crucify Jesus, we shall go to the Emperor of Rome and make accusations of you, to have the Emperor dismiss you and remove you from office.” Therefore, it was Judaism that forced Pilate to give the order to crucify the Lord Jesus. This is the fact.

Now, many people are unable to clearly see how the religious community is resisting God, therefore they are crying out for the perceived injustice against the religious community. “Why are you condemning the religious community?” Are we the ones condemning the religious community? Or is it the religious community condemning God’s work? Who is condemning whom? During the Age of Grace, was it the Lord Jesus who first condemned the Pharisees, or was it the Pharisees who first antagonized the Lord Jesus? This matter must be clarified. It is inappropriate for you to speak blindly without first clarifying this matter. You make no distinctions, you are unable to see through anything, yet in the end you willfully judge God’s work, saying that God has condemned man. Is this the case? God condemned man for God is righteous. Can you say that God is not correct in condemning man? Can you still proclaim that man is holy? Do you still dare say such things? Now, why do all the people in the religious community rarely seek out God’s work of the last days? Why has the website of the Church of Almighty God been published online for all these years, about ten years now, yet very few have investigated God’s work of the last days? What is the source of the problem? Do you know? It is because of the Chinese Communist Party and those antichrists from the religious community trying to condemn and profane Almighty God, fabricating a variety of negative videos, negative material, negative propaganda and spreading them online, constantly discrediting the Church of Almighty God, attacking and profaning Almighty God. Whenever someone goes online, all that they see is negative propaganda, there is only negative material, therefore they do not investigate Almighty God’s work of the last days. Is this not the case? And what thing is this religious community? Who is the one actually condemning the religious community? Is it man who condemns, or is it God? Why is man unable to make such distinctions? Why does man speak for the antichrists from the religious community? Why does man not believe that this is Almighty God’s judgment of mankind, that this is Almighty God’s judgment of the religious community? This question is worth pondering. This question must be pondered.

Every time God incarnate performs work, there has always been a most intense battle with Satan. This mankind, the ruling parties of this mankind, including the religions of this mankind, they first point their spears directly at Christ, wanting to completely ban Christ’s work on earth, to establish an eternal godless realm on earth. Is this not the scheme of Satan? Why do they so frenziedly resist and condemn Almighty God? Because they want to achieve this despicable objective—to establish a godless realm in China, and to establish a godless realm in the world. And now, the religious beliefs of all nations of the world run the risk of being banned. The Christians of some nations are starting to be persecuted. There are not many Christians left in the ruling parties; there are only very few in the ruling parties that are Christians. If a nation is completely ruled by an atheist party, then it is inevitable that Christians will begin to be persecuted. Can we not say that? If you believe in the vague God, if you believe in the God in heaven, then others would look at you and say, “Oh, religious belief,” and they ignore you. However, should you believe in a real God, a practical God, an incarnate God, then they will certainly condemn you. The religious community will first persecute you by calling you heresy and a cult. Therefore, this desire of us for salvation, this desire of us to believe in this practical God, this incarnate God, their purpose is to get rid of our corrupt disposition, to live out the likeness of a true man, to receive God’s promise to enter the kingdom of heaven. Will such a road be smooth? Why must this road be tortuous and fraught with difficulties? That is because of the evils of this world, that is because of the evils of the ruling parties, that is because of the evils of the religious community. They resulted in us having to suffer many hardships, and they resulted in us having to endure many persecutions.

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