Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Beholding the Appearance of God in His Judgment and Chastisement”


Now we have many brothers and sisters, who are new believers, who are spreading the gospel in the religions. Once they began to bear witness for God in the religions, they hit a brick wall. The religious people started resisting, and they began to besiege these new believers. They became confused, “I am here to bear witness of God for you, why are you antagonizing me? Why are you so hostile? Oh, you do not understand. One must have tremendous patience spreading the gospel to the religious community. It just wouldn’t work without patience.” “By spreading the gospel to them, I must be persecuted by them, and they would also treat us as their enemy. Why is it so difficult to spread this gospel? Could it be that the God we believe in is not real?” Some started to have doubts, and they ask why this is happening. They are unable to see through the essence of this issue. What is this issue? Why is it so easy for man to accept Lord Jesus, yet so difficult for man to accept Almighty God? This is because the work of Lord Jesus is that of redemption, and the work of redemption is filled with grace, filled with blessings, without judgment and chastisement. That is to say, all that Lord Jesus has given man is grace, healing, exorcising of ghosts, solutions to difficulties, peace and joy, blessings; Lord Jesus makes sure that everything goes well for you. This is why Lord Jesus is well received. Particularly those with sickness, those faced with disasters and difficulties, once you tell them that Lord Jesus can give them salvation, that He can give them peace and blessing, they say, “Well then, I shall believe in Him.” Therefore, it is easy to believe in Lord Jesus, it is easy for man to accept Him, because the work of Lord Jesus fits so well with the conceptions of man. Lord Jesus bestows grace to man, and He forgives all sins of man. This is too easy to believe, this is too easy to be accepted by man. On the other hand, when you go and bear witness of Almighty God to others, they ask you: “What kind of God is Almighty God? Why should we believe in Him?” “You will be judged and chastised by Him if you believe in Him.” “Oh? Judged and chastised? Condemning our sins? I do not have sins.” There is the trouble. Once judgment and chastisement are mentioned, the hatred of man surfaces. Which is why it is not easy to spread the gospel of Almighty God. Just one day of bearing witness for the gospel of Lord Jesus and others will easily accept Him, yet it takes at least ten days of bearing witness for Almighty God before He will be accepted. This is a ratio of one to ten! If you bear witness of Almighty God for others, all those receiving the gospel must go through a battle of seven, eight days—not one of them is willing to accept without this effort of seven, eight days. You have no need to understand the Bible when bearing witness for Lord Jesus. You can bear witness without understanding any truths, as long as you speak of the receiving of grace and blessings after believing in the Lord. This will not work when bearing witness for Almighty God. You will not be able to bear witness without having equipped yourself with the truths for a year or so. With just those words of yours, with just those knowledge of yours, you won’t be able to refute those from the religions, you must equip yourself with the truths for a year or so. You must also constantly listen to sermons and carry out fellowships before you can lay down a foundation in your own heart. Almighty God has arrived in the last days, bringing with Him the righteous disposition of God, bringing with Him all the truths of God’s salvation and cleansing of mankind, expressing them all. Man looks at this, and sees a God full of righteousness, majesty and wrath, full of judgment and chastisement, and man sees that He shall ultimately put an end to this era, and destroy this evil world. Such a tremendous difficulty laid out before man, can man understand? Can he accept? Therefore, one must say much when bearing witness for Almighty God. If you do not fellowship almost all the basics of the three stages of work, if you merely talk of God’s work in the last days, it will not work. Almighty God during the last days is the complete manifestation of Jehovah. He expressed all the words that must be said to mankind, all the work that must be performed on mankind, all the arrangements that have been made for mankind, as well as how the fate of mankind will play out in the future, in much detail, and with much specificity. Therefore, to bear witness for Almighty God during the last days, one must understand many truths before one can witness for God thoroughly and clearly.

Some might then ask: “Why do you say that the words spoken by Almighty God are the words spoken by God? What basis do you have for saying this?” Is this question easy to answer? So, others ask you: “What basis do you have for saying that Lord Jesus is God? How many days have you believed in God? How can you acknowledge that Lord Jesus is God? Have you ever believed in Jehovah God? You have never believed in Jehovah God, then how can you accept Lord Jesus? Have you seen Lord Jesus? Has He appeared to you?” Can you answer these things clearly? Let us then ask the Jewish people: “What basis do you have for believing in Jehovah? Have you seen Jehovah? Has Jehovah appeared to you? What basis do you have, what proof do you have, that Jehovah is God?” Is this easy for someone to answer? It is certainly not something that is easy to answer. Therefore, God’s words have said that God’s sheep listen to God’s voice. Those who acknowledge that the words of Almighty God are God’s words and God’s voice, they will be able to accept Almighty God. Ask them: “Why do you believe in Almighty God?” They say: “From the words of Almighty God, I can see that this is God’s voice, that this is God’s expression, therefore I believe in Almighty God.” “Then why do you believe in Lord Jesus?” “I see authority and power in the words of Lord Jesus. He has also performed some miracles, therefore I acknowledge that Lord Jesus is God.” Those who believe in Jehovah say: “We have experienced the work of Jehovah God. Jehovah God has led us. Based on His words, we make offerings to Him once we have sinned, and thereby we attain peace in our hearts. We keep His laws and thereby we are blessed by God. Therefore, we have determined that Jehovah is the true God.” Don’t those who believe in God say such things? In this way, all take after their own kinds. Unbelievers all believe in the devil, they all believe in Satan: Some of them believe in Guanyin, some believe in Gautama Buddha, yet some believe in Marx, Mao Zedong, while others believe in Yue Fei, Guan Yu, and others believe in Mazu. In short, all that the unbelievers believe in are false. None of them were able to create the heavens and earth and all things, and none of them are able to give mankind salvation. They are all false gods. False gods are evil spirits, they must be taken seriously. Such evil spirits can harm man, and man could perish from them. Is that not the case? The false gods must be somewhat effective for people to believe in them, for the unbelievers are no fool, and they would not have believed if the false gods have not been effective. Therefore, to put it precisely, the false gods are the various evil spirits. They have shown that they are effective, to some extent, and they have also demonstrated some small miracles, but they are evil spirits. Evil spirits can’t rule over the fate of mankind, they can’t bring salvation to mankind, they can’t change the world, they can’t lead mankind, and they did not create the heavens and earth and all things, therefore they are false gods. At present, all of mankind are following their own kinds, they are all believing in their own way, according to their own basis, with their own reasons—religious freedom, that which no one has the right to interfere. Therefore, for us to bear witness that Almighty God is the true God, what principles should we base on? If you can accept Almighty God’s words and His work, if you can acknowledge that the words of Almighty God are the expression of God and the voice of God, then the Church of Almighty God will accept you. If we have borne witness for you for many days and fellowshiped the truths for many days, yet you still do not acknowledge that Almighty God is the true God, and you still do not accept that Almighty God is the second coming of Lord Jesus, what can be done? There is nothing that can be done. No one can force another or pressure another to accept. If one does not acknowledge that this is the voice of God, what else can you tell such a person?

Before, when I believed in the Lord, as I was spreading the gospel I would hear people say, “If I do not go to work, would this Lord that you believe in give me money to spend?” I said: “If you want money to spend, then this path is not possible for you. The Lord that we believe in can provide man salvation away from sin, and this is more important than having money to spend. If someone has a fatal illness, can money save him? No, it can’t save him, but one word from God will let him live. If you do not believe in God, you shall go to hell after you die, no one can save you, and you will suffer eternal agony in hell. However, if you believe in God, then one day when you die, you will no longer go to hell. Tell me, can you buy that with money?” Some people, after they heard this, what did they say? “I don’t believe these things that you said. Who have seen this fact?” I said: “If you don’t believe, if you don’t acknowledge that there is a spiritual realm, if you don’t acknowledge that there is God, then you are done, then you cannot believe in the Lord. You are unable to believe in the Lord, and there is no use talking with you. All you see is what’s in front of you, all you see is that money and the material world are real. Go on then, and believe in money.” What are some of the questions that the religious person would ask? “What basis do you have for saying that these are God’s words? Who recorded the words of Almighty God? Could God have brought these words directly by Himself when He arrived?” Are these questions easy to answer? Man cannot answer them. If one does not acknowledge that these are God’s words, it means that he is not God’s sheep. God’s sheep listen to God’s voice, and he is not God’s sheep. He hears God’s voice yet he does not acknowledge that this is God’s voice, and he said that this is the voice of man. Is this not the case? Lord Jesus said: “I am sent by God.” Those in Judaism heard this, and said, “You said that You are sent by God, You are blasphemous. How come we didn’t see in what manner God has sent You? What proof do You have that You are sent by God?” Tell me, could someone like this believe in the Lord? He was unable to accept Him, and he did not acknowledge that Lord Jesus was sent by God. He did not even acknowledge the One sent by God, then he certainly wouldn’t have accepted if you had told him of God incarnate and God’s appearance. If you should say such things, he would have chased you out with a stick, he would have locked you up. Is that not the case? Therefore, regarding the acceptance of God’s work, we must see how the individual’s heart and spirit receive. This is the key. We say: “God has returned.” He says: “Where?” “Performing work in China, expressing His words.” “What is the proof?” “We have words as proof.” “Then how do you acknowledge that these are God’s words?” “Read them, look at them. See if these are God’s words; see if these are words originating from the same source as the words of Lord Jesus, the words of Jehovah God, and the words of God spread by the prophets; see if it is the same Spirit voicing these words. If you can see through this problem, then everything is fine, and all the problems are solved, and the answers are all here. If you can’t see that the same Spirit is voicing His words and doing His work, then there is no use no matter how much we say. Like minds can easily be understood by each other.”

How many of those from Judaism who believed in Jehovah accepted Lord Jesus? Very few. Who were these people? These people were those who had the inner quality to understand spiritual matters. Once they saw Lord Jesus’ words and the work He performed, they said, “This is the appearance of Jehovah God, this is the arrival of Jehovah God.” Many did not understand spiritual matters, and they said: “I heard Jesus’ words, and He kept saying blasphemous things. He is certainly not sent by God, therefore I do not accept.” Look, once God has incarnated, those from the religious community with true beliefs, false beliefs; those who know God’s voice, those who do not; those who understand the spirit, and those who do not; are they not all distinguished at once? They are all distinguished. Therefore, Lord Jesus arrived during the Age of Grace, distinguishing those in Judaism with true beliefs and false beliefs. Now Almighty God has arrived during the last days, and all those from the entire Catholic Church, Christian Church, Orthodox Church; those with true beliefs in God, and those with false beliefs in God; those who understand spiritual matters, and those who do not understand spiritual matters; those who love the truth, and those who do not love the truth; those good servants, and those evil servants; all of them have been distinguished. Some might say: “Those who have not investigated are also distinguished?” For those who have not investigated, it depends on their attitude. Go ask the religious community: “What is happening with ‘Eastern Lightning,’ do you know?” “We know. Both the Chinese communist government and the religious community have condemned ‘Eastern Lightning,’ therefore we are not investigating.” They refused to investigate, solely because of this, and what is this issue here? Are these people who thirst for God’s appearance? Are these people who love the truth? Are these wise virgins? They can’t measure up in these respects, therefore they do not investigate, and they do not accept because they do not investigate. Then some might say: “Do we not preach to them because they do not accept it? Let us preach to them, and if they will not accept it no matter how much we preach, then we can still condemn them at that time.” Then you go ahead and preach. Are we not always preaching? The Church of Almighty God is always preaching, and we are always bearing witness for the appearance and work of the Christ of the last days. It is not that we condemn them while we haven’t yet preached to them, while they do not yet know, while they have not yet investigated. God’s work always gives man sufficient time, is that not the case? During the Age of Law, Jehovah God performed work for two thousand years, and Lord Jesus has now also performed work for two thousand years. While Almighty God of the last days has performed work for the shortest period of time, yet it has already been over twenty years, almost thirty years. For over twenty years, the gospel of kingdom has been spread to almost the entire world, it has been spread all over the internet, with people from all nations having accepted this gospel. Of course, there is still some time until the gate of grace should close. When will the gate of grace close? When the great disaster has ended, then the gate of grace will be closed completely.

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