Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Beholding the Appearance of God in His Judgment and Chastisement”


Some people say, “Those people in the religious world who still haven’t accepted the gospel, are they sure to perish?” Did I say this? How can we look at this from the basis of God’s word? When the apocalypse is over, the gate of salvation will be completely closed. Look at this passage from the word of God, “When I chastise the many peoples, those in the religious world will, in differing degrees, return to My kingdom….” When God says “in differing degrees,” this means that during the apocalypse, there will be some people from different religious sects—a small minority, a few individuals—who will return to God’s side. Nothing we humans have to say can tell us who will be able to be saved and who will not be able to be saved; rather, the key to answering this question lies in God’s word. If we repeat what God says and if we speak in accordance with God’s word, then our words will be correct. For our words are founded in God’s word, we are not talking nonsense. Don’t you believe in God’s word? It’s alright to not believe in the words of humans, but if you don’t believe in God’s word, then you have no faith in God. This arises from your vile faithlessness. How can you still believe in Almighty God if you don’t believe in what God said? What is this “vile faithlessness”? Most people who follow God are riddled with doubts. What lies within this doubt? Vile faithlessness. If there is a little bit of faithlessness within you, then you’ll oppose and resist God, you will be conflicted, your heart will be disloyal to Him, even to the point where you will become God’s enemy on certain matters. Is this not so? If you lack even a bit of faith toward God regarding just one issue, this will lead you to betray Him on this matter, and you will become an enemy of God. A person who truly reveres God and distances himself from evil speaks with care. He’ll say, “Who spoke these words? If it is a human, are his words based in God’s word? I’ll get a book of God’s word and search inside.” Once he reads God’s word, he’ll say, “It is based in God’s word. This is not a person who speaks nonsense.” How should you treat something that a person says if it is based in God’s word? If you submit to it without following your own notions, this is true reverence and godliness. Is it reverence or godliness if you blindly condemn and oppose something that doesn’t accord with your own notions and don’t search for the truth in God’s word? This is not reverence or godliness at all, but rather the corrupt disposition of man; he is revealing his arrogant and self-righteous nature. Is this not so? My words don’t condemn anybody. My words have their foundation in the word of God. In the prophecy of Revelation, God condemns the religious world. The religious world is Babylon the Great, and in the end, Babylon the Great will ultimately be destroyed. It is the great whore. Is it true that God condemns the religious world? It’s quite troublesome that a person can believe in the Lord for many years and still not see how in the prophecy of Revelation God condemns the religious world as Babylon the Great. When Lord Jesus came to earth, He condemned Judaism, and when Almighty God comes, He condemns the entire religious world. The Bible’s prophecy of Revelation condemns the entire religious world as Babylon the Great, the great whore. You are now following the great whore and believing in God and serving God in Babylon the Great. What path do you walk? Do you walk the path of God’s will or do you walk the path of the antichrist? This you will never know today. But if you truly revere God and submit to God’s judgment and chastisement, after a few years of doing this, you will be able to see all things clearly.

Today we read this passage of God’s word “Beholding the Appearance of God in His Judgment and Chastisement.” God’s words made it clear that if a person does not undergo the judgment and chastisement of God, he will not be able to see God appear. Some people say, “How could we not be able to see it when Lord Jesus openly descends from the clouds?” Is this person in the right? No, he is not. We say this because it’s written clearly in the Bible in black and white. What does Revelation 1:7 say? “Behold, he comes with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.” What will happen when God openly descends from the clouds? “… all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him.” People would not believe and say, “How is this possible? How can everyone weep in sorrow at seeing God descend from the clouds?” It also says here, “Even so, Amen.” “Even so,” the words of Revelation are all God’s words, for God directly gave these revelations to John the apostle, just as the rest of the books of the prophets were revealed to man. In the Bible, some words come from God’s own mouth directly, while some are spoken by prophets. Then there is the Revelation. These are all God’s words, and they have not been diluted by human ideas in the least bit. When you look at the words written by people in the Bible, some of them come from the Holy Spirt and some of them come from the understanding of men, but what they say is very close to God’s meaning. This meaning is correct, but not completely accurate. And some of them are surely influenced by how people received God’s words based on their biases or confusion. This is how you must look at the Bible. But regarding the afore-mentioned Revelation, these revelations are God’s words exactly. This is exactly like what the prophets said, and this is what God directly revealed to John, and John recorded the revelations on the basis of what God gave him. “… all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.” It is also written: “… and they also which pierced him.” Who does “they also which pierced Him” refer to? This refers to those among the religious world who directly condemn God in the last days. These are the people who pierce Him. These people will still witness God’s open appearance, and they will still see with their own eyes. “… and they also which pierced him.” This verse does not refer to the Roman soldiers who crucified Lord Jesus. This verse refers to those who believe in God but resist Him and condemn Him, those who will see Him appear openly. “… and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him.” Why will these people immediately start weeping after seeing God appear? It is because these people resist God, they do not accept God’s work during the last days, and they do not undergo God’s judgment and chastisement, nor do they attain purity. And so, when these people see God manifest Himself, the only possible outcome is “all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of Him.

Those who have undergone Almighty God’s judgment and chastisement will attain perfection during the apocalypse. When they see God appear openly, they will be filled with happiness and delight, they will be wild with joy! “Our God has finally revealed Himself to us again!” Some people will ask, “Why does Almighty God need to leave His believers first, and then come back and appear openly yet again?” After God finishes His work in His corporeal form, He will go back to Zion. This is just like how after Jesus was crucified, when His corporeal body had finished His work, He was resurrected. After being resurrected, did He still have the body of His corporeal form? No, it was His spiritual body that appeared, which looked identical to His corporeal form. When a person saw Him, they would say, “Ah, isn’t this Lord Jesus?” But it was His spiritual body. How long did this spiritual body appear to His disciples? Forty days. After forty days, His appearance on earth finished, and afterward He ascended back to heaven. Almighty God’s work of the last days will be like this. After finishing His work in His corporeal form, He will return to Zion. What’s next after returning to Zion? Some people say that God will openly appear right away. This is not so. It will not be instantaneous; God will return to Zion for a while, and then He will appear openly. After He returns to Zion, calamities will befall the earth. What does God say when coming to earth this time? He says He “has brought down all of the disasters.” Once God completes His work and finishes speaking He will judge, chastise, and refine those who hear His voice and come before His throne. Once these people have been purified and made into overcomers, God will return to Zion. This group of overcomers is made complete before the disaster. They belong to the group of overcomers raptured before the disaster. Some who are not made complete will be refined and purified through the great calamities, which will make them reflect and learn lessons. And so, when those who presently do not pursue the truth are faced with the apocalypse, God will assign them a sufficient amount of lessons for them to learn. Through these lessons, they will learn to know God and submit to God amidst the apocalypse. And so, people of God will attain perfection through these great disasters. When the great disasters fall, the people of the world will perish group by group. These people will die in this disaster, and those people will die in that disaster. When each disaster befalls the world, each will have its own purpose, carrying away some people. There’s a saying among the non-believers: “Those who are doomed will not be able to escape it.”

Some people say, “Why is it that today, we who believe in Almighty God must suffer the persecution of the religious world, and we must also suffer oppression and persecution by the government? We’ve suffered entirely too much. When you look at non-believers and see how easy their lives are, it seems like not believing in God is just better, easier. They can do whatever they want, have fun however they want, eat and enjoy whatever they want, it’s all okay. Why does it have to be so painful for us to believe in God?” What kind of nonsense is this? What is the nature of these words? These are the words of a non-believer. Are non-believers truly happy? No, they are not truly happy. In fact, they have more troubles than you do. If you look at them from the outside, they appear to be cheerful, but in reality, their hearts are deeply troubled. A disease will befall them at anytime, and the complications of this ailment, combined with all the outward stress from life and society and the fact that the apocalypse is growing nearer and nearer, make them anxious and desperate and unable to carry on. This is why they all eat and drink themselves to death now. What does God prepare for these people? God prepares disasters for non-believers, and after they die they go directly to hell. How does God prepare His chosen people? God has you receive the hardships of judgment and chastisement through His word, so that you may obtain purity, perfection, and come to understand the truth. And so, all the hardships that God’s chosen people must experience now are all for the purpose of purifying and curing their corrupt disposition; they are all for us to obtain the truth. If you went to a hospital or a doctor to seek treatment for an illness, would it be possible to not suffer? It’s wrong not to suffer. If you don’t suffer, you won’t get treatment for your illness, you will never obtain truth and life. Is this not the case? Some people say, “I don’t want to undergo these hardships of judgment and punishment, I’m dying to go enjoy myself like the non-believers. When the apocalypse comes, it’ll be much better if I just die in an instant and go straight to hell.” Are there really people who say such things? There are. What kind of person is this? These are the words of a foolish person. As for the non-believers, when the apocalypse comes, they’ll have far more hardships than you will. Death will be near at hand for them, and once they die they will go directly to hell. After going to hell, will their souls suffer? Their souls will continue to suffer; this suffering will be eternal! Their corporeal bodies have just started to suffer now, and so non-believers will suffer even more. In comparison, what you face now is a miniscule amount of hardship. Isn’t there a huge difference between what you must face now and what non-believers will suffer when they go to hell for eternity? That is extreme suffering. Isn’t it foolish to choose eternal, extreme suffering later over a small amount of suffering now? What does the Bible say about this? “For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, works for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory” (2 Corinthians 4:17). Is this not the truth? What are new believers afraid of? “Oh, having faith in Almighty God, I have to face persecution along with larger and crueler spiritual battles. If I were taken captive by Satan, I would be branded with the mark of Satan, and, after being marked by Satan, I would perish for eternity. Oh, believing in Almighty God and staying faithful to His way—this is so difficult, so torturous.” Don’t be scared, all is in God’s hands, God rules over everything. Rely on God, pray to God—this is all you need, no need to dwell on these matters.

Now that the apocalypse draws nearer and nearer, chaos has erupted within every country in the world. And thus God’s words have been fulfilled! Almighty God said, “Starting from today, the international situation will become more and more tense, and each country will crumble apart from the inside out.” “Right now these are just the preliminary steps, but one day, the entire universe will be immersed in the turmoil and chaos of war. The world will be without leaders. With no one to govern it, the whole world will turn to chaos.” This is what it will be like when the apocalypse comes: pure chaos. Some people ask how many years will be left before the disaster—no one knows. God has not given us a definite year, and in any case, we already know that this is going to happen. Some people say, “How do you know all this? How do we know what you say is right?” Don’t listen to what I have to say. If you look at the word of Almighty God, you will understand yourself. When you read more of the words of Almighty God, you will have the same ideas as me, and you will speak just like I do. If you don’t go and read Almighty God’s words, you’ve listened to me in vain, you still won’t be able to accept them, you’ll just think I’m talking nonsense. But if you look at what the word of God says and search for answers there, if you read very closely, all will become clear. Some people say, “How can you say that Almighty God’s word is the true voice of God? Why do you say this?” I base this on the feeling in my soul, and if you can’t accept it, I can’t help you. If you don’t acknowledge Almighty God is God, that Almighty God’s word is God’s word, you won’t be able to accept it; if you see Almighty God’s word as the voice of God, then you will accept it. Even if I didn’t allow you to accept it, you’d be able to accept it. If you do not accept Almighty God’s word as the voice of God, even if I tried to persuade you to do so, it would be of no use. Believing in God is your own personal matter, is it not?

Some people say: “How does God actually speak? Who actually recorded God’s words? Wasn’t there someone who recorded these words?” I’ll tell you my view and experience on this matter.

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