Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Beholding the Appearance of God in His Judgment and Chastisement”


In 1991, God officially began to speak. Where is this recorded? On the first page of The Word Appears in the Flesh, right after the table of contents and the brief introduction, are the first of God’s words. In The Word Appears in the Flesh, God’s words are arranged in the order of which He uttered them by year, month, and day. Here, God’s words are arranged chronologically, without a single day out of order. This is one thing. What’s more, God’s words are mostly composed by God Himself. After He finished writing them, He passed them down to churches where our brothers and sisters could begin to eat and drink these words. However, there is a portion of God’s word that was based on the sermons He gave when He walked in the churches. These sermons are arranged in the order in which they took place. (There were a few instances of unnecessary chatter here and there, and so these parts have been removed, leaving behind the relatively important parts.) This is a very small portion, perhaps as little as 1/5. Which part is this? It is Part III in The Words of the Son of Man Incarnate as He Walked in the Churches. Parts I, II, and IV, however, were all written by God’s own hand, without changing or adding a single word. These are the facts. So the utterances of Almighty God today are recorded in a way somewhat different from those of the Lord Jesus. During the time of the Lord Jesus, His words were spoken casually to those who heard His teaching. At this point in history, there was no way to record sound, so how did His followers record the words of the Lord Jesus? It was His apostles and disciples who wrote down what they heard firsthand. They wrote from memory and verified it with others who were there. Are their records complete? Did they record most of what Jesus said or just a small part of it? In fact, what was recorded only constitutes a small portion of what Jesus said, isn’t this so? Why do we say there is a discrepancy about what the Lord Jesus said between what His disciples recorded? This is a common issue that is difficult to avoid. They didn’t record information; they used their brains to remember things. Because of this, although the words the apostles wrote down carried the Lord’s exact meaning, they were not necessarily the same words that Jesus used. When God speaks today, Almighty God wrote out His words in His own hand. Four fifths of these words are exactly as God Himself wrote them; who dares to change what God writes? God would never allow it. But when you arrange the records of God’s sermons, it’s necessary to take out the unnecessary parts (for example, the bits during God’s sermons where He chats with people). These are the parts that should be removed. If you kept them as they were originally, the book would be way too long, it would be 6 to 12 inches thick. So in accordance with God’s instructions, the unnecessary parts were removed. There is another book of God’s words, titled Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh. God also wrote these words. God first preached these sermons. After finishing His sermons, God said, “These words are spoken but casually; they are not set in stone. So I will tidy them up and write them out.” After God wrote them down, the words were several times more than the ones in God’s sermons, and they have been edited into Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh. There’s another part to God’s early sermons which are contained in Records of Christ’s Talks. However, the words here were arranged by me personally. They have not been examined or inspected by God. Therefore, they were not put in The Word Appears in the Flesh. Among the words of God during His work of the last days, the standard words, and the words that God wrote directly and personally compiled, have all been recorded in The Word Appears in the Flesh and Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh. The sermons arranged by man have been placed in Records of Christ’s Talks. God’s words are separated into these two parts. How many words are there in these two parts altogether? Approximately two million. Two million words! What’s more, there are a few of God’s sermons that have yet to be arranged, though they are not of primary importance.

We just read God’s word, “Beholding the Appearance of God in His Judgment and Chastisement.” When this word was circulated among the churches, God’s chosen people started to argue about it as soon as they saw it. Some people said that these words were the words of God, while others said that they were the words of man. I said, argue all you want! We'll see which people do recognize God’s voice and which people do not recognize God’s voice. When the time comes, we’ll all know who are right in the end. After a month or two, I said, “These words were written by God Himself. This is the voice of God. All those who recognized the voice and writing of God are people who can understand the spirit, and all those who said it was not God’s voice and it was not written by God did not understand the spirit.” As my words began to circulate, some people felt embarrassed. Sniveling, they said, “How can we believe in God for so many years and still not be able to understand the spirit? If we can’t even make out the voice of God, isn’t our belief in Him all in vain?” God’s word can really reveal a person, can’t it? If you don’t think so, pass these words along to every person within your religious circle who has believed in the Lord for many years. Then ask him, are these God’s words or the words of man? As soon as he reads them, he’ll say, “The words of man!” “The words of man? You’ll have to take another look, give it another two days.” He’ll look again, and then say, “Ugh! I was wrong. There are words that are a lot like God’s words. There are words that are a lot like man’s words, too.” “Then why don’t you have another look. Wait until you’ve read the whole thing before you say something this time.” Some people will read the whole thing, and then they’ll say, “It’s just like God’s words. There’s no way a man could write this, it’d be absolutely impossible. No human could ever write something like this.” Others will say, “I’ve read plenty of things written by clergymen, theologians, and spiritual people. But none of them can write like this. They could never write something like this, no one could ever write something like this. This must be God’s word! Only God’s word could have this kind of authority, this kind of power!” This person is truly a sheep of God, and sheep of God listen to God’s voice. Isn’t it so? This is a wise virgin who recognizes God’s voice when they hear it!

Some believers in the Lord will say, “How is it that I can read these words and not be able to tell if they are God’s voice or not? He never writes, ‘The Lord Jesus has come, the Lord Jesus is speaking now,’ or ‘Truly, truly, I say to you.’ You can’t find anything in these words like what the Lord Jesus said in the Bible! I dare say that these are most certainly not the words of the returned Lord Jesus. No, these are men’s words.” Does this kind of person know the voice of God? No, they do not. And so, God’s words are excellent at revealing people for who they are. Those who can recognize these words as God’s voice can accept Almighty God. And a person who would rather die than acknowledge this as the voice of God, any attempts to persuade this person to accept Almighty God would be in vain. No one can persuade someone to accept God. What believer does not have their own views? Everyone has their own views, everyone has their own moral compass. And so, people are classified according to kind before the word of God. Anyone who recognizes the word of God as God’s voice will say, “I accept Almighty God, He is the second coming of the Lord Jesus, He is the manifestation of Jehovah God. I believe this with my whole heart.” This person is raised up to stand before God’s throne. He is raptured at the Lord’s return. As for the person who would rather die than acknowledge Almighty God’s words as the words of the Lord Jesus and the words of Jehovah when He appears, this person will not be able to accept God, and he will be revealed as a non-believer. He does not recognize the voice of God, and he will be eliminated. Who decides upon this elimination? Have I condemned this person? If he doesn’t believe, am I to blame? Who should he blame? Everyone has the freedom to believe, it is a person’s own choice. If he does not believe, he will not accept Almighty God, and all the hardships he suffered as a believer in Jesus before will be erased, it will all come to naught! Who said this? Does this idea come from God’s word? Yes, this is God’s idea. If you don’t believe, you may search for the answers in God’s word. If you can find this passage in God’s words, that’s excellent; you understand what God wants. But if you do not seek the truth in God’s word, all you can do is blindly cling to your own notions and condemn what I’m saying; this is far from wise. What I’m saying here isn’t my own ideas, they are from God’s words. I’ve read this kind of words from God many times over, and so I dare say that I can see this matter with complete clarity. I don’t judge other people as to their ending, “He will inevitably be destroyed, suffering perdition.” What’s the use of me condemning you? God’s words say so, just as the words that cursed the Pharisees were personally spoken by the Lord Jesus. So when someone communicates the Lord Jesus’ words, it’s not the person who condemns the Pharisees, but rather the Lord Jesus’ original words that condemn the Pharisees. Do you understand? This matter can be verified through God’s word. If some people say, “Why can’t we ever seem to understand these things? In the end, how many people within the religious circle can believe in Almighty God?” You can only know the answer to this through looking at Almighty God’s words. At present, the gate of grace has not yet closed its doors, and we have not reached the time of great disasters. Especially during the disasters, there will be some people who will begin to accept Almighty God. In the disasters, the religious circle will return to God in differing degrees. This is why you can’t say now, “All those within the religious world who do not accept Almighty God must perish.” There is still time for them to change. During this time, in the religious circle, who accepts God, and who does not accept God? This is something that we can’t see clearly; only God knows the answer. However, when we attempted to spread the gospel and testify to God among the religious world, we found that religious people reject this. They all oppose and condemn Almighty God. Can’t we all see this? And so, spreading the gospel to religious people is extremely difficult. Therefore, it is destined that those who will finally return to Almighty God are extremely few in number. This is because religious people oppose God too strongly, they read too much negative propaganda and wrongheaded information. This is why passing on the gospel to non-believers is easy, but bearing witness to religious people is extremely difficult. Is this not true? If you enter a religious circle to spread the gospel, you’ll be met with many bitter experiences. First, you’ll get your nose rubbed in the dirt; second, you’ll be shamed; third, you’ll be derided, condemned, and attacked from all sides. There will even be people who will take your picture and show it to all the other people within their circle and say, “This guy, he’s come to spread the gospel of Almighty God. No one should receive him.” This is the treatment you’ll receive from them. This is how the religious world treats anyone who comes to spread the gospel of Almighty God in the last days. What does this mean? The religious world has long functioned as a steadfast fortress for the antichrists and has become part of Satan’s evil forces. However, you can’t say that no one from the religious world can be saved. It’s just that those who can be saved are very, very few in number. Isn’t this so? Spreading the gospel to the religious world is not easy! It’s not easy at all! Say there’s a fellow Christian who believes in Almighty God, but his mother belongs to the religious world. However he attempts to pass on the gospel of Almighty God in the last days to his mother, she won’t accept it. His mother will only believe pastors and elders. They are one family, but one believes in the Lord Jesus and the other in Almighty God, and their differences cannot be reconciled; there is no way for them to communicate even though they are one family. Are there not families like this? You can’t force anyone to believe in God, everyone has their own beliefs.

Some people say, “Religious circles might refuse to accept Almighty God’s work in the last days, but that doesn’t mean that they are the opponents of God.” Is this true? If a person rejects and condemns Almighty God, yet he doesn’t reject or condemn the name “the Lord Jesus,” do you consider him an opponent of God? Consider an Israelite who believes in Jehovah. He does not reject the name “Jehovah.” Rather, he merely resists and condemns the incarnate God, the Lord Jesus. But isn’t condemning the Lord Jesus also condemning Jehovah? How could you still say that he only rejects the Lord Jesus, and not Jehovah as well? Does what this person say accord with the facts? No, this person cannot understand the spirit. It’s troubling that they’ve gotten all the way to this point and still do not understand this. Some people say, “If the Lord Jesus comes, the Lord Jesus who looks like the Jews, we’ll welcome Him enthusiastically, we’ll roll out the red carpet for Him. Are you saying that we won’t be praised by the Lord Jesus?” These people might welcome the Lord Jesus of the Jews with enthusiasm, but if they resist and condemn Almighty God, will the Lord Jesus really praise them when He comes? Everyone knows He won’t. Why? Because the Lord Jesus and Almighty God are one, and the Lord Jesus and Jehovah are also one, Jehovah and Almighty God are one. These three Gods are, in actuality, one Spirit, one God. In order to do His work, sometimes God’s Spirit is incarnated to work. He takes on a corporeal form, and bears a normal humanity. Other times God’s Spirit makes use of people to do His work for Him. Other times God’s Spirit does the work directly. The Holy Spirit does the work of the Holy Spirit and God incarnate does the work of God incarnate; they are all God’s work, and they are all the deeds of God’s Spirit. When Jehovah God did His work, it was done directly by the Spirit of God. In the Age of Grace, Jehovah God took on a corporeal form as the Lord Jesus. When the Lord Jesus completed His work, the Lord Jesus returned to the spiritual realm. After returning to the spiritual realm, He is still Jehovah God, is He not? Now that the Lord Jesus has ascended to heaven, how many Gods are there in heaven? Heaven has but one God.

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