Believing in God Without Obeying Truth Will Lead to Elimination


There are some who, after having read the word of God, are asked, “Do you acknowledge that these words are the word of God?” and reply, “I don’t know.” Again they are asked, “Do you accept?” to which they reply, “I do not accept. I believe that my conceptions are right. I believe that all the conceptions of religion are correct.” Some people accept that this is the word of God incarnate. They say, “I couldn’t say the things which You are capable of saying.” If you gathered together all the pastors and elders of religion, along with all the theology PhDs in the whole world, they wouldn’t be capable of saying all the things which God incarnate says. Isn’t that so? Gather together all the theologians in the entire world, hundreds, thousands—ask them to write out the word of God—do you think they will be capable of writing it? No matter how many people you gather together, they are still humans. Can you make them the equal of God? Can you make them the equal of the incarnate God? You cannot. They are only human. All things among men are similar; they are all the same, am I right? So, there are those that acknowledge, “This is God’s word, this is the expression of God incarnate. No theology PhD, theologian, pastor, elder or famous preacher would ever be capable of speaking these words.” Putting aside that they are not capable of speaking God’s word, would they be capable of delivering this sermon that I’m now giving? Some say no. Why would you hold this view? What is the proof? First, the contents of this sermon are the fruits of my thirty odd years of experience of God’s work—that is, the results of the Holy Spirit working on me for over thirty years. Your average person would be incapable of this. No matter how bright or knowledgeable you are, if you haven’t experienced this yourself, you will still be incapable of saying these things because this has nothing to do with knowledge or intellect. Second, much of this stems from the illumination and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit—for most people this is unattainable, they lack such enlightenment. If your experience hasn’t reached a certain level, the Holy Spirit will not enlighten you. Can the average man achieve these two conditions? If you really want to achieve my level of speech and understanding, you have to accept the work of Almighty God in the last days and experience it for twenty years. Even if you are a more cultivated person than I, you still need at least ten to twenty years of experience. Just on this point, do you pass muster? Not only this, but you also must have the Holy Spirit working within you—if you don’t have this you also don’t make the cut. If the Holy Spirit is not using you, how do you expect to receive greater enlightenment from Him? If you don’t satisfy this condition, even if you are more cultured, cultivated, and eloquent, if you don’t have the work of the Holy Spirit then you’re nothing at all. Am I right? You see, if you ask many of today’s secular political commentators, newspaper editors, journalists, and bureau chiefs to provide commentary on current affairs, do they really see to the heart of things? They barely have any insight at all. The average corrupt human might say of them, “Oh, what an amazing talent,” but to those that understand the truth, their comments seem fallacious and impractical: They don’t see to the root of the issue, they don’t know the behind-the-scenes story. Some ask, “Now since we understand the truth, do we have perfect insight?” Well, we speak more practically and have greater insight than them, but we still haven’t come into full alignment with God’s will. Christ has perfect insight—it’s asking a lot to be the same as Christ. We can only say that we speak more practically than them. What does this mean? This is to say, having experienced God’s work, you’ve unwittingly grasped much of the truth. These are things you would never learn in religion. Listening to my communication of the truth, reading the word of God every day in the Church of Almighty God, communicating God’s word and practicing faith for ten years will allow you to understand much of the truth and make great gains! I’ve previously said that in order to be saved, one must have at least eight to ten years of experience. Some say, “Eight to ten years, that’s quite a long time!” Then forget about eight or ten years, one month in the Church of Almighty God is worth ten years in religion—do you believe me? Half a year in the Church of Almighty God would be greater than a whole lifetime of faith in religion—am I speaking hyperbolically? Not at all. The more you gain, the more a certain effect is achieved: All of the conceptions and illusions you developed in religion are gradually destroyed. Because you understand the truth, your old conceptions and illusions fade away and seem groundless. You see clearly that those things are absurd and fallacious—isn’t that so? You say, “In religion, how was it that I didn’t understand what it means to be a Pharisee?” Having heard Almighty God’s word and communicated on the matter, you say, “Ay me, only today have I truly understood what it means to be a Pharisee. The true substance of the Pharisee can be summed up in one word: hypocrite.” Do you know what I mean by “hypocrisy”? One who appears on the surface as a devout follower, quoting the Bible at length, but who on the inside is pure filth and whose heart is full of conceptions, illusions and fallacies that oppose God. A more accurate English word for this idea might be “sanctimoniousness.” This is what I mean by “hypocrisy.”

Once you’ve understood some of the truth and you go back to the religion to listen, you will realize that the sermons of the pastors and elders are full of empty theories that lack even the least bit of practicality and do not even approach an understanding of the truth. Some ask, “How can you be so sure?” This is one of the initial effects of understanding the truth–the ability to discern. After practicing faith in Almighty God for a few years and slowly grasping the truth, because of your new understanding of the truth your viewpoint will begin to change—you will view the world and mankind differently than before. As for your discernment of fellow believers: those that align with God’s will, those to be saved, those to be eliminated and those that are despised and cursed by God will all be clear at a moment’s glance. It will be abundantly clear to you who are the tares and who are the wheat, who are the wicked servants and who are the faithful servants. In religion, you were completely in the dark—it seemed that everyone was good, everyone loved God, everyone was an obedient servant, had true faith and would enter the kingdom of heaven. Now, when you look back at the religion you see that most people are unbelievers, are those that eat the loaves and have their fill, are evil spirits and antichrists. There is a minority of people in religion who are truly devout believers and can accept truth. Despite the fact that they are corrupt and have yet to be purified, God takes pity on them and saves them. If you were to go back and quantify the people of religion according to their various types, seeing which types occur in what ratios, what percentage of people in religion do you think would receive God’s salvation? Not even ten percent! Not even ten percent of people in religion truly love the truth, can accept God’s word, acknowledge that God’s word is the truth, and that truth can purify and save man. Do you believe this to be true? You all believe it. There are some who have practiced faith in religion for years who have the following notion, “All those that believe in the Lord will be pitied and blessed by God. Thus, as long as we come together often in meetings and do not deny the Lord’s name, one-hundred percent we will be lifted up into the kingdom of heaven!” Is this not how they see things? “Can one be lifted up into the kingdom of heaven simply by eating the loaves and having one’s fill?” “Yes!” “Can all those who have the work of evil spirits and speak in tongues enter?” “Yes!” “May all the elders and pastors who preach enter?” “Yes! They will all be crowned like Paul.” Look, their views on these things are against ours. Then whose views are correct? Of course, ours are the more accurate. Now why do we develop such views? What are our ideas and views based on? They are based on God’s word. Based upon God’s word, we develop understanding. When we go back and observe others, our views are different from those of the religious people and unbelievers. We have a clear understanding—our view of the world, of current events and the degree to which we see God’s word fulfilled is different.

We have an understanding of God’s work, have seen all that He has and is, have espied His disposition, and see clearly His authority. With regard to all these things, we have understanding and, thus, we know that all of God’s word is truth. When we have recognized that God’s word is truth and when the truth has taken root in our heart, has become a part of our lives, has become our reality, our love, our faith, then, finally, the truth will purify all of our corruption, absurdity, extravagant desires, conceptions and illusions. In this way, the truth brings us closer and closer to God, allows us to know God, to come face to face with Him, truly obey Him, develop true love in our hearts for Him, and finally become holy ones in line with God’s will. Truth perfects man and becomes man’s life. Truth can achieve this kind of effect. Do you get what I’m saying? So where is this truth? Where does it come from? This truth is expressed by Almighty God, Christ of the last days, in The Word Appears in the Flesh. If you read this book for three to five years, you’ll already be different from the religious people–you’ll be far above them in your attainments—you will see many things clearly. If you read this book for just three to five years you’ll achieve these effects, so if you read this book for thirty to fifty years you will attain eternal life. Emperor Qin Shi Huang roamed all of the mystic mountains of ancient China and yet he didn’t achieve eternal life and failed to find the plant of immortality. The truths found in The Word Appears in the Flesh, however, can turn men into holy ones and give them eternal life, so that they never perish and, ultimately, see the face of God. Such truths are the true elixirs to our ills, the true path to truth and the way to eternal life. This book and the truths therein are the greatest treasures to mankind in all of the world and even the universe. This book is the highest treasure: more valuable than any diamond, ruby or amulet. Any sacrifice is worthwhile in the service of gaining the truths found in this book. Should you lose your social standing, it would be worthwhile. Should you lose your money, your house, your property or even your children and loved ones, it would all be worthwhile!

You see, in religion the believers in the Lord used to be quite zealous outwardly, but as soon as Christ of the last days came things changed. Some condemn and resist, while others seek, accept, and study—still others remain on the fence—they are all exposed. All those who were zealous outwardly in religion displayed such supposed loyalty and love, but as soon as Christ of the last days arrived, they began condemning and resisting. As soon as someone started bearing witness to Christ they’d see red—whenever they came across the words of God’s judgment their hair would bristle with anger. They’d say, “What is this? Is this the same as Lord Jesus? I think not!” So there was a big issue. You see, before Christ of the last days revealed Himself, Jesus Christ was in heaven and all men seemed loyal. As soon as God revealed Himself, began speaking and doing His work, the work of judgment, each kind of person became exposed. Those that love the truth and accept the true way were distinguished from those that dislike the truth and condemn the true way and those that hate the truth and take God as their enemy. All these people are different! They have been separated according to kind! There are also various kinds of people within those that have accepted the truth. Some accept and say, “Right, God has come, this is God’s word, this is the true way—wouldn’t it be stupid not to accept? I accept. By accepting one may enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Yet, having said this, this kind of person then fails to seek the truth. Another kind of person accepts and seeks the truth with fervor, they say, “Let me spread the gospel, I’ll do anything you want. Even if I have to leave my family and abandon my work, it is of no object to me.” However, as soon as others communicate the truth, read the word of God’s judgment, they start to oppose and cannot accept. They are obedient to God in most ways, but they just can’t obediently follow God’s word. They can’t obediently follow the severe word of God’s judgment. When I communicate with them about God’s words, they are incapable of obediently following, they say, “I stand in strong opposition to you.” What is the issue here? They accept God’s work but fail to obediently follow God’s work. They accept God’s name, but fail to obediently follow the guidance of the man that the Holy Spirit uses. They accept God’s name but fail to acknowledge that God’s word is the truth. Are these not unbelievers? These are unbelievers! If you believe in God but fail to accept the truth He expresses, you are an unbeliever. If you believe in God but fail to experience His work, you are an unbeliever. If you believe in God but don’t truly obey God, you are an unbeliever. This is what we call, belief in name only. You’re just playing the part, and God doesn’t accept you. Is this not the truth of it? If you work in a lay business enterprise, but fail to follow their rules, you won’t be promoted. If you work in a factory, or for a company and you don’t listen to your boss’s orders or do your work well, or if your product doesn’t meet standards, you will be fired if things get bad enough. If, in the family of God, you don’t accept the truth, then you will be pruned and dealt with. If, when pruned and dealt with, you strike out in opposition or resist, then the family of God has the right to cast you aside and pay you no mind. What is this called? In God’s word, this is called “suspension.” The Holy Spirit does not work in such a person and we pay them no mind, temporarily observing how they will act. You thought this was the Age of Grace, when any pastor of religion who had a working understanding of the Bible became arrogant and self-righteous; when anyone with a little knowledge and eloquence could lay claim to the throne; when whoever held the power and had the greatest talent called the shots and was supported by everyone else? In the family of God, this is not how things go. In the family of God, truth, the Holy Spirit, Christ and God’s word hold authority. Why must there be a person whom the Holy Spirit uses? This is for the purpose of doing administrative work. If you can’t accept that he is the one with the right to do the administrative work of the church, you will be punished. If you don’t obey, then he has the right to deal with you. The family of God works under the authority of truth. The family of God has administrative decrees, these decrees have been promulgated by God in the Age of Kingdom!

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