Believing in God Without Obeying Truth Will Lead to Elimination


Nowadays, there are many people who do not understand this matter, saying things like, “We believe in the Lord Jesus, that the Lord Jesus is the true God. Do you dare to deny this?” No one dares to deny the Lord Jesus, for the Lord Jesus is the incarnate God. But He has already ascended into heaven—that stage of the work has already been accomplished. Is this not a fact? Now, God has again become incarnate, and is doing work anew. Why do you not accept this? If you do not accept this stage of God’s work of judgment in the end, you cannot become cleansed and enter the kingdom of heaven; if you deny Almighty God, then you will waste all your previous efforts of having believed in the Lord Jesus, and will have given up halfway! This is because the Lord Jesus has come again and you do not accept Him. The first time the Lord Jesus came incarnated He was called Jesus, and when He came again, His name was changed. He came again to do the work of the last days, but you do not accept this, do not acknowledge it, and fail to recognize the Spirit of the Lord Jesus, is this not abandoning all previous effort and giving up halfway? It is very much like if your dad left after you were born and said, “I’ll come back when you are grown up.” After thirty years he comes back, wearing a new set of clothes, not dressed as he was originally, and different in appearance, and even talking a little differently. After he has come back, when you meet you say, “I don’t know you.” “Son, I’m your dad!” “You’re my dad? No! When I was a child my dad wore certain clothes, and what you’re wearing today is different. I don’t recognize you! Get away from me! You aren’t my dad, and I only recognize my dad from before.” What mistake is being made here? Not recognizing one’s dad after he has just changed his clothes, this is trouble. When God comes again to do work He takes on another flesh, whose Spirit is still the same as that of the Lord Jesus, but people who believe in the Lord do not know Him. But when this flesh comes, He is of tremendous power, and what He does is the work of judgment, the work of ending the age, the work of determining the ending of people. What is it that is called “ending the age”? All those who are to enter the kingdom of heaven are led into the kingdom of heaven, and all those who are to be eliminated are destroyed. This is called ending the age. You accepted the work that the Lord Jesus did in offering Himself to atone for sins and your sins have all been absolved, but if you do not accept the Lord coming again to do the work of judgment of the last days, then will the sin offering still have any effect on you? There will be no effect. On what basis do we say that there is no effect? Aren’t there words about this in the Bible? What does it say? “For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins” (Hebrews 10:26). These words come from the Holy Spirit. When you know clearly that the work of Almighty God of the last days is the true way, and you do not accept it only because of this name, then you have no portion of this work of the last days. If you do not accept the work of God perfecting His people to be overcomers in the Age of Kingdom, then you are not qualified to enter the kingdom of heaven, and your qualifications will be canceled. So if people accept this stage of the work of the last days, they will then be able to enter the kingdom, and they are able not to accept the previous two stages of God’s work. By directly accepting this stage they will enter the kingdom. If you have accepted the previous two stages of God’s work, but only do not accept the final stage of the work, then everything is done for and you are abandoning all your previous effort of believing in God, giving up halfway! So, we see that now that the majority of people in the religion do not accept this, God turns His face toward unbelievers, and there are many unbelieving people who never believed in God who accept Almighty God. After these people enter into God’s household, they love the truth, and they obtain the work of the Holy Spirit. These people take away the blessings of those in religion who know the true way but do not accept it. Those people do not accept it only because the name of God is not the Lord Jesus—with the result that their position and status are occupied. This is the righteous justice of God. In the Age of Grace, the Israelites did not accept the Lord Jesus. OK, so the Lord Jesus took His redeeming gospel and spread it to the Gentiles, and spread it to every nation and every land; in the last days, Christians of every nation and every land do not accept Almighty God. OK, so God takes the gospel to the unbelievers, and the unbelievers accept it. This is truly “The fortunate need not be busy, and the unfortunate hunt around in vain,” or “Some wear out iron shoes in fruitless searching, but others find it through no effort at all.” Isn’t that so? “So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen” (Matthew 20:16). These words will be fulfilled. So, whoever accepts this stage of the work in the end will be fortunate, and whoever does not accept it will know his misfortune. When the time comes, all your sniveling will be of no use. There are some who say, “We do not believe that if we don’t accept Almighty God, then God can come destroy us. I don’t believe this!” What does it mean to say these words? Tell me, are these words spoken intelligently? If you don’t believe, then are you God? Are you the truth? Is it you who decides these things? You are not God, and it is useless if you do not believe.

Belief in God must be on the basis of God’s word! Look at who said these words—if they were spoken by a person, then you could disbelieve them. If they are spoken by God, then whatever the words are you must believe them. Each and every sentence uttered by God will be fulfilled! The Lord Jesus said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away” (Matthew 24:35). Do not say, “I do not believe.” Do not utter this challenge. This is spoken by God, and all who do not accept Almighty God will be destroyed. This is the word of God. If you do not believe what is said by a person, that is fine, and this is just you not believing in or acknowledging the word of a man. If it is God who said this, and you say, “I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it even if it is the word of God. If it were truly spoken by Almighty God, I would still not believe it,” then what mistake is being made here? Isn’t this denying God’s words with eyes wide open? Isn’t this not believing in God with eyes wide open? This is called disbelief in God’s words. In the religion, there are many people who believe in God but do not believe in the word of God, saying, “I believe in the Lord Jesus, but I don’t have particularly much faith in the words of the Lord Jesus, and I don’t know if what He said will come to be.” They truly believe in the Lord Jesus, so why is this faith? “The words ‘the Lord Jesus,’ this name, once you pray to it, is truly quite effective. It is certainly so, that there are many things that have been fulfilled and that there are many prayers that have been answered. There are many times people pray to this name and God grants blessings and confers grace. This name is good, this name is true, and this name is of great use!” They only believe in the name of God, but as to whether all the words spoken by the Lord Jesus will come to fruition, or will come to be fact later on, they just say “I don’t know, it’s uncertain, it can’t be seen.” They pay the Lord Jesus’ words no attention and do not take them seriously. They have not taken the word of God seriously—is this not the greatest stupidity? People’s greatest stupidity in believing in God is that they only believe in the name of God, but not the word of God! This reaches even to the point of challenging the word of God and not believing that the word of God will be achieved. What kind of people do you think these are? They are the unbelievers. Does this have a basis in the word of God? Are there these kinds of things in the word of God? Some people have said that there are! Look, there are people who have read all of the word of God, and who have engraved these words in their hearts, and in the word of God these people are called unbelievers. Is this just coming to whatever conclusions and making whatever accusations one wishes? This has its basis in the word of God, and is not done making blind inferences based on people’s ideas. Just as we say woe befell the Pharisees—what basis does this have? It is on the basis of the words spoken by the Lord Jesus that the Pharisees truly faced disaster. There are those who say, “How have I not seen the Pharisees enduring disaster?” You did not live at that time, and furthermore you have not gotten to seeing it from the spiritual realm. You haven’t seen where the souls of those Pharisees are now. You say, “Unless I see the souls of the Pharisees are down in hell, I will not believe God’s words.” This is trouble. If you say something like this, then you are even more of an unbeliever. If you must see it to believe it, and won’t believe unless you see it, then you rely on your eyes to believe in God, and you are not relying on your heart to believe in God. You don’t believe in God on the basis of the word of God, so you are not a believer.

There are many who say, “How long ago were the words spoken by the Lord Jesus? After two thousand years they still have not been fulfilled, and how should this cause me to believe?” What kind of talk is this? How much of the word of God has been fulfilled in these two thousand years? There are some things that have not been fulfilled, but that means their time has not yet come. The many words that have been fulfilled were fulfilled because their time had come. It is not that everything will be fulfilled in one day, or that when the time comes everything will be fulfilled at the same moment. Things are continuously being fulfilled at different times, becoming fulfilled gradually. In the end everything must be fulfilled, isn’t that right? Generally, the prophecies in the Bible have all been fulfilled. The four blood moons were fulfilled, Damascus falling into ruin was fulfilled, the return of Israel was fulfilled. The war of Armageddon will be fulfilled imminently, don’t worry, the time has not come, but when the time comes everything will be fulfilled. Furthermore, there are many tormented spirits, and can God show you where they are? To let you see would not be called faith, right? If you must rely on your eyes, and will only acknowledge if you see something and will not acknowledge if you do not see it—are these people not fools? What is man in the presence of God? He is insignificant, so insignificant! How far can your eyes see? Can they see five miles? People’s eyes are not even as good as those of eagles, so what can you see? If there were a person moving five miles away, you could not see clearly what he was doing, and if you want to see clearly you would have to use binoculars, right? So, what people can see is only a small scope of the material world, and fundamentally they cannot see matters in the spiritual world. If they can’t see them, then why believe in God? Did you only believe after you saw Him? You confirmed that He is the true God on the basis of your spirit, and then believed, right? If you had relied on your eyes to see Him, then there is no way you would have believed. Can you see what the Lord Jesus looks like? Even if you could see, then you would not necessarily believe. The people of Israel all saw Him, so how did they not believe? People believe in the Lord on the basis of their spirit, confirmation through prayer, the work of the Holy Spirit, and through reliance on what the Bible records of the acts of the Lord Jesus. If there were merely the records of His deeds and people had no spirit, could they confirm this? How would they confirm it? There are many things recorded in every kind of book, so how do you not believe in another one? There are also many who believe in a false god. So today we believe in God, and do not rely on your eyes which can’t see Him, saying “Oh, however much of God’s word I see has been fulfilled, I will believe that much to be the word of God; if I have not seen the word of God fulfilled, I will deny those parts and consider them not to be the word of God.” Is this view correct? It is not correct. It only has an acknowledgment of faith in God, and is this kind of acknowledgment of faith considered to be genuine faith? God does not praise that kind of faith. It is of no use to say “There is a God, there absolutely is a God.” Barely acknowledging God—God does not acknowledge this kind of faith. When people believe in God, what kind of faith receives the praise of God? It is belief in God’s almightiness, righteousness, and that the word of God is the truth, believing that God’s word fulfills everything, and that each and every sentence of the word of God will be fulfilled. If one has this kind of faith, this is the most fundamental and basic form of faith. People raise many questions, asking, “How are there prophecies that have still not been fulfilled? Can you guarantee that they will all be fulfilled?” Without this kind of faith, one might say, “I don’t dare to guarantee it,” but if one has this kind of faith, then he says, “Of course they will be fulfilled! Absolutely! Each and every sentence in the word of God will be fulfilled, just wait and see.” If a person has this kind of faith, he can dare to speak like this. When the day comes that he is going to die, you say, “There are still some prophecies in the Bible that have not been fulfilled, do you believe that all of God’s word will be achieved?” “Of course it will be achieved.” On the point of death, he will say, “Even though I cannot see, God’s word will inevitably be achieved.” Does this kind of person have faith? Even when he dies and cannot see it with his eyes, he still acknowledges that all of God’s word will be fulfilled, will certainly be fulfilled, and doesn’t have even a shred of doubt about it. If a person’s faith reaches this level, then he is considered to be up to the standard.

You see now that there are many people who accept Almighty God, but in reality they do not accept that all of Almighty God’s word is the truth, saying, “A part of it is true, but there may be a part of it that is not true.” Or there are many who say, “This is just the word of a human! On what basis do you believe that this is the word of God? You are fools!” Say, if a person believes in God but does not believe in the word of God or acknowledge the truth, isn’t this being an unbeliever? People have counted that of pastors in the whole religious community there are at least about 40% who do not acknowledge that the Lord Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit. What is the problem here? Not believing that the miracles demonstrated by the Lord Jesus are real, they have placed a question mark after these matters, and why? “I have not seen them, and they do not accord with scientific knowledge. Because of this it is not possible.” But they are still a pastor, a pastor and they don’t even believe in the word of the Lord Jesus or the miracles performed by the Lord Jesus, even so much that they say about the Holy Spirit conceiving the Lord Jesus that “It never happened, this is not scientific. I believe in that which accords with science, and whatever does not accord with science I do not believe.” “Why are you a pastor if you do not believe?” “Just to have a job—I couldn’t get into any other school, but I had to take the entrance test, and I tested into theology. So I have to depend on this for my living.” Are there not such pastors? Aren’t there many of them? There are many! So, this kind of pastor is not just a hypocrite, and is fundamentally an unbeliever! A heretic! He only sneaked in so he could make a living. He just uses this position to get his bread, and did not truly come to serve. True service of God is communicating God’s word, explaining God’s word and bearing witness to God, causing people to have more and more knowledge of God. It is communicating experiential knowledge of the word of God, and in the end bringing people into the presence of God, to get people to enter into the reality of the truth of the word of God, to cause everyone to be able to know God, and only this can be called serving God! Just this is the work that a pastor should do! He does not believe in the conception by the Holy Spirit, but believes in science, saying, “If what the Bible records agrees with scientific principles, then it is true, and everything that violates the laws of science is false.” Are there not these kinds of people? There are. Is science, after all, the truth? “Science is not the truth, the conclusions of science are all fallacies, and they are not the truth”—are you able to believe in this saying? Those who believe, raise your hands. Some people raise their hands very reluctantly, and if you are reluctant then do not raise them. Other people may want to refute me, saying, “What you said is not right. Do you dare to say that science is all a fallacy? Science created the airplane, the car, and the rocket. Can you say this is a fallacy?” Science created many things, but none of these things are any good, as they do not come from God. So everything that science has created leads people into disaster and ruin in the end. When science has reached its apex in development, that will be the end times for man. Is science the truth? The guns it created are able to kill people, but that is not the truth; the things it creates can devastate humanity, and that is not the truth; the most advanced of all the communication devices it has created have led humanity into serious environmental catastrophe. Is that the truth? The things produced by science are created by man; they are not made by God. Only the things created by God are the truth and the reality! The myriad things created by God are of no harm to humanity, isn’t that so? When the day arrives that the kingdom of God is about to come about, God will instruct people to make certain things, and those things man creates will be of no harm whatsoever to humanity. Those communication devices will be of absolute benefit to man. Right? Now, the things Satan creates are unacceptable. Look at the car—the exhaust it produces is very harmful! The exhaust from airplanes is very harmful! The exhaust of rockets is very harmful! It has brought very serious damage to the natural environment of humans! Various kinds of nuclear power plants have brought so much danger to humanity, and when war breaks out, or when a nuclear power plant explodes, it is over, humanity is done for. So when science has reached its apex in development, what has it brought to humanity? It is disaster, it is destruction. Isn’t this the truth? It does not come from God, and none of it is the truth. The truth comes from God, understand! Everyone who agrees with what I have said, raise your hands. This time everyone raised their hands enthusiastically, with no hesitation. Communicating this has been of great use. Is it acceptable not to communicate all this? It is not acceptable, because the more I communicate the word, the more radiant people will become in their spirits.

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