Believing in God Without Obeying Truth Will Lead to Elimination


Do you understand now what is judgment and what is truth? If you now understand, then I exhort you to submit to judgment.” “To submit to judgment,” this shows that you are wise, this shows that you have some understanding of God and obedience to God. After reading this, should you say “I cannot submit!” This shows that you have no understanding, you are blind and you do not know God. God said, “I exhort you to submit to judgment, otherwise you shall never have the opportunity to be commended by God.” You shall never have the opportunity. What does that mean? God will no longer incarnate. God only incarnates twice, and this shall be the last time, there shall not be a third time or a fourth time. After the work of this stage has concluded, God’s management plan to save mankind will have concluded in its entirety. There are a total of three stages of work, and when God’s management plan has concluded, He shall begin to destroy the world. Destruction of the world does not mean destruction of Earth. It is to destroy all those in the world who do not believe in God, to destroy all those evildoers who resist God. Some might say: “Some of these are good people, why must God destroy them?” The distinction lies in believing and not believing. Those with true belief of God shall have their sins forgiven, they will not be destroyed, they shall receive God’s judgment and chastisement, their satanic disposition shall be cleansed, they shall become compatible with God, they will be made perfect. Those who do not believe, their sins shall remain, they will be convicted because of this, because they do not believe. If you do not believe, your sins shall remain, and how can you be a good person? You resist God, deny God, are these not sins? You do not accept the true way, is this not a sin? You follow the trends of the evil world, is this not a sin? You only have evil thoughts in your mind. Therefore, you not believing is the basis for conviction. Those who do not believe shall be destroyed; those who do not believe shall perish. Moreover, it is very clear to us that, for those who do not believe, how good can they be? The majority of those who believe are already not very good, when it comes to those who do not believe, aren’t they much worse? Isn’t that right? “The world is a sinister place, men are sinister,” how did this conclusion come to be? Why is it being said? Is it not because mankind is too evil and there aren’t many men who are good? In the beginning, it was said that “there are more good people than bad people,” then it was said that “there are more bad people than good people,” and finally it was said that “there are very few good people, and they are getting fewer.” Is this not the case? It is because there are very few good people amongst mankind, it is because there are too few of them. Even amongst those who believe in God, there are only a few who are good and seek the truth; those who believe in God only to eat the loaves and have their fill, to be blessed, in pursuit of reputation and status, these are the majority. This is why the Lord Jesus said that there are two gates and two ways—one narrow gate, one wide gate; one narrow way, one wide way—these are different, and this was said in regard to those who believe in God.

Then read these God’s words, “I exhort you to submit to judgment, otherwise you shall never have the opportunity to be commended by God.” There is a condition to receive God’s praise: You must submit to judgment. If you are insincere, arrogant, overbearing, and not truly submitting, then it will not work, you shall not receive God’s praise, and you will still be eliminated. God said, “I exhort you to submit to judgment, otherwise you shall never have the opportunity to be commended by God,” and some might say: “Impossible! I don’t believe it!” If you do not believe, then you wait and see. How long can you live? Let’s say that you are forty years old, and let’s say that you can live to one hundred. If you do not submit to judgment, see if you can still enter the kingdom of heaven while you are still living. It is guaranteed that you will not be allowed to enter. It is guaranteed that you will enter hell while you are living, that you will directly enter hell when you die. Some then might say: “The Millennial Kingdom might be here in ten, twenty years, I might still be living.” Once the catastrophe arrives, the doomed ones must perish, how can you escape? There is no escape. Once the catastrophe arrives, there will be no more peaceful days, and a person’s age no longer matters. Is that not the case? Tell me, when earthquake strikes, does it care about your age? Would this earthquake only affect those 60 years old and above, while nothing will happen to those under 60, no matter where they are? Is this reasonable? This is not reasonable. Regardless of the catastrophe that arrives, it doesn’t matter if you are male or female, young or old, without the special protection from God, everyone must perish. If someone has survived from the catastrophe, if a miracle has happened, that is the work of God, and that is the protection of God. Many brothers and sisters have witnessed such things. Look at the God’s chosen people from all over the world, with houses collapsing next to them, those next to them have all died, yet they survived, and they came forward to witness for this. When a major fire broke out in Jixian, Tianjin City, a sister witnessed that: She didn’t go to that plaza that day, because her mother suddenly fell and she had to take care of her mother, which was why she couldn’t go, or she would have gone to the plaza instead. Later, she heard on the news that evening that the plaza had caught fire. See, this is the protection from God. Thus, unless you have protection from God, then there is no escape when catastrophe strikes. Is that not the case? Some might say: “I believe in Almighty God, will I be protected when catastrophe strikes?” That depends on whether or not you are someone who seeks the truth. If you seek the truth, and God says that you are one of God’s elect, that you seek the truth, then no catastrophe shall befall you, and you shall not perish despite the catastrophe that you face. With God, man shall be protected with just one word and one thought. Some might say: “Then how come I got sick even though I believe in God?” With God, if you are one of God’s elect, you shall not perish even if you have a terminal disease, even cancers can be cured. If God has determined that you shall not die, then you will not die from any terminal illness, you cannot die even if you want to. Even if you should jump off a tall building, someone will catch you when you reach the ground. This is the protection from God, and miracles shall follow. Some of God’s elect have experienced such things; I am not making this up. Many of God’s elect have witnessed for such things, and I believe most people have heard about them. Those believing in the Lord Jesus have also witnessed many such things, this is fact, and no one can deny this.

Let’s look at some God’s words, “Those who only accept judgment but can never be purified, that is, those who flee in the midst of the work of judgment, shall forever be detested and rejected by God.” “Those who flee in the midst of the work of judgment” are those who accepted God’s work for a period of time, then fled, without experiencing God’s work until the end. They have not been cleansed, they have given up halfway. Look at what some of them said: “Oh, what is the matter with believing in Almighty God? It is so lively with those believing in Jesus: Performing work, witnessing, preaching, they have all sorts of activities. While those who believe in Almighty God seem to always be fellowshiping about the truth, always eating and drinking God’s words, always talking about the knowledge of ourselves. I am a little fed up. I don’t like to fellowship about God’s words, and I don’t like to fellowship about the truth. We always have meetings and listen to sermons. Look at those in the religions, one sermon of theirs is only one and a half hours, at most two hours; while each sermon at the Church of Almighty God is three hours, sometimes three and a half hours. So tiring! So boring!” Once time wears on, some of those not interested in the truth would say: “I am not listening to this anymore. Always fellowshiping about the truth, what is this, this is boring! If you talk about something more interesting, tell some jokes, have us dancing, singing, then that would be pretty good. All we do here is always fellowshiping about the truth, so tiresome!” Can such people be cleansed? No, they cannot. What is this “being cleansed” referring to? This refers to the fact that all men have satanic disposition, and if this satanic disposition has not been cleansed, then there is no transformation. In regard to transformation, let us look at this person who used to be particularly arrogant, looking down on everyone else. After he experienced God’s judgment and chastisement, he came to know himself, “I am too arrogant, I am pompous. I am the boss of everyone else, I am above everyone else, who dares to not listen to me? I will deal with anyone who doesn’t think much of me.” Now that he has received judgment and chastisement, he hated himself, “Am I not the typical Satan? Mine is the disposition of the great red dragon. I am no human.” Once he saw all the disgusting things that the great red dragon has done, once he has seen the things that he has done, he said, “Oh, I must not look back, I cannot bear to reminisce! Look at that disposition of mine, how is that normal humanity?” He started to hate himself. After he has finished hating himself, some things changed. He used to do whatever he thought, he only believed in himself, he didn’t believe in anyone else. Now he no longer thinks that he is trustworthy. “I used to look at things based on imaginations, I looked at people this way, and I have been wrong all this time. Oh, I cannot believe in myself, I have no truth. If I believe in myself, I would have come to an unfortunate end. I must believe in God, I must believe in God’s words, I must look at things according to God’s words.” Now, he is no longer arrogant, he hates himself, he denies himself. Someone asks: “What do you think of this matter?” “Oh, my opinions on the matter are no good! Everything has always been according to what ‘I think,’ but ultimately they have all been wrong. I am not thinking anymore, I am listening to you. Whoever understands the truth should look at this matter.” Have there been transformations? He used to be arrogant, now he can deny himself, and does not believe in himself. Someone asks: “So what kind of a person were you before?” “What kind of person was I before? I was entirely a jerk!” To have such a level of understanding, isn’t there starting to be a transformation? Then the brothers and sisters who associate with him say: “Oh, this person has really changed. It used to be that he always had to have his way, now he would discuss everything with us. He would ask our opinions regarding everything, he would listen to whoever is right, he would not talk back no matter who is dealing with him, he would not mind no matter who is judging him. Oh, this person has really transformed.” Is this not a transformation of life disposition? Transformations of life disposition are mainly in such ways. Someone used to be arrogant, always relying on his own notions and imaginations, not obeying God’s words, not obeying the truth, only listening to and defending whoever is the most knowledgeable, whoever is the most eloquent, whoever looks the most stylish; those who don’t look like much, even when they said things that fit with the truth, he would not listen. When someone is being looked down upon, their words carry no weight, no matter how true their words are. It is no longer this way now: “Even if a child is leading, I shall obey if he is able to fellowship about the truth. While others might not obey, I shall be the first one to submit. I shall obey whoever that says things that fit the truth. When the things that someone says have no truth, no matter how reputable he is, I shall not obey him.” Is this not a transformation? Someone asks: “You have experienced God’s work for several years, have you any knowledge of yourself?” “I do indeed have some knowledge. I used to be this arrogant person, I looked down on everyone; unless he is more knowledgeable than I am, more eloquent than I am, more capable than I am, I would not submit to him. Those who are not knowledgeable, those who are not capable, those who are not eloquent, no matter how right and how fitting the things that they say, no matter how experienced they are with God’s words, I would not submit to them. I was someone like that, I was entirely a jerk. And now, I see that, of all my corruptions, the main thing is my arrogance. I am particularly arrogant. No matter what I am doing, I would do anything to reach my goals. I would lie, I would deceive. That is the typical devil! The arrogant disposition is the disposition of Satan! I have these two, therefore I am Satan, I am Satan based on my disposition. I have seen through this clearly now. I am a man on the surface, as if I have not done many evil deeds, but based on my disposition, based on my nature, I am the Satan, through and through.” Is this not the attainment of knowledge? This is the attainment of knowledge. Once there is an attainment of knowledge, then transformation begins. He will only tell the truth, he will no longer lie. “I would rather tell the truth and be laughed at. I would rather tell the truth and be looked down upon. Others might laugh at me, look down upon me, but this is because I have been too deeply corrupted by Satan, I no longer look like men. This is the treatment that I deserve. I deserve to be stepped on like this, to be trampled upon like this, to be looked down. This is all because I have no truth, this is all because I do not fear God and shun evil.” How is this understanding? “I used to have power and authority. If you dare to disrespect me, if you look at me the wrong way, I would go after you. Now, even when someone should kick me, even when someone should step on me, I would restrain myself. I realize that I am not pleasing to God, and this is how I should be treated by people. I shall not take revenge on others. Others are doing the right things, these are probably things that God has allowed them to do. I must submit.” When someone behaves in this way, is this not transformation of life disposition? With proof such as this obvious transformation, does it not prove that he has been cleansed? So, do you now understand what is cleansing, and what result shall be achieved through cleansing? Such results shall be achieved by experiencing the work of Almighty God, can you not see them on me? You must be able to see some of them. Do you see me saying anything arrogant, telling any lies, saying anything deceiving? Aren’t all the things that I say things said by an honest

person, things that come from the heart? Do I say untruthful things? Do I beat around the bushes? I never embellish the things that I say. I say whatever that must be said, without any embellishment to turn them into words of art, words of literature, words of intellectuals. I don’t do such things, because they are useless and impractical. Don’t always disguise yourselves so that you may be worshiped, that you may be respected; those things are meaningless, such behaviors are a disgrace.

Let us look further. “… forever be detested and rejected by God.” Look, this is serious. This is what God said. This is not someone being detested and rejected by someone else, but this is someone being detested and rejected by God. If man is unable to thoroughly accept God’s judgment and chastisement, and has not attained transformation, if he has fled, or if he has declined, “I am not at the church, I have not fled, but I do not accept judgment and chastisement, and I do not submit to anyone dealing with me. I would not say anything if the dealing comes from above, from Christ; but if it is the brother who is dealing with me, then I shall have to defend myself.” Is this not fleeing from judgment? Is this not troublesome? He thinks that whenever he flees, God’s house must argue with him, must deal with him, must expel him? There is no need. When he has such an attitude, then God would simply leave him there, set him aside. The Holy Spirit shall no longer work on him, is he not done for then? So long as he does not disturb others, God’s house shall not dismiss him; he does not accept judgment in his heart, therefore the Holy Spirit shall set him aside, and he shall be done for. Once the Holy Spirit has made the decision, once he has been set aside, do I still need to clarify what his outcome will be? God shall treat him as an unbeliever, and he shall perish just like the unbelievers when the catastrophe should arrive. This is how he shall be treated, do you now understand? For some of those who are within the Church of Almighty God, even though they have not done any evil deeds on the surface, and even though God’s house has not expelled them, yet they do not seek any truth, and they are junk in God’s house. What is another word for “junk”? “Garbage.” What is the outcome of people like this? To be purged. God said, “Their sins are much more, and more grievous, than those of the Pharisees.” Those who do not accept God’s judgment and chastisement, why are their sins much more, and more grievous, than those of the Pharisees? Because these are God’s words. God’s work of judgment is the work to end the age, yet they refuse, they resist, they flee. The Pharisees did not know God, it was at a time when God was not performing the work of judgment. They did not know God, therefore they were arrogant and resisted God. Yet for these men, God of the last days is performing the work of judgment, they know this is the work of judgment from God, yet they still refuse to accept judgment, they still disobey God, isn’t this sin more grievous? Therefore, if you believed in the stage of work performed by Jehovah God during the Age of Law and the stage of work performed by the Lord Jesus during the Age of Grace, since God had not yet performed the work of judgment, so long as you had not committed any great sins, then you had not directly betrayed the Lord, and you did not deserve to die. The Pharisees were cursed, because when God incarnate was performing work, once man resisted, it caused trouble, and this was serious. After God incarnate had performed His work, after the Lord Jesus had left, you might sin while believing in the Lord at the church, but this sin was not as grievous as that of the Pharisees, because you were unable to resist God, you were also unable to interrupt God’s work. When God of the last days has incarnated, when God is performing the work of the last days, you shall be revealed. If you should accept it, then you may hope to survive; if you should reject, then you will no doubt be condemned. Therefore, each stage of God’s work will eliminate a group of men.

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