Believing in God Without Obeying Truth Will Lead to Elimination


In the Age of Law, God eliminated all who rejected, opposed, disobeyed, or held biases against Moses. In the Age of Grace, God eliminated all the believers of the Age of Law who rejected the Lord Jesus. Once He eliminated these people, He cursed the Israelites for resisting the Lord Jesus and nailing Him to the cross. Once God cursed them, He destroyed the nation of Israel, and they suffered through 2000 years of punishments. Is this not the case? When the Lord Jesus completed that stage of His work, He eliminated the entire Israeli nation. Almighty God comes to do His work in the Age of Kingdom, and He will eliminate most believers from the Age of Grace. With this elimination, God will eliminate the greatest amount of people and thus make the greatest revelation thus far. The amount of people eliminated in the Age of Law and the Age of Grace are few in comparison, particularly those God eliminated during the Age of Law. In the Age of Grace, God eliminated all of Judaism. But in the Age of Kingdom, God will eliminate most of the followers of the Lord Jesus from Christianity, Catholicism, and the Eastern Orthodox Church. Some people ask, “Is this all set in stone already? Will God eliminate everyone who doesn’t accept Him?” It isn’t set in stone, for the apocalypse has yet to come. The gate of grace will remain open so long as the day of the apocalypse has yet to arrive. However, the apocalypse will come soon. Not long after the prophecy of the four blood moons is fulfilled, perhaps a few years after, the apocalypse will come at last. During this period of time, won’t part of the religious community return to Almighty God’s side? Yes, there will surely be some people who will return to God, but I would venture to say that it will not be many, but rather a very small minority of people. Some people ask, “How can you be so sure that it will just be a few people? I don’t think it has to be just a few.” I’ll explain my reasoning behind this. Take a look at the followers of a religious community during the Age of Grace. Are most of them there to genuinely pursue the truth, or merely eat their fill of His bread? Most people are there merely to eat their fill of His bread. Are there many people who are possessed by evil spirits? Yes, there are. There are many people who are possessed by evil spirits and speak in tongues, receive revelations and see visions, cure illnesses, cast out demons, perform signs, and do miracles. And so, there are some people who are possessed by evil spirits, others who merely eat their fill of His bread, and others who are antichrists and the wicked who hate the truth. And then there are others who are merely confused, people who don’t have the foggiest understanding of the truth. Once we take out these people, will the remaining ones who love the truth constitute the majority of their community? Will they even make up 10% overall? No, it’s not possible! Is this not the actual state of things? In the entire religious community, only 1 out of 10 people, at best, will be able to return to God’s side. For this reason, I’d venture to say that those among the religious world who will ultimately be able to return to God’s side before the apocalypse are few. They will be the smallest minority of people, and will absolutely not constitute a majority. Are these words unfounded? Religious people who love the truth have always been extremely few in number, a few individuals. If we accept this reasoning, then my words make a lot of sense, do they not? Don’t they accord with the facts? Yes, they accord with the facts. Therefore, we must look at things from a factual basis, and not speak empty words.

Continue reading God’s word. “… for they have betrayed God and are rebels against God. Such men who are not worthy even to do service shall receive more severe, everlasting punishment.” “… for they have betrayed God and are rebels against God,” who are these rebels who betray God? Some people say, “Perhaps they’re people who began to believe in God but gave up partway, or perhaps they are those who have been seized by the great red dragon and become like Judas. These people are rebels.” But God’s word doesn’t say that exactly. What does God have to say about rebels? “Those who only accept judgment but can never be purified, that is, those who flee in the midst of the work of judgment,” these people are rebels against God. A “rebel,” according to God’s definition, is someone who does not accept His judgment and chastisement, someone who rejects it and flees from it. These people can be categorized among the rebels and traitors. Those who have become like Judas after they are caught are the worst rebels, while those who have not been caught and still reject and flee God’s judgment are also rebels. Do you understand now? Some people say, “There are so many people who believe in the Lord Jesus and have suffered all kinds of hardships. Because they couldn’t see the true path, they refused to accept this stage of God’s work. Won’t God take pity on this kind of person?” If a person can’t accept God’s work, he’s finished. Some people are just ignorant, but that’s another matter entirely. Whereas those who do know and still refuse to accept God’s work are absolutely guilty. For those who do not accept it out of ignorance, God will judge them according to their performance in the Age of Grace. In the Age of Grace, His work of judgment had yet to be done. When true believers of the Lord Jesus died, do you dare to claim they all went to heaven? None of them went to hell? Do you dare to make such a claim? You dare not say so. Does God have no principles when it comes to who goes to heaven and who goes to hell during the Age of Grace? Of course He does. Whether a person goes to heaven or hell depends on whether or not he practices what the Lord Jesus said in the Age of Grace. If he practices the Lord Jesus’ words, if he often has the work of the Holy Spirit, then he will go to heaven after he dies. Those who do not practice the word of the Lord Jesus merely believe in His name, they merely pray to Him to ask for His grace, they eat their fill of His bread, they do not undergo the work of the Holy Spirit, and when they die they will go to hell. Can you accept this or not? Among the religious community, how many are there who undergo the work of the Holy Spirit and will go to heaven when they die? Are they the majority or the minority? Don’t you know the answer? Is what I’m saying not based in fact? Those who do not undergo the work of the Holy Spirit will go to hell when they die. Won’t this kind of person commit evil when they are on earth? The majority of them will commit evil, lie, cheat, and strive for fame, profit, and status. They have no compassion for others. These people do not experience or practice the word of the Lord Jesus, they do not care for the Lord’s will, and so they will all go to hell. We cannot rely on human concepts to imagine what will become of people in the Age of Grace. It’s absolute rubbish to say that any person who prays to the Lord Jesus is saved once for all. Those are human words. The Lord Jesus never said that. He never said, “Anyone who prays in My name will be saved for eternity.” What you believe is just what Paul and a few pastors said. None of it represents God’s words. God doesn’t acknowledge or fulfill this at all. For this reason, you have no place to tell anyone what kind of people in the Age of Grace will be saved. What blind nonsense are you talking? How dare you say, “I don’t believe that those who suffer hardships during the Age of Grace will be forsaken in the end.” If you don’t believe in Almighty God, He will forsake you. This is God’s righteousness. And God’s righteousness treats each individual the same. His work does not wait for anyone who does not walk in step with Him. If you think you look alright from the outside, how do you think God sees you? Do you dare to argue with God? Do you dare to debate Him? God dissects the very marrow of your bones, your innermost thoughts, and reveals them for you to see. Just wait until God reveals your ugly deeds and repulsive soul. You’ll see your own pitiful, ugly soul, and you’ll be so ashamed of yourself that you’ll want to crawl into a hole somewhere. If you dare to attempt to reason with God, do you still want to enter heaven? You won’t even be worthy of hell. He’ll submerge you in the lake of fire and brimstone! Don’t challenge God. It’s best when men submit to God’s word with complete obedience.

God said, “Such men who are not worthy even to do service shall receive more severe, everlasting punishment.” Some people are not worthy to do service. Why? They have too many of their own notions, and they never obey God. God has no use for this person’s service. In order to do service, you must be honest, obedient, and do what God tells you to do. If you continuously resist and oppose God and complain, in the end, any good you could do would be outweighed by the bad, and God’s family will have no use for you. Isn’t this what it means to be unworthy to do service? This person is like a donkey whose master orders him to pull a millstone, but after two laps, he kicks over the vat; after another two laps, he spills all the grain; and after another two laps, he runs out of the mill. In the end, not only has the task of milling been left incomplete, the master has also wasted his grain on this donkey for no good reason. Can the master use this kind of donkey? No, he can’t. If he can’t use him, what should he do? He should “slaughter the donkey once the grinding is done!” What kind of donkeys get slaughtered? Will the master slaughter a good donkey? No master would want to slaughter a good donkey. Thus, the only donkeys that get slaughtered are useless good-for-nothings, donkeys who don’t pull the millstone honestly and cause disturbances that outweigh any good they could possibly do. And so, the master must eliminate this donkey. “Slaughter the donkey once the grinding is done” might seem like a negative phrase, but in fact, it is quite reasonable. A donkey who doesn’t pull the millstone properly must be killed. Is this not the case? If you don’t serve well, you’ll be eliminated. If you don’t work your hardest to do your part, if you keep disseminating human notions to disrupt the work of God’s house, if you always try to cause new believers to have notions and drop out, are you not committing evil deeds? If you have your own concepts, you’d best pray to God, to seek the truth, and to look for the answers in God’s word. Just look at how so many new believers ask so many questions. Whatever question they ask, God’s family will answer them. Why can God’s family answer them correctly? Was there anyone who understood things completely when they first started to believe in God? When I first started to believe, I was like this too. It’s quite normal. Where we fail to understand, we must seek the truth. That’s how it’s done. But you must not cause disturbances, you must not blindly disseminate your concepts. Am I wrong? Once you have disseminated your concepts, you will have opposed God! Are your concepts the truth? In the end, everyone will say that what you disseminated was not the truth at all, that it was false and erroneous, and you’ll have to live with the consequences! Even if God’s family will not expel you, God’s chosen people will indeed forsake you. They’ll say, “This guy is not a sheep but a wolf! He doesn’t eat grass. Instead, he’s always thinking about eating people, hurting people, always disseminating fallacies.” Isn’t this troublesome? Those without true submission to God will keep on disseminating their own fallacies and notions. What is the nature of this sort of thing? Is this not opposing God? Is this not dissatisfaction with God? If you are dissatisfied with God, for one thing, no one will acknowledge you, God’s chosen people will see through you, and even worse, you will have sinned against God. God will get angry and smite you; He will give you an illness or a disaster will befall you; you will have to deal with the consequences. And what is man? A single lightning bolt will have you cowering in a fetal position in no time. Even a country is unable to bear the great disasters, and when the disasters arrive, it’ll collapse at the first blow! It doesn’t matter which country it is, when the disasters arrive, it won’t be able to withstand them. A single earthquake could destroy even the most powerful country, is this not the case? The last days will certainly bring a great disaster, and this great disaster will be unprecedented from the creation of this world until today and forevermore. The great disaster that comes in the next few years will not be an ordinary disaster, it won’t be some volcano somewhere spouting lava, it won’t be a 5-6 scale earthquake, it won’t be any small plague. These aren’t great disasters at all, and the true great disaster is far more fearsome, for it will destroy all of mankind! People have power and ability. By all means, do not use it to oppose God, for if you oppose God, you will have to live with the consequences. When you stand before God, you must be upright and honest, open and sincere.

Let’s keep reading God’s word: “God shall not spare any traitor who once claimed loyalty with words yet then betrayed Him.” This person claimed loyalty through his words, saying, “I utterly submit myself to God. I won’t leave God no matter what happens.” But once God’s judgment and chastisement befalls him, he will betray God, he won’t accept any of it, he’ll oppose God. Is he not a traitor? What is true submission to God? True submission to God is submitting to God’s judgment and chastisement. It is obeying the arrangements of the family of God; it is accepting all of the truths cultivated by God’s family and all that God has ever said. Do you have the reality of submission to God? If you don’t have this, then you had best not say that you truly submit to God. If you talk like this, Satan will sneer and ridicule you. God says, “God shall not spare any traitor who once claimed loyalty with words yet then betrayed Him. Such men shall see retribution through punishment of the spirit, soul, and body. Does this not reveal the righteous disposition of God? Is this not exactly the purpose of God’s judgment and revelation of man? God shall place all those who perform all kinds of wicked deeds during the time of judgment in the place where evil spirits live for their fleshly bodies to be destroyed at the will of the spirits.” You must remember this form of punishment, “God shall place all those who perform all kinds of wicked deeds during the time of judgment in the place where evil spirits live for their fleshly bodies to be destroyed at the will of the spirits.” God will deliver these men to the evil spirits. The evil spirits will ruin them, devour them. They will enter these men and possess them. On the street, we often see some mentally ill people wailing and shouting, speaking nonsense. These people have been delivered to the evil spirits and possessed by them. Those who God delivers to the evil spirits often don’t wear clothes in the winter, they aren’t afraid of the cold, and they’ll eat anything. They’ll eat iron wires, they’ll eat leftover food, some will even eat dirt and excrement. They’ll gnaw on whatever they can get their hands on. They speak nonsense. They’re not quite people, and they’re not quite ghosts either. When God delivers someone to the evil spirits, He will allow the evil spirits to destroy their fleshly bodies. In general, someone possessed by an evil spirit will die in less than a few years. Some will die in a few months. What do you think of this punishment? It’s pretty severe, isn’t it? This punishment is far more pitiful than dying of cancer, is it not? God’s word also says, “Their bodies shall give off the odor of a corpse, and such is their fitting retribution.” This is a form of punishment. Look at it now, for when the work is done, this is the fate that will befall some people.

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