Believing in God Without Obeying Truth Will Lead to Elimination


Next, God says, “God writes down in their record books each and every one of the sins of those disloyal false believers, false apostles, and false workers, then when the time is right, He casts them amidst the unclean spirits so their entire bodies may be defiled by the spirits at will and, as a result, they will never be reincarnated and shall never again see the light.” This is another form of punishment. Who is this punishment for? God delivers “those disloyal false believers, false apostles, and false worker” to the impure spirits to be defiled. The outcome of this defilement is that “they will never be reincarnated.” That is, they will never have the chance to be a human again. Some followers of God who had the work of the Holy Spirit died during the Age of Grace when God had yet to do this stage of work. Because of this, God made them reborn to undergo God’s work during the last days. And so, look at the 10-somethings, 20-somethings who are undergoing this stage of God’s work. Whose souls do they have? They have the souls of people who believed in the Lord during their previous incarnation. Otherwise, how could they have this strong faith already by their twenties, casting aside their work, their families? Some are the sole believers in their household. Their mother and father both resist God, and so they must run away from home to do their duties. There are things that people can’t understand from the outside. God makes appropriate plans from the spiritual realm, and arranges appropriately for each soul to be born again. God does not treat anyone unfairly; there are simply many things that people cannot see. Just like during the trials of Job. What was going on behind the scenes of these trials? A dialog between God and Satan. God testified that Job was a perfect man who feared God and shunned evil, and Satan was unconvinced and accused Job. In the end they made a bet. God handed Job over to Satan, and allowed Satan to do with him as it wished, only to spare Job’s life. This is the kind of thing that happened behind the scenes in the spiritual realm, and as a result, Job experienced these trials in the realm of the living. And so, there are many things that happen behind the scenes that we do not see. We can merely see the events that happen in the world of the living, the material world. We do not know what happens outside of the material world, behind the scenes, we don’t know why these things happen, nor do we know how they fit into God’s master plan. And so, though there are things you do not know, don’t constantly ask God things like, “Oh God, where did they go after they died?” Is God obligated to tell you anything? Has God ever promised you He would tell you everything? Who do you think you are? What gives you the right to speak here, why does God have to say anything to you? If God doesn’t say anything to you, is He no longer God? Do you dare to deny God? Are you greater than God? When people talk like this, aren’t they devoid of sense? We humans are next to nothing, we’re less than ants, we’re nothing more than dust. We have no right to ask God, “Oh God, You must make me understand, You must tell me how You make Your master plan. Can’t You tell us what happens behind the scenes in the spiritual realm? If You do, we won’t complain anymore, we’ll all understand why You do what You do.” How can something God created dare to say things like this? Religious communities all have audacious people like this, people with the gall to say anything, is this not the case? But when you undergo God’s judgment in the last days, would you still dare to talk like this if you’ve read God’s word closely? Such talk is childish and naive, it cannot be tolerated, as it will offend God’s disposition. When you see a child who speaks without understanding, sometimes he’ll curse at his mother and father, and his father will say, “Oh boy, this kid can really talk,” but he won’t be angry. Why? A child doesn’t know what it means to curse at someone, he’s just blindly learning how to talk. For him, being able to talk is very precious, and at the very least, this child is not mute. But if you’ve believed in the Lord for many years, and you still demand that “The Lord must make revelations to me when He comes. If the Lord will not make revelations to me, He must not really be the Lord. The Lord must tell me everything, and if He doesn’t, then He isn’t God, I won’t recognize Him as God.” Talking like this is extremely rebellious. This is an extremely serious problem! This is resisting God! This is extreme arrogance! Is it not? And so, new believers in particular must pay attention to what you say. You must not talk so unreasonably, so ridiculously, you must not speak with so many extravagant desires behind your words. When you finish saying such a thing, you will regret it forever afterward. Whenever you remember it again, you’ll be filled with regret, and looking back on the past will be unbearable! I myself have done some ignorant things in the past, but I have never made this kind of talk. And so, once you have undergone God’s work, once your corruption has been purified in part, and you have some understanding of God, you will not say such senseless and arrogant things.

Let’s look to God’s word again, it says, “Those hypocrites who did service at one time but are unable to remain loyal to the end shall be numbered by God among the wicked.” This kind of person is a wicked person! “Those hypocrites who did service at one time but are unable to remain loyal to the end shall be numbered … among the wicked.” Remember that God will number those hypocrites among the wicked. What does the “hypocrites” refer to? Those who lack loyalty while doing service, acting deceptively and perfunctorily, pretending, and doing service just for the sake of obtaining God’s rewards and entering into the kingdom of heaven. This is hypocritical, and it involves a deceitful nature. God will deal with these people by numbering them among the wicked. This is God’s righteousness. God also says, “so that they walk in the counsel of the wicked, becoming part of the disorderly multitude. In the end, God shall destroy them.” This is the end of those hypocrites: God will number them among the wicked, and He will ultimately destroy them. God says, “God casts aside and takes no notice of those who have never been loyal to Christ or dedicated any effort, and shall destroy them all in the change of ages. They shall no longer exist on earth, much less gain passage into the kingdom of God.” God will cast aside and take no notice of those who have never dedicated any effort, and He will destroy them all in the change of ages. That is, when this age draws to a close and the apocalypse arrives, these people will be utterly destroyed. Some people who receive God’s work during the last days don’t accept even the slightest shred of truth, nor do they fulfill their duty. In the end, they will also be destroyed. Do you understand? God also says, “Those who have never been true to God but are forced into dealing with God shall be numbered among those who do service for His people. Only a small number of such men can survive, while the majority shall perish along with those who are not qualified even to do service.” These are those who do service for God’s people. Only a small portion of such people will survive. What’s all about this small amount of people? Why this small group of people? Why will God keep a small amount alive? Who will these people be? It will definitely be those who have good humanity, those who do little evil, and these people, only a small amount, will be left alive.

God’s word says, “Finally, God shall bring into His kingdom all those who are of the same mind as God.” “Those who are of the same mind as God” are the most excellent, the most superior people. “God shall bring into His kingdom all those who are of the same mind as God, the people and sons of God as well as those predestined by God to be priests. Such is the fruit begotten by God through His work. As for those who can belong to none of the categories set by God, they shall be numbered among the unbelievers. And you can surely imagine what their outcome shall be. I have already said to you all that I should say; the road that you choose shall be your decision to make. What you should understand is this: The work of God never waits for any that cannot keep pace with God, and the righteous disposition of God shows no mercy to any man.” What are these words like? Do they have any authority? These words were spoken by God, no human could ever say them. And so, while believing in God, read these words and come to understand them, come to understand God’s administration, who God will eliminate, who God will bless, and who God will take pity on. If all these things become clear to you, then the path you must take will become clear too. If you do not understand these things, won’t the path you must choose remain unclear? If you don’t understand these things, you won’t know how to believe. There are those who always hold onto human conceptions, and live in accordance with their own conceptions. Once you live in accordance with your own conceptions, you will become apathetic and confused, and you will not do your duty. “I’ll take another look later, and wait until I can understand it.” This is foolish procrastination and self-deception. There is always a fixed time to God’s work, and this time is predestined. Once it reaches a certain period, the work will change. What is coming next in this stage of God’s work? The apocalypse. In how many years will the apocalypse finally arrive? Two years? Three years? We don’t know. In any case, anyone with eyes can see that it is approaching. “Oh no, this world just seems to be getting crazier and crazier, the state of the world is so terrible! There’s war, disasters are getting worse and worse. There are no good days ahead of us.” Anyone with eyes can see this clearly. Superior people can see it, the politicians of the world can all see it, especially the prophets of Israel. Some prophets predicted that 2012 would be the end of the world, and many people denied this, “There is no end of the world.” But now, when people look at the state of things, the astronomical signs, the disastrous state of affairs in all parts of the world, it seems that what God predicted in His word has come true. They all acknowledge this, “There truly is an end of the world, and it’s really not all that far away from now.” And now, every single person is anxious and desperate. “What will we do when the apocalypse comes? What do we do? Will we have a chance to flee for our lives? Which God do we have to believe in to get saved?” None of these people will be able to find the path to salvation. But we have found it. Believing in Almighty God is the sole, solitary path to salvation, the path to the kingdom of heaven, where God will approve us. We’ve found this path, and since we’ve found it we must pursue the truth diligently. We should treasure our brief time by pursuing the truth. Otherwise, this time will go to waste.

Some people ask, “You say that if we pursue the truth we can attain perfection in about ten years, at the very least. But what if we believe in God for 2-3 years, and then the apocalypse arrives? Will we be eliminated in the end, or will we enter the kingdom of heaven?” Doesn’t Lord Jesus have an analogy for this? It says that those who work seven hours receives a day’s worth of wages, but those who work one hour also get a day’s worth of wages. After this some people say, “Lord, this is unfair. We worked for seven hours, how can someone who worked for one hour get the same amount of money as us?” What does the Lord have to say about this? “Are you envious that I’m being generous to him? The money I gave him wasn’t out of your wages, this is my affair, what does it have to do with you?” And so, even though some people come into the faith a bit late, so long as they pursue the truth and are loyal and submissive to God after 1-2 years of experience, they will be rewarded as much as those who have believed in God for 10-20 years. And so, when the apocalypse comes, regardless of how long you’ve believed in God, if you are a person who pursues the truth, if you have devoted yourself to God, if you have some understanding of Him, then you will survive. As for truly attaining perfection, when all of God’s people attain perfection and purification, this will be the Age of Millennial Kingdom. Know this! And so, God’s statements about the overcomers who attain true perfection are different from those about His people. If you are not an overcomer, but one of God’s people, you will attain complete perfection in the Age of Millennial Kingdom. God will try and refine you with great disasters. If you have faith in Him and are able to withstand it all, that will be adequate. God wants you to learn a lesson. So many people nowadays don’t pursue the truth and don’t revere God in their hearts. They are muddled in their faith. God says, “I will give you sufficient lessons to learn.” What lesson? One day, the apocalypse will come and you will suffer many trials, and you will narrowly escape with your life. God will try you with disasters to see how you pray to Him and test whether or not you have faith in Him. God is the Lord of all that He created, and therefore God has methods for making people revere and submit to Him. He is capable of arranging the perfect conditions—all kinds of people, matters, and events—that one can learn lessons from. Some people say, “God is omnipotent. Once the great red dragon captures our brothers and sisters, why won’t He protect them?” God has a saying, “My wisdom is exercised based on Satan’s schemes.” For this stage of God’s work, why has He chosen China? This is because God predestined the great red dragon to reside in China as its resting place. And so, in the stage of God’s work during the last days, God has arranged for the saints of the past to be born again in China. After this, God’s incarnate flesh was also born in China. Through the influence and persecution of the great dragon, God does His work. It is in these circumstances that God’s chosen people undergo God’s work. After God makes a group of overcomers through the great red dragon’s terrible persecution, the apocalypse will arrive, and God will destroy the great red dragon immediately. What God says here is very clear and thorough, and if you read God’s word whenever you are free, you will come to understand this.

Some people say, “We weren’t born in China. How will we undergo God’s work?” You weren’t born in China, but are you not a person who has been corrupted by Satan? You weren’t born in China, but you have still been corrupted by Satan, and you still live under Satan’s domain, don’t you? In that case, don’t you need to pursue the truth? Yes, you must do so. One day, the apocalypse will come, and if you have Almighty God in your heart, if you have faith in Him, if you have some understanding of Him, then you will find a path amidst the disasters, you will have God’s word to guide and lead you, and in the end you will be able to survive. And so, even if you weren’t born in China and haven’t attained perfection and become an overcomer, in the future all of God’s chosen people will come to realize the truth, and then among the chosen people in each country there will be priests and leaders, God’s sons, and God’s people. They will be divided into ranks, is this not so? If you are among the first of God’s chosen people from your country, if you pursue the truth, you’ll have more experience of God’s work than anyone, then you will possibly receive God’s blessings, and you will be first to obtain the truth. You are the first to accept God’s work, and you will have better opportunities and enjoy superior conditions to others. You may say, “I came in 3 years earlier, therefore I have obtained more truth than you have. My faith is greater than yours, and I possess more reality of the truth than you do.” You will receive God’s blessings, this is what it will be like for you. Do you understand?

Some people say, “It’s almost 2017 now, if God’s work doesn’t end in a few more years, what do we do?” In a few more years? Who knows what year the apocalypse will come? And when the apocalypse does come, will you still have a happy life? There will be no happy days ahead. I tell you, the apocalypse has yet to come, get out there and pursue the truth diligently while you can. If the apocalypse falls when 2017 comes and you’ve only believed in Almighty God for six months to one year, will you have any foundation then? No, you might have your own conceptions. You might run and betray God, this is trouble! So if the apocalypse came a bit later, this would be better for the progress of your life, wouldn’t it? Do you hope that God’s work will be finished sooner or later? If you hope it finishes earlier, and the apocalypse comes in an instant, but you have no life, like a newborn child to be left motherless in the disaster, would you be able to survive? Now I hold these meetings for you to feed and nourish you. But when the apocalypse comes, there will be no one to hold meetings for you anymore, and you would have to read God’s word on your own. How long would it take for you to be able to understand it then? Would this be good for you? No. Will you grow faster through reading God’s word on your own, or will you grow faster with someone to water you? Everyone will admit that they will grow faster if there is someone to water them. People also ask, “If the apocalypse comes late and the work of God does not end in a few years, what do we do? Will we continue to follow Him like before? We don’t want to. We don’t want to follow God this way anymore.” What is this kind of talk? Do you think that we will believe in this stage of God’s work for two thousand years, like Jesus has been believed in for two thousand years? God’s work of the last days is not nearly as long, and will merely last a short few years. The apocalypse is coming, even if you want it to last longer, it will not. Now that the day of the apocalypse has yet to come, a day’s worth of time is precious indeed! When it does come, there will be no day and night, there will be times when the sun turns invisible, when the moon turns blood red. Who can say when they will be gone for good? There will be great disasters, in all parts of the world there will be famine, plague, and earthquakes, the earthquake that is unprecedented and surpasses level nine on the Richter scale. Are you hoping that the apocalypse will come soon? What if God’s work will never be completed? Would that be good or bad? Would it be good for it to finish sooner or later? This is a question that some people ask. I’ll be honest with you: If God’s work does not end one day, this would be a good thing for you, because you still have time to make your faith stronger and firmer. You might build a foundation in a year or two. So long as you have this foundation, there will be hope for you. But if God’s work ends too soon, you’d be just like a newborn child still within six months of the critical period where it is very easy for babies to die prematurely! If, like now, a religious pastor comes to you one day, and if he confuses you, you’ll lose your vision, and all of these words I am saying will be gone from your heart. Do you think you have a foundation now? The best thing for you to do is to build a foundation before the apocalypse comes. If you do so you will be very fortunate. Make sure you understand this! Once when someone asked me the following question, “If God’s work is not over in a few years, then will we continue to follow Him as before?” I do not understand what he meant here. Do you think following God this way is a bad thing? Do you want to follow God like this? Can a newborn child survive the wind and rain? Can he survive the apocalypse? If you build a foundation in two or three years’ time following this way, this is a good thing. But I am afraid you wouldn’t be able to withstand a world war and an earthquake. Will your foundation be able to withstand this? Today, believing in God will not be the same as it was during the Age of Grace. In the Age of Grace, however you believed in God would do. People were apathetic and confused, and they did not pursue the truth. As a result, even believing in God for many years was of no use, and they did not gain life. But in the Age of Kingdom, things are very different. God is serious with people. If you do not possess the truth and once the disasters fall, once the world turns to chaos, the satanic regimes and evil forces will all persecute God’s chosen people—if by that time you have no truth, if you have not built a foundation, you will easily be captured by Satan. Once taken captive, you will be branded with the mark of the beast, and you will be finished for eternity. So it is important for your foundation to take root now! Seek the truth without delay!

Some people say, “I have a brain, I have knowledge, I have discernment for general deception.” Are people who can say this intelligent? This person is too self-righteous! What do they actually do with their knowledge? The more knowledge a person accumulates, the more they resist God, and the harder it is for them to accept the truth. They think that their knowledge can serve as the truth, isn’t this the case? But knowledge is not the truth, science is not the truth, knowledge is fake, erroneous, and science is also fake and erroneous. Knowledge and science do not come from God, and only God’s word is the truth. All positive things and the truth come from God; all that comes from Satan is not the truth. Even if it appears to be correct and worthwhile on the surface, they are actually fake, useless, and will all be deposed in the end. Is this not the case? God’s words are the truth, and once the Millennial Kingdom arrives, God will bestow all the riches in heaven upon humanity. At that time, God will completely eliminate and destroy all in the old world, and all of humanity’s scientific developments—all of their clothes and tools and transportation—will be changed for something entirely new and beyond recognition. When God’s blessing befalls the Millennial Kingdom and the kingdom of Christ, all of the aspects of science will hereafter become positive. This is true science, and it will not harm man’s environment in the least bit; all will be safe and beneficial. God’s wisdom is ten thousand times greater than that of evil spirits, isn’t this true? You ought to see this clearly. Some of you hear what I say and don’t believe it, but instead doubt it. Just experience the truth, and you will gradually come to understand.

This concludes today’s meeting. Goodbye!

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