Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Many Are Called, but Few Are Chosen”


The Chinese people that believe in God are really something, especially those that believe in Almighty God. They are even more amazing. Whatever God says, they obey. Whatever God says, they will do! These people have the courage to do it. Some people say, “I can make an effort. Whatever dangerous duties the church has to deal with, just hand them to me.” “Let you take care of them? Are your bones strong enough?” “Don’t worry, I’ve already been in jail twice and they beat me silly. They did not break my bones, God would not let them.” Whatever dangerous duties there are, there are people who would do them. Wouldn’t you say that this is faith? This is witnessing! When the Chinese Communist Party’s police beat people, they really beat people. We have a sister who was responsible for printing books and distributing them. The police caught her and beat her face until it was bruised and her mouth was off to one side. Their beatings are extremely cruel, as if they were in a war fighting an enemy. In a war, you use knives and guns. The Chinese Communist Party police do not use knives or guns. They use their fists, feet and torture instruments to harm you. They will beat you to death. We have some brothers and sisters who suffered tremendously in prison, yet they stood firm and bore witness. Those that God wishes to save are separated into groups to be brought back. The first group are those from mainland China. The second group are those who are overseas. Right now, those that are overseas are beginning to return to God. The third group are those that, after the great disaster arrives, in the midst of the disaster, come to their senses and return to God. Those that are called back to God prior to the disaster are many. There are many in this group! Right now, the work of rapture that needs to be done before the great disaster is quickly coming to an end. Why would I say this? What is “quickly coming to an end” referring to? The great disaster is arriving soon. If the great disaster arrives in two years, those that return to God in the two years will also be considered in the group that is raptured before the disaster. There will also be those that do not return to God during these two years. Other people spread the gospel to them and bear witness to Almighty God’s work in the last days, yet they say, “This is incorrect! This is not it! I have not seen it with my own eyes, I will not believe.” No matter how others explain it, they still deny it. God will place these people right in the middle of the disaster. He will use the disaster to refine and punish them. They will be in the middle of the disaster, in the darkness, weeping and gnashing their teeth.

Why does the great red dragon frantically suppress and capture Christians in China? God wants to make complete a group of overcomers in this environment. This is why He needs the great red dragon to be the foil. This is the foil’s use. Some people say, “If the great red dragon were destroyed, this would allow the Church of Almighty God to spread the gospel and expand the church vigorously. Those that would accept the gospel in China would then number more than 100 million.” Is this a good situation? From the point of view of man, it is very good. So, why doesn’t God do this? Why does God not do this? You do not know. Here, there has to be a truth that we must seek. This must contain a mystery. What is this mystery? If the environment that the great red dragon created did not exist, of the people that believe in God, would it be clear which ones truly believe in God, which ones are false believers, which ones are timid and which ones are unyielding? First of all, this aspect would not be clear. Additionally, there are many intellectuals, scholars and people who do not love the truth that will come in. Would they affect the overcomers being perfected? Intellectuals and scientists seek knowledge. Their acceptance of the truth is too slow. In accepting each truth, they must go through many instances of fellowship, failure, setbacks, dealing and pruning before they can advance a single step. Imagine what would happen if you take those that do not love or believe in the truth, those that seek knowledge and science and you bring them into the church. These people rely on gifts and they have a high chance to be elected as leaders or preachers. These people just preach and spread empty words in the church. Would those that truly seek the truth be able to obtain shepherding, supplies and watering? They will affect the fruits of God’s work. That is why once these people seize power in the church the work of perfecting the overcomers will be delayed and become more difficult. That is why God guards this door very closely. Who is the first group of people that can enter? God makes use of the environment to control for this. Look at what God uses to prevent the sea from flooding outwards. The first thing He uses is huge mountains. Second, He uses sea sand. The sea sand blocks the sea water. God blocks those that do not love the truth from entering the church. What methods does He use to do this? He makes use of a hostile environment—the great red dragon’s capture and suppression, the ruling party’s persecution. In this way, He keeps these people outside. Those who only like knowledge and science along with people who do not love the truth, once they see this, they exclaim, “The great red dragon’s forces are truly great. It captures and suppresses people. It would not be good if I get captured. I better not believe.” It blocks those that are cowardly and do not love the truth from entering the church. Is this not God’s wisdom? Doesn’t this make clear God’s almightiness and sovereignty? This makes clear God’s almightiness and sovereignty.

There are some people who do not know how to understand this situation. What would those that do not understand the spirit say? “If God is called Almighty God, why doesn’t He destroy the great red dragon in one mighty swoop?” It is not ideal to have the great red dragon destroyed too early. This would interfere with God’s plan because He still needs to make use of the great red dragon, am I right? How long will this foil be used? Once this group of overcomers have been made complete, once they have been perfected, once they have obtained the truth and can bear witness, the service of the great red dragon will come to an end. At this time, God will destroy it. He will use disasters to get rid of it. When God came to do His work, He said that He brings all sorts of disasters. This can be compared to one of His hands bringing all of the truth while the other hand brings all of the disasters. Once all of the truth has been expressed and His work has achieved a certain result, that is when He must get things started—He will send disasters and get rid of the unbelievers. As a result, how does God deal with the unbelievers? He uses disasters to get rid of them. Colloquially, He uses force to resolve this issue. Look at how the great red dragon hunts down God’s chosen people. They come in police cars and they carry machine guns and torture instruments. God will use disasters to exterminate them. Do you think their police cars, machine guns and torture instruments will be able to stop these disasters? God will use disasters to exterminate them. This is why, when the day comes that God will punish the great red dragon, He will send China disasters. Once God’s chosen people see this, they will be wild with joy and loudly praise God, “God is righteous!” They will be moved to tears. The idiom, “wild with joy,” describes this situation very well, am I right? God is not rushed as He goes about His business. He is not like man, “Right now the great red dragon’s persecution is so extreme and severe. Wouldn’t it be perfect if God delivers a calamity to them at this moment?” This is the way that man does things. When the Lord Jesus was being nailed to the cross, did God send a disaster to the Israelites? No. Was God’s heart aching at the time? It was aching so much. However, this was something that God had predestined. He needed to use this situation to complete His redemptive work. That is why as the Lord Jesus was breathing His last breath on the cross, He said, “Finished.” God’s redemptive work was finished and it was successfully accomplished. After He proclaimed it was finished, how many years was it until God brought His punishment and wrath upon Israel? About thirty years. Titus of Rome sent an army to wipe out Israel. The nation of Israel was wiped out and it did not recover all the way until 1948. After they recovered their country, the Israelis still have not been able to have peace. Right now, they are endlessly experiencing war.

During the time of the second world war, the monster Adolf Hitler emerged and he massacred six million Israelites. The Israelites believe in Jehovah God each and every generation. Why would they encounter such gigantic disasters and punishment? What is the reason for this? They nailed the Lord Jesus to the cross and the consequences have been devastating. Some people say, “It was some individuals who did it. Those few people nailed Him to the cross.” Those people represented Israel, that is why God destroyed Israel. None of them believed in the Lord Jesus. After the Lord Jesus was nailed to the cross, the Israelites tried to kill His apostles and disciples. They could no longer stay in Israel and had to flee to other countries in Europe. That is why God’s wrath on Israel has been heavy-handed. Afterward, there have been many Christians who have said, “Oh, how is it that the Israelites believe in God yet have encountered this kind of situation? Where is Jehovah God? Why does Jehovah God not look out for them? Why does Jehovah God not release His anger upon Hitler?” It is not appropriate to use man’s notions and imagination to judge God. Do you know how God thinks? Do your notions represent that you are holy? Do they represent your mercy and love? Do they show that you have the truth? Are you the Lord of creation or is God the Lord of creation? Are you almighty? Do you have a righteous disposition? If you continue to rely on your notions to judge God, then you are resisting God! Isn’t this the case? When the Israelites opposed the Lord Jesus, they were opposing Jehovah God. That is why God vented His wrath. However, He waited 30 years or so before He destroyed the nation of Israel. Now, based on this example, if someone says, “The great red dragon is frantically persecuting God’s chosen people. If God sees this, He should bring down a disaster. He should quickly bring down a disaster. He cannot even wait for one minute.” Is this kind of thinking in accordance with God’s intentions? It is not. God’s wisdom is higher than that of man. God’s thoughts and ideas are different than those of man. Do not use man’s thoughts and ideas to draw conclusions about and judge God. This is a mistake. God deliberates carefully before He takes action. He gives you ample time to repent and reflect so that you can understand. Once you understand, if you still do not repent, that is when a disaster comes. This is just right. God does not rush when He does things. God’s hand is very stable and steady. In those thirty or so years, if they repented, it would have been okay. God would not have brought a disaster. However, what did they do in those thirty years? The Israelites tried to kill the apostles and disciples of the Lord Jesus. Believers had to flee the country and go to Europe and other countries. Aren’t these the facts? This confirms that they had resisted God’s work. This is definite proof that they had resisted the Lord Jesus. They did not repent. After God brought down a disaster upon them, could they blame anyone else? Not only did they not acknowledge the Lord Jesus, they cracked down on His disciples that were spreading the gospel and bearing witness in Judea. God unleashed His wrath upon them about thirty years after the Lord Jesus was nailed on the cross. God destroyed them and demolished their temple. Look at how great God’s timing is. It’s great. Why is it great? God does not punish people right away if they do something wrong. God will give you a chance to reflect and see how you react. They stubbornly continued to carry out repression, slaughter the disciples and apostles of the Lord Jesus and prevent them from spreading the gospel. When their persecution of God reached its peak, God brought down His wrath. In those thirty years, they did not repent and did not concede. They had cruelly slaughtered so many apostles and disciples of the Lord Jesus. This is why Hitler massacred the Israelites. It was retribution indeed! Some people say, “Why does God not destroy the great red dragon?” God has His own plans. Do not be anxious. Once God finishes this stage of His work, He will destroy the great red dragon. You do not need to wait long. God does things according to His schedule. God’s time and man’s time, the time man imagines, are different. God’s time contains His mercy, leniency and wisdom. It is also based on a comprehensive arrangement that is reasonable and fair. This is why God’s time is a mystery. There is a truth that must be sought. Man’s time will not do, it has no meaning. Do you understand?

Let’s continue fellowshiping about God’s words. God said, “Then I ask them all to accept My work in the last days. At the same time, I differentiate man according to kind, then reward or punish each on the basis of their deeds. Such are the steps that comprise My work.” “Then, I ask them all to accept My work in the last days.” They will accept Almighty God and His judgment and chastisement. “At the same time, I differentiate man according to kind, then reward or punish each on the basis of their deeds.” What verse in the Book of Revelation do these words fulfill? “And my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be” (Revelation 22:12). This verse has been fulfilled, has it not? God will repay each person according to what they have done. What does this verse mean? It is not based on how many virtuous actions you do in religion or how many evil actions you take. This is not important. It is also not based on how much corruption you expose. This is not important. The most important thing is whether or not you obey Almighty God’s work, what kind of attitude you have toward the truth expressed by Almighty God. This is challenging! If you only acknowledge Almighty God’s name and you do not acknowledge that what He says is the truth, also, if you do not accept all of the words that Almighty God says and you rely on your own notions to reject and judge Almighty God’s words, God will peg you as a wicked person. Since you judge God’s words, not only do you not accept the truth, acknowledge the truth, but you reject the truth and judge the truth, this makes you a wicked person. God will deal with you as a wicked person. This is dealing with each according to their kind. How will God reveal each according to their kind? By God’s word and God’s work in the last days, He will reveal all the religious people and all the unbelievers. Those who do not believe will be condemned and all of them will be punished. For those who verbally acknowledge, He will look at whether or not they accept the truth, what kind of attitude they have toward the truth and whether or not they can obey God’s work. It is based on these conditions that man will be divided according to their kind. This phrase means that good people will be placed to one side, and wicked people will be placed on another side. Goats will be placed on the goat’s side and sheep will be placed on the sheep’s side. Systematically speaking, those who only believe in the Lord Jesus will be placed on the side that believes in the Lord Jesus; those who only believe in Jehovah God will be placed on the side that believes in Jehovah God; those who say “We believe in Almighty God,” these people will be placed on the side that believes in Almighty God. Those that say, “I do not believe in anything. I do not believe in God,” they are unbelievers and it has been preordained that they will be exterminated. This is what it means to divide man according to their kind.

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