Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “It Is Very Important to Establish a Proper Relationship With God”


Building a proper relationship with God is very simple in terms of the reasoning. Putting it into practice is also not difficult. So, if there are difficulties, where would they be? Man’s stature is too small. He is still affected by Satan’s disturbance, tricks and temptation. Don’t these things have the greatest influence on the relationship between man and God? Now, aside from these factors, aside from Satan’s disturbance and temptation, of our own difficulties, which ones obstruct us from having a proper relationship with God? What are our personal difficulties? Some people say that it is our arrogance, conceitedness, vanity and desire to save face. This is one aspect. The most important aspect, however, is that we love status and chase after reputation inside. We are bound by these things and it affects our communication with God and relationship with God. Isn’t this true? Sometimes we are subject to the control of our arrogant nature. Our arrogance and conceitedness is a huge problem. We want to run ahead of God, we want to be our own independent masters and take control of everything related to ourselves. We do not allow God to intervene nor do we seek God. We walk our own path. It is this disposition that is the stumbling block that prevents man from establishing a connection with God. Can it be said in this way? Man is arrogant and conceited. Once you ponder things over, “That is it, I’ll do it this way!” Someone says, “Have you prayed to God?” “Regardless of whether or not I pray, I’ll do it this way, it makes no difference. Therefore, there’s no need to pray.” The result of this behavior is that you will not have the Holy Spirit’s work and you will not achieve any results. Do these kinds of things happen a lot? Your arrogance and conceitedness causes you to think that you are capable of anything. If you are capable, the Holy Spirit will no longer work through you. Let’s see if you will still get any results. Some people are able to preach, “I can preach. I have a lot of things in my head. I understand a lot about the Bible doctrines. I know by heart the most important verses in the Bible. If you want, I can give a sermon anytime.” The result is, once this person starts preaching, there is no practicality to what he is saying and he cannot make any solid contributions to anyone. It is all empty theories. How do people feel after he finishes talking? Everything he says is correct, and it is in accordance with the Bible. However, he is unable to make any contributions to anyone’s life entry, nor can he provide any light to those who are trying to understand the truth. Now, does this sort of work have any kind of value? It has absolutely no value whatsoever. So, why do some people not establish any real communication with God through prayer? Why do they not seek the truth through God in every matter? What is obstructing our path in seeking the truth? It is our arrogance and conceitedness. Our arrogant satanic nature. We believe that we are capable of anything and we do not need to pray. In this way, we forfeit ourselves. If this kind of person were allowed to go through the formalities and pray to God, what would he say? He would say, “God, I am Your creation. I should expend for You. Today, I am going to do work for You. I will preach a sermon. I am willing to let You lead my footsteps. Let my abilities shine through. Let my eloquence and gift shine through so that I can satisfy You.” What do you think about this kind of prayer? Is this a good prayer? Some people say that it is not good. How is it not good? There is no seeking within this prayer. He views his gift and abilities too highly. It is as if he does not need the Holy Spirit’s work to deliver a good sermon or do good work. Is this an arrogant and conceited disposition? Now, what kind of quality of prayer is this? What does it reveal? Here, he does not seek the truth through God, nor does he see through his talent and gift. Just what kind of thing is this, and what kind of results will it produce? This person is not able to see this matter clearly. Also, he does not see the Holy Spirit’s work as the most important thing that is unconditionally higher than everything else. Therefore, this person’s prayer reveals the arrogant and conceited disposition of Satan. Isn’t this the case? Now, is this person’s relationship with God proper or improper? This person does not have a heart that reveres God. Moreover, he does not honor God as great and he is quite arrogant and self-righteous. It is as if he does not pay any attention to God and when he prays he says a few words carelessly.

Now, the quality of this kind of prayer and whether or not this person has a proper relationship with God can basically be distinguished. When it comes to your daily prayers, what things are you lacking? What kind of disposition does it reveal? Is it in accordance with God’s will? Are you able to obtain the Holy Spirit’s work? Can you see these things clearly? For example, someone wakes up, and he starts praying, “God, today, I commit my entire day to You. I am willing to let You guide me throughout the day. Please watch over me today so I do not encounter any evil or temptation. Let me live in the radiance of Your countenance. May God bless me. Amen!” The prayer has finished, but actually, the heart has not moved. This person’s lips have moved joyously but his heart has not moved at all. How is this prayer? We all think it is not good. Now, do you still pray this way? What is the quality of this kind of prayer? Does he treat God as God should be treated? He treats God as if He didn’t exist. He thinks of God as a vague God. Am I right? Is this the right attitude to have toward God? When you hear this person pray, it is as if this person believes in a vague God. It is not practical to believe in a vague God! Do you treat God as if He were empty air? This type of prayer is called going through the motions. You are deceiving God! Do you not know that God observes everything? Is this person devout? Is this a person that reveres God? This is not a person that reveres God. He does not have a heart that reveres God. Is he a devout person? If someone does not have a heart that reveres God, is he a person that loves God?

Some people, after they have heard my sermon, will haphazardly make their own conclusions and say that I judge people, that I always judge religious pastors and elders and condemn them. What would you say is the problem here? What kind of characteristic is this? Should we dissect this a little bit? They have their own opinions regarding the Lord Jesus cursing the Pharisees. They are full of resentment and refuse to accept Almighty God exposing religious pastors, elders and antichrists. They are happy when they see the Pharisees resist God. They are in opposition to God hating and cursing these people. Do these people stand on God’s side or Satan’s side? They are happy when they see religious pastors and elders continuously condemn Almighty God. They are dissatisfied at Almighty God for condemning these people and cursing the Pharisees. They get in the way of this and do not let God condemn them. What kind of people are they? Aren’t these people antichrists? Aren’t they the watchdogs of religious groups? This is a very serious matter. You are a religious person and you haven’t accepted God’s judgment and chastisement, so you definitely do not have the truth. However, as a person that believes in God, shouldn’t you seek the truth in matters that you cannot see through? Why do you haphazardly comment and judge other people’s words? Do you think that I am randomly saying these things? My words are based on God’s words. They are based on what God has revealed. These are not man’s notions. They are in accordance with the truth. If my words have a basis, if they are based on God’s words and God’s will, aren’t your convictions and resistance toward me in fact resistance toward God? When you do this, doesn’t it mean you hate the truth? This is the nature of your behavior, but we do not condemn these kinds of people. We must see through the nature of this kind of matter, understand? It is very dangerous if these people do not repent. They will know whether or not they can be saved by God in the end. There are some people who persistently resist and condemn God’s work. No matter how many truths God expresses or how many mysteries He reveals, you will not see them accept or understand any of them. In brief, they persistently stand on Satan’s side, on the religious side researching and questioning God, trying to find fault with His words. “Why is it said like this? Why? Why? Why?” They do not seek the truth nor do they have a heart that reveres God. They do not see these words as God’s words. Now, you believe in the Lord Jesus, but if you were alive 2,000 years ago, when the Lord Jesus was cursing the Pharisees, you would be protesting against the Lord Jesus. You would be opposing and condemning the Lord Jesus! The Lord Jesus has ascended into heaven and you cannot see Him, so you don’t utter a word of condemnation. If you really saw Him, you would definitely be standing on the side of the Pharisees condemning the Lord Jesus. Isn’t this the case? That is why, if we truly believe in God, we must seek the truth in all things, no matter what. Do not speak blindly and recklessly. If you doubt man’s word as to whether it accords with the truth or not, and that should be acceptable. If you doubt God’s words and you directly pass judgment on them, then this is the sin of resisting God! If you deny all the truth that Almighty God expresses, this is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit! Is what I’m saying accurate? Those who believe in God must keep a reverent heart and seek the truth. This is wisdom. Do not think that you understand everything. What do you understand? You see nothing clearly. You cannot even recognize the truth or God’s work. You do not even know whether or not my fellowship and preaching is in accordance with God’s words. Just what is it that you understand? You do not understand anything!

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