Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “It Is Very Important to Establish a Proper Relationship With God”


Let us continue holding fellowship over God’s words, “If you wish to achieve a proper spiritual life and establish a proper relationship with God, you must first give your heart to God, and quiet your heart before God. Only after you have poured your whole heart into God can you gradually have a proper spiritual life.” Ponder over these words. What truth do they convey? Each word of God is the truth. After you finish reading a word, you must contemplate and try to figure it out. “Where is the truth in this word? What kind of truth is this word conveying? I must understand!” You cannot simply read it, am I right? When reading God’s words, you cannot use your eyes and simply count the words. You can’t just finish reading it and say, “It’s done, the truth will automatically be revealed in my heart.” Do you have this capability? If you do not contemplate and seek, would you be able to understand the truth? Now, what truth are these words conveying? “If you wish to achieve a proper spiritual life,” what is “proper spiritual life” alluding at? It means praying to God properly, eating and drinking God’s words properly and communicating the truth properly. These can all be considered part of a proper spiritual life. First of all, your spiritual life must be proper. Afterward, “establish a proper relationship with God.” Once your spiritual life has been normalized, then you can establish a proper relationship with God. Am I correct?

You must first give your heart to God, and quiet your heart before God. Only after you have poured your whole heart into God can you gradually have a proper spiritual life.” How many steps are involved in giving your heart to God? Someone says, “Well then, I’ll pray, ‘God, I give my heart to you.’ It only takes one step. I just gave my heart to God.” Is this giving one’s heart to God? From my point of view, I see this as giving yourself your own heart. Does this mean, once you say these words, then you have given your heart to God? God would say, “I have not received it. All I have received is nonsense, empty words, words that are meant to deceive Me.” Using your mouth to deceive God is no good! Using your mouth to deal with and fool God, is this the attitude of a person who believes in God? This is called resisting and deceiving God! You said, “If I pray, ‘God, I give You my heart,’ then the matter is finished.” Is this all there is to it? When God says one sentence, then the matter is finished. Can man do this too? What kind of matter has been completed? The matter of deceiving God. The matter of committing a sin. The matter of telling a lie. Isn’t this the case? “You must first give your heart to God.” Here, there is one proper step. “Quiet your heart before God,” this is the first step. How do we quiet our hearts? One way is through praying to God, “God, I now come before You wanting to tell You something important. I have encountered a certain situation, I do not know what to do….” When someone communicates with God about a situation, has this person’s heart not been quieted in front of God? Alternatively, pondering a section of God’s words after you have finished reading it, “Oh, there is some truth here. There is light. I need to think it over some more. God, I am asking You to enlighten me.” This is a heart that is completely immersed in God’s words. When a heart is immersed in God’s words, it is quiet before God. A heart that prays to God, that communicates with God, is also a heart that is quiet before God. Once you have silenced your heart before God, you will not think of anything else. You will not think about world issues, family issues, matters of the flesh. Your heart is free of them. At this moment, it is only you and God, face to face. This is what it means to quiet your heart before God. This is the first step. The second step, “you have poured your whole heart into God,” means to completely immerse your heart. “Whole heart” means to completely orient your heart toward God, immerse yourself in God’s words and have a communion with God. At this time, you can “gradually have a proper spiritual life.” Once a person’s heart is completely oriented toward God, in the words of nonbelievers, it is in “a world with only two people.” There is no other. It means, “I am with God and God is with me. I pray to God and communicate to God.” “Gradually have a proper spiritual life,” what does this mean? There is a real communion with God in your prayers. Through eating and drinking God’s words, you have obtained the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination. Your seeking of the truth has achieved results. All your prayers, eating and drinking God’s words and seeking of the truth have all achieved proper results. Isn’t this kind of life a proper spiritual life? This is a proper spiritual life.

When some people pray to God, they say, “God, I entrust You with this matter. I entrust You with my children. I entrust You with my parents. I entrust You with everything. God, please bless and protect me. Amen!” The prayer consists of only a few sentences and it is over. Is this being quiet in front of God? Is this wholeheartedly oriented toward God? This person’s prayer is as quick as a rabbit. His heart is impatient. He only addresses God with two sentences and then he quickly runs away. It is as if the whole purpose is to go through the process as quickly as possible. This is similar to a religious person praying. Before they eat, they quickly pray to God thanking Him for the food but when they look at the time they realize they have to rush off to work, “God, You have blessed me with this meal. God, You have given me this meal. I will never forget Your grace. A drop received in need will be repaid with a whole river. God, I will not forget Your love for me. I pray in the Lord Jesus’ name, Amen! I need to go to work now.” Then he leaves. Is this kind of prayer useful? It is useless. This is not praying with the heart, this is called going through the formalities. This is cursory and purely religious ceremony. There is no meaning to this and God despises this sort of activity. If you do not have time, then do not pray. Just say “Thank You, God” in your heart, and it would be fine. There is no need to pray this kind of repulsive prayer. These are the same old platitudes and doctrines. God does not listen to this kind of prayer. God pays attention to what is real. If someone does not understand God’s disposition, then they will not know how to pray. Isn’t this the case? If you do not understand God’s intentions, yet you still want to impose yourself onto God, then this is silly and ignorant.

Let’s continue reading God’s words. “If, in their belief in God, people do not give their heart to God, if their heart is not in God, and they do not treat God’s burden as their own, then everything they do is cheating God, and is the actions of religious people, unable to receive God’s praise. God cannot get anything from this kind of person; this kind of person can only serve as a foil to God’s work, like a decoration in the house of God, filling the seats and taking up space, and is a good-for-nothing—God does not use this kind of person.” How does God compare and describe these types of people? “This kind of person can only serve as a foil to God’s work, like a decoration in the house of God, filling the seats and taking up space, and is a good-for-nothing—God does not use this kind of person.” What situation do these words of God talk about? What exactly do these types of people resemble in God’s house? These people’s only use is to fill up the church. They are rubbish. God definitely has no use for them. Since God definitely has no use for them, can these people be written off? Aren’t these people garbage? If you believe in God, are you willing to be garbage? We all say we do not want to be. Why have these people become garbage to be eliminated? They are unable to give their hearts to God. They do not have a proper relationship with God. They imitate religious ceremonies and they imitate the Pharisees. In the end, God treats them as waste and deals with them as if they were garbage. Do you understand? Some people say, “‘Can only serve as a foil to God’s work,’ what does this mean? ‘Like a decoration in the house of God,’ what does ‘decoration’ mean?” What is the use of a foil? Do you know? It is used to render a service. What kind of service? This is like when God’s chosen people are not aware of what is hypocrisy. Oh, just call these people out and pick them apart, then you will know what hypocrisy means. If God’s chosen people do not know what it means to serve God yet resist Him at the same time, then these foils have a use. Pick apart their conduct and deeds and then you will understand what their use is, what a foil can be used for. If these people did not exist, then you would not understand. This is what a foil is used for, do you understand? Now, what is a foil? That is, sometimes, when you are preaching, you talk about something negative but you are unable to make it well understood. Then you bring up these foils, and pick them apart. And the others will understand what you were originally trying to say. This is how they can be useful. A similar example is God permitting wicked people, evil spirits, antichrists and nonbelievers that only want to eat their fill to exist in the church. What is the purpose of letting these people exist in the church? Someone says, “What kind of people does God’s work need to eliminate?” “Wicked people, evil spirits, antichrists and nonbelievers.” “Then, what are antichrists? What are nonbelievers?” Bring up an archetype of an antichrist that has already been expelled. Bring up an archetype of a nonbeliever that seeks bread to satisfy hunger. Once you bring these people up as examples, everyone will understand. They will understand what an antichrist is. They will understand what false leaders, wicked people, evil spirits and nonbelievers are. They will thoroughly understand. How is it that everyone will thoroughly understand this? It is because of the existence of these foils. When you bring these negative people out to dissect, everyone else will be able to differentiate. This is how these foils are effective. They have this function in God’s work. They are used to achieve this result. Do you understand? Now, if someone asks, “I do not understand. God wields power in His house. Why does He allow evil spirits, antichrists, wicked people and nonbelievers to sneak into God’s house?” Can we explain this problem? “The great red dragon frantically persecutes God’s chosen people and resists God’s work. Why does God not exterminate it? He allows it to remain until after His work is finished. At this point, He will eliminate it. Why is this?” Is there an explanation to this problem? God brings the great red dragon into play as a foil. Foils have this sort of use in God’s work. Once God’s work has concluded, these foils will be exterminated first. When it comes time for God to destroy the world, He will destroy one country at a time. However, first He will destroy the great red dragon. This is how a foil exits the stage. Do you understand? If you want to understand God’s words, then there must be foils. Isn’t this correct?

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