Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “It Is Very Important to Establish a Proper Relationship With God”


Let’s continue fellowshiping about God’s word. “God does not use this kind of person.” God dislikes people who conduct religious ceremonies while impersonating people of virtue. God will not bless those people; moreover, He will not use them. What does it mean that God refuses to make use of someone? It means that this person is a hopeless waste that God has no use for. We all have our own unique duties to fulfill and roles to play. We complete these duties under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the illumination and enlightenment attained therefrom. If a person lacks a proper relationship with God, will he be able to fulfill his duties? No, he will not. Why does a service-doer fail to attain perfection? Why did Paul who did so much work and suffered so many hardships fail to attain perfection? How do we explain this? So many religious people can’t understand this. No matter how you explain to them, they cannot accept the fact. But we can understand, can’t we? How do you understand it now? Why does God not approve of the acts of men who lack a proper relationship with Him? If a man relies on himself to act, and in doing so pays dearly by suffering many hardships, why is it that God will ultimately disapprove of him and eliminate him? Some say it’s because he doesn’t do what God wants him to do. This is correct, but it is only one reason. What are the other reasons? The main reason is that he lacks a proper relationship with God, and therefore he will not receive the work of the Holy Spirit. What is the fate of a man who does not receive the work of the Holy Spirit? He will never be able to know God. Knowledge of God is attained through undergoing the work of the Holy Spirit. The degree to which someone understands God depends on how much he experiences and understands the Holy Spirit’s work. Am I right? If he never gets in touch with the Holy Spirit, or cannot feel the slightest bit of work of the Holy Spirit, will his faith in God be able to mature at all? Absolutely not. How is this? He’ll say, “I’ve believed in God for many years, but I’ve never been able to feel or sense Him.”

Some people who haven’t believed in God for very long will say, “I’ve felt God! I’ve really felt Him!”

“How do you know that what you felt was really God? Did you see Him?”

“No, I didn’t see Him.”

“Did you touch Him?”


“Then how do you know that it was truly God?”

“I’ve felt the work of the Holy Spirit in my heart, I’ve felt His actions, as well as the illumination and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. I can sense it when God’s Spirit inspects me and guides me. Because of this, my faith in God has truly matured. God really does exist, and He can guide and enlighten us to understand the truth. When the Holy Spirit works inside me, I can feel how God loves me, how He saves and purifies me. And so God must be real.” How can we precisely define what it means to undergo God’s work? First of all, through practicing and experiencing God’s word, you will become aware of the Holy Spirit’s actions, enlightenment, illumination, and guidance. This is extremely important. Second of all, through understanding the truth by experiencing God’s work, you will acquire a completely new understanding of God. This new understanding will cause your faith in God to become stronger and stronger. Your heart will grow to revere and love God. In your heart, you will be willing to devote everything to God and do whatever you can to please Him. How does one attain these fruits? He attains them by using his heart to speak, pray and commune with God and obtaining the work of the Holy Spirit. The more you experience the Holy Spirit’s work, the more you will understand God; the less you experience the Holy Spirit’s work, the less you will understand God. The less you understand God, the weaker your faith in Him will be. Experience, understanding, and faith are correlative; they have a mutual relationship here. And so, a person who truly knows God will surely have the work of the Holy Spirit. He will truly pray to God about many matters, and experience the illumination, enlightenment, and guidance of the Holy Spirit on many affairs, he will attain the fruit of understanding of God’s word and the truth. This kind of person walks the path toward perfection through God. In this case, we must clearly understand one thing: What does it mean for a man to touch the Spirit of God with his heart? If you pray to God with sincerity, and you speak from your heart while communicating with God, you will be able to receive the work of the Holy Spirit. Once you receive the work of the Holy Spirit, it will be the same as witnessing God appear right before your eyes, and you will grow more and more aware of just how extremely real God is. “God truly is real, He’s not at all vague! Though we cannot see Him with our eyes or touch Him with our hands, we can feel God’s genuineness and realness in our hearts, and know that the God we believe in is the real, live God! The only thing we cannot see is God’s image. However, we are all able to perceive God’s deeds, His enlightenment, and His love. We experience so many things through our hearts! We feel so many things in our hearts! It’s all about the heart. Don’t count on your eyes, there are so many things they won’t be able to see, things that you can only perceive with your heart. The heart can perceive the truth a hundred times, a thousand times better than your eyes can!” As this kind of person experiences more of the Holy Spirit’s work, won’t he come to understand God more and more? He’ll be able to perceive exactly what kind of God God is. Will his faith in God grow stronger and stronger? Yes! Let this be clear. When a person maintains consistent communication with God and always perceives the work and guidance of the Holy Spirit, his relationship with God will become more and more proper, more genuine. If you ask him to pray emptily like a religious person prays to the air, he’ll do nothing of the sort. He’ll say, “That way of prayer is completely wrong. Isn’t it just like talking to yourself? There’s no God in your heart. You’re cheating God! I could never pray like that, that kind of prayer is not devout. God would be disgusted with me and resent me. But when I speak with God, I speak my heart, and God listens to me. I don’t always feel Him there, but I still talk to God like this, sincerely, for God listens to me in secret.” Sometimes, a person will feel the work of the Holy Spirit and he will pray quite devoutly. But when he doesn’t feel this work, he may talk rubbish. Does this kind of person revere God in their hearts? No, this person is muddle-headed, foolish! God won’t always let you sense Him, but He will be secretly hearing your prayers and inspecting you. He will see if your heart is true or not, if it is reverent and devout. Only in this way can you be revealed. If God were to always make you realize how He works and why He does each thing, you wouldn’t develop true faith. There’s no knowing what you would do to God behind His back. This is why sometimes the Holy Spirit will allow you to sense Him, and other times the Holy Spirit will not allow you to sense Him. God will hide and conceal Himself from you so that He will be able to see whether you have true faith and obedience in Him, whether or not you truly revere Him. Do you understand what I’ve said so far? If you have this kind of experience, raise your hand. If you’ve been through this before, you will say, “Sometimes I perceive the Holy Spirit’s work, and other times God conceals Himself from me, but I still have faith in God. I just know that God is concealing Himself from me, inspecting me in secret. But I still give my heart to God. I still speak my mind to Him.” A person with this kind of experience, his life and faith will always grow and never stop. Is this clear?

Some people say, “Before, when I prayed to God, I felt the illumination and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, and I was very moved. Those prayers were very spiritual, I spoke quite well, and after I finished praying, my tears began to flow, I felt God so lovely. But after some time passed, that feeling was gone. After it left me, I began to wonder: Why does God hide from me? What did I do wrong? Where did I offend God? Oh God, if I offended You, I’ll confess my sins in a heartbeat. I want to go back to that feeling, I can’t live without that feeling! And so, I must find a way to recover this feeling, to ask the Holy Spirit to touch me, to guide me directly, so that I can feel that feeling again, so that I can restore my spiritual life.” Is this line of thinking correct? If you think it’s wrong, raise your hand. There are still people who don’t understand. Don’t keep asking God to give you these kinds of transcendent feelings. God is real, He won’t work like this all the time. Understand this! If God always reveals Himself to you and His Spirit moves you and guides you in obvious ways, allowing you to feel Him clearly, it means that your stature is small, and you are still a “child.” Consider how a mother and father will always watch over a newborn child. Sometimes the mother and father will look at their child, without saying anything, and the baby will begin to cry because the baby’s eyes cannot see them clearly. But once the adult begins to soothe the baby, the baby will fall asleep and calm down. What does this mean? God will only watch over you like this if you are an infant child. After the child can eat solid food and gains some awareness of the world, at the age of five or six, the adults will go out to work and say to the child, “Wait for us in the house.” And the child will say, “Okay.” The grownups will go outside to work, and the child will wait inside. Soon the child will say, “Why haven’t they come home yet?” And he’ll start to cry. “Mom, why haven’t you come back yet? Where are you?” After he cries for a while, his mom will come back, and ask, “Why are you crying?” “I haven’t seen you for a long time, I’m scared.” “Didn’t I tell you I’d be working outside? There’s so much work to do, how could I come into the house to check on you? Be good. I’m working outside!” “I understand.” And he’ll go without crying again for another 2-3 hours. If he grows another year older, the grownups could leave him alone for 5 hours without an issue. But when he grows another two years older, the adults can leave him behind to run errands for half a day without an issue. A child grows more and more sensible like this. Doesn’t the spiritual life of man progress in the same way? Some people always ask, “God, please illuminate and enlighten me, let me feel You, let me see You.” Is it right to always ask for this? No, it’s not. Then what should we ask for? You should ask God for the work of the Holy Spirit to bear fruit, and ask God to let you attain this fruit. Say to Him, “God, after I finish praying to You, I still have yet to touch You, feel You, or see You. But after a while, I understand the truth, I become enlightened. It’s more than enough, my prayers have been so fruitful.” This is like a small child saying, “Mom, dad, you can go work outside. When I get hungry, just give me some food and water, and it’ll all be okay. Then I will know that you are working outside.” If this is how you talk to God, you’ll get along just fine, won’t you? It’s also okay to ask God to let you understand the truth, His will and His wishes, and how to satisfy Him. Don’t beg Him to let you feel Him directly, just ask Him to help you attain the fruits of His work. And so, if you have a problem, and you sincerely pray to God and seek answers from God, after thinking it over for several days, it will all become clear, a path will appear, there will be a light, and things will become clearer and clearer. Today it will be a bit clear, and tomorrow it will be even clearer, and the day after tomorrow you will be able to perceive it completely, and 3 days from now you will know exactly what to do. You’ll pray to God once again: “God, You’ve enlightened me, I understand now, I’ve come to understand in these past few days, this is all because of Your illumination and enlightenment. God, I am so grateful to You, I’m ready to act according to Your wishes, I know how to satisfy You now. Thank You, God. Amen!” When God sees you, He’ll say, “You understand, you’ve received the fruit, and I have received your response.” How is this prayer? Is it realistic or not? This is a proper relationship between man and God, one where man regularly prays to God, and tells Him his true feelings. When man and God interact like this, when man prays to God like this, he will be able to handle one thing after another. When you pray for things, speak your heart to God, and when you are finished, you will know what you need to do to obey and satisfy God. In the light of God’s enlightenment, you will come to understand one thing after another, and you will be able to satisfy God through receiving His guidance. If you walk the path of a believer in God like this, you will come to understand the truth more and more without even noticing it. Your obedience to God will become more and more real. As your knowledge of God becomes more real, your love for God will become more real. The way you obey God will become more real. The way you see things and your life disposition will transform without you even realizing it. This is the road you must walk as a believer in God. Pray to and communicate with God like this, and you will become a person who submits to God, you will attain perfection and salvation.

Is this the road you walk? This is the path of a believer in God. Pray to God about one thing after another, seek the truth from God, and grasp God’s will. In the end, you will be illuminated and enlightened and understand the truth, you will know how to act in accordance with God’s will. This is how you should handle the things you encounter, this is how you experience them. When you expose your corruption or make transgressions, do just like this: Pray to God and seek the truth. And at last, once you understand yourself, your heart will be heavy with true remorse, and you can repent sincerely and offer God your gratitude and praise. “God, I’ve learned a lesson through this. Now I understand where I was wrong before, I understand Your will, and I won’t rebel against You again, I will definitely practice the truth, I will work according to the principle, and I won’t ever again obstruct the work of God’s house. Thank You, God, for Your salvation.” This will do. You know how to handle your transgressions, and when you encounter complex problems, you know how to pray to God and pursue the truth. Moreover, in any kind of difficult situation, whether it concerns human relationships, work relationships with coworkers, relationships with God, or what principles to apply while dealing with people you don’t understand, you must pray to God about all of these problems, you must entrust them all to God, and seek the truth to resolve them. Let’s say that in the span of one year, you go through this process of truly contacting God like this a dozen times, and you are able to use the truth to resolve your problems. Do you think that you will benefit much from this single year of experiencing God’s work? Yes, you will benefit greatly. It is sufficient to truly experience God’s work on a dozen or so problems in a year. You rely on God to solve your problems. Through praying to God, you understand truth and attain true repentance. After you pray to God about these hardships for 1-2 months, you come to understand the truth, and you understand God’s will. And finally you give up your own ideas. This is what it means to truly experience the truth. If you completely resolve a dozen problems in one year, through praying to God and seeking the truth, this experience is extremely rewarding. Religious people pray to God and talk their heads off every day. They talk a load of garbage to God every day, but they don’t communicate with God no matter what they do; they rely on their own ideas, and they only act in order to satisfy themselves. Isn’t this a hundred times worse? These religious people are hypocritical Pharisees. We resolve actual problems through truly experiencing God’s work to attain and understand the truth. Thus the road we walk and the road that religious people walk are two different paths. Is this not the case? This is how we undergo God’s work, and this is how we walk the path to believing in God. Will we be able to resolve our corruptions by walking this path? Will we be able to understand the truth and know God? Of course we will, it just depends on whether or not you are a person who pursues the truth.

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