Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “It Is Very Important to Establish a Proper Relationship With God” (II)


To tell you the truth, the last time I talked to you about Paul, my temper flared up a bit, and my speech was tinged with anger. However, it’s certainly not the case that I get angry every time I have to talk with you about Paul. Every time I expose Paul’s antichrist activities, evil deeds, and true nature, how the religious pastors’ and elders’ antichrist natures are the same as Paul’s, how they all follow Paul and how they are Paul’s dutiful descendants, some people just aren’t satisfied. They hate it when I say these things. Some people hate it so much that they grind their teeth. This is why I get angry. When I get angry, many people with serious religious conceptions say, “You weren’t made perfect by God because you still have a temper. You have too much of a temper. People who have been made perfect by God do not have tempers!” Tell me, are they correct? Do people who have been made perfect by God have tempers? Do people with tempers possess normal humanity? How should we view this, then, when people lose their tempers? You have to see why they lose their temper, whether it’s justified or not. If you don’t know that, you can’t make any determinations about it, so why would you pass judgment? You’d be passing blind judgment on others! Doesn’t God have wrath? Yes, the “wrath of God.” Then, tell me, in light of God’s wrath, can we say God has a righteous disposition? You all say yes. Then, some people think “people that lose their temper have no reality of truth. It demonstrates that their life disposition has not changed.” What kind of viewpoint is this? What’s the logic behind this? Is this way of looking at things correct? People that believe in the Lord Jesus talk about love and meekness. Then, how do you explain “love” and “meekness”? What is love? If you practice love, do you hate as well? Love and hate are opposites that coexist. If you only have love and not hate, then your love is impure and foolish. Now, we focus on “Love those who God loves. Hate those who God hates,” right? Who does God hate the most? Satan, wicked people, those who resist Him and those who hate the truth. Therefore, when God reveals His disposition in the last days, it will primarily be a righteous disposition. God wants to unleash His wrath on the dark, evil world and the evil forces of Satan. Someone said, “How will God show His wrath? What form will it take?” Catastrophes the likes of which we’ve never seen before will descend upon the world to destroy the evil humans and religious communities. Isn’t this God’s righteousness? Yes, it is. How should we view this, then, when people lose their tempers? Does anyone have any religious conceptions left? None this time? Then I shall lose my temper again, OK? Can you deal with that? Yes, you can, but my anger is not without justification. Have you seen me lose my temper with brothers and sisters before? No. In the past, some of brothers and sisters have judged me. Now? Not so much. Some of them tend to have their own conceptions. I don’t get angry with them. I patiently communicate the truth with them. What kinds of people do I lose my temper with? I lose my temper with antichrists and evil people, not brothers and sisters. Do I have principles for losing my temper? Yes, I don’t do it randomly. Can going into random fits of rage solve any problems? No, problems must be solved by communicating the truth. Therefore, I give sermons to you. I don’t lose my temper, regardless of whatever conceptions you may have. As long as you can accept the truth, it’s OK. As long as you can truly listen to my sermons, connect them to the words of God and understand the truth, it’s OK. This is why I do my duty and those are the results that I intend to achieve. There’s nothing else other than that. If I help all of you mature, understand the truth and become those who do God’s will, then I have accomplished the job that God has entrusted me with; I have done my duty.

Let’s continue reading God’s words. “If, in their belief in God, people do not give their heart to God, if their heart is not in God, and they do not treat God’s burden as their own, then everything they do is cheating God, and is the actions of religious people, unable to receive God’s praise.” “And is the actions of religious people, unable to receive God’s praise.” Paul stands as a classic example of this, as do the pastors and elders of the religious world. When I say the religious pastors and elders are the antichrists and have antichrist natures, I’m not saying 100% of them are like this, but I am saying that most of them are. Understand? The majority of the religious pastors and elders (around 80-90%) are antichrists in substance, the embodiment of the Pharisees. Understand? Because there are some pastors and elders that accept God’s work. This is the evidence. God said, “unable to receive God’s praise. God cannot get anything from this kind of person; this kind of person can only serve as a foil to God’s work.” Do you know what “foil” means? When people were originally separated into groups, these people belonged to one of the groups. What do these people do for God’s elect? They are here to help others gain discernment, to serve as cautionary tales. That’s what a foil is. For example, after we have listed the behaviors of the Pharisees, what should we use as a foil? We’ll use a mouse. Tell me, what is a mouse’s nature? It lives in the dark, afraid to meet humans, afraid to come into the light. It just scurries around in its cave, stealing food and causing food to spoil. Why and how are we using mice as a foil? We’re using them as the foil of the religious elders and the Pharisees. They act exactly as the mice do. They say human words but do not act like humans. They remain in the dark, working toward their own ends, striving for personal fame and status. This is all they do. That is what it means to be a foil, is it not?

Let’s continue reading the word of God, “like a decoration in the house of God, filling the seats and taking up space, and is a good-for-nothing—God does not use this kind of person.” Some people say, “Pastors and elders were established by God.” God says, “I have no need for these types of people.” Based on their own conceptions, these people say, “Pastors and elders were established by God.” Is this true? This is only based on their own conceptions and imaginations. You think pastors and elders were established by God. Where’s your evidence? If that really was the case, these people would have the work of the Holy Spirit. If they do not have the work of the Holy Spirit, then they were not established by God and definitely are not being used by God. Isn’t this right? See, how is the work that the religious pastors and elders do any different from what I do and my preaching? Someone said they don’t have the work of the Holy Spirit. That’s one difference. Are there any others? Someone said they exalt themselves and testify to themselves. That’s true also. What else? Do they have the reality of truth? No. Why do you say they don’t have the reality of truth? You can’t say things without evidence to back it up. Why do you say they don’t have the reality of truth? First, they have not really experienced God’s words. They’ve only generalized about His words in literal terms. Right? If they have never really experienced God’s words, can they talk about how they truly obey God? Where is their true obedience? Where is their love for God? Can they give such testimonies? No, they can’t. In addition, they cannot give testimony about their experience of, true obedience to and love for God. Considering this, are they really obedient to God? Do they really love God? If they are not truly obedient to God, and they do not truly love God, then what are they? They are simply those who speak literal doctrines. They are cheating God and cheating other people. In summary, they are hypocrites, isn’t that so? This is pretty easy to understand now, right? Christ of the last days has expressed many truths which have been spread on the Internet and among men for so many years. Have they ever pursued or investigated them? No, they haven’t done any investigation. What does this prove? They are not searching for God. They do not long for God to appear again. They are not hungering to search for the truth. This has been proven. Then why can you accept Christ of the last days today? Have you seen the face of God? Have you seen the manifestation of God? If you haven’t, then why do you still believe in Him? Tell me, what is the basis for your faith? Some people say that they have read the words of God and feel that they are the truth. This is a good basis for your faith. The following sentence drives this point home. “When I see these words that God has expressed, I instantly know they’re the truth, and I’m certain that God came back, reincarnated as Christ.” There is no one in the world that can express the words of God or the truth. People do not have the truth. According to these words we can say for sure that the Lord Jesus has returned; He is God incarnated in the flesh. He is not a spiritual body. He is here in the flesh; He is the Son of man; He is the incarnate God, the practical God.

Why don’t religious people accept Almighty God? Whoever can see through this can see the true nature of religious people. They only believe in God’s name. They do not acknowledge the truth. They aren’t interested in the truth, so their belief in God is vain and meaningless, isn’t it? Believing in God’s name, but not accepting that God is the truth, what kind of person acts this way? A non-believer, right? Some people say, “I believe in the God of heaven. I believe in the Lord Jesus. I believe in Jehovah God. The One I believe in is the true God. How can you say I’m a non-believer?” I say you’re a non-believer because you do not recognize that the essence of God is the truth. You do not recognize that God’s words are the truth. You only believe in God by name. Your belief in God is the same as the non-believers’ belief in the Old Man in the Sky. You believe in a vague God, and it is not practical at all. So many words of God have been posted on the Internet, and there are also many people that spread the gospel among man or in the churches. But the religious people still don’t accept it or try to investigate it. What’s more, they try to monitor, control, lock away, limit, stop and report those who bear witness to Almighty God. What is the problem here? Is this not resisting God’s arrival? Doesn’t this show their hatred of the truth? Is this any different from the Pharisees, who looked forward to the coming of the Messiah but then did not accept the Lord Jesus when He did come? No. It’s the same. You see this, right? Then, if religious people never accept Almighty God, should they be destroyed? Someone said yes. Why should they be destroyed? On what basis should they be destroyed? These words are not being said lightly. The most important reason they should be destroyed is because they hate the truth! What does their hatred of the truth mean? They deny the substance of God! They only acknowledge God by name. They do not acknowledge that His true essence is the truth. This is to deny God’s substance, which equates to denying God Himself! To only acknowledge God by name, to fail to acknowledge the truth that He speaks, what will be the result of this? They will be against God, unable to be compatible with Him. They think the Lord Jesus was only a puppet. They say, “You are the God we’re supposed to worship. You’re a puppet! You cannot express the truth. If You express the truth, we will hit You on the head and nail You to the cross!” This is only accepting God’s name while treating Him as a puppet. “If You express the truth, we will not accept it. We will stand against You! You are not allowed to express the truth. You are not allowed to make a sound!” Isn’t that so? Isn’t this behavior, in essence, standing as an enemy to God? To believe in God but still resist Him, that is to believe in God but also stand as His enemy, is it not? When the Lord Jesus comes back in the last days in the image of an Asian person and expresses all of these words, religious people push Him away. They push Him out of their houses and close their doors. “I have nothing to do with You. I don’t accept You!” Doesn’t this amount to a betrayal of the Lord Jesus? To not believe in Almighty God is to betray the Lord Jesus. Therefore, the Lord Jesus does not recognize them. The Lord Jesus says, “I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity.” Religious people still stand there and proudly proclaim, “We are waiting for the Lord Jesus to come down on a cloud. What can you do to us? Even if we do not accept Almighty God, the Lord Jesus will still come to receive us!” Isn’t that how they think? What is the result of this kind of thinking? God says, “I will place you in the disasters and see if you can send yourselves up to heaven!” What do you think of this? “I will place you in a disaster and have you wait for the Lord Jesus to come back on a cloud.” When the Lord Jesus descends on a cloud, heaven and earth will be made anew, and the religious people will weep and gnash their teeth in the darkness. They will be punished in the disasters; they will be finished. They still think that “If the Lord Jesus doesn’t raise me into heaven, I can take Him to court. I can sue Him in the third heaven.” Can they get to the third heaven? What court will they sue Him in? They will wither in the great disasters and then fall into the depths of hell. Worms in hell do not die, and the fire is not quenched. While they are burning, they will cry out, “Lord, rescue me! Save me! I can’t take it. Rescue me!” They will weep and grind their teeth then! Who are they going to sue? Are they going to sue the Lord Jesus? Are there many people in the religious world who want to take God to court? Yes, there are many. What is in store for these people in the end? They will be sent to hell. You can understand this now, right? Are they not resisting God? They insist on reasoning with the Lord and going to heaven. Do these people really believe in God? Are these people really obeying God? They are forcing God to send down disasters to destroy them. They are forcing Him to send them down into the flames to be destroyed. They dare challenge God! If this is not the brood of Satan, then what is it? Isn’t it obvious, how these religious people are resisting God? Evil intentions, vile motivations, absolutely unwilling to repent, willing to challenge God. If they are not the brood of Satan that resists God, then what are they? You can see this for what it is now, right? When I expose the religious community, some people say, “You’re judging people; you’re judging the religious community!” Am I judging them? I’m just speaking the truth, isn’t that right? Are you not going to allow me to speak the truth? The fact that you can’t see it doesn’t mean I can’t see it. You admire the religious community; you praise the religious community; you stand with them to resist God. I beg to differ.

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