Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “It Is Very Important to Establish a Proper Relationship With God” (II)


Let’s read another passage from God’s word. “In such a person, not only is there no opportunity for the work of the Holy Spirit, there is even more so no value of perfection; this type of person is the real ‘walking dead’—they have no components that can be used by the Holy Spirit.” Who does the real walking dead refer to? Is this a dead person? In this kind of person, “not only is there no opportunity for the work of the Holy Spirit, there is even more so no value of perfection.” Then, can the Holy Spirit do His work on this kind of person? Is it evident, from these words, that God has completely abandoned people like this? Yes, He has completely abandoned them. “... this type of person is the real ‘walking dead’….” What does “walking dead” mean in this context? A spiritless creature, a beast dressed in human’s clothing. If we say that this spiritless creature is a beast, would that be considered insulting them? Is this spiritless creature a beast? It’s just a matter of whether the words sound nice or not. The basic sentiment is true, is it not? Some people, when they first hear this, respond by saying “Isn’t this an insult? Isn’t calling me a walking corpse insulting me?” Is this really an insult? All of God’s words are the truth. It’s not an insult. Then what does it mean to insult a person? If you call a person with a spirit and a conscience a walking corpse, then you’re insulting them. If you call a walking corpse without a spirit or conscience a person with humanity, that is a distortion of the facts. That is confusing right and wrong. If they are a walking corpse, then say they’re a walking corpse. If they’re a beast, then just call a spade a spade. It is appropriate, not an insult. Isn’t that so? If you say the devil is the devil, does that amount to an insult? It’s calling a spade a spade. If you say the devil is a person, what’s the problem there? You’re distorting the facts. If you say a person with humanity is the devil, that is an insult, that is framing, that is judging. Saying it like that makes it easy to understand, doesn’t it? Then if we read God’s words again, can we have any conceptions or misunderstandings? The results will be a bit better. We must have a pure understanding of God’s words.

Continuing on, God then says, “this type of person is the real ‘walking dead’—they have no components that can be used by the Holy Spirit—they have all been appropriated by Satan, corrupted to the extreme by Satan, who are the object of God’s elimination.” Those wicked ones who eat their fill, those evil spirits, those who do not love the truth at all, they have all been invaded and deeply corrupted by Satan; they are walking corpses. They will ultimately be eliminated by God. Are there many people like this in the religious world? Yes. Therefore, God cannot save these people. They must all die in the disaster. If someone says, “No. God is love. Everyone who believes in Him will be saved; none of them will be forsaken. God Himself even brought up an example: Even if 1 out of 100 sheep is lost, they shall be returned.” Is it right to use this parable as evidence? To understand this passage, you must first understand who God’s sheep are. Walking corpses are not God’s sheep. Those that have no love for the truth are not God’s sheep. The Lord Jesus used many metaphors to illustrate this point: In the last days He’ll separate the weeds from the wheat, the sheep from the goats, the wicked servants from the good servants, the true believers from the fake believers. They shall all be divided according to their type. This is what the Lord Jesus meant by this. In the last days, people’s natures will be revealed, and there shall be a major restructuring. The wheat will be placed in the barn, while the weeds will be blown away by the wind. When I say this now, do you think there are many people in the religious community that can obtain God’s salvation? Not many. Religious people entertain themselves every day with dreams of entering the kingdom of heaven and being raptured by God. In the end, they unknowingly die in the great disaster. It’s just like when Noah built the ark. All the people of the world were drinking and laughing. They said, “Noah is crazy! What is that lunatic up to? I’ll bet you he’s still gathering wood to build that ark of his!” Someone said, “He’s bound to fall and kill himself, carrying all that wood. Where is the flood? Nowhere to be found! He’s deluding himself! He’s got a screw loose!” At that moment, the floodwaters arrived, and they all drowned. What are the religious people saying now? They’re saying: “They believe in Almighty God. Look. Their faith has driven them crazy. They are leaving their homes and sacrificing their careers! See it is so good that we believe in the Lord Jesus. We will be raised up to heaven and don’t need to be judged or chastised!” While they’re having their dreams, the great disaster will strike. Just calling to the Lord Jesus for help doesn’t mean He’ll save them. No one will hear their calls. When that happens, won’t they be dumbfounded? They’ll say, “Alas, I am going to call out to Almighty God and see if that will work.” Tell me, do you think calling out to Almighty God at that point will do any good? At that point, it’s too late to call for help. The door to salvation will have closed. No matter how long you keep knocking, the door won’t open.

Let’s continue reading God’s word. “Currently the Holy Spirit is not only using people by putting their virtues into play, but also perfecting and changing their shortcomings.” This is the principle by which God makes people perfect. Do you understand? Tell me, “using people by putting their virtues into play,” what does “virtues” refer to? Is it clear to you? The virtues are the things that people’s caliber is capable of, the things that allow them to understand and experience the truth. They can be enlightened by the Holy Spirit. God uses them to serve His purpose. The Holy Spirit enlightens people so that they can experience the truth and gain enlightenment in God’s word and have a path forward. Then they will be able to communicate about and bear witness to the truth so that others will benefit as well. Do you understand? In their fellowship about God’s word, many brothers and sisters have enlightenment, ways of practice, and some experiences; after listening to the fellowship, God’s chosen will think, “Oh, great! It’s edifying!” Is this how the Holy Spirit works on everyone that has obtained His work? Yes, it is. These are their virtues. Then what are man’s shortcomings? Sometimes they are arrogant. Sometimes they are disobedient. Sometimes they view things according to their own conceptions and illusions. Sometimes they live in the corruption of the flesh, rebel against God and push God away. These are man’s shortcomings. What does God do with the shortcomings? As long as you seek and practice the truth at times, you give the Holy Spirit a chance to do His work; He has a chance to work on you. As long as you give your heart to God and can say a real prayer to Him, you give the Holy Spirit a chance to do His work; He has a chance to work on you. On the one hand, the Holy Spirit enlightens you so you can understand the truth and practice some truth. On the other hand, the Holy Spirit disciplines you when you rebel against God or become arrogant. He will refine you and make you endure hardships. This refinement will make you endure hardship; it will transform your undesirable parts. Do you understand? When our brothers and sisters elect leaders, we often hear them say, “This person has these good qualities, but also has those shortcomings. If they can change their shortcomings, they will be really useful to God. That person has these good qualities, but also has those shortcomings. I haven’t seen anyone who’s perfect, but they all really want God and love the truth.” These are the people of God. They are kinds of people that God will save. Therefore, the Holy Spirit has a chance to do His work on those people and use the parts that are useful and can be made perfect while pruning and changing the parts that are not useful and undesirable. Do you understand? This is how the Holy Spirit was starting to do His work on me. At that time, I was enlightened by the Holy Spirit, and everyone felt like hearing my sermons. However, my “undesirable part” was my hubris and arrogance. As soon as the Holy Spirit did His work on me, I was enlightened. Sometimes I underestimated other people. When I saw many people who worked for years but did not pursue the truth, I looked down on them. I said, “You guys have believed in God for so many years, yet you do not pursue the truth!” Tell me, what’s the problem here? Are these the undesirables? Yes. These are the undesirables. Then, are the undesirables enough to prove that people have been too deeply corrupted by Satan? Therefore, during God’s work in the last days, all the people who God will make perfect have been corrupted by Satan, without exception. Their corrupt nature is exactly the same. There is no major difference between them. Some people who have believed in God until this day have undergone a lot of change; some people who have believed in God until this day have only undergone some change. This is normal. Some people ask me, “Have you been made perfect by God?” I answer by saying, “I dare not say. If God says this, I feel like I don’t deserve it because I have also been deeply corrupted.” Some people say, “Then are you considered holy?” I say, “I can’t say that. People are always filthy and corrupt in God’s eyes.” Do humans dare say they are holy? Although you say you haven’t sinned, you also don’t dare say you’re holy. Isn’t that right? If you haven’t committed any sins, have you sinned in your thoughts? Do you have any filthiness? Do you dare say no? I dare not say no. I have filthiness, but it’s not major. I say man is not holy not merely because of this. Are people’s thoughts and ideas in accordance with the truth? Are they all in accordance with God’s will? Are any of them mixed with human will? I have all these. If we simply said we had corrupt ideas, wouldn’t that be an understatement? Is it that simple?

What does it mean to be “made perfect” by God? When we talk about being made perfect, can we say that it’s an endless process? The minimum standard is that people obey God, love God and will no longer resist God. This is the minimum standard. What is the highest standard? That your mind and thoughts are holy and in accordance with God’s will and the truth. Tell me, how long do you have to believe in God to achieve this? It would take, as we say, an indefinite amount of time. In that case, can you say that the process of being made perfect is an endless one? Yes, it’s endless. In that case, you ask me, “Have you been made perfect by God?” Are you using the minimum standard or the highest standard to assess me? If you are using the minimum standard, I think I still fall a bit short of it. God says His demand for people is this minimum standard, but if you ask me whether I meet that standard, I would not dare to say “I meet the minimum standard. If I keep on trying for a few more years, I can meet a mid-level standard. If I keep trying for ten or twenty years, I can meet a high standard.” Who dares to make that claim? You can’t say it. If you said it, you’d be exposed and put to shame. Are any other people going to ask me, “Have you been made perfect by God?” How should we understand this? Don’t think of this thing too highly or mysteriously. Just say, “Oh. If that’s what God says, I accept it. God’s demands are reasonable; they are not too high and not too low. Normal people can meet them.” If this is the way God makes people perfect, then maybe there are some people that will be made perfect and become the “overcomers” and people who are after God’s heart. If the standard is as lofty as people think, then I’m afraid God’s words here will come to nothing. In the last days, God wants to perfect a group of people who are of one mind with Him. Well, if that is as difficult a task as you imagine, can God accomplish it? If so, it would be hard to make a group of overcomers, for no one would attain that. Then, as you understand it, “being made perfect,” is that using God’s highest standard or the lowest standard? You all say it’s the lowest standard. Why do you all agree that it’s the lowest standard? Someone said, “We hope we’ll become the overcomers too. If we agree that it’s the highest standard, then that will be trouble. We won’t have any chance to become overcomers.” How clever! If we say it’s according to the lowest standard, do I count as having been made perfect? This time it counts. If I lose temper again, will you think anything of it? No, you wouldn’t. If someone did take exception with it, how would you explain it to them? I won’t say much more. In any case, you’ve all seen God’s words. God’s demands are not as high as people think. They are objective and realistic; they are goals that ordinary people can achieve. Are there such words contained in God’s word? Yes, there are. Now some people always have notions about me being angry. What is actually in their hearts? “We hope that our brother can be completely holy and become a truly perfected man so that we can emulate him.” If they expect that much from me, how can I not thank them? This is all good. They have good intentions. Their doubts make me even more motivated to keep working hard and moving forward until I cleanse myself of all corruption and am completely holy. This is what I want to do. However, even if this is my intention, every person has their own limits. Isn’t that true? In any case, everyone has some level of understanding of how God makes people perfect. Although their understanding may be imperfect, if they have a willingness to achieve it, then that’s OK. That’s proper. Where is the starting point? Establishing a proper relationship with God. This is the starting point.

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