Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “It Is Very Important to Establish a Proper Relationship With God” (II)


God’s words say: “Currently the Holy Spirit is not only using people by putting their virtues into play, but also perfecting and changing their shortcomings.” This is the path and method God uses to perfect people. But what is most essential to obtaining God’s perfection? Most important is to have opportunities for the Holy Spirit to work. Where are the opportunities for the Holy Spirit to work? When you establish a proper relationship with God, the Holy Spirit will have opportunities to work. What is meant by a proper relationship with God? What is true belief? True belief is true submission. What does submission to God entail? It’s not simply submitting to God’s arrangements, orchestrations, and dominion. Here’s the most important point: accepting and practicing the words expressed by God. This is the most practical part of submitting to God, do you understand? When you pray and seek the truth in God’s words, the Holy Spirit will have opportunities to work. Seek God’s will pertaining to what happens to you, pray with a submissive heart, and then the Holy Spirit will have opportunities to work. These two are the most important opportunities. One is to learn to submit to God when things happen. Job is an example. Trials came to Job, all properties were taken away, and he prayed to God. He was silent for many days contemplating this matter and seeking God’s will. Finally, he gained some understanding, “No matter what, God gave and God has taken away, may the name of God be praised; God must not be blamed.” After thinking and struggling for many days, that was his conclusion. Would you say that Job’s struggle over these days was effective? His utterance represents the effect. Satan had been there waiting for days for Job to betray God so that it could begin to ridicule God. Satan waited until Job’s utterance was made, then said, “I have not seen through you; I’m again in disgrace.” It was gone. Can Satan inspect the bottom of people’s heart? It couldn’t see through Job. God can observe the bottom of people’s heart. God had seen and understood Job, God spoke the truth about him thoroughly, but Satan was unconvinced, so it gambled and it lost. What does this prove? God can observe the bottom of people’s heart and knows everyone like the palm of His own hand. Satan can’t do that. Satan has no penetration into a person’s substance and the truth about him. What sort of people’s thoughts and hearts can be mastered by Satan? Only those who are possessed by it. Whoever is possessed by Satan has his thoughts and heart mastered by it, but Satan has no penetration into the hearts and thoughts of those not possessed by it. Is this not the case? God observes everyone’s heart; God sees everyone’s heart and immediately understands. We now comprehend this aspect of the truth.

By now we should be clear on how people can provide opportunities for the Holy Spirit to work! First, seek to understand the truth, and find a way to practice in God’s word. After you discover how to practice, pray to God about it, give Him your heart, and make no choices of your own, choose only to practice the truth to satisfy God, choose only to practice the truth, and stand witness to and love God. Then, the Holy Spirit will have opportunities to work. Second, seek God’s will pertaining to things which happen to you, make no choices of your own, choose only to stand in testimony to satisfy God, and this way the Holy Spirit will enlighten you. Once enlightened, you shall understand God’s will, and you’ll say, “I want to stand in testimony to God.” Isn’t this a path? This means providing opportunities for the Holy Spirit to work. Now you should understand! For example, you may be introduced to a potential marriage partner. How should this be handled? Should you seek God’s will? “Oh God, should I seek a marriage partner? Now that the big disaster looms, will it be beneficial to my growth in life to fall in love?” After you pray, you’ll think, “Don’t get married, it will only entangle you!” So, when something happens, you should seek God’s will! If you lack penetration and get impatient, “I need a romantic partner, I need offspring,” in the end that only produces entanglements and disasters, and you’ve ruined your own life. Who should take the blame for that? Who is to be blamed? “Why didn’t God enlighten me?” God will say, “You didn’t pray and seek. You wanted it and decided you couldn’t do without marriage, so who is to blame? Did I tell you to get married? Did I tell you to marry some particular person?” That was your own idea, so don’t blame God.

God’s words are as follows, “When you give your heart to God, you can enter more deeply on the positive side, and be on a higher plane of understanding; on the negative side, you will have more understanding of your own faults and shortcomings, you will be more eager to seek to satisfy God’s will, and in a non-passive state, you will actively enter, and this will mean that you are a correct person.” What is someone who is correct? Someone who is correct has the work of the Holy Spirit, and can gain God’s approval. What does someone who is correct have? He should pursue and seek the truth to achieve the results that come from being correct. The first part, “When you give your heart to God, you can enter more deeply on the positive side.” Giving your heart to God, what does that signify? With regard to giving your heart to God, some people say: “How do I give my heart to God? I can’t take my heart out of my chest. If my heart was an object I could easily remove, then I’d send it to God, but I can’t do that!” What does “give your heart to God” refer to? This is about the performance of a heart; bring out your true heart. Bring out your true heart and offer it to God. Find your true heart, bring it out, and offer it to God. What does this mean? I’ll give you an example: Whenever things happen to people, they have a choice to make. Whenever things happen to people, they form their own attitudes. But where do those choices and attitudes come from? Where does a decision come from? Is it the heart? If this heart can submit to God and make choices according to God’s requirements, isn’t that giving the heart to God? Giving the heart to God means offering yourself to God, submitting entirely to God’s arrangements, making no choices of your own, letting God rule over this matter, letting God make the arrangements, and letting God be the master and decision-maker. That is the meaning of “give your heart to God.” Put like that, is it easy to understand? Suppose you face the matter of seeking a romantic partner. “God, as my flesh demands, I’m considering getting a romantic partner, but when I think about it, I realize it’s not simple, and I’m now indecisive. If I get one, there could be many future troubles; if I don’t, my flesh will be uncomfortable and suffer. What should I do? God, I entrust you with this matter. If you disallow it, I won’t. If you want me to give up, I’ll give up. Whatever you decide will be my decision.” Is this giving the heart to God? Suppose someone receives a recommendation for a good job from his friend, a high-status job with a salary higher than most. “This is a good thing!” When this temptation comes, people can’t let go. “This is a good job, and the pay is good. If I don’t do it, won’t I lose out?” At this point, shouldn’t you pray to God? Some say you should. Then how should you pray? Should you leave the matter to God? Give your heart to God and let Him take charge; let God make the choice for you, let God be the master and decision-maker; don’t let yourself have the final say. This is meant by giving the heart to God. Let God decide. “God, if You say I should take up this job, I’ll go to work. If You say I should give it up, I will.” Isn’t praying this way giving the heart to God? This is how to pray. Now does giving the heart to God make sense? Now you understand what it means. In other words, let God decide all things and hold no ideas of your own. Some say, “It’s important to pursue the truth now. At each gathering, this brother’s sermons truly carry the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. They truly have the work of the Holy Spirit, which represents God’s meaning. If we don’t pursue the truth diligently now, if we miss this opportunity, our regret later will be unspeakable, and we will only be able to weep and gnash our teeth! So what should we do? Today I love drinking, dressing up and putting on make-up, bodybuilding, traveling and appreciating the nature created by God.” Don’t these hobbies of yours belong to the flesh? Can you forsake them? Can’t you instead use this precious time to eat and drink God’s words, pursue the truth, and do your duties? And everyone answers very quickly with a “yes.” It’s a “yes,” and the heart is willing, but you can’t practice that “yes.” At such a moment, shouldn’t you give your heart to God? Some say, “No, I can’t let go, even if I give my heart to God now, eventually my heart will follow my flesh, and the giving will be in vain. I can’t give it, because my heart thirsts for travel too deeply, my heart thirsts for leisure too deeply, my heart thirsts for dressing up and showing off too deeply. I can’t squelch it!” Such demands carry great difficulties and are hard to overcome. The hobby is too important, and can’t be given up! Is this easy to solve? Are there people with experience in such matters? I’ll provide an example. Some brothers and sisters fall in love, but they then accept God’s work. Hearing the voice of the Creator, they stand up and follow God. Those who haven’t married cancel their plans to marry, and those who are in love leave their partners. Are most people capable of such things? Are these things done by people or by God? Some say they’re done by God. But even if they’re done by God, they still wouldn’t be possible without cooperation from people. If these things were done by people alone, they couldn’t be accomplished. It takes people cooperating with God to make it work, doesn’t it? Put this way, is there a path in the face of such great difficulty? Is there hope? There is hope. If you don’t believe, pray. Pray for a few days, and in the beginning, you might have 50% faith, and just when you’re about to kick your potential romantic partner away, your leg won’t move, in fact you might not even be able to leave your house. But on the second day, if you keep praying, your faith will reach 60%, and the thought will begin to take shape. You might be able to leave the house, but whether you can move your leg and kick your romantic partner away is still in doubt. Keep praying, because on the third day, your faith will rise to 70%, and on the fourth day, it will rise to 80%. After praying for a few days, you’ll say “I understand the issue now. Why is it so easy for me to let go now? I’ll get rid of my romantic partner tomorrow!” After praying for a few days, you’ve found the strength. We’ve all seen such testimony. Many people have borne such witness, haven’t they? Haven’t we seen people get divorced after giving birth to a child? Haven’t we seen people quit good jobs? Were they people with a large spiritual stature? Not necessarily so. They have prayed to God, so God worked and gave them faith. And those things were accomplished with their cooperation. No matter what else, it is certain that these people were willing to practice the truth, weren’t they? Worry only if you don’t depend on God. If you don’t depend on God, but instead yourselves, will you be able to achieve these things? No, not without twenty to thirty years of experience, having witnessed countless similar victories, and growing your spiritual stature. This has to do with giving your heart to God.

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