Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “It Is Very Important to Establish a Proper Relationship With God” (II)


So isn’t the most important thing now for us to build a proper relationship with God? What is a proper relationship with God? It is a relationship characterized by our total submission, our true love for God, our worship for the Creator in our capacity as His creatures, our performing the duty of a creature to repay God’s love, submitting as a servant to our Master, and treating God as God in our submission to Him. So, is this your relationship with God? Do you possess such a relationship? Do your prayers to God and your communion with God produce an effect? Have you built a proper relationship with God? If not, you need to work hard and gain experience! Sometimes it takes three to five years to build such a relationship! In this period, there can be many failures and falls, but through continuous hard work, eventually people can stand firm, have a proper relationship with God, no longer depart from God, no longer betray God, and can truly love and submit to God. Then, this proper relationship has not only been built, but has produced achievement. Gaining salvation and being perfected by God is the ultimate result of building a proper relationship with God. If you fail to build a proper relationship with God, can you still be saved and perfected? No, not at all! God doesn’t recognize that. God says: “You are not My disciple, you are not truly following Me, you are not obeying My words, you never practice or experience My words, you never consider My will, you never seek the truth from Me.” If God says that to you, you’re in trouble! Such a person believes in Almighty God, but God won’t be willing to see him. God will say, “This person doesn’t pursue the truth in the slightest. I have nothing to say to him if I see him. If I ignore him, he may say that God doesn’t love people, and that God is cold toward him, but it wouldn’t matter even if I bothered with him and spoke to him. Outwardly he listens, but behind My back he doesn’t practice, so it’s best not to see him. And it’s good to him, too.” Some individuals pursue the truth and achieve some genuine change, and God says it’s alright to see someone like that, because God likes such people. When God speaks, this kind of person doesn’t interrupt, he listens attentively with his heart, memorizes God’s words, and takes them seriously afterward. He can implement and experience these words, and after some time, he shows growth. God likes such honest people, and people who pursue the truth. If such a person seeks God, God will say, “I’m willing, because seeing such an individual doesn’t mean I speak in vain. I can give him some benefit. But if it’s not someone like that, it’s useless for Me to speak with him. I would be wasting My effort, because it would have no effect.” Why does God mention this issue? People always want to seek to see Christ, but I tell you that before you have attained the truth and entered into the reality of the truth, it’s best that you don’t meet with Christ. It’s easy to offend God upon meeting Him. God sees in you the performance of an unbeliever, the disposition of an unbeliever, the glance of an unbeliever, and action and look of an unbeliever and finds them sickening. God sees this kind of person and says, “One look tells Me he’s not someone who pursues the truth, one look tells Me he’s not Godly; one look tells Me he doesn’t have a God-fearing heart, and I see such people to be no different from unbelievers and the devil.”

Some people have believed in God for quite some time, but are not willing to expend for God with a true heart, can’t give up anything, can’t give away anything, care about the flesh, and lust for enjoyment and comfort. Only when God gives them daily grace will they treat God as such. If God gives them difficulties and pain, they will grumble about God. Are they ones who truly believe in God? Some people may have good qualities, but they aren’t willing to expend for God. They have qualities and gifts, but they say, “I would rather earn more money and enjoyment in this world, I won’t expend for God.” Do such people have a conscience? God granted you with intelligence and wisdom and made you competent, yet you don’t use these gifts to expend for God, instead you use them to earn money. How can you answer to God? The house of God has confidence in certain people with good quality, we say “You should pursue the truth well, so that you can expend for God, and shoulder burdens for God.” But some won’t do it. Some church leaders try to work on them, “You possess great qualities, so could you pursue the truth and do some work for the house of God?” When they hear this, they put on airs, “We’ll discuss it later! I have my own troubles now. My family needs money, my children need my care to grow, my parents need care in their old age.” They won’t give everything up, and yet they want to enter the kingdom of heaven, God’s kingdom, they want to be given blessings, and handed the crown. Do such people exist? A great many. These people lack sense. Their thinking is abnormal. Wouldn’t you say that it’s better and more meaningful to enter into the heavenly kingdom, expend for God and do work to satisfy God than to live in the world and have enjoyment of the flesh? You live in the flesh and the comfort of family. That’s emptiness, sin, and betrayal! Now God has come to do the work of the last days. How many days are left? Immediately the disaster is coming. Perhaps someday, suddenly, wars will erupt and big earthquakes will occur. Suddenly, a big disaster will eliminate your family members and bury them. Then you’ll say, “There’s no one left in my house now, I have no more entanglements, so I should expend for God. Now I can do my duty.” Do you still have a chance? Christ came to earth but He will not work on earth forever. It’s a transient moment that happens in the twinkling of an eye! If people cannot love God while Christ is still on earth, they have missed the opportunity to love God.

Some people say, “I love the God who is in heaven!” Does this make sense? How do you love the God who is in heaven? Have you seen Him? Has He spoken with you? Can you have a heart-to-heart with Him? Can He chat with you? That’s pure imagination, pure nonsense, and impractical! God incarnate can speak heart-to-heart with people. God incarnate can chat with people; God incarnate can keep people company. God incarnate can get along with people. If, during the period God has incarnated, you cannot speak heart-to-heart with Him, you cannot give God your heart, and you cannot love God and submit to God, then you’ll regret it forever! Some say, “The man used by the Holy Spirit can talk with us and communicate with us daily. We’ve gained much.” You can accomplish and gain some things through fellowship with this person. However, if you communicate and get along with Christ this way, wouldn’t you receive more benefits? If you could hear God’s fellowship often and speak with God face-to-face, you would be very fortunate! You won’t find this opportunity later. How many years did the Lord Jesus work on earth before He departed? The maximum was three and a half years. Within those three and a half years, how many had the privilege to live by the Lord Jesus’ side and carry those beautiful memories? Just those few, and even so, it wasn’t on a frequent or daily basis. They might meet with the Lord only once every eight to ten days. Possibly, they followed the Lord for a duration, went home for a duration, and then returned to the Lord. If people cannot love God while the incarnate God works on earth, that’s quite a big regret! Something they’ll regret forever! Some say, “If I don’t feel it now, I won’t feel it later.” You don’t feel it now, and you dare say you won’t feel it later? You’ve spoken too soon! Someday you’ll know, and then you’ll regret it! Some say, “Then must people see Christ?” I’m not saying that you must see Christ, but that you have to pursue loving God, “While Christ is working, my heart always loves Him. While Christ is on earth, I expend for Him daily, and experience and practice His words. While I don’t see Christ face-to-face, I use my heart to satisfy Him. God can observe this!” Do you dare say these words? If you truly act this way, and you say, “God can observe me, I do everything because I love God and submit to God, I use my heart to experience and implement each utterance of God, and I do it all to satisfy God. So, my heart loves God even without seeing Christ face to face.” If you are such a person, you’re blessed! People say, “Many who have seen Christ do not love God so much, yet without seeing Christ even once, the love of God in your heart is so real and strong!” Would you say such love is genuine? It’s like what the Lord Jesus told Thomas, “because you have seen me, you have believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed” (John 20:29). Blessed are they that have not seen Christ and yet have believed. Someone says, “I use my heart to believe in Christ without seeing Him. Without seeing Christ, my heart still loves Him, I always live for loving Him, I do all things because I love Him, and I fulfill my duty.” Is this person more praised by God than those who have seen Christ but do not love Christ? Now there are many people who have seen Christ; tens of thousands of the early believers in Almighty God have seen Christ, but how many of them love God? Not many people love God. Now there are even more believers in Almighty God. If a person hasn’t seen Christ, but has a true heart that loves God, has done many things, and has let go of many things, God can see this. Would you say such a person truly loves God? Such people are certainly the most blessed by God. Understood? If someone says, “We haven’t seen Christ face-to-face, how can we love God?” Is there any sense in this? This is ridiculous. If you really want to love God, it has to do with whether you have the intent. Those with the intent don’t rely on what they see with their eyes. Such a man uses his heart to love God, to care about God’s will, and to submit to God—that’s enough; that means giving the heart totally over to God. This heart is a heart that truly loves God and submits to God’s will; such people are those who abide by God’s way. Therefore, such people are qualified to enter the heavenly kingdom. Such people are most blessed by God, and when such people enter the heavenly kingdom, they surely are the pillars of the heavenly kingdom, they can be priests and leaders. Is there any basis for what I’ve said? God says, “Those who love God can walk freely throughout the world, those who testify to God can travel across the universe.” These people are most blessed by God. In the next era, God shall use those who love Him to rule over all on the earth. God grants them the power to rule over all things and all nations, understood?

How do you practice loving God? First, give your heart to God and accept the perfection by the work of the Holy Spirit. When your heart has the work and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, then your corrupt disposition and your satanic poison shall be purified. Then, your heart shall begin to love God. When you have much understanding of the truth, you shall feel that God is so lovable that it will be impossible to stop loving God. When you can practice the truth and are submissive to God, you will taste the sweetness in practicing the truth, you shall find it invaluable to have truth as life, and you shall find that there’s nothing in this world as precious as the truth. Not even the whole world can compare to such life! Life is the most precious! When people die, they have nothing. If people have the truth, they obtain eternal life. With eternal life, their hearts love God most, and they feel that all material things are empty and dispensable. Only God is the precious and honorable, humans can never leave God. Therefore, to be perfected by God one must give his heart to God. Once the heart is given to God, he will change daily, be increasingly closer to God daily, and love and submit to God daily. In the end, as each day passes, he lives more and more before God, he can live in the light and walk with God—this is the highest state pursued by believers. Where is the starting point of this highest state? That is, “It Is Very Important to Establish a Proper Relationship With God”! By now you should understand this “very important”! This “very important” becomes pertinent when? By now, isn’t it clear?

Today’s fellowship has come to an end. Goodbye!

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