Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “It Is Very Important to Establish a Proper Relationship With God” (III)


Why is it that people grow so slowly upon entering the truth? The main reason is they are restrained by all sorts of people, matters and things, especially the constraints of antichrists and false leaders. This is why antichrists and false leaders are the biggest obstacles, the biggest stumbling blocks for God’s chosen people to enter into the reality of the truth and become perfected before God! That is why you see that there are some people who complain to God when some antichrist or false leader is expelled from God’s family, “God is not righteous! That man is not an antichrist. He simply did not seek the truth. He involuntarily committed evil. It is because every man has a corrupt disposition.” They do not weigh this person’s moral standing to determine whether he is a wicked person, or whether the things he did disturbed and interrupted God’s work. They do not mention these things. This kind of person’s emotions are so heavy, would you say this person can obtain God? Can they be obtained by God? We all know they can’t. For some believers in God, if you condemn the people they worship, they can betray and deny God. If you condemn religious pastors or elders, they will say, “This way is not correct. Religious pastors and elders are chosen by God.” Does this kind of person truly believe in God? Does God have a place in this person’s heart? In this person’s heart, religious pastors and elders are their lords, their gods. Otherwise, if people condemn religious pastors and elders, why would their eyes turn red? Why would they be filled with anger and disgust? This confirms that religious pastors and elders are their grandfathers, fathers, ancestors, the idols of their worship, their lords and their gods. That is why they embrace these religious pastors and elders and they do not let go. Can these religious pastors and elders save you? Can they take you to the heavenly kingdom much less enter themselves? Now, do you believe in man, or do you believe in God? Now that we’ve come to this point, we’ve touched upon an important question. When you quiet your heart in front of God, which God are you quiet in front of? Are you quiet before a vague God in the heavens? Or are you quiet before God incarnate? Some people say that they are quiet before God incarnate. This is correct, but some people do not believe. If you do not believe, then when disaster arrives, you can still pray, “Oh Lord Jesus, save me.” But God will not answer you. If you pray, “Oh Jehovah God, save me,” God will still not answer you. Once God’s chosen people pray to Almighty God, God will start doing things. Look, God’s name has changed. It is useless if you pray to His name in the past. Some religious people say, “I will not believe! The name of Jesus will never change!” It is God’s disposition that will never change. God’s name can change. In the Bible, it has been written that the name of God will change in the last days. God has a new name. The Isaiah’s prophecy has spoken about it. It is also in the Book of Revelation. These people cannot read between the lines when it comes to the Bible. They cannot see that God’s name changes in each age. Wouldn’t you say that their faith is confused?

When you quiet yourself before Almighty God and read Almighty God’s words, God will bless you. The Holy Spirit will enlighten and illuminate you. Presently, the Holy Spirit works in the name of Almighty God. Do you understand? The principles of the Holy Spirit’s work revolve around the work that God does in each age. The Holy Spirit works amongst the people who accept the work of God in each age. Those that are cast aside and eliminated cannot receive the Holy Spirit’s work. There is no way they can receive the Holy Spirit’s work. Take a look at the Age of Law. The Israelites, God’s chosen people believed in Jehovah God. How many thousands of years did they believe in the name of Jehovah God? Two thousand years. When the Lord Jesus came and did His redemptive work in the Age of Grace, those that believed in the Lord Jesus received God’s actual work. It was those that accepted the Lord Jesus that were brought before God. Only they could be saved by God’s redemptive work. That is why, once the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus started, if people prayed to the name of Jehovah God, God did not listen. That name had become ancient history. The Age of Law of the Old Testament was the first stage of work. The redemptive work during the Age of Grace was the second stage of work. The work of judgment during the last days is the third stage of work. God’s three stages of work are God’s management plan for saving the human race. In each stage, once God starts His work, His name changes, it is replaced and He has a new name. If you do not pray in God’s new name, then God will not acknowledge you. That is why, now, when you quiet your heart before God, you must pray in Almighty God’s name. If you pray to Almighty God, quiet yourself before Almighty God, and quiet yourself in God’s word, this is fine. What does it mean to quiet yourself in God’s word? It means to ponder God’s word. When you ponder God’s word and through your pondering, you find light and God’s intentions, then you have quieted yourself before God. Some people cannot quiet themselves before God. They say, “I quieted myself before God. I closed my eyes and did not think of anything. Isn’t this coming before God?” Is this the case? You did not think of anything. Did you think about God? You did not even think about God. It is like you just closed your eyes for a nap. This is not quieting yourself before God. To quiet yourself before God, you must honor God as great, you must have a heart that reveres God. It means coming before Almighty God, “I need to pray to God, I need to call out to God. I must seek the truth from God.” This is what it means to quiet yourself before God. Is closing your eyes for a nap and blanking out your mind quieting yourself before God? Externally it looks like it, but in actuality it’s not, is this correct?

If someone spends for God, does a lot of work, but has never quieted himself before God, what kind of problem is this? His perspective in terms of faith is wrong. What does he think believing in God entails? “I must do things for God. The more I do for God, the more I can gain God’s blessings, the more I can gain God’s praises. If I do not do enough for God, God will definitely not praise me. In the end, He will surely not save me. Therefore, the more I do, the greater the reward God will bestow upon me.” Is this kind of perspective correct? According to what basis does God decide man’s outcome? It is based on whether someone has obtained the truth or not. Is it based on whether someone has done a lot or a little? Is it based on how much someone has toiled? Is it based on how many years someone has believed in God? Is it based on how great someone’s seniority is? Is it based on how pitiful someone is? All of this is incorrect. It is based on whether someone has obtained the truth or not. God requires you to obtain the truth. It is the result that God wants to achieve in the end with His work. It is the result that God wants to achieve when He works on you. Isn’t this the case? So, how can you show that you have the truth? By frequently quieting yourself before God, understanding God’s intentions in many situations and understanding what God wants from man in many matters. What does it mean to have the reality of the truth? It is to understand the truth in many matters, to have a grasp of the principles, to achieve an understanding of God in many situations. It is to know how to bear witness in these situations, how to put it into practice, how to experience it and how to bear witness for God. This kind of person is someone who has obtained the truth. If someone does not quiet themselves before God, but externally, they run for God, work for God, spend for God, toil for God and even do not betray God if they have to go to jail, does this kind of person have the reality of the truth? It does not mean they have the reality of the truth. Why do I say this? The time that this person quiets themselves in front of God is very little or nonexistent. They only do things externally for God. That means all that this person does relies on man’s good intentions. All that this person does is based on a business deal that he has with God. All that this person does is done in order to obtain God’s rewards. All that this person does is done in exchange for God bestowing him with a crown or to obtain eternal life and enter the kingdom. He does this in exchange for these things. He has made a business transaction with God. All that he does is not based on the truth, it is not based on principles and it is not based on God’s word. This means all that this person does has no value. If a person frequently quiets himself before God, understands what God requires of man in many matters, understands God’s intentions, then he will naturally put the truth into practice in many situations. He will be able to obey God’s words, and in many matters, he will be able to stand firm and bear witness. He will be able to edify others and provide benefit for others. It is this kind of person that has the reality of the truth. It does not depend on how much man does but on how much of what he does obeys the truth, how much of it bears witness to God and how many things he does follow the truth and principles. If none of this is present, if not one matter is in accordance with the truth or principles, if the truth is not put into practice in even one situation and if not one matter can be considered as bearing witness to God, can what this person does confirm that this person has the truth? Not at all! All of what this person does has no value, it is the same as a pile of dung! Isn’t this the case? This is similar to the apostle Paul during the Age of Grace. Of all the things that he did, was there anything that truly bore witness to God? He did not suffer in order to bear witness to God nor was his suffering for God. His suffering was all for a crown and righteous rewards. His suffering did not indicate that he loved God. All the words that he said regarding his suffering, did not indicate that he understood God. It did not indicate that he obeyed or did God’s will. Since his heart did not love God, he did not treat the Lord Jesus as God. He only treated the Lord Jesus as Christ and as God’s Son. When he prayed, he still prayed to God the Father, or Jehovah God. Jesus Christ did not have a place in his heart. No matter where you look in Paul’s epistles, you will not find any evidence that Paul loved the Lord Jesus. No matter where you look, you will find that his suffering was not borne out of a love for the Lord Jesus. No matter where you look, you will not find evidence that he held the Lord Jesus up high or bore witness for the Lord Jesus. It was as if he was just atoning for his own sins. It was all to obtain rewards and a crown. It was like a business transaction between him and God. That is why, in the end, Paul said, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: From now on there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness …” (2 Timothy 4:7-8). He did not mention the Lord Jesus. He did not say, “I have finally completed what the Lord Jesus entrusted me with. I have finally fulfilled what the Lord Jesus has asked me to do. I have devoted my loyalty to Him. I can deeply feel the love of the Lord Jesus. The reason why my heart has endured so much suffering is that I love the Lord Jesus.” He did not say these things. His summary of a lifetime of witnessing was in these few sentences: “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: From now on there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness….” “There is laid up for me a crown of righteousness.” This sentence means: “God, if You do not give me a crown, then You are not righteous. According to Your righteousness, You must give me a crown. What else can You say?” Didn’t he finish talking about his experience and then start asking God for a crown? He was pressuring God, fighting with God, reasoning with God and negotiating face to face with God for this crown. Isn’t this the meaning? Didn’t he have this impetus? Once Paul finished doing his work, he said these words. Do you think that Paul was a person who frequently quieted himself before God or a person that lived before God? If he was a person that frequently quieted himself before God or a person that lived before God, then his heart should honor the Lord as great. His heart’s reverence for God should get stronger and stronger! If he truly honored the Lord as great and had a heart that revered God, would he still dare to say these words? “I have finished my course.” What course have you finished? What course have you run? “I have fought a good fight.” What kind of fight have you fought? “I have kept the faith.” What faith have you kept? Do you have an understanding of the Lord Jesus? Do you truly obey the Lord Jesus? Do you love the Lord Jesus? He did not have one shred of reality with regard to these things. He did not mention them once. All he did was say, “From now on there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day” (2 Timothy 4: 8). Look at these words that he said, he was actually asking God to give him credit! “God, do You have anything more to say about this? I have finished what You entrusted me with. You must give me my crown! If You do not give me my crown, then You are not a righteous Lord!” Everything that Paul did can basically be considered as a business transaction between him and God. Is this situation clear now? These few verses reveal the essence of everything that he did. Paul’s nature of resisting God has been completely exposed. Therefore, all the effort he made for God did not gain God’s praise or acceptance. What he said about a crown of righteousness has become just empty words! God sent him to hell and punished him, not letting h

im out. Paul did not enter the kingdom of heaven. Peter entered. Job entered. David entered. Some people who were allowed to go to heaven can see this. Paul is not in the kingdom of heaven. From this matter we can see that, in terms of faith in God, if you do not seek the truth, do not frequently quiet yourself before God and do not have a genuine connection with God, then you will be unable to obtain the truth and the life, unable to achieve a change in your disposition, unable to be obtained by God and unable to obtain God’s praise. Aren’t these the facts? If, after you have finished reading God’s words, you are unable to see through this matter, that confirms that you do not have the truth. “And quiet your heart before God,” is this phrase important? It’s extremely important!

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