Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “It Is Very Important to Establish a Proper Relationship With God” (III)


The most important thing when it comes to quieting yourself before God is to seek the truth in all matters. Seek the truth when you eat, seek the truth when you fulfill your duties and hold fast to principles, seek the truth when you deal with different people, seek the truth when you deal with religious pastors and elders. You should also seek out God’s intentions when you distinguish antichrists. Why is it necessary to distinguish antichrists? What things have these antichrists done? Why are they the enemies of God? Why do they vie over God’s chosen people? Why do they always want to control God’s chosen people in the palm of their hands? Why do they not let people seek the true way and return to God? What kind of sin is this? Is it okay if we don’t unmask them? Should new believers seek God in these matters? Should they seek the truth? Presently, some new believers, when they hear me expose antichrists, they have some notions. What kind of problem is this? When the Lord Jesus came, why did He expose the Pharisees? He said, “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!” (See Matthew 23:13-33). “Woe to you, Pharisees,” how many times did He say this? He said it eight times, right? The Lord Jesus said eight verses exposing the Pharisees, He said they would have misfortune. He also said, “Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees” (Matthew 16:6). Why did the Lord Jesus say these things? From these matters, can you understand God’s will? It is because these Pharisees and Sadducees deceived God’s chosen people. They controlled God’s chosen people and blocked them from returning to God, returning to God incarnate. The Pharisees and Sadducees fought over God’s chosen people with the Lord Jesus, with Christ. God incarnate came to save people, to summon God’s chosen people to gather before Him. Is it okay if He had not exposed the Pharisees and Sadducees? Some people cannot see through this matter, “Why do you always expose the antichrists? What is the point? Isn’t this condemning people?” Aren’t the people who say these things confused? What are the things that antichrists do? How do they resist God? The main thing is that they control God’s chosen people! God needs to recapture God’s chosen people from the hands of Satan, which is the same as from the hands of the antichrists. Therefore, God must expose the antichrists. He must reveal them! He must curse them! He must say, “Woe to the antichrists! Woe to the Pharisees!” He must say it 100 times, 1,000 times even. Only then will God’s chosen people wake up! Only then can they detach themselves from Satan’s claws. Only then can they break away from the control and bondage of the antichrists. Only then can they truly return before God. Isn’t this the case?

Do you know what an antichrist is? Whenever I bring up the topic of antichrists, I always need to talk a little more about it. What does it say in the Second Book of John? “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist” (2 John 1:7). All those who do not acknowledge that God came in the flesh are antichrists. All those who only acknowledge God in name but do not acknowledge the truth that God expresses are also antichrists. All those that oppose God incarnate are also antichrists. Do you understand when I say this? When you are examining someone to determine whether they are an antichrist, you should first ask, “Do you acknowledge that God came in the flesh?” If they say, “I do not acknowledge!” then this is an antichrist. It has been confirmed. “Well, do you acknowledge that all the things God said is the truth?” “I do not acknowledge this!” This is also an antichrist! “Now, the Almighty God you are facing now is Christ, He is God incarnate. He has finished some new work. Do you acknowledge and accept all of this?” “I do not acknowledge. I condemn Him, it is false!” This is an antichrist. This is how you differentiate an antichrist. If a religious pastor does not acknowledge God incarnate, then that religious pastor is an antichrist. If a religious elder does not acknowledge the truth, then that religious elder is an antichrist. If this person condemns Almighty God’s work in the last days, then, it does not matter how much you worship him, how good his character and external behavior is or how devout he is, this person is also an antichrist. Are you clear about what an antichrist is? Now, do we have a basis on condemning antichrists? We do. Are those that specifically resist and condemn the people used by the Holy Spirit antichrists? During the Age of Law, weren’t those that opposed Moses and called Moses into question resisting God? Everyone said they were. Now, we can distinguish them!

If people cannot see the truth that the religious world is controlled by antichrists, will they be able to escape from the religious world? From the process of spreading the gospel, we discovered that when we bore witness to God and spread the gospel to someone, what did this person say after he finished hearing? “That is correct. This is the truth. It is God that has come, but I must go back and ask my pastor. I must ask my religious elders. Only then will I be able to confirm whether or not I should believe.” What kind of problem is this? If the truth that those pastors and religious elders are resisting God is not exposed, this person would ask these people before determining whether or not to accept the work of God in the last days. Now, how can this problem be resolved? “I must ask my pastor and elders. I want them to see if this is the true way and whether or not these are God’s words.” A similar situation happened before. When the Lord Jesus was preaching, weren’t there many people who also asked the Pharisees in this way? They asked the chief priests and scribes, “Would you say that what Jesus says is true or not? Is it in accordance with the truth? Is Jesus God’s Son?” If they asked the Jewish chief priests, scribes and Pharisees in this way, would they still be able to return to the Lord Jesus? They would not. Now, when the Lord Jesus exposed the Pharisees, was this correct? It was correct for the Lord to expose the Pharisees. Now, when I expose pastors and elders in the religious world today, the majority of them are antichrists, am I right? This is the real reason why I expose antichrists. Do you understand? I do this in order to lead people back to God. It is because antichrists are the biggest obstacle blocking God’s chosen people from returning to God! They are the biggest stumbling block! It is not okay if I do not expose them like this! These are the facts that countless numbers of God’s chosen people can see clearly in the process of spreading the gospel and bearing witness for God. These are facts, and it absolutely won’t do if I do not expose them in this way! Tell me, why did the Lord Jesus hate the Pharisees? How did the Pharisees offend Him? Why did the Lord Jesus say, “Woe to the Pharisees,” why did He repeatedly say “Woe to the Pharisees?” It is because the Pharisees controlled God’s chosen people in the religious world. They prevented God’s chosen people from returning to the Lord. That is why in Judaism, during the process of resisting the Lord, and even afterward, in the end, there were not a lot of people that returned to the Lord Jesus. Isn’t this true? People can see very clearly that Judaism cruelly murdered the Lord’s disciples and apostles! Now, if the Lord Jesus had not exposed the truth that Judaism was controlled by antichrists and evil demons, then would God’s chosen people have been able to escape from the religious world? Why is it that some people are so close with religious pastors? Why are their relationships so intimate? They do not want me to expose these antichrists. They do not want to listen to this kind of sermon. What kind of problem is this? Could it be that what I say is false? Could it be that what I say is not in accordance with real facts? I advise new believers to pray and seek God out in regards to these matters. Feel out God’s will. Is this okay? You all say it’s okay. If you believe in God, you must recognize God’s voice. You must receive the truth that God expresses. This matter is extremely important. If you believe in God for many years and you cannot recognize God’s voice, you do not acknowledge the truth that God expresses and instead, you regard religious knowledge and theological theories as the truth, would this kind of person be able to obtain God’s approval? Absolutely not. This kind of person will never be able to obtain God’s approval. Why is this? This person has a muddled faith, he will not be able to obtain the truth! You must be able to see through these matters. To see through these matters, you must frequently quiet yourself before God, seek the truth in these matters, pray to God and seek the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination. Do this until the day you can understand the truth in these matters. When you can, on the basis of God’s words, speak about your understanding and analysis of factual truth in this aspect, then you will have achieved results with your practice of being quiet in front of God. Each time you quiet yourself before God, you must seek the truth and you must seek God. You must seek the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment and illumination to resolve your own practical problems and difficulties. If you can achieve some results and obtain some enlightenment from the Holy Spirit each time you quiet yourself before God, then you are a person that can be quiet before God. If you frequently quiet yourself before God, in the end you will understand a lot of the truth and you will have achieved an understanding of God. At that point, you have been perfected by God.

What do you need to do in order to be perfected by God? You must frequently quiet yourself before God. How many ways can you quiet yourself before God? Is quieting yourself before God just kneeling and praying? Are there a few ways to do this? Anytime and anywhere, in any environment, as long as it is allowed in that environment, your heart can be quieted before God, you can seek the truth and you can pray to God. In regards to anytime and anywhere, there is no set environment, and you are not limited to early morning. You are also not confined to kneeling and praying. You can stand and do it. You can do it when you are doing whatever activity you are involved in and you can do it in any environment. You can do it in a jail cell, while you’re in washing room, in the kitchen, at your work place, or the places where you fulfill your duties, when you’re waiting for a bus, when you’re in a bus, when you’re on a plane. In all these situations, you can practice quieting your heart before God. If you can quiet your heart before God in all sorts of different environments, then you have firmly grasped and perfected the skill of quieting your heart before God. Someone said, they quiet their heart before God right before they sleep. Once their heart starts thinking about God, reflecting upon their performance and their revealing during the day, once they start pondering important matters, they are able to receive the light and they can feel out God’s will. Look, if someone can achieve results every time they quiet themselves before God, then that person is guaranteed to grow fast in terms of seeking the truth, right? If you practice like this in any environment, during the times when you need to, then your heart will be able to regularly quiet itself before God. This kind of person will unconsciously be living in front of God. If you spend much time quieting yourself before God, then you will be able to live before God. Living before God relies on being able to frequently quiet yourself before God. If you do not quiet yourself before God enough, then it confirms that you do not live before God. Accurately speaking, the more a person quiets themselves before God, the more they live before God. Do you understand? The people who do not seek the truth one bit, they do not have a real connection with God. They are busy with doing this and doing that. They are pointlessly and persistently busy all day to the point where, in the end, their heart is not quiet before God. Moreover, they do not have a real communion with God through prayer. In this way, they will find it very difficult to understand the truth and enter into reality. Why do I say that they will find it very hard to enter into the reality of the truth? They do not have the Holy Spirit’s work. The most basic condition that you must meet in order to receive the Holy Spirit’s work is quieting your heart before God. Next, you must love the truth, you must strive for the truth and you must put the truth into practice. One condition is that you must quiet yourself before God, the other condition is that you must love the truth and strive for the truth. These are the two conditions that must be met before you can receive the Holy Spirit’s work. Some people will only quiet their hearts before God and say what is in their hearts during prayer. However, as time goes by, they do not strive for the truth. What is the result in the end? It’s still frustrating, isn’t it? If you are quiet before God and you receive the work of the Holy Spirit, no matter what problem you encounter, you can solve it. No matter what truth you encounter, you will understand and no matter what result, you will be able to achieve it. In the end, you will be perfected, you will have obtained the truth and you can bear witness for God. The day that you understand all the truth, you have an understanding of God, your perspective on looking at things will completely change. Your perspective on life and values will change. This is a person who truly obeys God. This is a person who truly loves God. Isn’t this someone who has been perfected by God? Their life disposition has changed and they have been perfected by God. When it comes to being perfected by God, the most important point is that your life disposition has changed. Once that happens, then you can say that you have been perfected by God. If you only understand one or two aspects of the truth, this does not mean you have been perfected by God. Why not? You are still able to betray God; you are not able to complete God’s entrustment. God cannot entrust you to do any work. Once you obtain life, your life disposition changes, then God can entrust you to do work for Him, understood?

Our gathering today will conclude here, see you later!

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