Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “It Is Very Important to Establish a Normal Relationship With God” (IV)


Above, we have mentioned a total of six kinds of people. Each of them has a different method of believing in God that constitutes a relationship with God that is not normal. This has now been defined. Now, when it comes to these six types of people, regardless of how many years they have believed in God, are they able to obtain the Holy Spirit’s work? Can they enter the kingdom of heaven? We all say that they cannot. They cannot obtain the Holy Spirit’s work but they still want to enter the kingdom of heaven. Isn’t this delusional? Therefore, if you believe in God but you are unable to obtain the Holy Spirit’s work, then all is empty talk, you will not be able to obtain anything. This sentence is very accurate! Now, why do we need to establish a normal relationship with God? It is so that we can obtain the Holy Spirit’s work, obtain the truth in order to achieve an understanding of God and become perfected by God. Once we become perfected by God, we will become people who truly obey and worship God and we will obtain God’s promise. Now, if we have this kind of intention and this kind of goal, would we be able to establish a normal relationship with God? If our intentions are correct, then our goals can be achieved. Since our intentions are correct, we will be able to receive God’s blessings. When we receive God’s blessings, the Holy Spirit will start working on us. Isn’t this the case?

Some people might ask, “Now, I understand what it means to not have a normal relationship with God. In all, there are six aspects. So how many aspects are there in terms of having a normal relationship with God?” Should we communicate a little about this? There are a few aspects when it comes to normal relationships with God. Let’s talk about this. First of all, let’s confirm that the relationship between man and God is the relationship between the creation and the Creator. We have to define this relationship first. If this is not defined, then you will not be able to accurately see what a relationship between man and God is like. If you think God is only a little higher than man—God is the Captain and you are the lieutenant—then that is a problem. Since we already understand that the relationship between man and God is the relationship between the creation and the Creator, then what exactly is the relationship between the creation and the Creator? First of all, we should establish that the Creator is in control of the creation. That which has been created was produced under the authority and rule of the Creator. Therefore, that which has been created must absolutely obey the Creator. This is the most normal relationship. Isn’t this the case? There is no other way for creatures to approach the Creator, they must absolutely obey. If they do not obey, then they are not qualified creatures. If there is no real obedience, then the creatures will receive God’s curse, condemnation, punishment or destruction. We can see that after Satan corrupted mankind, there were a few cities that God destroyed. Why did this happen? It was because the people in those cities rebelled against God. They reviled God. In the end, God unleashed His wrath and He destroyed them. He used fire from the sky to burn them to death. He burned them into ashes. In the end, their spirits, souls, and bodies were all completely destroyed. Not a single trace was left. Therefore, if the creation does not have a reverent and obedient heart for the Creator, then it is not worthy of being called a creation, a human. Now, we can define what a normal relationship is between man and God. First of all, what kind of relationship is this? The first component of this kind of relationship is that man must absolutely obey God. If man does not absolutely obey, then man is a rebel, a traitor and a degenerate! What kind of person does God despise the most? He despises people that resist and betray Him the most. One kind of person frantically resists and condemns Him. The other kind completely betrays God and relies on Satan. These kinds of people are degenerates in the eyes of God. When I mention degenerates, it means such people are doomed to be destroyed by God. Take a look at the world, to what degree has it been corrupted? Isn’t it corrupted to the point where God is cursed? When man makes God into an enemy, curses God, it means their death is not far away and disaster is about to descend from the sky. Take a look at the disasters in different countries, aren’t they getting bigger and bigger? Now, what is the source of these disasters? They all originate and descend from God, right? Now, what is the purpose of God initiating these disasters? It is to warn, admonish and exhort the human race to return to God and have true repentance. Only this would prevent God from unleashing His wrath upon humanity. Isn’t this the case? You should be able to see through this matter now.

The first thing when it comes to establishing a normal relationship with God is to have absolute obedience for God. The second thing is that in the process of fulfilling duties, man must have an absolutely faithful relationship with God. The third thing is that man must have a relationship where he abandons Satan and absolutely worships God. The fourth point is that man must have a relationship where he honors God as great and reveres God. The fifth thing is to have a relationship where man seeks the truth in all matters, relies on and looks up to God. The sixth point is to allow God to be the master of all of his affairs and be willing to be the servant in his relationship with God. The final point is that man must absolutely and truly have a loving relationship with God. God is worthy of man’s love. When it comes to this word, “worthy,” man must experience this. You must experience it and learn from this experience until you are old. Man will never be able to fathom the depths of this worthiness. There is so much to love about God and God is so lovely! The more you experience, the more you will feel how worthy God is of man’s love; in the end, you will be able to have a supreme love for God, and obey God unto death. Your relationship with God will thus achieve normality. Now, some people will mention the following, “You just talked about seven points when it comes to having a normal relationship with God. It makes sense, but it is not easy to do this. Who is able to do this? When you say ‘love God,’ would you be able to love Him right then and there? When you say ‘obey God,’ would you be able to obey right then and there? Of course you cannot!” Would you say that this is a good issue to mention? Isn’t this an issue that many people have to seek the truth about? So, let us communicate a little about this. Someone says, “Okay, I will start establishing these seven components of a normal relationship with God. Tell me, how do I establish these components?” It is easy to say these things, but putting this truth into practice is not! There is one fact that we must see through. We are all people that have been corrupted deeply by Satan. Inside we have all sorts of satanic poisons and satanic philosophies that cause us to become resistant and rebellious against God. Aren’t these the facts? Someone says, “What is the satanic poison and the satanic disposition?” Is arrogance and conceitedness the satanic disposition? Is egotism the satanic disposition? Is being contemptuous of God the satanic disposition? There are a lot of these kinds of satanic dispositions. We do not have to talk in detail about them. Selfishness, baseness, crookedness, treachery, lies, deceit, self-centeredness, all sorts of base intentions and goals exist inside of us. Many kinds of satanic philosophies exist inside of us. To achieve absolute obedience, loyalty and worship to God as well as honoring God as great, this cannot be done overnight. It will not come into effect just by thinking of it. In the beginning, everyone wants to become people who obey God right away. However, once they encounter difficulties, they are unable to obey and put the truth into practice. Their corrupt disposition involuntarily comes out. What do we do in times like these? There is a spiritual maxim, “God begins where man ends.” When we encounter situations that we are unable to deal with, we just need to rely on God. He can do all things. We must look up to God and pray and ask for help with a true heart. God will answer our prayer. Do you believe these words? If you believe these words, would you say that man is able to achieve the seven components that constitute a normal relationship with God? It is definitely achievable. However, the time it takes to achieve it is not short. Do not say, “I will pray to God and after one month, my relationship with God will become normal right away.” These words are not realistic. One month will not do. You must establish this a little bit at a time. Look at the relationship between a husband and a wife, a father and a son and a mother and a daughter. How long does it take to establish an intimate relationship where both parties love each other? Is this relationship established in a day? Some couples reach 50 or 60 years of age; still, they get divorced. They’ve been together for 20 to 30 years, yet in the end, they break up. They did not establish a normal relationship. What is going on here? Presently, the divorce rate is getting higher and higher. Why is this? It is due to Satan’s corruption, isn’t this the case? Establishing a normal relationship with God is also not something that can be established in a day. If we return before God, eat and drink God’s word, experience God’s judgment and chastisement, our corruption will gradually get cleansed and our obedience to God will gradually get deeper. Along with our understanding of the truth and our gradual understanding of God, when our life grows, our relationship with God will become normal. Isn’t the process like this? Precisely speaking, how long does it take to establish a normal relationship with God? How many years does it take? In 3 to 5 years, you will definitely start to see some results. After 7 or 8 years, you will see significant results. Someone says, “You mean 1 or 2 years is not enough?” You’ve barely learnt the fundamentals in 1 or 2 years. You will be able to speak intimately to God and you will be willing to communicate with God through prayer. It takes 1 or 2 years to learn the fundamentals, 3 to 5 years to start seeing results, and 7 or 8 years to see significant results.

Once some people hear these things, they feel their enthusiasm dampen. Why is this? “Right now, I am in my seventies. Let’s not even mention whether or not I can live another 7 to 8 years.” Are there people who say these things? Do not only focus on death. Only focusing on death is wrong. If you are alive for one more day, then seek the truth one more day. Make your best effort in your seeking. Seek with all your strength. Perhaps just as you are about to succeed in your seeking, you develop an illness. God says that your prayers have not yet been fulfilled and He will not allow you to die. Your illness will have become a refinement, a trial. It will cause you to become cleansed and have an understanding of God. In this way, you will not die. What does this clarify? If man truly seeks God, walks onto the right path of believing in God and walks onto the path of being perfected by God, would God allow him to die? Isn’t whether or not he dies in God’s hands? Would you say that man’s life is in the hands of the king of hell or in God’s hands? We would all say that it is in God’s hands. Why do we say this? Is there a basis for this in the Bible? It is not okay to randomly say things that do not have any basis in the Bible. Other people will not listen to you. Where is the basis for this in the Bible? In one of the conversations between Peter and the Lord Jesus, there is this verse, “and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18). What are these words referring to? The lives of unbelievers are controlled by the king of hell. The people of God are under the control of God Himself. “And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” is referring to God’s authority. God’s chosen people have separated themselves from Satan’s influence, they no longer belong to Hades. Therefore, those who believe in God belong to God, they are citizens of the kingdom of heaven. They belong in the kingdom of heaven, in Christ’s kingdom. Understand? If someone tells you your fortune, saying that next year, you are in danger, that perhaps your life will end, it has reached its limit, then you should tell them, “I belong to God. God will not let me die! No matter how you base your observations on my lifespan, that’s fine, it’s useless! It does not hold weight!” Therefore, those who believe in God are in God’s hands, this is a reliable fact. Now, someone will ask again, “This is incorrect. I’ve seen a few believers in Almighty God actually die. They had cancer and they died. How do you explain this?” Tell me, how would you explain this matter? There are many people who believed in the Lord Jesus who have died. We do not worry about it. We are instead concerned about this matter: How is it that believers in Almighty God still die? Let’s talk a bit about this. Anyone who is clear about this matter is someone who truly understands the truth. So, how do we explain this? Nobody will say. I will dare to confirm this. Those who died are definitely not people who seek the truth. They did not have a normal relationship with God and they did not have the Holy Spirit’s work. Is this correct? Look at how simple this matter is. It has confused many smart and intelligent people! If you do not have the truth, would you be able to see through this matter? You must be equipped with the truth. Those that understand the truth and have an understanding of God will understand God’s words. If you understand God’s words, then your perspective will change and you will see things with a basis in God’s words. Every word of God will be fulfilled. What does the Lord Jesus say? “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away” (Matthew 24:35, Mark 13:31, Luke 21:33). This is the authority of God’s words. Do you have faith in these words? If you have faith in these words, then this is true faith. This is much stronger than a vague faith.

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