Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “It Is Very Important to Establish a Normal Relationship With God” (IV)


Everyone who believes in God has a different relationship with God, which is decided by the person’s nature. Those who love the truth often pray to God and commune with God, so their relationship with God becomes more normal over time. For those who do not love the truth, their prayers are not genuine, which means their relationship with God will certainly not be normal. Why? Because they do not love the truth, they do not truly commune with God, and they do not truly pray to God. Their prayers are pleas and more pleas, perhaps pleading for a cure for their illnesses, or for grace and blessings from God, or for God to solve their problems. There is always more pleading. Such men are despised by God. For those who hate the truth, their relationship with God will be even more abnormal. They have a hostile relationship with God, they are sworn enemies of God and Christ. All those who hate the truth are wicked people and antichrists, therefore it is impossible for them to establish a normal relationship with God, because their nature and their disposition are in opposition to God, and they resist God. For example, the priests, scribes and Pharisees of Judaism, as well as the pastors and elders of the religious world of the last days all hate the truth, therefore they believe in the vague God in heaven, yet are sworn enemies of Christ. Isn’t their relationship with God a hostile one? All those who hate the truth have a hostile relationship with God. All those who do not love the truth or are bored of the truth have an abnormal relationship with God. All they do is plead. They all live for themselves, they all plead for themselves, they never strive to grasp God’s will, nor are they considerate of it. Only those who love the truth have a normal relationship with God. All those with a normal relationship with God have the love of God in their heart and are able to obey God. Why do they need to always pray to God? Why do they need to always fellowship with God? Maybe we can already see the underlying reason, which is that they love the truth. They see that God’s words are the truth, they see that God’s words thoroughly explain all of life, that the best words to live by are God’s words, and that all the famous words spoken by the famous people of the world are all Satan’s lies, Satan’s logic and philosophies. These words grow more disgusting the more you look at them. I have bought some books before, such as quotes and thoughts of famous people. Now, when I look at them, all that I see are fallacies and lies. Only God’s words are the truth, the way, and the life. Therefore, the more those who love the truth read God’s words, the more love they will come to have for God in their hearts; the more they read God’s words, the more they want to pray to God and fellowship with God; the more obstacles they encounter, the more they fellowship with God and pray to God. There is no use in fellowship with people, because it resolves nothing. Without realizing it, after praying to God for a period of time, their relationship with God becomes more and more normal. Sometimes when praying for their own flesh, when praying for their children, when praying for their parents, after they have finished their prayers, they have no joy in their heart, “Have I prayed incorrectly? Let me seek God’s will.” “Now I understand. I must not pray for their flesh, I should pray for their souls and their lives. If they should gain the truth and come to know God, their fleshly difficulties will take care of themselves, God will take care of them.” If God has decided to bring disasters to mankind, God will not change His mind no matter how much men pray. Look at all the things those in the religious world pray for. They pray for their country, their community, peace, the happiness and health of mankind, and that this world shall last forever. They keep praying and pleading. And what is the result? Has God listened? God has not listened to any of those prayers, He continued to visit this world with disasters, and these disasters become worse every time. God wants to destroy this evil world. It was preordained before the ages, and God pays no mind to men’s prayers. These blind men, why do they keep on praying like this? They do not know God’s will. Can you see clearly now?

And how do you establish a normal relationship with God? Several principles are involved. The first is that you must believe in the almightiness and wisdom of God, you must believe that all of God’s words will be fulfilled. This is the foundation. It will not do if you do not believe in God’s words, for it shows a lack of genuine faith; failure to believe in God’s almightiness shows a lack of genuine faith. Second, you must give your heart to God and allow God to take over in all things. Third, you must accept God’s observation, and this is critical. If you do not accept God’s observation of your prayers and fellowship, your actions and your words, could you have true fellowship with God? Could you still tell Him that which is in your heart? You must accept God’s observation. When you speak, you only pray for yourself; when you speak, what you say is mixed with falsehood, carries ill intentions, and is filled with embellishments and lies. If you do not accept God’s observation, can you realize that? Once you accept God’s observation, when you say the wrong things, after you speak words devoid of meaning, after you speak wishful words, you think, “Oh, am I not deceiving God? Why does this feel like lying to God?” See? This is how God’s observation works. It is critical to accept God’s observation. Fourth, you must learn to seek the truth in all things. Do not rely on the philosophy of Satan, and do things based on whether you benefit. You must seek the truth, making sense of the truth, then you must practice the truth. Regardless of personal gains, you must practice the truth and tell the truth, as well as be an honest person. It is a blessing to be taken advantage of; you shall be further blessed by God when you are being taken advantage of. Abraham was taken advantage of many times, and he always made compromises when dealing with people. Even his servants complained, “Why are you so weak? Let us fight them!” “We are not fighting with them. Everything is in God’s hands, and it is alright to be taken advantage of.” As a result, God blessed Abraham even more. Is that not the case? If because of practicing the truth, you have suffered in terms of your personal gains, and you do not blame God, then God shall bless you. Fifth, you must learn to obey the truth in all things, this is also critical. Regardless of the identity of the person who says things in accord with the truth, regardless of whether the person who says such things has a good relationship with us or not, and regardless of how we treat him, so long as what he says is in accord with the truth, we should obey him and accept what he says. What does this show? It shows that man has a heart that fears God. If a person can obey a three-year-old child who says in accord with the truth, is this person arrogant in any way? Is this someone who is arrogant? He has changed, his disposition has transformed. Therefore, obey the truth in all things. Such testimony is very potent, and it is sufficient to shame Satan. An old man, seeing that a child has said in accord with the truth, hurries to respectfully obey and accept what the child said—such are the wonderful scenes playing out in the Age of Kingdom. Such wonderful scenes are only possible in the kingdom. No one shall see such scenes in this evil world, there is no chance. If man should enter into this principle of absolute obedience of the truth, then this is proof of a transformation in life disposition. Sixth, be loyal to God in fulfilling your duties. Never forget your duties as the created. You shall never be able to meet God’s expectations if you do not fulfill your duties. If man does not fulfill his duties, he is garbage, and he belongs with Satan. If he can fulfill his duties before God, then he shall be one of God’s people, for this is the mark. If he has fulfilled his duties well, then he is a qualified creature; if he has failed in fulfilling his duties, then he is not a qualified creature, and he will not receive the approval of God. Therefore, if man can be loyal to God in fulfilling his duties, if he then associates with God, can God not bless him? Can God not be with him? Seventh, be on God’s side in all things, be compatible with God, be one with God. Say, “If my parents should say anything that resists God, then I shall stand by God and argue with my parents, rejecting them, not accepting them, even though they are my parents. If what they say is not in accord with the truth, then they rebel against God and resist God, and I shall stand by God, not my parents.” Is this not witnessing? How could this not shame Satan? If you are a parent yourself, and your children say something that rebels against God and betrays God, you say, “I would rather draw my line against you and stand by God. I would rather stop loving you, my son, my daughter, and stand by God. Even if my son and daughter should become angry and no longer honor me, I shall not turn back. Even if they do not follow God, I shall follow God.” Look at such a person, even his most precious children are unable to rule over his loyalty to God, is this not witnessing? For most people, once they grow old, what are they most afraid of? That there is no one to honor them and take care of them in their old age. If an old man says to his children, “I will not rely on you, I shall rely on God. If you do not follow God and believe in God, then I no longer want you to honor me. I shall stand by God and be one with God.” Is this not witnessing? If an unbeliever should see this, what would he say? “This old man has gone mad with his belief in God, he has provoked his children, he is standing by God in all things, isn’t he insane in his belief in God? Look at all that he suffers.” In the eyes of others, isn’t this great suffering? Hasn’t he become senile in his old age, burning his bridges? How do you view this matter? Men with cunning would never do such things, only men with honesty would do this. Such people love God and obey God and are not ruled over by any individual or any things, “Even if you are my children, so what? Even if you are my parents, so what? Even if you are my spouse, so what? While you are not of one mind with God, I am of one mind with God. If you are not on God’s side, then you are on the side of Satan, and I am on God’s side. This is how I shall believe.” These are the seven principles. If man can adhere to these seven principles, tell me, will man gain God? Will he receive God’s approval? Everyone says yes. Then is his relationship with God completely normal? These seven principles are very critical, almost too critical. This is how you must practice every day, and pray after you have practiced thus, and then see how you feel. It will be different, you will feel different. You might look silly on the surface, you might have been taken advantage of, but in reality, you’ll have been blessed. The unbelievers have a motto, “To be taken advantage of is to be blessed.” How do the fools reckon? “To be taken advantage of is a misfortune.” The wise man says, “To be taken advantage of is to be blessed.” Abraham was taken advantage of, and in the end he was most blessed by God. God bestowed great blessings on Abraham. What does it mean to be taken advantage of? What does it mean to take advantage of others? Even philosophers are unable to see clearly through this issue, for they have no truth. If man practices the truth and lives before God by adhering to these seven principles, his prayers to God and his communing with God will become normal, his relationship with God will become more and more normal, he shall receive more and more of God’s blessings, and ultimately he shall become someone loved by God, someone that will be surely perfected by God. God said, “If man is able to have such a love for God in his heart, then he must be perfected. This is a natural law and shall not be disobeyed by anyone, God will surely perfect him.” If you love God to such a degree, how could God be displeased? God would be immensely pleased. It can be said that, since the creation of t

he world, God has looked forward to gaining such a group of people who truly love Him. This is the culmination of God’s management plan for six thousand years. Therefore, let us now look at how important it is to establish a normal relationship with God. What is its true significance? Are you on your way to being perfected by God once you establish a normal relationship with Him? Is this a path toward receiving God’s blessings? The practice of these things is too important, all too important!

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