Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “In Your Faith in God You Should Obey God” (I)


Let’s continue communicating. “If your motivations are truly thus, then God will surely raise you up, and will surely be gracious toward you. No one can doubt this.” If man is truly motivated to obey God, seek the truth, thirst for God’s words, eat and drink God’s words and put God’s words into practice, then God will raise him up! “Then God will surely raise you up and will surely be gracious toward you.” Have we experienced the way in which God raises us up and treats us with grace? Sometimes God raises us up and gives us the opportunity to perform some duties. He treats us with grace when He puts us in important positions to fulfill duties. He allows us to be people with responsibilities, group leaders, people who take the initiative and people who take the lead. This is God raising us up and treating us with grace. Another way of saying this is that God lets us encounter bigger environments, obtain the truth, experience deeper breaking and greater discipline, obtain more truth and obey Him more. These are all examples of God raising us up and treating us with grace. Does everyone understand what I said? Are there any people who think like this, “If the duties I fulfill are more and more important, don’t I have to endure more and more dealings? Isn’t the bitterness that I have to suffer even greater?” Are there people who think these thoughts? There are definitely people who think like this. What kind of people think like this? People who do not love the truth think like this. They are not willing to suffer! Look, what kind of sayings are popular in some churches? “Do not become a leader! If you become a leader and later you are eliminated, you would not even have the qualifications to be one of the chosen people. At this point, it is completely over.” It is these types of antichrist, satanic remarks that are popular. Nobody spreads the maxims of experiencing God’s words and obtaining an understanding of the truth. Nobody will talk about these things. What does spreading these fallacious antichrist words indicate? The atmosphere of this church is unhealthy. The antichrists and false leaders are in power. That is why I arrange for God’s chosen people in each church to quickly expose leaders and workers. It doesn’t matter which worker or leader, if they say incorrect things, spread fallacies or do evil things, then they must be exposed without delay. I ask the churches to have a democratic election. You get to vote for leaders and workers. However, some churches do not implement this. They deceive God’s family knowingly. How do they implement this? “Everybody, let’s vote!” When they vote, they get rid of anyone who does not benefit themselves. Only a few people remain, “Vote for these few people.” After the voting is done, they announce those that they are interested in. If someone who they are not interested in is elected, they burn up the ballot and announce that someone else got elected. This is how the deceit is committed. They are even more malicious than the great red dragon! This is how some churches elect leaders. Afterward, the leaders withhold all the letters of accusation written by God’s chosen people who exposed the leaders and workers. I do not even know about one incident, not even one reaches me here. These churches are controlled so stringently by false leaders that not even a pin can be inserted. They are impenetrable. If someone wants to put their hand in, they cannot. A few people I know have given me a report on the circumstances. I talked with the workers and the leaders, “Look, these problems still exist in the church. You have to resolve them quickly.” They said, sure. What did they do when they went back? “Who gave the report? Find out who gave this report! There is definitely someone who divulged our secrets.” First, they tried to find out whoever gave the report, whoever was the snitch, whoever talked to the above, they tried to find them out first. They did not resolve the problem according to what I said. First, they tried to find out whoever gave the report. In the end, they isolated the people that reported to me, and they did not let them participate in meetings. This is how they resolved the issue. What do you think of this kind of leader? Some people say this is an antichrist. There are quite a lot of these kinds of leaders. Now this church keeps any person that knows me or whom I have promoted at a distance and does not dare come in contact with them. There is someone who publicly said, “I am not afraid of your report. You can report me to the above! I am not afraid!” The person who said this is not a new believer. Perhaps he has believed for five or six years and he said these things. What do you think of the things he said? Right now, such people are afraid of other people reporting them. What do you think of these people who are scared of others reporting them? Some people say that they have something on their conscience. This saying is very appropriate, “have something on one’s conscience.” If your path is straight and proper, would you be afraid of a report? If someone is crooked and improper, if they do not follow the truth, shouldn’t they be reported? We all say they should. Why would you say that being reported is a good thing? If you are reported, this indicates God’s love. God’s love has come upon you. Isn’t this the case? If you have been reported, and encounter pruning and dealing later on, isn’t it a good opportunity to seek the truth? Previously, you would not take the initiative to seek. Since you are now reported, you should accept the truth and learn how to obey the truth. Once you accept the truth and obey the truth, then this situation will be resolved. Isn’t this the case? Look, have you ever seen a situation where God’s family has something on someone and does not let it go? Which person does God’s family expel just because they exposed their corruption? Nobody. No one will be expelled for exposing their own corruption. People get expelled because their evil deeds are many and varied. Those who do many different evil things and arouse public anger will be expelled. No one will investigate those who expose their own corruption. Isn’t this the case?

When I prune and deal with some workers and leaders, the words I use are very severe. They accept it, feel remorse and snivel. After a while, they understand themselves, have true repentance, are not negative and do not shirk their responsibilities. When I see this, I would say that this kind of person has some spiritual stature. Not bad. This person should be cultivated, this is a person that seeks the truth. For most people, I find out what their issues are and then I will deal with them in order to reveal them. I need to see just what kind of people they are. After I deal with them, once I see them seek the truth, once I see that they can truly accept the truth, then my heart understands. I have an understanding of who they are. If they do not accept the truth at all, I can see through them. I would say that they are not worth cultivating. They do not accept the truth one bit. God’s family will not cultivate this kind of people. If they can handle the experience of dealing and pruning and grow gradually during the process of dealing and pruning and develop a heart that obeys God, then they are people that God will perfect. Isn’t dealing and pruning the most effective way of revealing people? The false leaders of some churches seal off their church very tightly. When they encounter someone who reports on the situations in their church, they will inquire as to who reported on these situations and try to find out that person. A certain type of atmosphere starts to form in the church. Everybody starts to hate the person who made the report. They start distancing themselves from the person who made the report as if they were fleeing the plague. Would you say that they are people that truly love the truth? I feel that those who truly love the truth will proactively accept God’s examination. They would exhibit the things that they do for all to see and let everybody communicate the truth with them. They are frank and honorable, innocent and open. This is someone that loves the truth. Some people are not simple and candid, and they are very secretive and cover up all the evil things they do; they wrap them up in layers and do not let anyone else know about them or report them. Can these things be hidden? They cannot be hidden. Sooner or later, one day they will be exposed. I see some workers and leaders who do not have the Holy Spirit’s work. They are hypocrites. They pompously speak of high-sounding letters and doctrines. They sound better than anyone else but behind our backs they do not put any of the truth into practice. I feel disgusted when I see these kinds of people. They stand at the pulpit and boast shamelessly. They loudly bear witness for God and they talk about their letters and doctrines. When I see this, I know it is over for this kind of person. They say rebellious things about God behind everyone’s back. Once you hear it, you would become angry. They said, “Go report, I am not afraid of you!” The person who made the report, what kind of person are they? This is someone who cares about God’s intentions. This is not someone who makes an issue of people’s expression of corruption. They are letting God’s family know about the existence of this issue in the church, the evil acts of workers and leaders and the proof that these people have been walking on the antichrist’s path. Are they letting God’s family know about the corruption that somebody exposes behind people’s backs, or the lies somebody tells, or the fact that somebody does not maintain normal relationships with others behind people’s backs? Who would report about this? God’s family would not listen to this. People already know this is the exposure of an individual’s corruption. Nobody focuses on this. What is being reported are major issues, issues pertaining to false leaders and antichrists, God’s chosen people being led astray, serious interruptions to the work of God’s family and things that affect the shooting of movies. Can these issues not be reported? Shouldn’t these practical issues be reported? Shouldn’t someone make these things known? However, in this church, no one makes these issues known. Half a year has passed and the movie has still not been finished. This is not reported. Nobody reveals the false leaders who are doing these things. In the end, there is no other recourse. The two people that I knew were isolated. A new person came and I said, “Let me understand what is going on. Let me see what the situation is like.” Once they got to the church and took a look, oh wow, they found so many issues! Once they reported back, I communicated with the workers and leaders and touched upon this matter. This caused some trouble. The few people who made these issues known suffered because everyone else surrounded and attacked them! “Oh.” I said, “Do these people want to start a revolt? I am very capable of dealing with revolts. These matters are very easy for me to deal with.” They wanted to revolt, so I said, “Tell God’s chosen people in this church: Starting from today, expose the leaders and workers! Thoroughly expose them! Whichever worker or leader dares to resist or suppress this, I will immediately expel them! This should be implemented immediately. Let’s see who will want to try and revolt. If there are 10 people who revolt, then I will expel 10 of them. If there are 100, I will expel 100! These matters are very easy to deal with. I can expel an entire church with one sentence.” How do I go about expelling an entire church? If an entire church starts to revolt, if they all talk in favor of the antichrist and stand on the side of the antichrist, in this situation, I will ask them to raise their hands and declare which side they are on, “Is there anyone who can discern the antichrist? Is there anyone who stands on the side of God’s family?” If everyone says no, I will say: Fine, I am declaring that this church is officially expelled. God’s family will not recognize this church. This church is not permitted to listen to sermons. They should go away. I will dismiss them. They can believe whatever they want. God’s family does not recognize them! Is this a good way to deal with this? Actually, I do not want to deal with it this way. They have forced God’s family to a point where nothing else can be done. This is the only way to deal with it. If you think that what I say is incorrect and you do not want to follow God’s family, fine. Communicate the truth to me. You do not want to communicate the truth and you still do not obey the arrangements of God’s family. I let you gather in groups of at least seven or eight people, but you said, “I do not obey, I will not accept!” Who do you say these things to? Do you have the qualifications to say these things? If you do not accept, then who do you think you are? Does the church belong to you? Does God’s chosen people belong to you? Do you want to control the church? Do you want to control God’s chosen people? You belong to Satan the devil. If you do not obey, and yet you say, “I resign from my position,” at least this shows that you have some sense. If you want to control the church, you would not even have a chance! I will kick you out! It is this simple. You believe in God but you do not obey God. You just want to hinder the progress of God’s family. Do you think that you are in society? Do you think you are in the outside world? The outside world is where all sorts of demons and Satan run amok. All kinds of people run wild around there. They follow their own intentions when doing things, they do whatever they please. In God’s family, the truth wields the power. God wields the power. He definitely does not permit any demons or Satan to run amok in God’s family! You want to start a revolt in God’s family? Then you must want to court disaster. Does God’s family have administrative decrees? What is proclaimed in the administrative decrees during the Age of Kingdom? Do you dare act against the kingdom’s administrative decrees? If you do, then you are looking to die! If you do not want to enter the kingdom of heaven or obt

ain everlasting life, well, you can try. God’s family is not even afraid of the evil satanic forces of the great red dragon, the CCP government. Why would God’s family be afraid of a little demon such as yourself?

Right now, the majority of God’s chosen people love the truth. I can see that the more clearly I have communicated the truth, the stronger God’s chosen people from various regions are. Their strength is getting greater and greater. They are truly able to abandon everything and spend for God. This is already a beautiful form of witnessing. Even the great red dragon recognizes this. This is a fact. However, in the church, there are still one or two people who do not love the truth running amok. They spread all kinds of fallacies and tell satanic lies. Once God’s chosen people are aware of and expose these kinds of people, that will be their last day and they will be expelled. Do you understand this? Some new believers, after believing for half a year to a year, have revealed some corruption. This is very normal. God’s family does not investigate this. What kinds of people is God’s family tolerant of? If a person has a good humanity and a true faith in God, then no matter what kind of corruption they reveal, God will take pity on them and God’s family will be tolerant of them. We should help them with a loving heart. In regard to those who believe in God for many years yet do not accept any of the truth and still say words of betrayal and rebellion, these people do not have any humanity. They interrupt and disturb God’s work. God’s family must deal with them; they will not be let off lightly! In the past, we often said that in God’s family, the truth is in power. God’s chosen people all saw testimony and facts that confirmed that truth is in power. Since you know that truth is in power, would God’s family permit Satan to run amok in God’s family? Absolutely not! If you truly believe in God and love the truth, and you have transgressions and have some corruption exposed, God’s family would not investigate you at all. If you dare antagonize God’s family and run amok behind their back, God’s family would find you out and would not let you off lightly! In terms of expelling people, for God’s family, this would not be the first time. These past 20 years, there have been at least 500,000 that have been expelled. If you look at the denominations, which ones have 500,000 members? There are only a few with 10,000 to 20,000. 2,000 to 3,000 is considered a big church. Now, the number of people that God’s family has expelled is how many times greater? God’s family does not accept these bad eggs, all sorts of bad people. There are all sorts of people in the religions. They take all sorts of repulsive and bad people. Why is this? It is so they can collect money from them. It benefits these pastors and elders.

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