Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “In Your Faith in God You Should Obey God” (I)


Let’s go on reading God’s word: “If your motivations are not for the sake of obedience to God, and you have other aims, then all that you say and do—your prayers before God, and even your every action—will be in opposition to God. You may be soft-spoken and mild-mannered, your every action and expression may look right, you may appear to be one who obeys, but when it comes to your motivations and your views about faith in God, everything you do is in opposition to God, and evil.” God’s words are the truth. Each sentence conveys a facet of the truth, all the way from the first word to the last. These words of God are clearly spoken. Some people are soft-spoken and mild-mannered, and their every action and expression might seem right to others, and they might seem to be obedient to God, yet God’s word says, “but when it comes to your motivations and your views about faith in God, everything you do is in opposition to God, and evil.” In the eyes of God, these people are all evil-doers. On what basis does God determine that a person’s actions are evil? Does He base His reasoning on whether or not a person appears soft-spoken and mild-mannered? Does He judge whether a person’s behaviors are evil based on what people can see from the outside? Of course not. God makes His decision based on a person’s motivations and his views about faith in God! God’s word is the truth. Does this make sense now? People in the religious world think that they preach, cast out demons, and perform many miracles all in the name of the Lord. When these people seek rewards from the Lord, what will the Lord say to them? “I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity” (Matthew 7:23). Some say, “How could the Lord brand them as evil-doers? How could preaching and casting out demons in the name of the Lord be evil? How could performing many miracles in the Lord’s name be evil?” These people are evil-doers not because of their deeds, but mainly because they never carry out God’s word and never practice the truth. If their motivations behind these good deeds—preaching and casting out demons and performing miracles in the Lord’s name—are wrong, if they only act in order to elevate and aggrandize themselves, then their deeds are evil deeds. If you act in order to exalt and glorify God, then your deeds will be virtuous. But if you act to exalt man, take advantage of God’s name, and act in God’s name while building glory and fame for yourself so that people will worship and adore you, then even deeds that appear good on the outside will be evil deeds. God examines man’s motivations! Does God brand deeds as evil on the basis of how they appear from the outside? No. On what basis, then? God brands evil doers according to their motivations and their views about faith in God. Without the truth, you won’t be able to understand this clearly, isn’t that so? Religious people don’t understand these words. They ask, “How could it be? How could this be the case?” Though they have no understanding, they still don’t deny the name of the Lord! What great faith in God they must have! From the outside their faith seems great, but they don’t understand the Lord! They don’t know the Lord or understand His will, and ultimately they will be branded an evil-doer! Is it okay to believe in God without seeking the truth? This is called walking the path blindly with your eyes wide open! Are people who do this smart? You know, these religious pastors and elders are all well-educated and highly cultivated. They’re educated, cultivated, eloquent, good-looking—so how could they possibly be evil-doers who oppose God? How could this be? Who can tell me? Could God be biased against them? Could God be treating them unfairly? How should we look at this matter? When you look at a person, you shouldn’t look at their external appearance. When you look at their appearance, you’ll see that they are amicable, classy, educated and eloquent. So how is it that they do not possess the work of the Holy Spirit? How could God have no use for them? What’s going on here? God examines the depths of a person’s heart and determines it based on whether or not they love the truth by nature and in essence. Some people will appear to be grand and magnificent, they are eloquent, educated, and cultivated. Why don’t they pursue the truth? When Almighty God came He expressed so much truth and spoke so many words. Why don’t they carefully read Almighty God’s word? I don’t believe that with all their education and cultivation, they are still unable to see that the words of Almighty God are the truth. They must be able to see this. If they can see this, then why can’t they accept it? Who can tell me what the secret is? Our brothers and sisters who are new believers, why don’t you tell us what you think? Some say that people like this are too arrogant. Arrogance is part of it. Anyone else? Some say that they only believe in God according to their own ideas, and decide what God must be like according to what they believed before. These people do not know or understand God. The correct view has been given with regard to this. This phenomenon fulfills the words of God that we just read. “All those who do not seek obedience to God in their faith oppose God.” These people do not seek the truth in all matters, they do not obey the truth, and even though they hear the truth in Almighty God’s words, they still disobey. And so, they are eliminated. Doesn’t this reveal God’s righteousness? The majority of religious pastors have graduated with theology degrees, and they meet the university standards for education and quality. They’ve got a good head on their shoulders, so how could they still be eliminated? In the eyes of man, aren’t they rather pitiful? Before, I too used to adore them. Once, some pastors came into God’s family, pastors with college diplomas and experience as teachers. “Oh wow,” I said, “This is true talent! We must cultivate their talent immediately!” And so I promoted them. After I promoted them, I trained them, and then I encountered a problem: Not one among them truly sought the truth. They were merely concerned with rhetoric, reasoning, and spiritual theory; they didn’t practice the truth at all! In addition, there were a few other highly educated people, who were laymen and did not understand the spirit. No matter how people fellowshiped with them, they just couldn’t understand, they did not understand the spirit. Some of them were extremely crafty. After giving them a position, they all became antichrists in the end. They established fame for themselves without bearing witness for God, and even wanted to kick me out and shut the door so they could seize power and reign over the church! You think this kind of person should be pitied? This kind of person shouldn’t be pitied: They’re treacherous and deceitful! The wheels are turning in their head way too fast. The average honest person can’t keep up with them! Later I came to understand: It is not a good thing that these intellectuals are so highly cultured. For one thing, intellectuals do not understand the spirit, and secondly, they don’t practice the truth. They’re too cunning. It’s not easy for God to perfect someone like this. It’s not easy at all. Since then, God’s family has never again sought to train people according to those standards. Instead, we train whoever seeks the truth, regardless of whether they are man or woman, young or old. Whoever is the best at practicing the truth will be cultivated and promoted. Isn’t this a good principle? We arrived at this conclusion through bitter lessons. We can’t promote people merely on the basis of their education and caliber. Rather, we must do so on the basis of who loves the truth, and who is best at carrying out the truth. This is the best principle, the principle that accords the most with God’s will.

Let’s continue reading God’s word: “People who appear as obedient as sheep, but whose hearts harbor evil intentions, are wolves in sheep’s clothing, they directly offend God, and God will not spare a single one of them. The Holy Spirit will reveal every one of them, so all can see that every one of those who are hypocritical will be surely detested and rejected by the Holy Spirit. Don’t worry: God will deal with and resolve each of them in turn.” Don’t worry, everyone! God will deal with and dispose of each of them. When some new believers enter the church, they encounter false leaders and antichrists. In the beginning, they can’t discern them, but after a while, they will eventually be able to do so. Then they will say, “Oh my! According to God’s word, this person is a false leader, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. How is it that God’s family has not dealt with him yet?” It’s not that God’s family does not deal with him. Rather, this wolf in sheep’s clothing has come to perform service, and to serve as a foil. When God’s chosen people are thoroughly awakened to the truth, are truly able to discern and expose them, God’s family will deal with them, and then will come their end days. How can God’s family deal with the false leaders when God’s chosen people have yet to awaken to the truth and expose them? To be honest, I don’t know what evil deeds these people have done. If I knew, could I really not deal with them? When you expose them, then I’ll know. Some say, “God knows everything.” I’m just a human being: The person leading the church, the person in charge of all work is a person! God doesn’t work supernaturally through me. God doesn’t make revelations to me, saying, “That person’s an antichrist! That one’s a false leader!” God doesn’t make revelations like this. God merely allows me to look, to observe, and He reveals them through certain circumstances and human affairs, and makes them known in this manner. Once they have been revealed, I’ll see it, and I must deal with them. This is the process. And so, when God’s chosen people all awaken to the truth and expose them, their last days will have come. Know this. Right now, the last days for the antichrists and false leaders has come, and God’s chosen people have begun to expose them. After they are exposed, according to these facts, they will be determined to be false leaders, antichrists, or wicked people, and then God’s family will deal with them accordingly, giving God’s chosen people a satisfactory reply. God has His time for all things. You see the wicked men do their utmost to cause disturbance and do as they do, but when the time comes, they will be finished. When the antichrists, the wicked and the false leaders have been dealt with, the church life of God’s chosen people will be much more peaceful and enjoyable, no?

Every district has antichrists and wicked people, and they are just beginning to be disposed of thoroughly. Every overseas district must hear this clearly. Each district’s decision-making group must hurry to mobilize God’s chosen people to expose the false leaders and antichrists. The leaders and workers who seek the truth but betray corruption should not be investigated. So long as they can do practical work, so long as they do not violate the work arrangement, God’s chosen people ought to respect them and work in concert with them. When it comes to false leaders and antichrists, don’t be kind, don’t be lenient, and don’t even let a single one get away. All those who restrict God’s chosen people and keep them from exposing the false leaders or workers are certainly false leaders and antichrists themselves. Those who won’t allow God’s chosen people to oppose these leaders are certainly antichrists themselves. Those who are always clutching God’s chosen people by the throat and will not let them speak are certainly false leaders or antichrists. There’s nothing good about them! Those who give God’s chosen people freedom are certainly people of humanity. They are good leaders. Those who can lead God’s chosen people into the reality of the truth are true leaders after God’s heart. They are precisely the people that God will perfect. Know this. Every place needs to expose the false leaders and antichrists. If the leaders and workers restrict God’s chosen people from exposing the false leaders and antichrists, they must be unmasked, quickly dealt with, and expelled. Why must we deal with these people? God’s word says: “People who appear as obedient as sheep, but whose hearts harbor evil intentions, are wolves in sheep’s clothing, they directly offend God, and God will not spare a single one of them. The Holy Spirit will reveal every one of them, so all can see that every one of those who are hypocritical will be surely detested and rejected by the Holy Spirit. Don’t worry: God will deal with and resolve each of them in turn.” When God says, “Don’t worry,” He means God has His time for all things. Why does God say, “God will not spare a single one of them,” and then say “The Holy Spirit will reveal every one of them”? What does this mean? Doesn’t it mean that the Holy Spirit rules over all things? “The Holy Spirit will reveal every one of them.” This part is very important! If you are able to see and understand God’s actions, you’d better notice the movement of the Holy Spirit’s work. God’s work will immediately come to a conclusion. The Holy Spirit will take these wolves in sheep’s clothing who are hypocritical and expose them. How will He expose them? He will expose them through their wicked deeds. God’s chosen people will come to realize who they really are. And the Holy Spirit will raise people up, He will move people into informing them, bringing them into the light. All who are touched by the Holy Spirit and are able to expose the false leaders and antichrist are the people who are loved by God, they belong to Christ’s elite army! God will perfect this kind of person. But as for the people who play the nice guy, people who don’t dare to oppose the false leaders and antichrists—God does not love these people, and He will not perfect them. Now the Holy Spirit is doing the work, the work of exposing people. When He has finished exposing all people, when He has exposed and eliminated the wicked people, antichrists, and those who are hypocritical, the great disaster will arrive. Once the great disaster arrives, God will reward the good and punish the wicked, and the wicked people will all perish! The antichrists and false leaders must be punished, and they must perish. Know this.

Someone once said: “Even if an antichrist or false leader believed in God for their entire lives, must they die because they opposed God? He’s still done some good things, and done some service.” What’s the matter with this statement? The false leader or antichrist offended God’s disposition, and he obstructed God’s work. This is the kind of person he is; God doesn’t care about how much service he’s done. People like Paul have done quite a lot of work, but everything that they did was merely service, not worthy of God’s commemoration. And so they must suffer punishment. God’s disposition is not allowed to be offended! If you are a service-doer, and you don’t offend God’s disposition, and you’re able to maintain your good faith and devotion all the way until the end, then you will be considered a loyal service-doer and can survive. But if you offend God’s disposition, God will not let it slip past Him. Those who offend God’s disposition are those who oppose God and commit many evil deeds. God will surely punish them, and no one can change that. And so every overseas district must implement an exposure of false leaders and antichrists and then deal with those who have done many evil deeds. We won’t let them get away with it! If someone hasn’t committed many evil deeds, treat them leniently, and give them the chance to repent. Those who’ve done many evil deeds must be dealt with firmly and expelled! You should know it is not like in the world or in religion where no matter how people cause chaos or how Satan disturbs, nobody is serious about it, where there is no such things as expelling people. God’s family is different! When God’s work is complete, it will be the time to decide man’s outcome, God will reward the good and punish the wicked, and He will give each person a reply. God will finish the work that He started. Within the religion, belief in God has no beginning or end. It doesn’t matter what time you start believing, or for how long. You just believe in a muddled way until you fall into disaster in the end. This is not part of God’s work, and He does not claim responsibility for it. Some antichrists and false leaders will say: “Alas! Even while doing work for God’s family, we can still be branded ‘false leaders’ and ‘antichrists’ and be driven out. In that case I’ll go to the religion and profess my faith.” If you go to the religion, that’s just fine, the religion will welcome you. If you go there you can even become a good person, and everyone will adore you because you preach the doctrine well, better than the pastors and elders, and you will become an object of adoration for everyone. You will eat fancy food there. Who here wants to go to become followers of the religion? As soon as I talk about becoming a follower of the religion, no one wants to go, you’re all shaking your heads. You’ve seen that God’s family has expelled so many antichrists and false leaders, and none of them wants to go to the religion. What a strange thing, no one wants to go to the religion, what does this tell us? That these people are not foolish in the least bit, and they are much smarter than all of the pastors and elders in the religion. But they do not pursue the truth. If you go to the religion and erect your own solitary kingdom, no one will deal with you. If you seek to build your own solitary kingdom in God’s family, this is a blind and foolish action. If you act one way in public and another in private, if you manifest outward devotion but oppose in secret, if your mouth says yes but your heart says no, isn’t this what it means to be an antichrist?



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