Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “In Your Faith in God You Should Obey God” (I)


In Your Faith in God You Should Obey God.” Every believer in God must possess this sense. If a believer doesn’t obey God, it is their greatest failure, as well as their greatest disgrace. You must understand this! What goal do you aim to achieve through examining yourself daily? You must look and see whether or not you are a person who genuinely obeys God, whether or not you have been transformed in this way and have attained the reality of obedience. If you don’t obey the man used by God, then you will be a far cry away from obeying God. This is the most basic thing for you to put into practice, for God’s administrative decree has thus prescribed. Some antichrists say, “I have faith in God, and so I’ll just listen to Him directly. I won’t obey the man used by the Holy Spirit. You think you can preach? I’ll pick up God’s word and preach, and I bet I won’t be any worse than you! This is how I practice faith. We’ll see if I can enter the kingdom of heaven or not!” This is the voice of the antichrist, the words of Satan. Will anyone who speaks like this be able to enter the kingdom of heaven? Some say no. Why not? This relates to the passage we read from God’s word today. What is the topic of the passage? “In Your Faith in God You Should Obey God.” This man has believed in God for many years, and not only has he yet to obey God, on the contrary, he’s become an antichrist! Will he be able to enter the kingdom of heaven? How could this person possibly enter the kingdom of heaven? This kind of person wants to enter the kingdom of heaven, but Heaven will not tolerate it! Can anyone who wants to enter the kingdom of heaven do so? You must look for the answer in God’s word. If you’ve believed in God for many years and you’ve really been transformed in your life disposition, how can you prove this? It isn’t enough to merely do good deeds; you must be a person who truly obeys God. In this way, you will be qualified to enter the kingdom of heaven. Only those who truly obey God will be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. Which of the Lord Jesus’ words does this fulfill? “… but he that does the will of my Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 7:21). The above is a fulfillment of this verse. Those who truly obey God follow the will of the heavenly Father, and only such people will be qualified to enter the kingdom of heaven. All the words from the three stages of God’s work are from one God, one Spirit, and there is nothing incorrect or contradictory about this. Know this. The work of Almighty God fulfills the prophecies the Lord Jesus made in the Age of Grace. The Lord Jesus’ promises are all honored, and His words are completely fulfilled; tares and wheat, goats and sheep, evil servants and good servants—all will be revealed according to their kind.

What is the most crucial element of entry into life? Obedience to God. Learn to obey God, learn to seek, practice, and obey the truth, and eventually you will become obedient to God and your faith in God will be successful. What does a person who obeys God look like? First of all, you must be able to practice God’s word. If you are able to practice much of God’s word and have attained much of the reality of God’s word, then you are someone who truly obeys God. Secondly, you can obey the work of the Holy Spirit and submit to His enlightenment, illumination, and guidance, then you are someone who truly obeys God. Thirdly, if you obey all the work arrangements of God’s family, and fulfill your duties properly according to the demands, then you are someone who obeys God. These are the core requirements. The most important part of obeying God is obeying God’s word, obeying the truth, obeying the Holy Spirit, obeying the work arrangements of God’s family—this is true obedience to God. Some say, “God doesn’t speak to us directly, and doesn’t make direct demands either. In that case, is merely practicing God’s word enough to be truly obedient to God?” There are even people who say, “I don’t practice God’s word or very rarely practice the truth, but if God spoke to me, I’d practice what He told me, even if I had to climb a mountain of swords or plunge into a sea of flames.” Is this someone who obeys God? Some say no. Why not? Some people say this kind of person makes big, empty talk. True, this is empty talk. Where is he going to make good on his word? He has no opportunity to see God in his entire life, so how could he hear God speaking to him directly? God’s most actual words are the words that He expressed, and they have been printed in the book The Word Appears in the Flesh. These are God’s most actual words, and if you cannot even practice these words, then you won’t be able to prove that you are a person who submits to God, isn’t this so? What does a person who truly obeys God look like? First of all, they obey and practice God’s word. Second of all, if something accords with the truth they will obey it, regardless of who says it; this is obeying the truth. Thirdly, they obey the Holy Spirit, they submit to His enlightenment, illumination, and guidance. Fourthly, they obey the work arrangements of God’s family. Once you meet these four requirements, then you will be truly obedient to God. If you have not met these four requirements, or can only accomplish 1 or 2 of them, then you can only be considered a little obedient, but not wholly obedient. Is this not the case? Some people rack their brains over whether or not they’ve attained the truth and life, whether or not they’ve been transformed in their life disposition, but they still can’t see things clearly. They’ll say: “How do I measure this? What do we take as our basic standard? What do we take as proof?” They don’t know how to perceive this matter. Do you understand now? Understand this.

Now do you know what obedience to God is? Most people say that they do. Are there still some who say “I cannot obey”? If there are still some who say such things, then where does the problem lie? This kind of person just doesn’t obey God. If he said this with an antagonistic, contending tone, then he belongs to the demons and Satan. “I cannot obey!” These are the words of the demons and Satan; this manner of speaking reveals one’s wrong disposition. What if someone says, “God, my stature is too small, my heart is willing to practice, but I’m unable to. God, please save me, and give me strength.” How’s this manner of speaking? This person is speaking from his heart and seeking the truth. And so, his inability to obey God will not be an issue, for he only does it because his stature is small, and not because he belongs to the demons and Satan. Can you see the difference now? You all say you can. The false leaders, antichrists, all speak like this. Whatever arrangements I make, as soon as they hear about them they’ll say, “I can’t obey, I can’t accept these arrangements.” As soon as I hear this, I know they’re the devil. Are these people easy to deal with? So long as you have discernment then there’s no issue, but if you don’t, you won’t be able to deal with them. Once you all have discernment, you’ll kick them out, won’t you? Is there anything you don’t understand that I can make clear? If you have a question, feel free to ask.

Questions & Answers

Question 1: We haven’t yet grasped the principles regarding how to define blasphemy. We can recognize clear displays of blasphemy, but, as for unclear or unusual instances, we aren’t sure whether someone blasphemes God or not, whether we should purge and expel them. For example, if a person goes to a religious church to look for gospel targets, and the pastor is talking about something negative, and he distributes the negative materials to his followers and has them take turns reading them. That person won’t want to read, but is afraid of being put on the spot, so he reads with them anyway, and afterward is filled with regret. While directing a play, a director might lead the actors to say blasphemous words. In their hearts they feel anxious about their lines, but they know they’re shooting a movie, it’s just a play, and to act their parts well this is how they must act, so they follow the director’s lead and say the blasphemous words. When a leader fellowships with brothers and sisters about blasphemous subjects, they casually say some blasphemous words against God, and the brothers and sisters think that the leader blasphemed against God. In these examples, the people don’t want to say blasphemous words, but they still say them anyway; they make this mistake. Do these situations require that they be purged or expelled? What is true blasphemy against God, how do we define and make sure whether this is a display of blasphemy? This issue isn’t very clear, we humbly ask the above to provide fellowship to us about this.

Answer: There are a few different situations under which blasphemy takes place. In the first kind, a person has been seized by the great red dragon. The officials of the Chinese Communist Party are all blasphemous devils who resist God. They force believers in God to say blasphemous words. In this kind of environment, some believers are weak and speak blasphemous words. This situation is forced blasphemy. Those who are forced to blaspheme God do not truly wish to do so, and they are not blasphemous people by nature. Rather, they are being forced to speak under unbearable torture and cruelty. A person in this kind of situation will generally not be convicted for blasphemy. In the second kind of situation, “actors in a play play the antagonist and speak blasphemous words,” this is not blasphemy either, because it is just a play. If the script has blasphemous speech and the character you play is the antagonist, then as the antagonist, you must speak according to how the script is written. When you speak these words, the manner of speaking can’t be wrong. In this kind of situation, where the actors merely say the lines of the antagonist in the film, this is not considered blasphemy, and they will not be condemned by God. When we were about to begin filming a movie, some actors asked questions about it. I told them: Don’t you believe that God examines the depths of man’s hearts? When God’s family films a movie, and you play the antagonist, how could God condemn you? What do you take God for? Do you think God will follow regulations as people do? God is the truth, God is righteous, God examines the depths of our hearts. If you don’t know even this much how do you expect to give a faithful portrayal? When I put it this way, they understood. When playing the antagonist and acting according to the script, this isn’t blasphemy at all, this is normal, it is just part of performing your duty. In the third situation, some brothers and sisters go to the religious churches to look for gospel targets, and find the pastor blasphemes God. He has them read negative material, and they’re afraid that people will realize that they’re there to look for gospel targets, and having been exposed they will be dismissed from the church, so they’ll be reluctant to read it. Once they’ve read it, they feel weak and are full of regret. There is a way to avoid this. If a person reads without knowing what to do here, this is a transgression, but it is not necessarily the sin of blasphemy! In this kind of situation, this person absolutely will not be condemned, he has merely committed the transgression. At that time, he was weak, and without wisdom, he had no discernment. So he is not condemned in such a situation, but don’t make the same mistake again in the future!

So what is blasphemy after all? To put it precisely, an evil person naturally hates the truth, and as soon as you bear witness to God and speak of the truth, he will be disgusted, he will condemn. This stems from his nature. This is true blasphemy. Just like the religious pastors who, knowing fully that the words spoken by Almighty God are the truth, but still condemn—this is true blasphemy of God, this is downright blasphemy of God. The great red dragon’s words are pure blasphemy. Antichrists oppose God, condemn the work of God, and even say that the work of God and God’s family is man’s work: This is blasphemy. There is still another kind of blasphemy. This occurs when a person complains to God while facing trials and says blasphemous words. This is blasphemy, and it will reveal his nature. Someone suffers pruning and dealing, and while he is obviously aware of how God’s family deals with him completely in accordance with the fact, he doesn’t obey anyway. He is resentful and indignant, he condemns the work of God and God’s family and says that it is man’s work. This kind of person is blasphemous. Blaspheming God consists of: 1) Blaspheming the work of the Holy Spirit. 2) Hating the truth, condemning the truth that God speaks, and condemning God’s words. 3) Words that directly blaspheme Christ. Is it clear? If someone is directing a play and is fully aware that their words are blasphemous, he still directs the play like this and leads everyone to say these words. If the words he says are the same as the words in his heart, if some of the words aren’t in the script, or are even worse than the dialogue in the script and he says such blasphemous words intentionally, then he is someone who blasphemes God. If he speaks these words because he hates the truth, hates God’s family, and hates the man used by God, of course it’s probably blasphemous! As long as a person hates the truth, hates God’s work, and hates the man used by God, he is very likely to blaspheme God the moment he opens his mouth. He takes God’s work and firmly calls it man’s work, and goes so far as to demean and condemn God’s work. Isn’t this blaspheming God? Are you clear now?



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