Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth” (I)


God says, “The work of the last days is to separate all according to their kind, to conclude the management plan of God….” Why is it said that His work in the last days is the end of His management plan? God’s management plan has three main stages: Stage one is the work of the Age of Law. Stage two is the work of the Age of Grace. Stage three is the work of the Age of Kingdom. There is no doubt that the work in the Age of Kingdom is the work of judgment in the last days, that is, the work to conclude the age. Some people may ask, “Why is God’s judgment in the last days called the work of the Age of Kingdom?” We all know that when we talk about the kingdom, we’re referring to Christ’s kingdom where Christ reigns. The time when Christ reigns over His kingdom is therefore called the Age of Kingdom. If there is no age where Christ wields power on earth, then is there the Age of Kingdom? You all say no. Therefore, when Christ comes to earth in the last days to express the truth and do the work of judgment, this means that God is already wielding power on earth. It means that God’s words reign on earth. When God’s words are expressed, God sees them as fulfilled facts, and the Holy Spirit, the “seven-fold intensified Spirit,” will implement this work. Therefore, when Christ expresses His words, the truth to do His work, the Age of Kingdom has arrived on earth. After the Age of Kingdom has arrived, God’s words shall spread across thousands upon thousands of households and shall reign among His chosen people. When this happens, God’s kingdom shall appear. See now at least millions of people have laid the foundation of life in God’s words. There is no power on earth that can remove these people who have God’s word as their foundation. No country or evil force can do that. The Communist Government of China is the most evil of the satanic regimes that exist in the world today. It is hostile and resistant to God’s work in the last days. It fanatically seeks to suppress His work and brutally persecutes His work. What has the result been? Has it obtained its objective? No. The regime has been put to shame, completely humiliated. Now the kingdom of God is spreading further and further; its borders are constantly expanding. The more the great red dragon resists and suppresses, the faster Christ’s kingdom will expand and the more people will accept it. Isn’t this true? Therefore, we see the great red dragon’s machinations to resist God have been thoroughly broken, God’s chosen people that are being fanatically suppressed and brutally persecuted by the great red dragon are being made complete by God! See how God’s chosen people regularly eat and drink the words of God, listen to sermons and spread the gospel. Every month in China, at least 10,000 people accept God’s gospel of the last days. That’s how fast it’s spreading! The Chinese Communist government has its reasons for its fanatical persecution and suppression. As soon as it sees that so many people believe in Almighty God, it knows it must suppress it. If it does not, the Chinese people will all become believers of Almighty God. Then Almighty God will reign as king of China, displacing the Communist Party. Therefore, God’s work of judgment in the last days is done by God. His work has already come to pass. The great red dragon is the most evil satanic regime in the world, but even it cannot destroy God’s work, nor can it abolish it. What does this tell us? God has already defeated Satan. God has already obtained total glory. This is the truth; it is completely credible.

God’s defeat of Satan has already become a reality. Now the gospel of the kingdom is rapidly spreading in all directions to all nations. Speakers of all the different languages are gradually starting to accept it; its reach is continually spreading. When every nation and place has the church of Almighty God, and people there all preach as witnesses of Almighty God, then the great disaster will arrive and destroy all those who resist and condemn Him. Therefore, it says here, “to conclude the management plan of God….” When this stage of God’s work has reached its apex, the great disaster will descend. Then what will happen? Do you know? China will be the first place to be destroyed, quickly to be followed by the rest of the world. All countries, from the south to the north will be destroyed one by one. The countries of the world which belong to Satan and any evil force that resists God shall be destroyed. Then, tell me, based on these facts, is that not the conclusion of God’s management plan? “… to conclude the management plan of God….” How could we translate this sentence into the vernacular? I’ll say another sentence that is the most easily understood: This old world—the age of evil, will be destroyed. Whoever believes in Almighty God, that is, God’s chosen people in Christ’s kingdom shall survive. The next age will be the Age of Millennial Kingdom. Now that I have said this in the vernacular, do you understand it? Most of you say you understand. Then when you say “I understand,” are you saying you believe this in terms of reasoning, or are you saying that you can see this fact clearly now? Or are you saying you really understand the vision of God’s work? Can you say this clearly? It’s not easy! When people who understand the spirit hear this, they say, “Oh! I understand! This really is what’s going on. So the great disaster is the solution to this problem! I understand. I now know what the great disaster is. Now I understand why God will send down the great disaster. I understand His motive and the objectives He seeks to achieve.” As for the last days, God says, “My descent to the earth brings … all the disaster.” What will this accomplish? When God becomes flesh this time, He ushers in a new age and ends the old age. He brings all disasters with Him. Now you understand what this means, right? Now, what is the meaning of God’s judgment? To take everyone who thirsts for God to reveal Himself, truly loves God and truly believes in God, purify them and make them perfect through judgment and chastisement. After these people are made complete, He will use all types of disasters to destroy non-believers and those evil forces that resist God. This is what God means when He says that non-believers and all the evil forces that resist God will be dealt with by force. What does “dealt with by force” mean? It means using the great disaster to destroy them, understand? Then tell me, is it good that God will send down disasters? You all say it’s good. Then, will you continue to pray that humanity will be free from disasters? Will you still pray for world peace? Will you still pray for those in power? That is what religious people do. Are their prayers in accordance with God’s will? Not only are they not in accordance with God’s will, they run counter to God’s management plan; they completely fly in the face of God. Religious people pray for decades, entreating God to bring peace, save all humanity and save the ruling authorities. These decades of prayers have produced nothing. Why is that? They just don’t know that that is not God’s will. God seeks to purify and perfect all of His true believers, all those who love God. Then the disaster will come and destroy the evil forces that deny and resist Christ and are in enmity to God. They do not understand that this is God’s will, so their prayers are actually resisting God. The prayers of religious people are resisting God. Therefore, tell me, what things are religious people doing to resist God? All too many things, isn’t that right? Everything they do is resisting God. Even their prayers and thoughts are resisting God; they fly in the face of God. They are incompatible with God’s work in the last days. You understand this now, right?

Next, God says, “for the time is near and the day of God has come.” What does “has come” mean? It means that God descends upon earth to rule as king. He will purify and save humanity and personally live together with them. That’s the day it’s referring to. God’s day has arrived. The time of God has come. This makes us recall among all the prophecies in the Bible, which type of prophecies are most frequent? How many prophecies are there? Do you know this or not? Most religious biblical interpreters have said that the most frequent prophecy is the second coming of the Lord, and the second most frequent prophecy concerns God’s judgment in the last days. Most prophecies in the Bible talk about two things: One is the Lord’s second coming to humanity, the other is the judgment that God will personally enact in the last days to end the age. These are the two most frequent prophecies. How will these two prophecies come to pass? When God becomes flesh to do His work of judgment, these two prophecies are fulfilled. You understand now, right? What do religious people say about God’s judgment in the last days? God will establish a great white throne in heaven to judge people, then bring disasters down on earth. Is this interpretation not human imagination and conception? In reality, God incarnate comes down to earth and does His work of judgment. After the work is finished, the disasters will come down to destroy the world. How can we describe the great disaster in human terms? “The last day of the world.” The last day of the world is arriving. In the Bible, God never says “the last day of the world,” but non-believers summarize it pretty well when they say this will be the last day of the world. “The last day of the world,” what exactly does that mean? It means the world will end. The world will be over. “The world will end. It will be the last day of the world.” Is the “end” the last day that the world will exist? It means this age will end, this world will end. That’s what it means. Now do you know what the end of the world is? Then tell me, does “the end of the world” only last one day? Does it strictly refer to the last 24 hours of the world? No. It encompasses the entire duration of the great disaster. How long will the great disaster last? The disaster will go on for the last seven years, seven years! The greatest disaster will occur over the last three and a half years, which has never occurred from the time of creation. This is the disaster that will completely destroy humanity. Do you understand? This is what will happen in God’s days. God incarnate descends to earth to give His judgment, then He brings all disaster and destruction with Him to the world, the evil humans. In the end God will reign on earth. The Millennial Kingdom will come. This is to say that God’s day has come. “The day of God has come.” From when God officially descends to do His work all the way until the world is destroyed and the Millennial Kingdom is established, this is what we mean when we say God’s day has arrived.

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