Sermons and Fellowship About God’s Word “Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth” (I)


Someone might ask this question: “When we were believing in the Lord during the Age of Grace, weren’t we also able to spend for the Lord, suffer for the Lord, and keep the name of the Lord? And weren’t such people those who submit to God and worship God? Why does God still have to perform the work of judgment?” Some people are certainly thinking like this, is that not the case? So now you tell me, when someone sincerely spends and suffers for God, is willing to pay the price, and holds fast to the Lord’s name, does this mean that they truly obey and worship God? Some say no. Why not? Because man has a satanic nature, man’s heart is filled with satanic disposition, and at any moment, he can resist God, judge God, and betray God. Is that not the truth? That is the truth. During the Age of Grace, those who were loyal to the Lord, even those who martyred for the Lord, were they truly obedient to God? Some say that they were not. Why were they not? Because they did not accept the truth, they also did not practice the truth. Why do we say that they did not accept the truth and did not practice the truth? Let me give the most practical example: God has expressed all the truth for judging mankind during the last days, yet the religious community does not accept, they are not convinced, they are opposing, resisting, judging, even blaspheming. Are these not facts regarding the religious community’s resistance of God? Are these not facts that most people from the religious community are weary of the truth, and hate the truth? Therefore, we say that even when those from the religious community are spending for the Lord, suffering for the Lord, they do not truly obey God. Then, why do they spend for the Lord, and suffer for the Lord? Is it because they have a heart that obeys God? They want to be blessed, to be rewarded, to enter the kingdom of heaven, therefore they have no choice but to spend for the Lord, suffer a little, and pay a small price; they are carrying out a transaction with the Lord. In order to be blessed, man is dealing with the Lord, because he feels that this is worthwhile, that this is a good bargain, “Just suffer a little, pay a little price, hold fast to the Lord’s name, and then enter into the kingdom of heaven. This is a great bargain.” Therefore, to achieve this objective for himself to be blessed, he is willing to suffer a little, pay a little price. This is the nature of man, and anyone that belongs to Satan can do such things; he will do such things unless he does not believe that this blessing is real. All those who believe that the Lord can bestow blessings on men can suffer thus and pay the price, they are all willing to undertake such a transaction. For all men under such an evil and dark society, in order to be blessed and to survive, they all are able to make deals; not one of them is unable to make some kind of deals, is this not fact? Therefore, we say that those from the religious community are not sincere in their spending for the Lord, they all do so because they want to be blessed, they all do so because they are making a deal.

If the Lord Jesus were still performing work on earth, living with those from the religious community, would they still spend for the Lord thus, and suffer thus? Can they? Some say that they cannot. This is troublesome. Now that they can reject the truth expressed by Christ of the last days, if the Lord Jesus should continue to speak and perform work among them, expressing the truth of the last days, what would be their attitudes toward the Lord Jesus? If the Lord Jesus were among them, expressing such truths as regarding the existence of human society because of the reincarnation of souls, would they accept such facts? If the Lord Jesus lived among them, and said “All of you shall be eliminated because of your resistance of God, all of you shall be cursed and cast down to hell,” what would they do? Would they submit? They would not submit, they would certainly rise up in rebellion, and then they would spurn the Lord and flee; for sure, many of them would join the chief priests, scribes, and Pharisees of Judaism in spurning the Lord Jesus, and would then follow these chief priests, scribes, and Pharisees. Is this not the outcome? Therefore, all those from the religious community who believe in the Lord Jesus, why do they believe in Him? They believe because they have not seen the Lord Jesus. If they should have actually seen Him, certainly they would not have continued to believe until today. Could we not put it this way? Especially if the Lord Jesus expressed words regarding judgment of the last days, they would all revolt, they would all argue with the Lord Jesus, they would say: “Jesus, what You have said do not count, we shall argue with You and go to court with You. Why do You not bring us into the kingdom of heaven? You have made a covenant with us, that you would forgive our sins, and we shall spend for You, believe in You until the end, that whoever believes in the Son shall have eternal life. Why do You not bestow onto us eternal life?” Tell me, would those from the religions do such things? During the stage of the Age of Grace, no one has seen the Lord Jesus over the two thousand years. Because the Lord Jesus had ascended into heaven, subsequently the Holy Spirit performed work to lead men; through the work performed by the Holy Spirit, and through men praying to the Lord, God treated men with grace, showed mercy to them, forgave their sins, and bestowed much grace onto them, thereby men believed in God. If the Holy Spirit had not performed work to bestow such grace onto men, men would have betrayed the Lord Jesus long ago, and who would still recognize the Lord Jesus as the truth, the way, and the life? Men only recognize the Lord Jesus with the thought that “You must give me blessings, and because You are the King of the kingdom of heaven, You must bring me into the kingdom of heaven, then I would recognize You.” No one believes in the Lord Jesus because He is the truth, the way, and the life. Therefore, from the point of view of God, they are unable to submit to all the words of the Lord, they are unable to accept the judgment of the Lord, and they shall be eliminated and abandoned by the Lord. Their belief has become the belief in a vague God. The Lord Jesus has resurrected and ascended into heaven, He has become the vague God, you can no longer see Him, that is why you believe in Him; if you can actually see Him, no one can guarantee that you will still follow Him today, no one can guarantee that you will truly accept Him, is this not the case? Tell me, is it easier to believe in the vague God up in the heaven, or is it easier to believe in the Son of man that can be seen—Christ? All say that it’s easier to believe in the vague God. It is so easy to believe in the vague God, because everyone recognizes the vague God, even the unbelievers recognize Him. What do the unbelievers say? “There is of course an Old Man in the Sky, but I don’t know about God.” What do the Westerners say? “God truly exists, but I don’t know if Jesus is the true God.” Not many people sincerely believe in the incarnate God—Christ. Those of you who have only begun to accept God’s work of the last days, if you see the flesh of Christ, would you believe in Him? Regarding this, I cannot see clearly. I wonder, if men should see the flesh of Christ, and live with Him for a period of time, how many would remain, and how many would continue to believe? As I say this, do you find this question inappropriate? To be honest, I’m not suspecting anyone among you of being insincere in your belief, this is not what I meant. Let us talk simply about this truth: Is man’s faith limited? Man’s faith is rather pitiful, is that true?

For some people, the more they listen to sermons and fellowship, the more they feel that this is the true way; the more they listen to God’s fellowship, the more they come to know God’s disposition, the more they are certain that God is the truth, and then their faith becomes stronger, and they become more determined. However, some people are unable to do this, for all that they see is Christ’s appearance, “If Your appearance is not what I worship and not what I agree with, then I won’t believe in You.” Such people who only see with their eyes, are they not in danger? It is inevitable that they would have conceptions, rebellions, and conflicts against God. Now, everything involves reality, and if you do not truly understand the truth, if you do not truly know God’s disposition, you will not be able to stand. Others ask: “Why do you believe in this ordinary Son of man—Christ? Why do you believe in Him?” You may say: “Because those words that He has expressed are the truth, I see that He is the incarnate God, and if I believe in Him, then I shall certainly receive great blessings.” With this purpose in believing in God, you will get into trouble. You only acknowledge that He is God incarnate, but you do not recognize that He has the essence of God’s divinity, you do not recognize that He is the practical God who saves mankind, that He is the Savior, that He is the appearance of the Savior. If you are unable to see clearly through this matter, then your faith is invalid. If you can see through this matter, you will say, “This person really has the essence of the divinity of God, He is the embodiment of truth.” Then one day, when you see the face of God, you will be able to say: “Oh, there is nothing special about Him! Such an ordinary appearance, nothing special, but so practical. He truly has divinity, He is indeed the truth. Because of this, I shall believe, and I shall resolve to follow until the end.” Is such faith real? If a man should really be able to see Christ, he would say, “Oh, such a great God that is most exalted, the almighty God, how can He be wearing such an ordinary flesh? God is too humble and hidden. When the great devils are reincarnated, they always wear an imposing appearance that has the worship of everyone; how come God incarnate wears the appearance of a common man? What does it say?” For some, the more they ponder this matter, the more they feel that the humble and hidden God is so lovable. God’s humility and hiddenness stand in sharp contrast to the arrogance and conceit of the corrupt humans. Look at the corrupt humans, the more imposing, the more refined, the more beautiful they dress themselves up, the more they are satisfied. No one who is tall and beautiful does not like to dress up. They feel that, the more beautiful they are, the better; and the more they are worshiped, the better. As for God, He thinks, “I shall not allow you to worship My appearance. I shall have you see that My appearance is ordinary, I shall embarrass you, I shall let you come to know God’s disposition.” Is there significance in what God does? There is such significance in what God does. Then tell me, regardless of the flesh that God incarnate wears, whether He has an imposing appearance or an ordinary appearance, what is the primary significance? What is the result that it aims to achieve? Is it His flesh that He wants you to worship? No. To believe in God incarnate is not to believe in His flesh; we believe in this person primarily because He has divinity and has the Spirit of God hidden within. The Spirit of God wearing such a flesh has the most significance, its significance is the deepest and most far-reaching. Is this something that can be fathomed by men? Is this not an attack against man’s satanic conceptions? This is a direct judgment of man. You look at God wearing an ordinary flesh and you have conceptions; just this point of view of yours is proof that you worship Satan, that you worship the appearance of men, that you are too vain, that you have no reality. You do not look at essence, you only emphasize on appearance. Is this not vanity?

Now, many people have understood some truths, and have come to know the disposition of God, saying, “In wearing flesh, God is enduring great humiliation. How could God become man?” Tell me, is it not a great humiliation for God to wear any kind of flesh? For the Spirit of God, for God Himself, this is humiliation. Among the created, man is insignificant, that which a man knows is limited, a man’s IQ is limited. Man is too insignificant, therefore, for the supreme, almighty and omniscient God to wear any flesh, even if it is a flesh worshiped by men, regardless of how good-looking this flesh is, it is still a great humiliation, not to mention wearing an ordinary flesh. Just like a nobleman wearing the most ordinary clothes, this is a great humiliation. The pain that God must suffer wearing such an ordinary flesh, does man know any of it? Does God not suffer? After God has suffered, men eat and drink His words, believe in Him, but look down on His flesh, does He not suffer even more? Do men still have any conscience? They have no conscience! They still judge Him by His appearance, they have no reality of the truth, and have no understanding of God. Men have no conscience, no loyalty, and they even worship Satan. The more ordinary and common the flesh that God wears, and the more men think Him unremarkable, the more it shames Satan, is that not the case? Does this not shame Satan? This itself is proof that has witnessed the victory of God. Furthermore, doesn’t the ordinary flesh that God wears reveal all men’s corrupt disposition? It reveals their corruption, their arrogance and conceit: They look down on others, they look down on Christ; to put it severely, this is an act of blaspheming God.

The words expressed by God reveal and judge the corrupt mankind, God’s ordinary flesh revealing men’s corrupt disposition even more. Can you see through this matter now? The religious community is condemning Christ and resisting Christ, and what is at issue? Does this not reveal all those who believe in the Lord? Do they sincerely love God? Are they truly obedient to God? Do they recognize that God is the truth? They do not recognize that God is the truth, they hate the truth, they condemn Christ, and this has revealed, in all those from the religious community, their satanic nature and their essence that resists God. Therefore, God eliminates them, punishes them, and disowns them, for the kingdom does not want such men. You dare to condemn Christ. How brazen of you. You have taken on the nature of Satan. Can those who condemn Christ remain in the kingdom? Do they qualify to enter the kingdom? They do not qualify. Therefore, they are revealed and eliminated from within the church, for they are not qualified to enter the kingdom. Among those who accept the work of the last days of Almighty God, the ones that understand the truth and are able to sincerely love God; the ones that have seen the humility and hiddenness of God, and are able to love God more sincerely; the ones that shed tears when seeing God suffer, their heart aching; the ones that are able to accept the truth and practice the truth after reading God’s words, to fulfill God’s expectations, to comfort God’s heart; the ones that are able to accept and submit to that which was entrusted by God, to be loyal to God until the end, these are the ones that God likes, who shall be blessed by God, who shall be qualified to enter God’s kingdom. Can you see through this matter now?

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